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Breast Expansion

(C) 1997 by
– The Sinner
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Candace’s Education


Rick Logan seethed as he fidgeted on the couch. He was fed up

with waiting. Every time he went out with Candace, she would pull
this little game with him. She would greet him at the door with a
bright smile, and usher him into her living room. Then she would take
on an apologetic expression and explain that she hadn’t had time to
get ready yet, and ask if he would mind waiting a few minutes.

Rick always assented. At first, he’d done this because he was

a very patient person, and it didn’t matter to him if they were a few
minutes late. But after being kept waiting for half an hour for each
of their first five dates, he’d begun to get irritated.

So on the sixth date, he’d deliberately shown up fifteen

minutes late, in order to give her some extra time to prepare. He’d
figured it was the easiest possible solution to the problem. There
was no point in haranguing Candace about her tardiness when he could
just as easily adjust his own schedule.

Unfortunately, the plan had backfired. When he’d arrived late

at her apartment, she’d met him at the door with an angry glare.
She’d chastised him for being late, complaining that she’d been ready
right on time, that he was a jerk for being late, and that she’d
appreciate it if he would try to be a bit more timely in the future.

He should’ve argued with her, and had it out right then and

there. He should’ve pointed out that _she_ was the one who’d kept him
waiting for the first five dates, and that he’d only been trying to
solve the problem in a manner that would involve the least
inconvenience for both of them.

But he hadn’t. He’d been afraid that starting an argument

might damage or destroy their budding relationship. He remembered
seeing a calculating glint in her eye, as though she’d been testing
him, to see whether he’d rebel or not. And he hadn’t. He’d meekly
agreed that it was his fault, and that he’d try to be on time more

And that, Rick reflected, was his problem. He was never good

at confrontations. In any dispute, he would always take the easy way
out. That was probably why he’d been stuck in the same dead-end job
for six years, working in the mailroom of a large medical-supply
company. No promotion, no pay raise. Nothing. And that pretty much
summed up his life.

Candace Cunningham turned her head and looked at the clock

next to the bed, her soft brown hair twisting across the pillow as she
did so. Twenty-five minutes. She decided that she’d kept Rick
waiting long enough. With a grunt of exertion, she lifted herself off
the bed.

She looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her hair.

She kept it simple, brushing it straight down her back. It was
important to keep it neat and simple, so that Rick didn’t get an
inflated notion of how important he was to her. Men were nice enough
as diversions, but they were hardly one of the necessities of life.

Candace pondered her relationship with Rick as she looked

through her wardrobe for something to wear. It was so much trouble to
find clothes for a woman that weren’t degrading. After all, the vast
majority of clothes were designed by men who could only view a woman
as a sex object. Shoes that sacrificed stability and comfort for the
sake of putting a curve in the back of the leg, skirts that were
designed to bring about thoughts of sex in men, blouses that
practically put breasts on display… it was disgraceful.

She settled on a pair of brown slacks, a flowery button-down

shirt and a pair of brown loafers. Stylish, yet comfortable. She was
ready for the evening. She didn’t own any makeup or jewelry; these,
too, were male inventions designed with the debasement of woman in

Rick stood as Candace entered the living room, sighing in

wonder as he did every time he saw her face. She was quite beautiful.
Wide brown eyes gazed out under thick eyebrows. High cheekbones
framed an aqualine nose, and a wide mouth smiled beneath it. A thick
mane of chestnut brown hair fell down her back, framing her face.

Though the slacks and shirt hid it, Rick knew her body to be

quite attractive. Years of vegetarian eating had given her a thin,
though not quite willowy figure. Her breasts were small but quite
pert, and her legs and ass thin, but shapely.

For the hundredth time, Rick looked at her, thinking that if

only she would put some effort into it, she could be dynamite. All
she’d need was the right clothes, a little makeup, and some jewelry
and she could be sexy as all hell. But he knew what she thought on
these subjects, and didn’t want to get an earful, so he let it lie.

“You look fabulous.”
“Thanks,” she replied. “Let’s go.”
Rick treated her to a nice dinner at a charming Italian

restaurant. They talked about the usual things; the weather,
politics, movies, her job. Candace was an editor for Woman’s Work, a
prominent and rather militant feminist magazine. Rick had read a few
issues of the magazine at her urging, and was rather disturbed by its
contents. Rick fully supported most of the ideals of the women’s
movement, but he thought Woman’s Work was far too radical. He hadn’t
said as much to Candace, though. Not yet.

Although the content of their conversation was not unusual,

Rick detected a certain weariness in Candace’s manner. But their
dinner ended without incident, and Rick drove her home as usual.

It was with a sense of relief that Candace closed the door

behind her after Rick dropped her off. Thank god that was over!

When she’d first started going out with Rick, they’d had a

good time. She’d been amused by his quick mind and ready wit. And he
was pretty handsome, too. Candace had had high hopes at the beginning
that Rick would turn out to be different from other men. But as the
weeks and months wore on, it’d become obvious that that wasn’t the

He’d begun to pay increasing amounts of attention to her body.

She’d caught a number of sidelong glances at her breasts and ass. It
was so frustrating! Try to have a decent, equal-status relationship
with a man, and you always wound up being viewed as a sex object.

She had to admit to herself, though, that she enjoyed the

attention. It was fun to play with mens’ minds, get them aroused and
watch them boil in frustration. Served them right, for all they’d
done to keep her gender in the dirt.

And it had been fun to do it to Rick, once she’d discovered

that he was just an ordinary mind-in-the-pants sleazeball like all the
rest. She’d occasionally arrange things so that her breast would
press against his arm, or her hand would innocently brush his crotch.
Sometimes she could see him getting hard through his pants. She
enjoyed the control she had over him.

But ultimately, it was getting stale, and even dangerous.

Rick was starting to get bolder. Several times he’d tried to kiss
her, and she’d had to make up some clever ruse on the spot to avoid
it. She knew what men were capable of – rape, or worse – and she
didn’t want to risk provoking the rapist in Rick.

So it was time to get someone new. Tomorrow, she decided, she’d dump him. They already had dinner plans, and she could break it to him gently. Tomorrow.  Rick went to work the next day feeling more depressed than ever about his relationship with Candace.
“Yo, Rick!” Rick looked up in the direction the voice had come from just in time to see a small package sailing toward him through the air. He caught it deftly. “That needs to go up to Briggs, pronto!” The voice belonged to Harvey Sheldon, the mail room chief. “It’s several hours late, and he’s been calling me every fifteen minutes since six this morning.”
“On my way,” Rick responded without enthusiasm, heading for the elevator. Damon Briggs, vice-president for marketing, was the primary reason Rick had been stuck in this dead-end job for so long.

