Cynthia and the Stone

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Cynthia Sanders sat peacefully in her backyard underneath the sun.

This time of year was her favorite. Joseph were at school, Derek was at work,
and the weather was perfect for sunbathing. Cynthia loved the life of a house-
mom. She had no responsibilities between the hours of eight in the morning to
three in the afternoon.

It was exactly noon now and the sun was pointed right overhead.

Life couldn’t get any better.

She got up after about thirty minutes and went to fix lunch. Her soap operas
would be coming on soon, so she fixed a light meal and sat on the couch in her

Just then, the doorbell rang. She glanced up from her lunch wondering who
could be at her door in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. Cynthia
walked over to the front door and peered out the side window.

It was Jack Robins from next door. He was her son’s best friend. Cynthia knew
that he was always staring at her with his lust filled mind. At sixteen years old,
Cynthia was always sure to tease him a little bit. It made her feel kind of sexy
when someone paid that much attention to her chest. Sure, 34C isn’t amazingly
huge, but it wasn’t bad for a thirty-six year old mother with a high school aged

She opened the door, not bothering to cover up her bathing suit, to see what he
wanted, “Jack?”

“Hi, Mrs. Sanders. How are you today?”

She was a little weirded out by his stopping by, “I, uh, I’m fine…Jack. Shouldn’t
you be in school right now?”

He just laughed and nodded, “Oh yeah. I took the day off. Mom thinks I’m sick
and in bed right now. She went off to work, so I thought I’d stop by and see you!”
He smiled at her, but it wasn’t a warm smile.

She couldn’t quite figure it out, but she was sensing something wasn’t right with
her young next-door neighbor. “Well, Jack, maybe you should be at home. I
don’t think I could lie for you if your mom asks me if you came over here.” She
started to close the door but was stopped by Jack’s foot being stomped in front of

“It’s okay, Mrs. Sanders. I promise.” He shoved his way past her and entered her
house. Jack had been over here many times, so she definitely didn’t have a
problem with him over here, but, he was acting very peculiar.

“Uh, okay, Jack. What can I help you with? Is something on your mind
or…what?” Turning around, Cynthia found Jack standing in her living gazing at
her with a hungry grin on his face. “What is it Jack?”

Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a small stone. It was bright red and
sparkled when the sunlight hit it. Cynthia immediately found she was drawn to it,
as she was being pulled inside it. Her eyes glazed over as her mouth slacked

Then, Jack pulled it away and hid it behind his back.

“J-Jack, what is that? It’s beautiful…” Cynthia almost missed it now that it was
out of her sight. She desperately wanted to see it again.

“It’s a special jewel my grandfather left for me in his will.”

“A special jewel? What makes it so special?” Cynthia asked, intrigued.

“Well, Mrs. Sanders. It has a very interesting effect on the person who holds it.”

He pulled it back out from behind his back and let Cynthia stare at it once again.
She grinned and tilted her head to the side as she watched the hypnotic rock sit
in Jack’s hand. “What kind of effect…?” Her voice was trailing off as if she were
about to fall asleep at any moment.

Jack stepped a little closer to her. He leaned forward and motioned for her to do
the same. She slowly stepped a little closer to him and leaned forward, waiting
for an answer. Jack cupped his hand to the side of his mouth and whispered, “It
grants wishes.” He stepped back and covered the stone up with is hand.

Cynthia snapped back to attention, shaking the cobwebs from her head,
“Wishes?” She laughed a bit at the childish thought. But, she thought she’d
humor the boy, “What kind of wishes?”

Jack turned his back to Cynthia and answered, “Oh, like…I wish you would have
the best orgasm your her life right now.”

Cynthia’s smile quickly vanished and was replaced with a look of disgust and
disapproval. She was about she shout at him to leave her house, but something
began to distract her. Warmth was spreading throughout her thighs and coursing
it’s way through her crotch. She began to shake as her eyes rolled back in her
head. She fell to her knees, eventually collapsing on the ground. Cynthia was
now dry-humping the air as her teenaged next-door neighbor watched, grinning.
She moaned and screamed as the orgasm ripped though her. When it was over,
she was left a sweaty mess.

Jack stepped over her and peered down at his best friend’s mother, “Pretty neat,

Cynthia was out of breath, “Jac…Jack. You…(huff huff)…what are you doing…”

“But why Mrs. Sanders? I can do anything I want with it. Tell me something you
want! I’ll get it for you!”

She began to regain her composure as she stood back up. The front of her bikini
bottom was noticeably damp. “No Jack. You need to leave this instant.”

Jack looked a little hurt by this. “Well…I can change people with this too! And
there’s no limit to how many wishes I ask for neither! Like…ummm…I wish your
tits would grow to a 36GG!”

