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by Ed Miller

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Day 1:

I woke up on a day like any other. I had no idea what was about to happen
to me. I reached down to my cock, erect as it always was first thing in the
morning, and began to stroke it. There was nothing to suggest that this day
was out of the ordinary.

As my hand pumped faster and faster on my shaft, my hips began to rock back
and forth and I neared orgasm. Grunting loudly, I could feel myself begin
to cum. Suddenly, I felt a sensation I had never experienced before. It was
an orgasm, but it spread out from my crotch and seemed to envelop my whole
body. It felt better than anything I’d ever felt before.

My hand speeded up on my dick, pumping for all I was worth. This strange
orgasm seemed to go on for much longer than usual, and then I sprayed a
huge load of cum up into the air and all over my chest and stomach.

I got up and got some tissues to wipe myself off. As I passed my stomach
and worked my way up to my chest, I noticed a strange soreness under my
nipples. It felt like there was a hard little ball there, and it ached
slightly as I touched it. I paid it no mind, eager to masturbate again.

I wanted to see if I could reproduce the amazing sensation I had just
experienced, so I started to jack myself off again. In the back of my mind,
I was amazed that I was ready again so soon; usually it took me a half-hour
or so before I could work up enough interest to have another go at it.
However, my hand’s quick rubbing of my cock brought me back to orgasm again
in record time, and once again the climax seemed to envelop my entire body.

I was amazed at the sensation, even as I rose again to wipe the second load
of cum from my torso. As I wiped my chest again, I could feel that it was
even more sensitive. My nipples were hard, even though it was a warm day,
and they seemed to ache to the touch. The hard lumps below them seemed, if
anything, bigger.

I put it out of my head. It was certainly no big deal; not like I was
growing breasts or anything. These orgasms were something else, though. As
I leisurely got up and grabbed the mail from underneath the slot in the
door, I could think of little else. I had a long weekend ahead of me with
nothing to do, and I was suddenly looking forward to it.

I glanced over my mail as I ate breakfast. Among the normal complement of
bills and junk mail was a letter, unstamped, that appeared to have been
slipped through my door by hand. I opened and read it:

Dear Sir,

You have been selected. You have probably already noticed the

effects. More explanation will follow.

It was unsigned.

As you might expect, I was quite puzzled by this letter. The only thing out
of the ordinary today had been two amazing orgasms and a sore feeling in my
chest, but this could hardly be what the letter referred to as “the
effects.” I figured it was just some gag letter from some crackpot, and
decided to ignore it.

As I sat down on the couch, my hardon popped through the elastic of my
boxers. I slid my shorts down to my knees as I checked to make sure the
shades were pulled, and I proceeded to get myself off again. When I reached
my orgasm, it was as all-encompassing and intense as the other two had
been, and once again I sprayed all over myself.

As I was washing up, I once again was unnerved by the growing ache in my
chest. The hard lump under my nipple didn’t seem as hard, but it was
definitely bigger this time. As I stood sideways and looked at myself in
the mirror, I imagined I could almost see the difference.

I started to wonder if the strange orgasms I was having could be in any way
tied to the aching under my nipples. I resolved not to masturbate again.

My resolution lasted almost twenty minutes. I didn’t intend to start, but I
suddenly found myself stroking my cock and moaning with pleasure. That
itself was strange; I wasn’t usually so vocal when aroused. I reasoned to
myself that even if there was a connection, one more orgasm wouldn’t make a
difference, and it felt so good that I really couldn’t resist. Once more I
sprayed myself with more cum than I should have had left.

Examining myself in front of the mirror afterwards, I could not ignore what
my eyes showed me. My chest was now supporting what appeared to be a pair
of very small, budding breasts. Needless to say, I was somewhat shocked.

I returned to my room and sat down heavily on the bed to think about this.
As I thought, I realized that my hand had snaked its way back down to my
crotch and was busily stroking my rock hard dick. Almost as soon as I
became aware of it, I was climaxing again.

I felt my chest, slippery with my own cum. It felt bigger. These
breasts…MY breasts…were getting bigger each time I masturbated.

I couldn’t stop. I tried, but it happened without my willing it. I
masturbated almost constantly throughout the day, spending the rest of my
time in recriminations against myself and oaths not to do it again. But
somehow, I always seemed to lose control when it mattered and jerk myself
off again.

The damning thing about it was that, even though I knew I had to stop and I
hated it while it was happening, it continued to feel so amazingly good.
These orgasms were like a drug; I had become addicted and now I was doing
whatever it took to get them, regardless of the obvious consequences.

I wondered as I masturbated, and as my tits continued to grow, “how can
this be happening?” It dawned on my at once that the strange letter must
have something to do with it. I didn’t see how that knowledge helped me,
though, and my train of thought was soon interrupted by another
mind-wrenching orgasm.

By two in the afternoon, I could no longer ignore the tits that now hung
from my chest. Even when I couldn’t see them, I could feel their weight
whenever I moved. I had begun to notice other changes as well. I seemed to
be getting shorter, as well as smaller. My arms didn’t seem to be as thick
or as strong as they had been this morning. When I looked in the mirror, I
noticed that my hair seemed longer and shaggier, as well as lighter, and my
face looked different. My lips seemed fuller, my eyes larger and my nose

By far the most obvious change (other than my rapidly growing breasts) was
in my hips and ass. As the day progressed, my hips widened even as my waist
thinned, and my ass became fuller and began to protrude more. I saw all of
this in the mirror, examining myself with amazement and disgust between
fits of uncontrollable horniness.