Three times Rick had applied for open positions in marketing, and
three times Briggs had turned him down, despite the fact that he had
clearly been the best-qualified candidate all three times.

Rick punched the elevator button for the marketing floor,

visualizing Briggs’s slack-jowled, bulldog face. “The problem with
you, Rick,” said Briggs’s voice, echoing in his head, “is that you
just don’t have the drive. Sure, you look good on paper, but you just
don’t have that special something it takes to make it in the corporate
world. Probably never in your life are you gonna grab the bull by the
balls, Rick. I really don’t think you belong here.” And of course,
he’d just sat there and taken it, as he’d taken so many other things
in his life. A stronger person, Rick thought, would have stood up to
Briggs, demanded a chance to prove himself. But he’d just sat there
and listened to Briggs drive him into the ground.

The elevator pinged as it reached the 25th floor, where the

marketing department was located. Rick stepped out and strode through
the glass doors into the marketing lobby.

“Morning, Rick,” said Jennifer Cipriani, Briggs’s secretary.

Jennifer was a pudgy Mediterranean woman who looked to be about
thirty. Her face was rather pretty, with strong classical features,
but the fact that she was about thirty pounds overweight kept her from
being attractive, in Rick’s view. Unfortunately, he’d had to brush
off a number of passes she’d made at him. In spite of this, though,
they’d become friends, and shared between them a certain wry humor
regarding Briggs.

The standard half-eaten bar of chocolate lay in its wrapper on

her desk. Jennifer nibbled absentmindedly at it as she scribbled
Briggs’s signature on a sheaf of papers. “What can I do for you?” she
asked, looking up and smiling at Rick.

“Morning, Jen. Package for Mr. Briggs.”
“Oooh, he’s been waiting for that all morning. Better take it

in. He’s alone right now.” Jennifer spoke into the intercom.
“Rick’s here with that package, Mr. Briggs.”

“Thanks, Jen,” Rick said, walking past her desk to the big oak

doors. A large gold-finished plate announced the entrance to “The
Office of Damon Briggs, Vice-President of Marketing.” Rick pushed the
doors open and strode in.

The corpusculent form of Damon Briggs greeted him from behind

the desk. “Rick! Good to see you again!” he exclaimed without much
sincerity. “Let’s have it.” A pudgy hand reached for the package.
Rick passed it over to him. “Thanks, Rick,” Briggs said, eagerly
tearing the package open.

Rick turned and left, waving goodbye to Jennifer as he headed

to the elevator. He’d almost made it when Briggs’s yell of anguish
hit him from behind.

“No! Dammit, dammit, dammit!”
Rick turned just in time to see Briggs storm out of the office,

the opened package in one hand. “The stupid bastards screwed up
again! Jennifer, get on the phone to Dexalco and tell them we wanted
tetracamine, not tetracaTHALamine. Make sure whichever moron you
speak to understands the difference between four syllables and five.

Briggs’s jaw worked furiously as he strode over to Rick and

thrust the package into his hands. “Take this down to pharmaceutical
disposal, Rick, and get rid of it.”

Rick accepted the package and watched as Briggs strode angrily

back to his office. Jennifer, already dialing the phone, looked
ruefully at him. “It’s a great day already, Rick!” she said.

“Good luck with Briggs,” Rick replied, and headed for the

elevator. Curiously, he examined the contents of the package. There
were six small vials of liquid and several sheets of paper. Rick
glanced over the top sheet as he waited for the elevator. Beneath the
letterhead of Dexalco Pharmaceuticals was a short description of the

TETRACATHALAMINE: Strong hypnotic drug.

Dosage of 5 drops standard solution will put a
125-pound subject into a deeply suggestible mental
state in approximately thirty minutes. Standard
hypnotic techniques may then be used. Required dosage
varies with weight. No known…

Rick was interrupted by the chime of the arriving elevator.

He stuffed the paper back into the box as a gray-haired executive
walked past him out of the elevator. He could get into big trouble
for reading mail.

Rick stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the

third floor, where the company’s pharmaceutical disposal unit was
located. Federal law required the disposal of unused narcotics
according to a complex set of safety guidelines.

The elevator doors closed and the car descended. Rick

pondered what he’d read, an idea slowly creeping into his mind. Could
he… make use of the drug? He could drug Candace, hypnotize her to
be more friendly toward him, to…

No, he couldn’t do that. The thought of forcing a woman to

have sex with him was revolting. Even a hypnotized sexual partner was
still, in reality, an unwilling one.

Besides, he had to take the drug to the disposal unit. These

things were tracked carefully, and if the package wasn’t handed over
to the disposal technicians, it would eventually be traced to him, and
he’d be in trouble. The package had to go to disposal. And that was
that. But what if…

Rick looked in the box again. Six vials of liquid. What if

there were only five when it got to the disposal techs? Would they
notice? Maybe. He wasn’t sure how thoroughly they checked these
things. But if they did notice, how likely would they be to track it
down? Probably not very likely, he guessed. After all, they dealt
with several thousand bottles and packages every day. What would one
missing vial count for among all that?

But could he possibly bring himself to do this sort of thing?

It was immoral to hypnotize people for your own gain. Wasn’t it?
Unbidden, Briggs’s face appeared in Rick’s mind. “You’re probably
never gonna grab the bull by the balls, Rick.”

Rick snatched one of the vials out of the package and thrust

it into his pocket just as the elevator doors opened. Nonchalantly,
he strode to the disposal desk, placing the package on the counter.
“Package from Briggs,” he informed the technician behind the desk,
fighting to keep the tremor from his voice.

The tech took it and made a cursory examination of the

contents. “Thanks. Here’s your receipt.”

Rick took the receipt and hurried to the elevator before his

nervousness could show. Flush with success, he reached into his
pocket and fingered the vial.

When he got back to the mailroom, Rick found himself in the

middle of a crisis. Three regular mailbags from the Los Angeles
office had run into unexpected delays and had all arrived while Rick
was running the errand for Briggs. It took the rest of the day for
the mailroom staff to get all the backed-up mail delivered.
Consequently, Rick forgot about the vial.

He arrived at Candace’s apartment promptly at 7:00 that

evening, right on time for their dinner date. Half an hour later,
they left and went to a vegetarian restaurant that Candace liked.
Rick hated vegetarian food, but it was all she would eat. This meant
that most of the time, he had to eat it as well. Occasionally, they
would go to a normal restaurant, where she would get a salad or
something non-meaty. At those places, he occasionally got a meat
dish, but she made her disapproval evident whenever he did this.

During their dinner conversation, Rick detected the same

weariness in Candace’s manner he’d seen last night. But it was
stronger tonight. She seemed to be a bit nervous about something.
After finishing the meal, they ordered after-dinner drinks. Candace
excused herself to go to the restroom.