Cynthia gasped. She knew what was coming. Her skepticism had been erased
by her earth-shattering orgasm. She a stirring in her chest as her breasts began
swelling. Jack stood by, grinning, watching the show. Cynthia’s bikini looked like
it was shrinking against her growing breasts. The material stretched to its limits
before finally bursting off of her body. Her new tits came bouncing out and
continued to grow. Cynthia was almost in tears as she watched her humble
breasts grow into excessive gigantic mounds.

Then, finally it was over. Cynthia stood there, dazed, topless, and sporting a pair
of enormous breasts. “Jack…you…you have to change me back! I can’t go
around looking like this!”

“Why not?”

Cynthia was losing patience and her sanity, “Because I’m a mother! I look like
a…like a…a pornstar!”

Jack was a little disappointed, “Well, I figured you’d like them. Maybe I can wish
something that would change your mind…”

“No! Don’t wish anything else! In fact, give me the stone. You’re too dangerous
with it.” She stuck her hand out for Jack to place the stone, but it seemed that he
had other plans. He took a step backwards.

“I’m not dangerous. I’m just trying to have a little fun…”

Cynthia was getting angry, “A little fun?! This is my life you’re messing with,
young man! Now give me the stone and you can show yourself out!” That
familiar “angry mother” look filled her eyes, showing Jack that she meant

But, this only motivated Jack even further, “I don’t think you’re being very grateful
with the opportunities you’re being offered here Mrs. Sanders. Most women
would be proud to have a pair of 36GG tits. Aren’t you proud?”

“No! I’m embarrassed to have a pair of 36GG ti– er, breasts… Now give me the
stone so I can wish them back!”

Jack gripped the stone harder and smiled, “I think you need some more
convincing. How about… I wish…”

Cynthia’s eyes grew wide, “No! No more wishing!”

“I wish you had a very vulgar vocabulary!”

Cynthia stopped, “What the fuck…?” She started to ask why he would wish
something like that, but was surprised by what came out of her mouth. “How did
you fucking do that? (GASP!) You little fucker! How did you change my
goddamn words? I can’t stop saying this shit!”

Jack couldn’t stop laughing, “This should make your home life interesting.” He
laughed and laughed at the confused woman in front of him.

She began walking toward him, “Give me the fucking stone, you dumb bastard. I
need to fix this shit! My titties are fucking huge and now I can’t stop talking like a
foul-mouthed little bitch!”

She began to reach for the stone. Jack backed away from her, “Watch your
mouth, Mrs. Sanders. You wouldn’t want to make me mad would you?”

Cynthia could only stare at him in disbelief, “Is that a fucking threat?”

“It’s whatever you want to take it as Mrs. Sanders. I’m just reminding you whose
in charge here.” Jack tossed the stone up and down, catching it in his hand like
a baseball. “You know, I’ve always liked Asian women…”

Cynthia’s eyes took on a look of fear and confusion, “What do you mean–?”

“I just think you’d be really sexy as a… an Asian hooker!”

Cynthia pleaded, “No! You can’t do this!”

“I wish Cynthia would turn into an Asian hooker!” Jack yelled, anxiously waiting
for results.

Cynthia stared at Jack in disbelief. Then, she noticed her hair, which was
hanging in her face. It had turned jet black. Looking at her hands, she saw her
skin getting slightly darker and slimmer. What she couldn’t see was her face
getting smoother and her eyes slanting.

“I doubt you’ll be able to speak very good English anymore, Mrs. Sanders.” Jack
said smiling.

Cynthia looked up, confused, “Me no Asian! Me American!”

“Doesn’t sound like it to me…”

“Me Cynthia… Cynthia no Asian whore! Me… Me…” Suddenly Cynthia’s eyes
glazed over and took on a spacey look, then she shook her and smiled, “Me so
horny, Jack! Me so horny… You wan fuck? Five dolla! Me sucky-sucky.”
Cynthia shook her hips seductively, trying to sell herself to her teenage neighbor.

“Five dollars, huh?” Jack asked, humoring her.

“Got that right… Me love you long time. Me gots big tits. See?” Cynthia then
yanked her top down, letting her tits come bouncing out. “Big titties. Me big titty
whore. Me–”

“I wish Cynthia would turn back to normal.” Jack said, interrupting her.

Cynthia’s body reverted back to her normal self. Her brain regained its normal
state of mind. Her hair became brown again. She staggered a bit at the
transformation and fell backwards, landing on her ass. Her tits were still hanging
out, and she tried to cover them up with her arms. She was out of breath and
looking at Jack with hatred, “You… (gasp)…can’t do this anymore. Leave!

“Calm down, Cynthia–”

“Don’t call me Cynthia! You call me Mrs. Sanders. Show some respect!”