By the evening, I was sitting naked on my couch, absently rubbing my dick.
The shaft protruded from a patch of pubic hair that was very sparse;
practically non-existent. It had thinned to almost nothing while the rest
of my body hair, including my beard, disappeared completely. My body,
except for my dick, was totally hairless and looked totally feminine. My
height had dropped all the way to five feet, two inches. My ass was a full
half circle, my hips were wide, and my tits were still growing. My last
girlfriend had had C-cup breasts, and mine now looked to be about the same

As I caressed and stroked the last remainder of my manhood, I suddenly
realized what I was fantasizing about. This morning I had been thinking
about fucking beautiful, large-breasted women, but now I was envisioning
sucking and being fucked by a huge dick. I was disgusted by it, but at the
same time my nipples got harder and I could feel my orgasm gain momentum. I
tried to stop myself, but I was unable. As my right hand continued to
stroke my cock, my left slipped past my balls. I spread my legs wider to
give myself access and then, without any clear idea of what I was doing (I
had certainly never done this before,) I inserted my middle finger slowly
up into my asshole.

Both hands were well lubricated by now with my own cum; I had stopped
bothering to clean up after myself about halfway through the afternoon. My
ass was tight, but as slippery as my finger was, it slipped into me fairly
easily. I was amazed at the sensation. I could feel it penetrating my
now-shapely ass, and while part of me abhorred the idea, most of me found
it amazingly pleasurable. I began to slowly stroke the finger in and out of
my asshole, moaning louder now with my approaching orgasm, and I found
myself wishing I had more hands so that I could caress my new breasts at
the same time.

I finally reached orgasm and shot hot cum all over my belly and tits for
what seemed like the hundredth time, and then I laid back, exhausted. I
could feel sleep coming for me, but I suddenly heard something slip through
the mail slot in the next room.

I rushed into the front room to find an envelope on the floor. I picked it
up and opened it, reading the note which read:

There is a package for you outside the door.

After checking through the peephole, I opened the door just enough to reach
through it and snatch the box that lay on the other side. It had another
note taped to it, which read:

More should be apparent now. Enjoy the gift. More changes will occur

I opened the box and removed the packing material to find a six-inch dildo.
Disgusted, I decided that I had had enough, and I went to bed.

Day 2:

I got up again, slowly. It was one of those days where you awake so
gradually that you wake yourself up by masturbating. As usual, I was horny
as hell first thing, and my hand was pumping back and forth on my cock even
before I had opened my eyes.

I thought to myself, “wow, what a strange dream.” Then I rolled slightly to
the side and felt something shift on my chest, and I realized that it
wasn’t a dream. My eyes popped open and I sat up straight in my bed. I
looked down at myself to see my cock, as I continued to jerk it off
uncontrollably, jutting from my now nearly hairless crotch. My hips were
wide and femininely rounded, and to even see my cock I had to stare between
two quite respectably sized tits.

Suddenly, all that had happened yesterday returned to me. I knew that I had
to stop this somehow, but my hand in my lap continued to jerk off my dick.
Like yesterday, images of naked men with huge cocks began to appear in my
mind, and my own dick hardened even more in response. I pictured myself
kneeling and sucking those cocks, taking them all the way into my slippery

In my fantasy, I had a pussy in my crotch instead of a dick, and the cocks
that I had been sucking soon moved down to that region. I could feel them
entering me there; I could feel my cunt stretching to accommodate them. In
my fantasy, I was still kneeling, sucking a cock with another pumping in
and out of my pussy.

As these thoughts rushed through my head, I could feel my left hand moving
up over my stomach to caress and pull on my breasts. The feeling of
touching my breasts, brushing up against and tugging on my nipples, drove
me wild. I was nearing orgasm, but I wanted to be penetrated like I was in
my fantasy. I reached down to my crotch, feeling the few sparse hairs that
remained around the base of my dick, and lubricated my fingers with the
pre-cum that was oozing freely from my dick. Then, I slid my hand past my
dick and scrotum and again pressed my finger up against the entrance to my

Penetrating my rear opening was much easier than it had been last night. My
finger slid into me almost to the second knuckle right away, and within a
few strokes I was working it in and out of my ass as fast as I was stroking
my dick. It felt wonderful. Before long, I had sprayed myself with my first
cum load of the day.

Immediately after I came, I was horny again. My dick never even wilted. I
rolled over to the edge of the bed, feeling my tits shift on my chest and
then squashing them beneath me as I laid on my stomach and reached for the
box I had received last night.

When I had received the dildo, I was disgusted by the thought of using it
on myself. I was still disgusted, but I was powerless to resist. Fingering
my asshole felt so good that I had to try inserting something more
substantial. I tried to stop myself, but to no avail.