Rick took the opportunity to ponder the situation. What had

her so worked up? It was as though she had something really big she
needed to get off her chest. Something…

Of course! She was going to dump him! She was trying to find

the right moment to tell him. He felt a surge of anger wash over him.
Dammit, they’d been dating for months, he’d paid for every meal, and
he hadn’t gotten so much as a kiss from her. Why had she strung him
along for so long? He leaned back, thrusting his hands into his

…and his fingers brushed against the glass vial. He

started, remembering it for the first time since getting out of the
elevator. Slowly, carefully, he pulled it out of his pocket and held
it up to the light. Inside, the clear liquid sloshed around.

Rick gazed at the vial. It wasn’t right to do this to

someone, but… dammit, she’d been such a bitch. He could see it now.
She’d strung him along, using him as a source of free food while
keeping him at arms’ length emotionally and physically, teasing him
all the while to keep up his interest. She had manipulated him,
coldly and cynically, and it was only fair to give her a little taste
in return.

Resolved, Rick unscrewed the top of the bottle, pulling out

the built-in dropper. He filled the dropper and struggled to recall
the writing on the sheet. Five drops. Yes, that was it. Placing the
dropper over Candace’s drink, he squeezed and watched the drops fall.
One… two… three… four… five. Hurriedly, he screwed the cap
back onto the top of the bottle and shoved it back into his pocket.

Candace reappeared a moment later and took her seat. They

talked and drank as they sipped their drinks. Rick watched Candace
for any sign that the drug was affecting her behavior, and found none.
But the sheet had said thirty minutes, hadn’t it? He thought so, but
it was hard to remember.

They finished their drinks and began the drive home,

continuing the incessant conversation. It was as though they were
both talking more excitedly and animatedly, and with more feigned
interest, because they both knew that something bad was coming up,
Rick mused.

He took no notice when her participation began to drop off.

She stopped offering her own ideas and opinions, and started simply
agreeing to whatever he said. Gradually, her responses became
monosyllabic. Suddenly, he realized what had happened.

“Candace?” he ventured.
“Mmm. Yes?” she responded, staring ahead out the front of

the car.

“How are you feeling?”
She thought for a moment. “Fine, I guess.” Her face remained


Take it slowly, Rick told himself. Make sure it’s working.

“Look out the window to your right,” he said.

“Okay.” Her head swiveled ninety degrees to the right, and

remained facing that way. She made no other move.

Rick couldn’t believe it. Here was the most independent-

minded woman he’d ever met, accepting his odd suggestions as though
they were perfectly natural. He racked his brain to recall what he
could of hypnosis. The important thing seemed to be that the subject
wouldn’t respond to all suggestions, just those that seemed
reasonable. So having her, say, engage in sex with him right here in
the car was probably out of the question. Take it slowly, he
admonished himself again. “Candace?”

“Yes?” Her voice was muffled; Rick realized she was still

looking out the window.

“Face forward again.” She did so immediately. “I want you to

answer the questions I ask honestly and completely.”

“Okay,” she agreed.
“What do you think of me?”
“I thought you were a nice guy when we first met, but lately

I’ve come to realize that you’re just like all the other men.”

Hmmm. This was interesting. “And what are other men like?”
“They’re only interested in sex. They can only view women as

sex objects. They’d probably rape any woman they could if they
thought they could get away with it.”

This was really unusual, Rick thought. He’d known she was

very much into women’s liberation, even to the point of being somewhat
bitter toward men in general, but he’d had no idea she harbored such a
misandronistic streak. “So… you think I would rape you if I thought
I could get away with it?”

“Well, not necessarily. But after we’d been together long

enough, I’m sure you’d do it eventually. That’s why I’m planning to
break up with you when you drop me off.”

So his instincts had been on the right track, Rick thought.

“What made you realize that I’m like that?”

“The way you keep looking at my body. You look at my breasts,

or my butt, or my legs. I can tell you’re thinking about having sex
with me. It’s quite demeaning.”

“Have you ever had sex with a man?”
“No. I could never let a man have that sort of power over

me. Besides, I can bring myself more pleasure masturbating than any
man could ever give me.”

“Yes. Men only care about themselves.”
A thought crossed Rick’s mind. “Have you ever had sex with

another woman?”

Rick paused for a moment, considering what to do. The first

priority was to preserve the relationship. If he stopped seeing
Candace, no amount of drug could get what he wanted. But, he reminded
himself again, it was important to be careful in this, and take things
in slow, natural steps.

How best to do this? he wondered. He didn’t have the foggiest

clue as to what was the best way to make a suggestion, so he decided
to just try the easy way. “Candace?”

“You don’t really think I’m as bad as other men,” Rick said in

what he hoped was a calm voice. “Sure, I’m still a man, and that
carries some intrinsic meaning, but I’m actually very civilized
compared to most. Isn’t that right?”

Her face scrunched up in thought. “Yes, I suppose so. You’re

not nearly as bad as I thought.”

“In fact, maybe you don’t need to break off our relationship

just yet. You could probably date me safely for at least another
month. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes… yes, that’s right. I don’t need to dump you just

yet.” She sat back, pleased at her realization.

Rick smiled a bit at her choice of words. It was funny that

she should talk about dumping him when he was clearly the one in
control. He decided to take one more small step tonight. “And when I
look at you, like I want to have sex with you, you won’t find it
disgusting anymore. In fact, when you see me looking at your body,
you’ll get a little excited by it. Almost like you were masturbating.
Not really strong, but noticeable… and pleasurable. Okay?”

She shrugged. “Okay.”
Rick decided to hold it there for the evening. He didn’t want

to press his luck. But he had to clean up after himself. What was
the mumbo-jumbo that hypnotists did when they were done? “Candace,
I’m going to start slowly counting down from five. You’re going to
feel your mind get fuzzier and more confused as I do so. When I reach
one, you will have forgotten everything that’s happened since I asked
you how you were feeling a few minutes ago. Remember that?”

“Good. All you’ll be able to remember will be that we had a

nice conversation on the way home. All right?”

“Here we go. Five… four… three… two… one.” Candace

made no movement, simply staring ahead. Carefully, Rick tried to
restart the conversation. “So… have you tried that new Chinese
takeout place?”

Well, Rick thought, even if he’d successfully caused her to

block out the conversation, she’d still be under the influence of the
drug. He continued to talk as though they were having a perfectly
ordinary conversation. Gradually, her speech moved from monosyllabic
responses to simple statements of agreement. Soon she was back into
the swing of things, offering up her own opinions and ideas in
response to Rick’s. He relaxed, confident that she’d forgotten their
earlier conversation.