Jack was a little surprised by this outburst. Clearly Cynthia hasn’t learned who’s
in charge. “Alright, just for that, I wish that from now on you’d prefer to be called
Titty Bitch.”

Cynthia flinched at this, then relaxed.

“Now, Cynthia–”

“That’s Titty Bitch to you, you bastard,” she said matter-of-factly.

Jack snickered a bit, “Sorry, Titty Bitch… Now, what shall we do with you
next…?” Jack contemplated this for a moment.

“Do with me?” Cynthia still couldn’t believe all this was actually happening. “I’m
not some toy for you to play with!”

“Well, you’re definitely entertaining me this afternoon though, Mrs. Sanders–”

“Titty Bitch!”

“–sorry, Titty Bitch. I’m just not ready to stop yet. Is this really upsetting you that

“Yes, very much so!”

Jack had an idea and grinned, “Well, I can take care of that. I wish that you
would be turned on at the thought of being manipulated and transformed against
your will!”

“No, no, no–!” It was too late. Cynthia stopped her protesting and calmed down.
She stared at the stone, feeling her pussy moisten just thinking about what it was
capable of. She could only imagine the things it could do to her…and there was
nothing she could do about it. And it was so arousing to her. “Oh, Jack…” she
said, lamely trying to sound helpless, “I just don’t know what to do! You have all
this power with that stone and I can only sit here and endure the torment! Oh!
It’s just too much for a woman to take!” She was a really bad liar, but she was
hoping that this would entice Jack to use the stone some more. “Whatever you
do, Jack, don’t change me anymore with that powerful stone of yours. Please,
oh please…” Inside, she wondered what wonderful things Jack would do to her…

She definitely wouldn’t win an Academy Award, Jack thought. “Ok, Mrs. S–,
er…Titty Bitch, you’re pleas aren’t going to help you.”

Cynthia smiled, accidentally, then quickly fought it away. “Oh please no…”

“I wish were the neighborhood slut.”

Cynthia wasn’t expecting to hear this. She didn’t know what to expect.
Suddenly, she didn’t see the need in covering her tits anymore and dropped her
arms. She stuck them out, not really understanding why she was doing this.
Then, she got a good look at Jack. I bet I could show him a thing or two in the
sack, she thought, then flinched at her thoughts. This isn’t like me at all! I never
fuck the sexy boys next door…well, unless if I’m REALLY horny, then it’s
ok…right? Oh what the hell, my pussy’s wet enough… “Oh Jack,” she said,
seductively strutting up to him. “You don’t mind if I walk around with my big tits–,
umm…(giggle), sorry…breasts…hanging out do you?”

Jack looked at her, amused, “Of course not, Mrs. Sanders…”

She giggled and patted his shoulder playfully, “Oh Jack, call me Titty Bitch,
everyone else does!” With that said she scooted down on her knees, “You don’t
mind if I come down here do you?” She said with a naughty hint in her words.

“Not at all, Titty Bitch…” He sat and watched as his best friend’s mom unzipped
his pants and pulled his dick out. Of course, it was already hard.

She wrapped her hand around it, cooing to herself, “It’s so big, Jack. You should
really come by more often.” She giggled again before engulfed his cock and
slurping up and down on it. Pulling it back out of her mouth, she lowered down to
his balls and began licking his sack. “I just love licking balls, Jack. Anyone’s!”

“You really are a slut, Titty Bitch.” It felt so good to say this out loud, to her face.

But, Cynthia Sanders only looked up and said, “its just cause you have that
stone. Nothing makes me hornier than someone fucking with my head…” Of
course, this was only true because of the wish he had made earlier, but she
didn’t know this.

“You like someone fucking with your head huh?”

“Oh yeah… Just do anything you want to me!” She said this, then went back to
sucking his cock, all with a smile on her face.

Jack tried to think of something else he could do to her. “How smart are you,
Titty Bitch?”

She looked up, “As smart as anyone I guess. I graduated with honors from my
university. I just couldn’t really get a career going because of Joseph being born.

“Oh nothing, just that…I wish that you’d get dumber and dumber the more you
suck my cock!”

Cynthia wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but it sounded exciting! She
kind of liked the idea of turning into an airheaded bimbo. All she had to do was
suck his dick, and that’s just what she did. She bobbed her head up and down
faster than ever, waiting for the wish to start taking effect.

Then, she began to feel it. Her head was fogging up. Ooooo…this is kinda nice,
thought dreamily. She moaned and grunted as she sucked harder and faster.
She could feel all her worries fading away. Her moans slowly faded into girlish
giggles and breathy gasps. She soon forgot just what was going on, and just
focused on sucking the cock in front of her. She soon realized she’d forgotten
just whose cock is was that she was sucking on. Glancing up, she saw Jack and
smiled stupidly. “Like, hi Jack! I’m totally sucking your cock!” Her voice was
much higher and bimbo sounding. Jack only nodded and pushed her head back
down on his dick, to which she giggled and shook her head side to side, shoving
the cock deeper in her throat.