My asshole was still well lubricated, but this dildo was quite a bit
thicker than my middle finger, so I must admit that it hurt just a bit
going up into my ass. I just kept at it, unable to stop myself. With my
right hand, I was masturbating furiously, and my left hand was pushing this
dildo slowly but relentlessly up into my ass. I could feel my new tits
jiggling as I rolled back and forth on the bed.

When I finally had the plastic dick inserted all the way into my ass and
was holding on to it just by the tip, I felt a switch there. I flipped it,
and the dildo started to vibrate in my tail. I thrashed around on the bed
even more, my tits whipping back and forth on my chest, and my right hand
on my cock speeding up even more. I couldn’t control myself; I came almost

This continued throughout the morning, with only a short break while I had
breakfast, and another to shower, which ended in another masturbation
session. I was appalled at what was happening to me, but I was powerless to
help myself. I resolved not to masturbate anymore, but my body acted as if
it had a mind of it’s own. I truly couldn’t stop myself.

In any case, the damage was already done. As I got out of the shower, I
looked at myself in the mirror. I was unrecognizable. My face seemed all
pouty lips and big blue eyes, my hair had grown all the way to my shoulders
and lightened to a dirty blonde color, and my body was the worst of all.
Except for the cock standing at attention from between my legs, there was
nothing left to show I was a man.

My tits, in particular, were worrying me. The night before, I had compared
them to the breasts of my last girlfriend, which had been C-cup sized. They
had continued to inflate with each orgasm though, and had passed up that
size already. They were really starting to get quite large, and I could
feel them swaying as I moved around. Even lying on my back, I could feel
their weight on my chest.

By noon, I was lying on the couch masturbating again. The vibrator was
buzzing away in my ass and my hand was pumping my cock. I was enjoying both
sensations, but I could feel that my breasts were really aching to be
touched. To my surprise, the hand that seemed to move up to them of it’s
own accord was my right. My left hand stayed where it was, pushing the
vibrating dildo in and out of my ass.

Surprisingly, I felt no lack of sensation without a hand stroking my cock.
The dildo pumping my ass kept me moving steadily towards another climax,
and my other hand was now free to manipulate my breasts. I tugged on the
nipples and lightly brushed my palm over them, and I grasped my breasts and
pulled on them as I neared orgasm. My hand was drenched with cum from
jacking off my cock for hours, and I slathered it onto my breasts. My tits
were, of course, already quite lubricated with cum that had been shooting
onto them from my dick. The slick, slimy feel of my hands sliding over my
tits brought my orgasm ever nearer. It came, and I writhed on the bed,
shooting more cum up onto my chest.

I continued to masturbate like this for the rest of the day. In an hour, I
noticed that my dick, while still rock hard and spurting cum at ten-minute
intervals, didn’t seem so long any more. In another hour I was sure of it.
While my tits and ass continued to grow, my dick was gradually shrinking.

Once again, I tried to stop myself, but it was no use. It felt so good to
penetrate my ass and grope my own tits that I couldn’t avoid it. Over the
next few hours I lost track of time, engrossed as I was in the constant
feelings of fucking my ass and tugging on my breasts. The next time I
looked down at my dick, it was only about an inch long, and now completely

I wrenched my hand away from my breast to touch my dick, inquisitively. It
still felt good. My hand snaked its way back up to my chest, and I began to
play with my tits again, but my eyes remained focused on the tiny hardon
jutting nakedly up from my crotch.

Once again, I tried to stop. I had to preserve the last remnant of my
manhood. But I was truly powerless; I was so horny, and the orgasms felt so
good, that I couldn’t resist for long, and soon I was again dildoing my ass
while I tugged and stroked my tits.

The process continued. With each successive orgasm, I shot another load of
cum up onto myself, and I could feel and see my tits and ass getting
bigger, and my dick getting smaller. As I watched, it wasted away to a
little nub the size of a pea, and began to be enveloped by skin growing up
around it. Slowly, orgasm by orgasm, a little hood of flesh grew up to
cover what once had been my cock. I could see a narrow slit forming beneath
it, and lips growing to either side. As I grabbed my own tits and fucked my
own asshole, I was gradually growing a pussy.

Admittedly, it happened very slowly. It was probably five o’clock in the
afternoon by the time I was completely a woman. My dick had shrunk down and
become what was now my clit, and the space below it, which had once been my
balls, was now taken up by a long, wet slit flanked by two pussy lips. My
mound, like my dick had been at the very end, was entirely bald.

I abhorred what had happened to me, but I couldn’t help but be a little bit
curious. What would it feel like to touch my new pussy? I had been greatly
enjoying the feeling of penetration in my ass; would it feel as good in my
cunt? My right hand left its position pushing the dildo into my ass and
moved up to stroke at my pussy. I drew it along the inner lips, feeling the
moisture that soaked my snatch. I was still as horny as I had been for the
last two days, despite all of my masturbating. As I reached the top of my
slit, I brushed up against my clit, bringing it out of its little hood. A
shiver ran over my entire body, and my other hand clamped down hard on my
breast. That felt good!

I continued to work on my pussy, alternating attention directly to the clit
with long, sweeping strokes up and down the entire length of my slit. I was
only teasing myself, however. The main course had yet to come.