Rick dropped her off at her apartment. She never invited him

in, so there was no point in parking. “Thanks for dinner, Rick,” she
said sweetly.

“You’re welcome,” he responded, glancing at her chest. She

flushed a little at that, and opened her mouth as though about to say
something. But whatever words had been about to come out froze in her
mouth, and a puzzled look crossed her face. Rick did his best to look
confused. “Candace?”

“Ummm… oh, nothing. Nothing,” she said hurriedly. “How

about dinner tomorrow?”

“Sounds good. Seven o’clock?”
“Sure. See you then.” She got out of the car, closed the

door, and hurried up to the building. Rick smiled, pleased with a job
well done, as he drove off into the night.

Candace paused at the door to her building. Why had she done

that? She’d planned the whole evening to dump Rick when he dropped
her off. Why hadn’t she done it? And why the hell had she been
so… excited… by that glance he’d given her breasts?

Confused, she unlocked the door and hurried up the stairs to

her apartment. Dammit, it had just been another one of those lustful
sex-crazed male looks at her body. Those had never had any effect on
her before, other than inspiring disgust at men in general. Why had
that glance from Rick seemed so… different?

She entered the apartment and sat down on the couch to think.

Rick seemed… different, somehow. Less of a creep. Kinder. In
fact, why had she been planning to dump him in the first place? She
thought back to the reasoning she’d used earlier, when she’d made the
decision to dump him. None of it seemed to make sense anymore. Well,
at any rate, Rick would probably be worth having around for at
least… oh, at least another month.

Over the course of the next week and a half, Rick took Candace

out to dinner five times, and often to a movie afterward. For the
most part, her manner on these dates was unchanged. But several times
Rick let her catch him looking at her breasts, ass or legs. Rick
noted with pleasure the flush of excitement that rushed into her face.
She would nervously look away whenever this happened. He was enjoying
their time together quite a bit more, knowing that his glances got her

When he was at work, however, he was a nervous wreck. He

toiled at his job in dread, constantly worried that some
inventory-checker somewhere would discover the missing vial of drug
and trace it to him. Every time the P.A. system came on, Rick’s heart
leapt into his throat. The only positive effect of the whole ordeal
was that his nerves drove him to work very hard at his job, earning
quite a bit of admiration from his supervisor.

On his fifth date with Candace since he’d hypnotized her, Rick

got his second chance. Again, it was just after the empty dinner
plates had been cleared away and the after-dinner drinks served.
Candace took a few sips of her drink and excused herself to go to the
bathroom. Rick shot a look at her breasts as she got up, causing her
once again to get flustered and hurry away.

Smiling, Rick waited until she was out of sight and pulled the

bottle out of his pocket. Measuring carefully, he dispensed five
drops into her drink, swirling the glass slightly in order to mix the
drug thoroughly.

Candace returned in a few minutes. They finished their drinks

and began the drive home. As before, Candace gradually allowed her
end of the conversation to drop off into simple yes’s and no’s. When
Rick was confident that the drug had taken effect, he decided it was
time to begin.

“How are you feeling, Candace?”
“How are your toes feeling?”
A brief shrug. “Fine.”
All right, then. “So how do you feel around me?”
She sighed. “Excited. It really affects me when you look at

my breasts or my legs like you want to have sex with me. I mean, I
know it’s the ordinary male lust, but for some reason, when you do it,
it has this effect on me.”

“So you enjoy it when I look at your body?”
“Yes, I do.”
“You’d enjoy it even more if I looked at your body more often,

then, wouldn’t you?”

Color was rising in her cheeks. She smiled happily. “Oh,

yes, I’d enjoy that very much.”

“Well, there are a couple things you could do to make me look

at you more often.”

“Really? What?”
“You could wear some different clothes. Like a skirt that

would let some of your legs show, or a blouse that was cut low enough
to give a glimpse of your breasts.”

She frowned. “No, I couldn’t wear those things.

They’re… degrading. They’ll make me a sex object.”

Oops. Well, what could he do to control the damage? “But

there are plenty of long, conservative skirts that don’t reveal much.
And blouses that just give a nice view of your upper chest without
showing too much of your breasts. Plenty of women wear those. Why
don’t you try a couple of outfits like that next time you’re at the
store, and buy a few?”

“Hmmm. Well, okay. It _will_ get me more looks from you, I


“Also, a little bit of lipstick might help.”
“Mmmm… okay, I’ll try that, too.”
“Good girl. And while we’re on the subject, you’re going to

continue to get excited whenever I look at your body. In fact, it’s
going to get you even more excited than it has been. Okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed.
“So I must be kind of special to you, if I make you feel this

way, huh?”

“Well, yes, I suppose that’s true. Nobody else makes me feel

like that.”

“Don’t you think you should show me how special I am? I mean,

do something nice to let me know what I mean to you?”

“Like what?”
“When I drop you off tonight, you can kiss me. Nothing fancy,

just a quick peck on the lips. I’ll be surprised by it. And it’ll
let me know how special I am.”

“All right, I’ll give you a kiss. But that’s all.”
“Fine. And when you kiss me, you’ll feel a surge of pleasure,

like you do when I look at you, only stronger.”

Rick paused for a moment, a thought percolating up through his

mind. He’d accomplished all he really needed to this time, but there
was one other thing he was curious to try. Just for fun… “One last
thing, Candace. The way you’ve been getting excited by me looking at
you. You’re going to start feeling that way when other men look at
your body. Not as much as you do for me, but you’ll still feel the
excitement. Got that?”

Satisfied with his work, Rick led her through the procedure to

erase the memory of the conversation from her brain. Gradually, the
drug wore off, and her conversational skills picked up again as they
arrived at her place.

Candace looked at Rick as he stopped the car in front of her

building. He was so… so different. When she was around him, she
felt so… wonderful. It was impossible to describe. Suddenly, some
deep part of her subconscious took control of her body. She leaned
over and put her lips to Rick’s.

An electric thrill shot down her spine at the touch of his

lips. She pulled away, startled, trying to compose herself.
“Umm… uh… Thanks for dinner, Rick. We’re still on for tomorrow,
right?” She made a queasy smile in an attempt to hide her nerves.

“Sure, Candace,” he replied, smiling broadly. “Pick you up at


“Uh… yeah, yeah. Okay, see ya!” She hurried out of the

car, closing the door behind her, and trotted up to the steps. She
heard the car accelerate down the street.

What was coming over her? All her life, she’d striven to be

the very model of the independent female, dependent on men for
nothing, least of all emotional well-being, and here she was going all
goo-goo eyed over Rick! She wasn’t so much bothered by the fact that
she’d kissed him as by the reason she’d kissed him. Why did he have
this power over her?