Cynthia’s brain was simplifying more and more. She lost track of just how dumb
she was getting and sat happily on her knees, no longer capable of complex

Suddenly, Jack’s cock exploded in her mouth, finalizing her descent into
stupidity. Cynthia fell backwards, giggling and swallowing all the cum in her
mouth. “Wow! That was totally fun! Can we do it again?!”

“Not right now, Titty Bitch. I think I want to make some more changes in you.”

“Oh goodie! Titty Bitch is gonna be even sexier!”

“You got that right. I wish your hair was blonde.”

Cynthia’s hair quickly brighten and topped off her head with an “I’m not too
bright” look to it. She giggled and began twirling her hair with her finger.

“I wish you wore more make-up!”

Cynthia’s face exploded in a rainbow of colors. Bright blue eye shadow covered
her eyelids, bright pink lipstick decorated her mouth, and her eyes were lined
with black eyeliner.

“Much better, Titty Fuck. Now, I wish you had even bigger tits and a bigger ass!”

Cynthia looked down happily and watched as her chest grew to a JJ cup and
looked around to watch her ass expand to a nice round shape, perfect for
grabbing. She giggled, “This is fun!”

“Now, bend over the couch, Titty Bitch.”

She smiled and stood up, “Yes sir…” Bending over, she stuck her ass out as far
as possible and waited. “Am I gonna, like, get a spanki–EEP!” Her words were
cut short as Jack plunged his cock in her wet pussy. Reaching around her, her
rubbed her clit through her public hair.

This gave Jack another idea, “I wish you didn’t grow public hair.” He felt her hair
shorten, then disappear to smooth skin. “Much better.”

He pounded her from behind. This was a dream come true for him. He’d been
wanting to fuck his neighbor since he ever laid eyes on her. Now, he had her.
She giggled, screamed, giggled, moaned… Cynthia Sanders had been
transformed from a conservative house-mom to a walking bimbo wet dream.

He felt her clinching up as an orgasm built up inside her. Cynthia broke out in a
wet as she began screaming, “Oooo! I’m, like, totally cumming now! Totally
cumming! Totally, like…Ughhhhh!”

She slumped down across the back of the couch while Jack continued fucking
her limp body. She laid there like a drunk college slut while she got fucked. Jack
tightened his grip as his own orgasm ripped through him. He pulled his cock out
and sprayed his load all over Mrs. Sanders back and round ass.

He backed up and sat down, out of breath. Cynthia straightened up, her blonde
hair a slutty mess. She grinned dopily. “How was that, Jack?”

He could only nod and give her a “thumbs-up” as he caught his breath.

Looking up at the clock, he saw that school would be let out soon. He figured he
should change her back to normal, and then erase her memory of anything that
happened today. He’d just let her come up with her own explanation for why she
was covered in cum.

Without thinking first, he said, “I wish everything was normal…”

But, the stone did not interpret this in the same way as Jack was. Making this
wish changed all of reality, making this new Cynthia, or Titty Bitch, the normal
Cynthia. Her family, life, and everything else, changed to make this lifestyle for
Cynthia the normal one.

And Cynthia changed with it.

“Like, what do you mean normal?” she said, walking naked towards the kitchen.

“Er…uh…” Jack couldn’t figure out why she was still like this. Then, her son
came walking though the front door.

“Like, hi Joseph! How was school?”

“Fine Titty Bitch,” he said, not even reacting to the sight of his mom and best
friend sitting in his living room in a sweaty, sexy mess. “I got a D on an Algebra

Titty Bitch’s face lit up, “That’s, like, totally good! You’re so much smarter than
me… You make me so, like, proud and stuff!”

Joseph just shrugged his shoulder’s, “Whatever.” He looked over to Jack and
waved, “What’s up, dude?”

Jack waved back nervously, wondering what’s going on, “Uh…hi…”

“Hey, when you get done fucking my mom, you should come upstairs. I got this
kick ass new game…”

Jack faked a smile, “Oh right…cool. Yeah, I’ll do that…” What the fuck! Jack
thought. He watched Titty Bitch start to cook dinner, which to her was a
microwavable TV dinner. He looked at the microwave and saw a Post-It note
stuck on top saying, “Push 2, then push 0 twice, then push START. Be sure to
close the microwave door!”

It was directions to work a microwave.

Then, Jack realized what he had done. And after realizing what he had done, a
big smile crossed his face.

“Cool.” He said out loud, and then went upstairs to hang out with his best friend.

THE ENDmeganakrutka

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