Finally, I could stand it no longer. I had to be penetrated. I slipped the
middle finger of my hand to my opening and pushed it inside of me. It felt
wonderful! Immediately, I needed more. I pushed two fingers into my cunt,
trying to get them in as far as possible. I stroked them in and out of my
pussy while my other hand grabbed roughly at my breasts. The feelings I had
been getting for the last two days by masturbating my cock were nothing
compared to this!

In no time, I began to orgasm. For the first time, I didn’t shoot any cum
onto myself, but the climax was by no means weaker. It seemed to come and
go in waves. I was amazed at how long it lasted.

I laid there, satiated, for a while. After a few minutes, I got up and went
to the bathroom to clean most of a day’s worth of cum from my chest. As I
walked, I could feel the wide arc my hips moved in, and the swaying of my
tits as I moved. When I was clean, I looked at myself in the mirror. What I
saw was amazing. If the girl in the mirror hadn’t been me, I would have
wanted to fuck her. My tits, in particular, were a shock. I had once dated
a girl who had gigantic DD-cup breasts. Mine were now easily the size hers
had been, but my frame was smaller and thinner, which made them appear even
larger. My tits were also much more round and firm, and rode much higher on
my chest.

From the bathroom, I walked (naked, of course. I had been naked since I
started masturbating the morning before, and I certainly didn’t have any
clothes that would fit me now) out into the front room and stopped, in
shock. There was a package lying on the floor just inside the door.

I didn’t know how someone had gotten the door open, but I bent down to open
the package. I could feel my now gigantic breasts hanging down from my
chest and jiggling as I bent over. I opened the note on the package first.
It said:

You are now completely in my power. Your transformation is complete,
and no more changes will occur except in a specific circumstance,
which you will discover later. Instructions will follow tomorrow, but
for now, enjoy this second gift.

I then opened the package to find a gigantic dildo molded in the shape of a
realistic dick, complete with balls. It was at least ten inches long, and
thicker than any cock I had ever seen.

Immediately, I reacted to it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I could
feel my crotch getting warm and my pussy wetting itself. My nipples
suddenly became so hard that they ached. I didn’t want to, but I was
completely enthralled by this rubber monster, so I reached down and got it
out of the box. I went back to my bed and prepared to be fucked.

With the rubber dick in one hand, I laid back on the bed and spread my legs
to their widest. I could feel the lips of my pussy pulling wide apart as my
titties shifted on my chest. I positioned the dildo at the entrance to my
pussy and moved it back and forth, not inserting it, but only lubing the
tip against my drenched cunt.

I tried desperately to stop. This, I thought, was the final degradation.
Not only had I been transformed, I don’t know how, into a woman, but now
this. The rubber cock fascinated me in the way that birds are said to be
entranced by snakes. I wanted to spare myself this humiliation, but at the
same time I had some idea of how good it would feel to be penetrated by
this huge shaft. Predictably, my libido won out over my pride.

My mind made up, I plunged the dildo into my pussy in one stroke, impaling
myself upon the shaft and filling my hole completely. I gasped in shock at
the sensation. I could feel my cunt stretching to accept this huge intruder
into my body. It hurt, but at the same time it felt so good. I continued to
stroke it in and out of my pussy until I reached another orgasm. I thrashed
around on the bed, my tits leaping around on my chest, in the throes of
another climax. This one was even better than the last, but I didn’t stop
when it was over. I kept going, building towards another orgasm.

As I worked this dildo in and out of my new cunt, my thoughts began to
wander again. My mind was filled with images of naked men with enormous
erections, presenting them for my use. I realized how disgusting these
fantasies were, but I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. I pretended
that the giant dick plowing in and out of me was a real dick, connected to
a real man. I fantasized about dropping to my knees and enveloping dicks in
my mouth, sucking them completely down. In my mind, I knelt and sucked
cocks, I stroked them off by hand, I felt them fucking me in my pussy, in
my ass, between my tits. I was assaulted by them, penetrating me everywhere
at once. I was completely fixated on dicks. I masturbated continuously for
at least two hours, letting orgasm after orgasm wash over my body as I
fucked myself with a rubber dick. After a while, I inserted my smaller
vibrator into my ass and turned it on, but I just left it there so that I
could play with my tits with my free hand. Eventually, I passed out.

Day 3:

I woke the next morning, again expecting this all to be some strange
nightmare. I was horny, as always, but when my hand snaked down to my
crotch to start the day right, I could feel my heavy breasts shifting on my
chest and when I reached my destination, I found no cock, only a smooth
cunt. It was already wet, however, so I stroked my index finger back and
forth across my clit for a while, and then inserted it into my hole.

It felt good to have something in my pussy, but I wanted my ass filled at
the same time, so I rolled over onto my side, still fingering my snatch. I
could feel my gigantic tits shift and roll off to the side as I turned.
Then, with my free hand, I reached back over my hip, spread my ass cheeks,
and started to insert a finger into my back door.

My pussy had gotten extremely soaked before I even woke up, and a good deal
of the juice had run down into my ass crack, so I was well-lubricated
enough to penetrate my ass without too much trouble. I felt caught between
my two hands, tugging up on my ass and pussy holes. I bore down on my
fingers, cramming them deeper inside me, until I came.