Confused, she strode up the stairs to her apartment.
Rick glanced back at Candace in the rear-view mirror as he

drove off down the street. Perfect. She was slowly, but surely,
falling in love with him. The hypnotic drug had given him the key to
a more balanced, a more equal relationship. With a few more uses of
the drug, he could guide Candace and himself in a deep, lasting love,
the kind that he’d dreamed of having when he’d first met her.

But something bothered him. Was that what he really wanted, a

deep, lasting, “equal” relationship? Or was he really after something
else? It wouldn’t have occurred to him to question his own motives if
not for that one additional suggestion he’d given to Candace. She
would get turned on by other men looking at her. Why had he done

Rick pondered these questions as he drove on into the night.


Rick realized when he got home that he faced a rather critical

short-term problem: his supply of the hypnotic drug was low. Looking
into the tiny vial, he estimated that at most three doses of the fluid
remained. He’d have to get more.

He pondered the problem as he went to bed that night. He had

no way to get more himself; he was just a mail clerk. He’d have to
make use of Briggs, hypnotize him and get him to order some more. But
how best to go about it?

The next morning, he took the half-full vial with him to work,

hoping for some excuse to go to Briggs’ office. Typically, he was
sent up there several times a week, but it could be days until it
happened next.

Luck was on his side. A sample of a new antibiotic had

arrived for Briggs. Rick thought about volunteering to take it up,
but didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Harvey Sheldon, the mail room
supervisor, knew that Rick hated Briggs with a passion, and would
probably take note of his sudden enthusiasm to see “The Marketing
Monster.” So Rick remained calm and casual, and got lucky. Sheldon
told him to take the package up.

Rick rode the elevator up to the Marketing Department. “Hi,

Jen,” he greeted the secretary. “Got a package here for Briggs.”

“Oh, hi, Rick.” Jennifer smiled at him. “Why don’t just leave

that here, and I’ll give it to him, okay?”

“Uh…” Rick thought fast. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. Mr

Briggs has to sign for it personally.”

“Oh.” Jennifer frowned at the unusual request. “Well, okay,

then, why don’t you just take it on in, then.”

“Thanks, Jen,” Rick responded, relieved. He strode through

the doors into Briggs’s lair. “Package for you, sir.”

“Mmm…” Briggs took the package from Rick’s outstretched

hand. “Oh, all right. Thanks, Rick.”

Rick paused awkwardly before leaving. “Uh…” His eyes

searched Briggs’s desk, settling on an empty coffee mug. “Can I get
you some more coffee, sir?”

Briggs was taken aback by the unusual offer. “Huh?”

“W-Well, sir, I… thought you might like some more coffee,”

Rick repeated stupidly.

Briggs thought for a moment, and shrugged. “Sure. Here you

go. No cream, no sugar.”

Rick took the offered mug and walked out of the office.

Jennifer looked up as he came out, saw him carrying the mug, and
quickly picked hers up off the desk. “Could you get me some, too,
Rick?” she asked, thrusting the mug toward him with one hand, nibbling
on a block of chocolate with the other.

“Sure thing, Jen,” he replied, taking the mug. Rick trotted

down the hall to the coffee machine and filled up the mugs, adding a
touch of cream to Jennifer’s. Carefully, he measured out five
droplets of the fluid and dripped them into Briggs’s mug. He was
about to put the vial with what was left of the fluid back in his
pocket when something occurred to him.

He looked down the hall to where Jennifer sat behind the desk,

her overweight body crammed into an office chair. He’d always felt
sorry for her, for her seeming inability to control her appetite, and
her craving for chocolate. He’d been planning to use the last of the
fluid on Candace, but…

If his plan worked, he’d have all of the drug he needed. And

if it didn’t, he would only have one more dose, and that wasn’t enough
to make much of a difference with Candace. So why not use it to do
Jennifer a favor?

Decided, he poured half the remaining fluid, one more dose,

into Jennifer’s coffee. Replacing the empty vial in his pocket, he
carried the coffee back up the hall.

“Here you go, Jen,” he said as he passed her the mug.

“Oooh, thanks, Rick,” she responded, taking the coffee and

sipping it. She smiled at the taste. “You got it just right.”

“Of course I did,” he remarked casually, carrying the second

mug into Briggs’s office. “Here you go, sir. Black.”

Briggs took the mug and sipped at it. “Thanks, Rick.”

“Anytime, Mr. Briggs. Anytime,” Rick said as he walked out

the door. Briggs shot him a quizzical look in response to his casual
manner. Rick ignored it.

Half an hour later, after making the regular 11:00 mail run to

the fifth floor, Rick returned to Marketing to see if the drugs had
taken effect. Jennifer sat at her desk, looking blankly at the papers
before her, her hands resting calmly on the desktop.

“Jennifer?” Rick asked.

“Hmm. Yes?”

Rick tried to think of something to ask next, something

unusual, but not so unusual as to make him look like an idiot if the
drug hadn’t taken effect. “So… been abducted by any UFO’s
recently?” he asked, mentally kicking himself afterwards.

“No,” she replied calmly.

Rick took this as proof enough that she was under the drug.

“You really like chocolate, don’t you?” he asked nonchalantly.

“I love it.”

“You eat it a lot?”

“Three bars a day. Plus some ice cream at home in the


“Well, you know it’s bad for you, don’t you? You’re

overweight because you eat so much chocolate.”

“Yes, I know. I try to give it up all the time, but I just

can’t. I become a nervous wreck. It’s like I’m addicted to it.”

Rick had no idea whether or not he could cure her condition,

but he decided it was worth a shot. “I think from now on, you’re
going to find you’re not so interested in chocolate. As a matter of
fact, it just tastes bad to you. You don’t know why exactly, but it
does. And you won’t want to eat it anymore. As a matter of fact,
you’re going to find that sweets in general aren’t very tasty.

“Okay. Whatever you say.”

“And you’re going to start being concerned about getting in

shape. You’re going to join a fitness club and work out regularly
three times a week. Concentrate on your chest and your legs, but make
sure to get well-conditioned overall. Okay?”


“Good girl.” Rick didn’t want to leave her at her desk in a

suggestible state. If some passerby found her like this, it would
seem pretty weird. “Jennifer, why don’t you go to the ladies’ room
right now, find yourself a stall, and sit in it for fifteen minutes or
so? Then you can come back to your desk. When you do, you will have
forgotten all about this conversation we had, okay?” Rick hoped this
would give her enough time to come down from the drug.

“Sure thing, Rick,” she said, getting up and walking down the

hall. He watched her, smiling. A new leaf had turned over in her
life, he thought.

Rick turned and strode into Briggs’s office, calm and

confident. Thus he was quite startled to be greeted by Briggs’s angry
roar. “What the hell are you doing walking into my office?” Rick
froze, in fear for his job and his career, transfixed by the angry,
reddened face of Damon Briggs. His mind whirled.