In what had come to be the familiar course of events, I was immediately
horny again. I rolled onto my stomach, feeling my tits squash up against my
chest and my nipples rub against the fabric of the sheets. Even that small
sensation turned me on enormously. I reached over the side of the bed, and
retrieved what I had been searching for: my two new toys. I stayed on my
stomach, crushing my rock-hard nipples up against the sheets, and hiked my
ass up into the air. I don’t know why, but I suddenly wanted an assfuck
like I had never wanted anything before in my life.

Reaching behind me, I rubbed my hand along my ass crack to relax the
muscles and rub in the lubrication. My hand brushing against the entrance
to my ass was getting me hot, so it wasn’t long before I took the six-inch
vibrator and pushed it slowly up into my ass. I could feel my ass walls
parting easily to let it into my well-lubed assbud. In the first stroke, I
had it all the way up my ass. I started to pump it in and out.

It almost felt too easy. I had actually kind of enjoyed the stretching
sensation I had experienced when getting my ass fucked before. Now, it was
stretched out enough to accept the vibrator easily. I pumped it in and out,
but I could barely feel it.

I knew I had another option, though. I removed the vibrator, and reached
for the other dildo. This one was ten inches long, and at least twice as
thick as the smaller tool. I hesitated for a moment. Not only was this one
perhaps too big whereas the other had been too small, but it was also
alarmingly realistic. With its veiny plastic surface and its molded balls,
it almost looked like a real dick. Putting that in my ass still disgusted
me, but I was amazingly aroused by the idea at the same time.

I never really had a choice, so I relaxed somewhat to the inevitable, and
positioned the fake cock at my rear entrance. I pushed it up slowly into my

I had wanted to feel my ass being stretched, but this was a bit too much.
It felt like I could feel every molded vein as it slid up into me. My ass
stretched until it hurt, and the dildo still wasn’t more than half way in.
I refused to stop, though. It hurt, but at the same time it felt amazingly

I pressed the fake dick up into myself, imagining that I was receiving a
buttfuck from a real man. I pushed so hard against my ass that I drove
myself forward, and I could feel the fabric of the sheets teasing my erect
nipples. I felt the need to suck on something, and I brought my free hand
up to my mouth so that I could suck on the fingers. I pumped my own butt
faster and faster until I began to cum. I came so hard that I bit into my
hand hard enough to leave red marks.

I spent the morning masturbating with my new toys. Even when I wasn’t
actively masturbating, I was absently feeling up my tits. At one or so in
the afternoon, I took a shower to wash the morning’s sweat and pussy juice
away. I could see from my reflection in the mirror that at least my tits
hadn’t grown any more. I fingered myself twice in the shower, and then got
out and dried off, coming out of the bathroom only to find another package
on the front room floor.

As usual, this one had a note. It said:

You’ll need these if you’re going to go out and find a man to fuck

I opened the box to find a bra, panties, a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a
pair of women’s shoes. The bra took a little while to get on, but it held
my already buoyant breasts even higher up on my chest. They didn’t swing
around as much with it on. The panties were a thong-style that ran up the
crack of my ass and rubbed against my asshole, which gave me a warm little
feeling there. The jeans and shirt fit well, if a little baggily, and the
shoes were a perfect fit.

I suddenly realized what I was about to do. I couldn’t believe it. How
could I be seriously considering having sex with a man? The idea of it made
me want to throw up. I berated myself constantly, but my feet moved towards
the door of their own accord.

Once on the street, I was acutely aware of my new body. My hips swung in a
wide arc, my ass moved back and forth, and my tits were so big that they
jiggled even snugly contained in the bra. It didn’t take long for a man to
come up and match my stride, making conversation with me.

Inside, I was screaming at myself, but I felt my tongue lick my lips as I
smiled in all the right places. Before I knew it, I was back at his place,
being rushed into the bedroom and divested of my clothes.

He stripped me down to bra and panties. “On your knees,” he said. I could
do nothing but comply. As I kneeled, he removed the last of his own
clothing and stood naked before me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock.
It was standing erect from the middle of a bushy patch of pubic hair, and
it was fully as big as the gigantic dildo I had left at home. It bobbed up
and down slightly as he breathed. Nothing else seemed to exist. My nipples
got harder than they ever had been before, and my pussy was soaking through
the fabric of my panties.

“Suck me, bitch,” he commanded. I grasped his massive tool and slowly
brought it to my lips. I licked the tip of it, afraid to try to take it
into my mouth. Without warning, he grasped my head with both hands and
forced himself into my throat. With my new body, I was powerless to resist.
His dick filled my mouth and stretched my throat, but I tried as hard as I
could to get it all down. It was an impossible task, but I tried anyway. I
rolled his dick around in my mouth, rubbing it with my tongue.

I felt him move to a chair, and I followed, never releasing his cock from
my mouth. He sat, and I kneeled on hands and knees in front of him. I felt
his hands at the catch to my bra, and it suddenly released, allowing my
tits to hand freely and sway from side to side as he continued to fuck my
face. After a few minutes of this, I felt him tense and heard him begin to
grunt. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and rubbed it with my
tongue, stoking the shaft with my hands. He grunted once more, loudly, and
shot a jet of cum down my throat.

I can’t say much for the taste of cum, but it seemed to satisfy a need way
down deep in my stomach that I hadn’t even known I had. I sucked his cock
for more. I licked it clean. After a minute or two, he began to get hard
again, and he pushed me back onto the bed.

I peeled my soaking panties off and threw them into a corner. I spread my
legs as he moved between them. I could feel his dick rubbing at the
entrance to my hairless cunt. He was already lubricated, and in any case I
was so wet that my pussy juice had flowed halfway down my thighs. He
entered me suddenly, filling me completely on the first stroke. His dick
had to be even bigger than my dildo. I felt like he was going to split me
in half. My cunt was stretched and straining to take in all of his enormous
cock. He pumped it quickly in and out of me, fucking me roughly, but that
was exactly what I wanted. I needed it now. It hurt, but it felt wonderful.
I came again and again. I couldn’t control myself. I screamed in ecstasy,
whipping my head back and forth and feeling my tits move around as if they
had a life of their own. Eventually, he came into me, and I could feel all
the hot, sticky cum filling my pussy.

Before I knew what was happening, his dick was at my lips again. He shoved
it roughly down my throat, and I opened my mouth to accommodate him. At
first, he was almost completely limp, but as I rolled his soft cock around
in my mouth, suckling at it and massaging it with my tongue, I felt it
begin to harden. As soon as it was completely erect, he pulled it out of my
mouth. I tried to keep hold of it, but he pushed me away.

My eyes were shut, but I could feel him grip my by the hips and turn me
over onto my stomach. I felt his weight on me from behind, squashing my
tits painfully under my chest. He reached down to grab his dick, and I
could feel him working it back and forth in my ass crack. He found the
entrance to my asshole, and started to push his cock inside of me.

I moaned, not from pleasure, but from pain. His dick stretched my
already-sore asshole farther than it was ever meant to go. He buried his
cock up in me, forcing it all the way into my back door without mercy. As
he stroked it in and out, the pain gradually began to recede and just as
slowly was replaced by pleasure. Now, instead of pleading with him to stop,
I was begging him to fuck my ass deeper. I felt him, fucking me as deep and
as hard as he could, slapping my ass cheeks, and it made he hornier. I
reached a hand down between my legs to play with my pussy.

As his cock continued to assault my asshole, I massaged my clit. I could
feel my tits smashed down onto the bed, grinding my nipples against the
sticky sheets, and I worked on my pussy all the harder. As he assfucked me,
I began to cum again and again. I had never felt ecstasy like this.

All day long I stayed in his house. He fucked me repeatedly, in ever
position imaginable. He was never gentle, but all I wanted was the act. I
needed it with an animal ferocity that I had never known before. He passed
out at about nine o’clock PM, and I started to get dressed to return home.

I found my panties bunched up in the corner, and pulled them on with some
difficulty, but the real surprise came when I tried to put on my bra. I
fastened it around my waist, but as I tried to pull it up onto my tits, I
realized there was no way they were going to fit back into those cups. I
took it off and loosened the straps as much as they’d go, but I still
couldn’t get my tits into it. It seemed that, though they had stopped
growing when I masturbated, they now grew when I fucked a man.

There was nothing I could do about it now. I put my jeans and T-shirt back
on, finding that both of them were now very tight. My hips and ass must
have grown along with my tits. The tits themselves, still riding high on my
chest, strained against the T-shirt, my erect nipples showing clearly
through the fabric. They were nearly the size of bowling balls.

I walked quickly home, trying to avoid notice in the rapidly failing light.
When I reached my house, I went inside to find another package in the
middle of the floor. This one had no note, but when I opened it, contained
another set of underwear: an even skimpier thong and a bra marked as size

I threw them aside in disgust, heading for the bedroom. Along the way,
though, I picked up the dildo and vibrator. I fucked myself in the pussy
and ass until I fell asleep.

Day 4:

I woke up masturbating. To tell the truth, I was quite tired of this. I had
passed beyond shock, disgust, and despair, and now I was just bored with
constant sex. My new body’s needs were more than I could resist, though, so
I kept on masturbating.

I started fucking myself with the dildos before I was even completely
awake. I had fallen asleep with them still in my pussy and ass the night
before (that can’t be good for you) and my roving hand found them there as
I was awaking, so I just went to work.

I masturbated for a long time, ramming the plastic dicks in and out of me,
without cumming. I took my hand away from the dildo in my ass and started
rubbing my giant tits with it, but it was no use. It felt wonderful, but I
just wasn’t reaching orgasm.

I started to think of the things that I had done the afternoon before, with
that man whose name I didn’t even know. I had cum more from his attentions
to my body than I ever had before. I knew what I needed. I needed to be
fucked. I shocked myself again with this realization, but my new body had
it’s own desires, and what I desired right now was a big dick filling me

I got up and showered, so horny that my pussy wouldn’t stop flowing and my
nipples ached. I fingered my pussy and ass almost constantly through the
shower, letting the hot water run all over my huge breasts, but I still
couldn’t cum. I had never been this frustrated before in my life.

I got out of the shower and put on the only clothes I had that would fit me
now. The panties were so tight on my expanding hips that the thong felt
like it was stretched as thin as dental floss. It was TIGHT up against my
asshole. The F-cup bra was, believe it or not, tight. It suddenly occurred
to me that if I did what I was intending and got some strange man to fuck
me, they would get even bigger. I didn’t care. I needed a fuck; I needed
cum, right now!