Think, dammit, think! he told himself. Why was Briggs yelling

at him? Did he not drink the coffee? A quick glance at Briggs’s desk
confirmed that he had in fact drunk the coffee. What, then? Rick
thought quickly through all he knew about the drug and hypnosis in

It occurred to him that even if Briggs was in a suggestible

state, that wouldn’t necessarily keep him from reacting to an unusual
situation, such as a mailroom clerk barging into his office without
warning. The only thing to do was to try to convince Briggs that this
wasn’t at all unusual.

“Ummm, well, it isn’t that unusual for me to walk into your

office, is it, Mr. Briggs?” he asked nervously.

Briggs’s brow furrowed. “Well…” he began.

Rick cut him off, pressing the attack. “In fact, it’s

downright ordinary. I can walk into your office whenever I want.

Briggs thought for a moment. “Well, yes, now that you mention

it, it seems perfectly normal. Yes.” He nodded to himself,
convinced. “Sorry for yelling at you,” he said, in a tone that didn’t
sound very apologetic. Even in a suggestible state, Rick realized,
Briggs was still an asshole.

He decided not to mess with the formalities, and used Briggs’s

first name. “I can call you Damon, can’t I?” he asked.

“Sure, Rick.”

“Damon, remember those samples of tetracathalamine that I

brought in last week? The ones that got sent here by mistake?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Listen to me carefully. It turns out that you actually do

need some tetracathalamine. Thirty minutes after I leave this office
today, you are going to have Jennifer call up Dexalco and order ten
vials of it. Understand so far?”


“Now listen carefully. When it arrives, you are going to get

a fresh cup of coffee and tell Jennifer to hold all your calls.
You’re going to open the package, take out the first vial, and put
five drops of the fluid into your coffee. Five drops. No more, no
less. You will drink the coffee as quickly as possible. For the next
twenty minutes, you will do nothing. When twenty minutes has elapsed,
you will call the mailroom and ask to have me sent up to see you. You
will tell Mr. Sheldon that the situation is urgent. Then you will sit
here and do absolutely nothing until I arrive. Do you understand?”


“Excellent. Now, what do you think of me professionally,


“You’re a loser. You’re a wimp who’ll never amount to

anything. You’re afraid to take action.” He said all this as though
he was giving Rick his opinion of the Yankees’ chances at the pennant
this year.

“I see,” Rick responded. None of this was any surprise to

him. “Well, you’ll find your opinion of me has changed. Now you
think I’m actually a very capable worker with a bright future in your
department. Don’t you think so?”

Briggs pondered this, as though wondering why he hadn’t

realized it sooner. “Why, yes, you are.”

“You’re so impressed you’ll do anything to get me into your

department, won’t you? In fact, you’re going to have a position ready
for me when you summon me in a few days, aren’t you?”

“Why, yes, I most certainly am. I’m not going to let some

other department snatch you up!” he said, with quite a bit of

“Someone of my talent should have an important job, isn’t that

right, Damon?”

“Of course!”

“Like… Assistant Director of Marketing. Right underneath


“Yes, yes… I’ll serve Gadsen his notice immediately.”

Rick smiled. James Gadsen, the current Assistant Director,

was a pompous ass, second only to Briggs himself in that regard. No
one would be sorry to see him go. “But you still won’t be able to get
rid of Gadsen for at least a month, will you?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“But if you wait that long, someone else might hire me.”

“That’s true. Hmmm…” Briggs took on a thoughtful


“So you’ll have to hire me immediately, and just give me a

month of paid vacation time.”

Briggs brightened. “Yes, that would work.”

“And I’ll come in and start work when Gadsen leaves.”

“Yes, you can come in then.”

“I’ll have a nice, large office and my own secretary.”

“Of course.”

“Good, good,” Rick responded. “Smart choice. Now when I walk

out that door, you are going to forget that this conversation ever
happened. And you aren’t going to answer your phone for another
fifteen minutes. Got it?”

“Got it,” Briggs responded cheerfully.

Rick strode out of the office without another word.

Candace strode out of the bookstore. She clutched her

purchases tightly to her breast, as though hoping that the writings of
several prominent radical feminists would have the power to physically
deflect the admiring glances men shot her way. She caught a pair of
teenage boys nudging each other as they looked in her direction, and
felt the blood rush to her face.

It had never been like this before. Men had always looked at

her like that, practically ever since she’d reached puberty. She knew
she was attractive by any standard. But until now, it had been
something she could ignore, or even use to her advantage, teasing men
to get what she wanted from them. And then, so suddenly, just a
couple days ago, she’d started feeling these sudden flashes of
pleasure whenever she noticed a man looking at her. It was almost
like she was getting horny just from the attention.

She noticed a department store to her left. It was nothing

unusual, just the same department store where she usually bought her
clothes. But this time, she noticed something different. Her eyes
were drawn to a skirt in the display window. It was nothing special,
just an ordinary, casual white skirt extending a foot below the
mannequin’s knees. Quite conservative.

Something about it entranced Candace. Unbidden, an image of

herself in the skirt floated into her mind. As she walked, her calves
were alternately exposed by the swishing of the skirt. Men would look
her way, and… ooh, it was so exciting.

She snapped herself out of it. She couldn’t possibly wear

that thing, displaying her legs like some sort of floozy. It would
make a mockery of all she stood for. Horny, single-minded men staring
at her legs, and Rick…

Rick, oh, Rick! The looks she could get from him! She got

excited just thinking about it! She had to have that skirt.

Candace strolled confidently into the store, her previous

mores forgotten, and searched out the women’s casual wear section.
She found a friendly salesgirl there, who helped her try on several
skirts and some matching blouses. Looking at herself in the mirror,
she had to admit she was quite pretty. And she didn’t really mind
dressing for looks. After all, if men had so much fun looking at her,
wasn’t it only fair that she should have a little fun, too?

After a few hours, she had four skirts and three blouses that

could be combined in any number of ways. a couple of belts, and three
pairs of casual leather shoes. She had struck up quite a rapport with
the salesgirl, who was very helpful with her advice. The total bill
was upwards of five hundred dollars. Candace handed over her credit
card, and the purchases were charged. “Well! Anything else?” the
salesgirl asked buoyantly.

“Uh… yes. Could you point me to the cosmetics counter?”

Rick picked Candace up that evening at eight, and couldn’t

believe his eyes. She looked incredible! The dowdy old slacks and
shirt were gone, replaced by a simple white cotton blouse and a blue
denim skirt. The half-inch heels of her shoes clicked across the
sidewalk as they walked to the car, and her skirt swayed as she
walked, giving occasional glimpses of calf.