After putting on my jeans and T-shirt, both entirely too tight, I left to
find some sex. At the corner liquor store I saw a group of five guys, who
looked as if they had partied all night and were still going, come out with
a bag full of beer cases. I went up to them and brazenly struck up a
conversation, shocked inside that I was actually hitting on guys. Within
minutes, I was invited back to their place to continue their party.

I don’t know what they expected, but I can say for sure that they got more
partying than they bargained for. As soon as I was in the house, I started
stripping off my clothes. I needed cum, NOW! I suddenly realized that this
was what I was after even more than a fucking; I was hungry for cum.

As I was stripping, the guys looked at each other as if they weren’t sure
quite what to do. Maybe they had thought about the possibility of a
gang-bang, but how often is it actually offered. I took the decision out of
their hands when, now fully naked, I leaped on the nearest one and undid
his pants, pulling them down to free his dick.

His prick was longer than I had hoped: an amazing eleven or so inches. I
couldn’t have asked for more! I took his rapidly hardening cock into my
mouth without any hesitation. As much as I hated it, my belly was now
crying out to be filled with cum. I sucked him as hard and fast as I could,
concentrating on his cockhead and stroking the rest of his dick with my
hand. I wanted him to cum as quickly as possible. That was all I was
focussed on, all I needed.

When he did cum, he shot more cum down my throat than I would have thought
possible. I swallowed it all, my gag reflex overridden by my need for cum.
When he finished shooting his wad down my throat, I pulled away from his
limpening cock to see what was next.

To my surprise, I didn’t have to attack any of the other guys. Apparently,
once it became clear that I was a sure thing, they were happy to cash in.
All four of the remaining guys were already naked, stroking their erect
cocks. Again to my surprise and delight, the smallest of them was a full
nine inches. I went to the nearest, engulfing his cock in one gulp.

It didn’t take me long to make him cum, and I was again filled with a
satisfying amount of hot cum. When he finished fucking my face, however,
there was no need for me to move to the next guy. They switched places of
their own accord.

I continued to suck them off in turn, bobbing my head up and down on their
cocks wildly and causing my tits to jiggle and jump all over the place.
They were now even larger than bowling balls, and hung down from my chest
alluringly. On my hands and knees as I was, they hung down past my elbows,
remaining amazingly round and firm.

After the next guy deposited his load in my mouth, I said the first words I
had since I started sucking them: “Uh, guys, you know I have more than one
hole, right?” They didn’t need more than one hint. In no time, I was
kneeling with a guy under me, inserting his dick into my sopping wet pussy,
another behind me preparing to fuck my ass, a dick stuck down my throat,
and jacking off one in each hand. It was an amazing sensation, especially
because the dick in my pussy looked and felt to be an amazing thirteen
inches long. If it hadn’t been for the reaming I had gotten the day before,
I never would have managed to get it inside me. As it was, I was stretched
beyond belief.

I rocked on top of them, feeling the rhythm of their fucking and trying to
ride it. One by one, they came into me, filling my holes until the cum
leaked out and slid over my chin, my ass cheeks and my thighs. They all
changed places and took turns in each position with a stamina that amazed
me. I had more cum shot into (and onto) me in two hours than I had in eight
the day before, and I came again and again.

After fucking for the aforementioned two hours, we were interrupted by the
sound of the door opening. I looked up, reluctantly removing the dick from
my mouth, to see a gorgeous girl standing at the door with a smile on her

“Starting without me, eh, guys?” she said. “Where’d you find the new slut?”
she continued, grinning so as to emphasize that she was joking. “You sure
do know how to pick ’em, though. Look at those titties!”

She certainly must have been joking, as anything she said about me would
have to have applied to her as well. In no time, she removed her clothes to
reveal tits that, while nowhere near the size of mine (now inflated to
near-basketball size) were extremely large and a pussy with the hair shaved
almost completely away, leaving only a small circular patch at the top of
her slit. As soon as she was naked, she got down on the floor with the rest
of us to join the fun.

This at least explained why they had reacted so fast to my offering myself
up as a sex toy, so I relaxed myself to not being the only cum receptacle
present. Actually, I needn’t have worried about her taking some dicks away
from me; the first thing she did was to devote all her attention to my
pussy, leaving the guys to fend for themselves.

I had shifted over to a sitting position while I watched her undress, and
she pushed me backwards so that I could rest my back against the couch
while I sat on the floor and she ate my pussy. At first, I was kind of
unsure about the whole thing. Lesbian sex sounded fun, but what I really
needed was cock. As soon as she started licking me, however, I changed my

Her tongue slid all over my hairless pussy, rubbing against my clit and up
and down my slit. She must have been tasting as much cum as pussy juice,
but she didn’t seem to mind, and I was beyond caring. She had me cumming
even faster and harder than the five guys had been able to manage by
tag-teaming me. My eyes squeezed shut of their own accord, but after the
second orgasm, I wanted to watch her work my pussy. I opened my eyes and
looked around me. I had been to distracted to wonder what the guys were
doing, but I now saw that they were lounging around the room, looking
completely at ease as if big-titted lesbians performed for them everyday,
and jerking off. I directed my gaze down towards my crotch, and my whole
field of vision was taken up mainly by my tits. I grabbed them in both
hands, both to massage them and to move them out of the way. I saw her
there, licking my pussy with a smile on her face. She was eating me as if
she was addicted to pussy.