But her face was the most amazing part of her. She’d been

attractive without makeup, but with a light coat of lipstick, some
mascara, and the faintest trace of eyeshadow, she was positively
gorgeous. He told her so. “Thank you, Rick,” she said demurely,
looking away to hide her blush. She was clearly enjoying the
attention he was paying her. Rick was pleased. He’d told her
specifically to get the lipstick, but the rest of the makeup was her
own doing. She was really starting to enjoy the attention she was

They went to dinner at a Greek restaurant. Rick made a point

of glancing at some part of her body every few minutes throughout the
meal. Often, this would make her get flustered and forget what she
was saying. Rick found himself enjoying the game, trying to disrupt
her just at the most complicated part of her sentences.

She got plenty of long looks from other men. Rick noticed

many of these. Candace was less often aware of them, since her
attention was focused on Rick. Occasionally, however, she would
notice, and this would cause her to smile in a goofy way and forget
what she was saying.

They went to a movie afterward, a corny romantic comedy. Rick

got up during the last half hour to get them some soft drinks. Before
returning to the theatre, he dropped what was left of the hypnotic
drug into her drink. Being careful to keep Candace’s drink in his
right hand, and his own in his left, he went back to the theatre and
sat down.

Candace thanked him, and sucked down her drink over the rest

of the movie. When the movie let out, they climbed into the car to
drive home. As usual, Candace gradually slipped into a trance-like
state. When Rick was sure she was under the drug’s effect, he started
talking to her.

“Are you enjoying all the attention you’re getting?”

“Oh, yes. It gets me so… excited.”

“You mean aroused?”

“Yes, that’s it. Aroused.”

“Men looking at you?”

“Yes. Especially you.”

Rick smiled. “Well, from now on, whenever you see me looking

at you, you’re going to wonder what it would be like to have sex with

“But I can’t… you’re a man… and men are so…” she


“You’re just going to wonder,” he reassured her. “And

tonight, when I drop you off, you’re going to give me a kiss. Not a
quick kiss, like last time, but a long, passionate kiss. You’re
starting to fall in love with me, and you want me to know. Got that?”


“And then after you go back to your apartment, you’re going to

go to bed, and you’re going to masturbate. It’s going to feel very
good, and you’re going to have a great orgasm. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“And just before you orgasm, you’re going to think of me.”

“O-okay.” She was having trouble with this. Rick decided to

leave it at that.

After leading her through the memory-blocking exercise, Rick

resumed normal conversation, and the drug wore off. Soon they were
back at her apartment.

“Thanks for the evening, Rick. It was wonderful,” she told him.

“You’re welcome. I had fun, too,” he replied.

She sat there, frozen, staring at him for a second, and then

slowly closed her eyes, leaning toward him. Rick leaned toward her,
and their lips met. Slowly and softly they kissed, their tongues
probing, dancing, intertwining. At long last, Rick was getting a kiss
from the woman of his dreams.

After an eternity, they broke apart, gazing into each other’s

eyes. “Thanks again, Rick,” Candace breathed softly, getting out of
the car and closing the door.

Rick smiled to himself as he watched her walk up the steps.

Two weeks ago, she’d been on the verge of dumping him, and now, with
the help of the drug, they’d just had their first kiss. Life was wonderful.

Candace stumbled into her apartment, feeling more confused

than ever. How was this happening to her? This was everything she
had ever fought against; dependency on a man. Why did it have to feel
so good to betray her beliefs?

Half an hour later, she flopped into bed, her clitoris itching

for attention. She shoved one hand under her nightshirt and began
rubbing gently at the sensitive round nub between her legs. Oooh, it
felt so good. Candace had first discovered how to bring herself
pleasure when she was thirteen years old, and since then she’d
perfected the skill.

She started slowly, gently bringing her clitoris to erection

with a series of light brushes. It tickled, but it was pure pleasure.
When she was fully hard, she gradually increased the speed and
pressure of her strokes, climbing the long hill to orgasm. With her
free hand, she caressed her breasts, rubbing the nipples until the
stood hard and erect, pointing outward from her body.

When she felt herself approaching orgasm, she slipped the

first knuckle of her index finger into her steamy vagina, gently
stroking the top of it, bringing her to new heights of sensation. It
felt so good, much better than those fleeting rushes she got from
being looked at by men. Her orgasm built inexorably toward a peak.
She gloried in it, reaffirming that she and she alone held the key to
ultimate pleasure, not some dickheaded sexist pig men. Her orgasm
reached the boiling point…

… and without warning, and image of Rick leapt into her

mind, so vivid it almost seemed real. He lay between her legs, his
erect member at the gap between her legs, and he was pushing, pushing
into her. “No, nooooo…” she moaned, fighting to expel the image
from her mind. This was not right. But it felt so good! She could
just imagine what it would feel like to take that massive piece of
meat inside her.

Her body overwhelmed her, the image of Rick dominating her

mind. She burst into orgasm, shrieking his name. “Rick, Rick! Oh,
Rick! Yes! Yessssss!” Her body bounced against the bed as she
struggled to take his imaginary manhood inside her, her hips straining
as waves of pleasure rushed across her body.

She collapsed, exhausted, on the bed, the vision of Rick

fading from her mind. As the pleasure drifted away, desperation
overcame her. How could this be happening to her? Fantasizing about
having sex with a man?

Tired and more confused than ever, Candace drifted off into a

troubled sleep.

Rick walked into work the next morning tense and nervous.

Today should be the day, he thought. He got right to work, hoping to
pass the time until he was called into Briggs’s office. He happened
to be in the mailroom when the package from Dexalco came in. He was
careful not to be seen looking at it more than casually, however. He
didn’t want to arouse any suspicion. Presently, Harvey assigned one of
the other workers to take it up to Briggs. Rick mentally prepared

Twenty-five minutes later, Harvey’s phone rang, and the word

came in that Briggs wanted to see Rick. Rick pretended to be
surprised as he walked over to the elevator.

He got off at Marketing and walked over to Jennifer’s desk.

He was disappointed to see that she was still her same old overweight
self. It was unreasonable, though, to expect anything to have
changed in two days. It would take time. He did note with
satisfaction, however that there was no chocolate bar on her desk. In
fact there was no food or drink at all except a half-eaten apple.
Good girl, he thought! He should make sure, though.

“Jennifer!” he cried in mock surprise, “No chocolate?”

She grimaced. “Ugh. No. For some reason, I just haven’t

felt like having it recently. How’s it going, Rick? What brings you
up here?”

“Briggs wants to see me.”

“Oooh. I’m sorry,” she said sympathetically. “Well, I hope

he doesn’t rip your head off. Go on in.”