I continued to rub my tits as she licked my cunt. They were now the size of
volleyballs, and very nearly as round. They would have looked fake if they
weren’t so obviously soft yet firm at the same time. And they felt
wonderful! They were extremely sensitive; it felt like even if I wasn’t
having my cunt eaten, I could have orgasmed from tit-play alone. I grabbed
my nipples and rolled them around between my fingers, pulling on them
slightly. A moan escaped my lips. I pulled harder, feeling a bit of pain
join the pleasure. I moaned louder, halfway to a scream. Soon I was pulling
on my nipples as hard as I could, and loving every minute of it, as well as
cumming like crazy.

Orgasm after orgasm rolled over me. To tell the truth, I hadn’t really
thought about having sex with a girl since I started to turn into one, but
I was loving it now, though. That didn’t decrease my desire for cum,
however. “Hey,” I said to the guy standing nearest me. “Get over here and
let me suck your prick some more.”

He seemed happy to oblige. He had to crouch slightly and brace himself
against the wall to get his dick down to my mouth level, but he didn’t seem
to mind. As my pussy was eaten, I continued to rub and tug on my tits and I
sucked his cock. When he shot his wad down my throat, the next guy took his
place, and then the next. I was in heaven.

After doing this for a while, however, we decided to change things up. My
breast friend sat up from her position at my crotch, leaned over to her
purse, and pulled out a twelve-inch strap-on dildo. She fastened it around
her waist, then leaned back and laid on the ground. I didn’t need another
hint. I got on.

The plastic dick filled me completely. I leaned down to kiss her while she
fucked me, and found that my tits were so large it was tough to reach her
mouth. I did my best, however, and managed to get my tongue to hers.

Soon, I felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart, and a dick being inserted
into my back door. I didn’t mind in the slightest. We stayed like that for
a while, at least long enough for me to cum two or three times, and then
switched positions again. She stayed on the floor, but removed her strap-on
and spread her legs for me to lick her pussy. I started up without delay.

She tasted wonderful. She had already given me lots of powerful orgasms,
and I was happy to return the favor. I licked all over her cunt, inserting
my tongue into her hole, concentrating on the clit for a while, and then
just licking the length of her slit. The whole time, I was still receiving
assfucks from the guys, so my tits were growing again. I didn’t stop to
check, but I knew they must be basketball-sized by now. I could feel them
squashed beneath me, even though I was resting on my elbows. They had to be

After she came a few times, the guys literally stole me away from her. One
of them picked me up bodily (I thought to myself that he never could have
done THAT a week before) and deposited me on the ground, on my back. He
them crouched on my chest and put his dick in between my tits.

I mentioned before that my tits were extremely sensitive. This was the
proof. I had always thought of tit-fucking as something that, while fun for
the guy, held little attraction for the girl. Now that I was in the girl’s
position, I found that I loved it. It turned me on immensely, and the
feeling of being that pleasured without anyone even touching my pussy was
strange to say the least. I pressed my tits tightly together, engulfing his
cock completely as it slid between my slippery mounds. He came quickly,
adding to the lubrication and shooting some up into my mouth, and was soon
replaced by the next guy.

I kept getting titty-fucked until I had serviced all the guys multiple
times. I looked over to my left to see that my lesbian friend was getting
the same treatment. However, her tits didn’t grow like mine when exposed to
cum. By the time I stopped getting tit-fucked, they were approaching

It was getting late, and I headed for the door. By this time, everyone else
was exhausted, and they didn’t fight it too much. Getting my clothes on was
kind of tough, to say the least. The bra, of course, was a lost cause, and
so was the shirt, I found. I borrowed an extra-large T-shirt from one of
the guys, which hung on me ridiculously everywhere but on the boobs, where
it was stretched tighter than my skin. My nipples were as clearly visible
through the white fabric as they would have been had I gone naked.

My jeans, also, were so tight around the hips that I needed help getting
them on, but at least I could manage it. I walked home slowly, quick
movements being impossible due to the huge orbs of flesh on my chest. They
bobbled and swayed with every movement, no matter how slight. God help me
if I had tried to run; they’d probably have hit me in the face. Eventually,
I got home.

My clothes were so uncomfortable that I stripped them off as soon as I was
in the door. Blissfully naked, and still horny, I sat down on the couch to
masturbate. I could feel something under my ass, and I reached behind me to
get it.

It was another note. As my hand moved in my crotch, absently bringing me to
another orgasm, I read it. It said:

You may never know why I did this to you. It is enough for me that I
know, and have my revenge. You may like to know that you will be like
this, for the rest of your days.

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    i often FANTASIZE about being “transformed” into a cock sucking “bimbo slut”. Great Story! Thanks, “jeannette”

  2. sissypaula

    great story!!!! wish it would happen to me, would love to be a busty bimbo sex toy!!!

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