“Thanks, Jen,” he responded, walking through the doors into

Briggs’s office.

Briggs jerked to life as he entered. “Hello, Rick. What can

I do for you?”

“The hypnotic drug came in?”

“Yep. Here it is.” He gestured toward an open box on the

desk. Inside, Rick saw nine glass vials, just like the one he’d
stolen earlier. Sitting beside the box was a tenth vial, partially
full. In front of it was a large, empty coffee mug.

“So you followed my instructions, Damon?” Rick asked.

“Yep. To the letter.”

“Everything is taken care of?”

“Sure is. You start drawing your new salary tomorrow.”

“Great. Good job, Damon.” Rick took one of the vials out of

the package and put it into one of the drawers of Briggs’s desk.
Briggs watched with interest. “Now,” Rick instructed him, “the bottle
you just saw is for special occasions only. You will remember where
it is, but you will never think about it. Never, that is, unless I
say the words ‘We need to halve a talk’ to you. When I do that, you
are to immediately come back here and get a fresh cup of coffee. You
will then put five drops of that solution into your coffee, and drink
it. From that point on, you will sit here and do nothing until I come
in and tell you otherwise. Understand?”


“Now, the rest of these,” I indicated the package, “were

forwarded to the Philadelphia office. You will fill out all the
necessary paperwork, as though you’d sent it there, but you will also
forge a receipt from the interoffice mail carrier. You will keep this
forged receipt in your files. As far as you know, this package was
sent to Philadelphia. Is that clear?”


“Good.” Rick took the package. He led Briggs through the

forget-this-conversation drill, and left the office.

Jennifer was waiting outside, at her desk. She looked at Rick

with her best sympathy expression. “So how bad was it? she asked.

Rick feigned unhappiness. “Not too bad, I guess. He gave me

the Assistant Director position.”

Jennifer’s big brown eyes lit up in wonder. “Really? No,

you’re joking!” she said, hitting him playfully.

“Really!” Rick exclaimed, all pretense of forlornness gone, a

big smile splitting his face. “I’m the new Assistant Director of

Jennifer squealed in delight, jumping up to give him a

friendly hug. Rick suffered this as best he could, as her flabby arms
enveloped him. She was a friend, after all.

Harvey Sheldon congratulated Rick on his promotion and gave

him the rest of the day off. “Hell,” he joked, “last thing I want to
do is piss off the new Assistant Director of Marketing!” Rick spent
the day moving what few personal effects he had at work up to his new
office and ordering furniture and supplies from the company store.

That evening, he picked Candace up for a celebratory dinner.

She wore a tasteful blue denim sleeveless top, a long white cotton
skirt, and a pair of sensible ladies’ shoes. She was gorgeous. Rick
made sure to let his eyes roam all up and down her body, causing her
no end of pleasurable discomfort.

They went to a pricey Italian restaurant. Rick splurged on

good wine, making sure to get Candace good and drunk. And, as usual,
he took advantage of her after-dinner trip to the restroom to pour a
little bit of the drug into her drink.

On the way, home, Rick waited until she had slipped into a

suggestible state before discussing the evening’s activities.

“How are you feeling, Candace?”


“Oh? Why are you so happy?”

“Because you keep looking at my body, silly! It gets me

so… hot to be looked at like that.”

Rick smiled. “Well, from now it’s going to make you even

hotter, okay?”

“Okay!” she said excitedly. She seemed to really be getting

into this.

“You want to get even more attention, don’t you, Candace?”

“Oh, do I ever!”

“Well you could get more attention by dressing the right way.

A little more… provocatively.”

“How do I do that?”

“Well, try some shorter skirts. Men like to see women showing

a lot of leg. And wearing blouses with lower necklines will show more
of your breasts. That’s another good eyecatcher.”

“Hmm. I guess I’ll try that.”

“Also, high heels put a curve in the back of the leg, which a

lot of mend find really sexy. And some simple jewelry can draw a lot
of attention, too.”

She pondered this for a minute, an uncertain look on her face.

“Well, it’s the truth,” Rick said. “Do it if you want to.”

He knew, of course, that sooner or later she would. Changing the
subject, he asked, “Did you masturbate last night?”

Color rushed to her cheeks. “Yes, I did.”

“And what happened?”

“I… I thought of you.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“It was so… exciting. But I’m ashamed of it.”


“Because you’re a man! And men just want to use women and

cast them aside. I’m disgusted that I could ever thing about letting
you do that to me.”

“But if it’s so exciting to think about, could it be that



“You’re going to masturbate again tonight. And again you’re

going to think about me, and you’re going to experience the most
intense orgasm you’ve ever had. And you’re going to love it.”


“Tonight, when I drop you off, you’re going to give me a long,

deep kiss. It’s going to feel so good. And when I rub your nipples
through your blouse, you’re going to feel a stirring deep within, a
desire to have me inside you, filling you up. Understand?”

She was shaking, the power of his suggestions battling with

her long-held beliefs. “O-O-Okay.”

Rick watched as she calmed down, his suggestion implanting

itself in her brain.

Candace snapped herself back to reality. What had been going

on? She felt woozy, as though she’d just been asleep. But she
hadn’t, she knew that. She’d been sitting in the car, riding home
with Rick, and… she couldn’t remember.

“God, honey, I shouldn’t have had so much to drink,” she


“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. All that wine went to your head, huh?”

Rick responded.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She leaned her head against his shoulder

in a familiar way. A week ago, she wouldn’t have been able to picture
herself taking such comfort from a man, but now, here she was, leaning
on his shoulder as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Rick pulled up at her apartment. She looked up at him and

smiled. “Thanks for dinner,” she purred, in a dreamy voice. God, he
was so… so… exciting.

“My pleasure,” he responded.

She was drawn to his mouth. Slowly, slowly, she leaned

forward, closing her eyes and parting her lips. Her conscience
pleaded with her not to do this, not to give herself to a man, but she
was driven by a fire in her loins.

He leaned over to meet her, and their lips touched, a thrill

running through her body at the contact. She felt hot…

Her brain became aware of a gentle stroking on her left

nipple. Oh, it felt so sexy… She kissed him with renewed vigor,
mashing her lips and tongue against his teeth. His hand on her breast
was setting her aflame. Her hand involuntarily shot to his crotch,
grasping the stiff bulge she found there, squeezing, imagining the
treasure contained within. Imagining his manhood inside her…

No! She fought the desire. She mustn’t let this happen!

with a gasp, she broke the kiss and pulled away from Rick. He looked
at her, confused. “I… I gotta go, Rick. Bye.” She got out of the
car, doing her best to keep a serious, stern expression. She caught a
glimpse of him looking at her hard nipples showing through the fabric,
and groaned audibly. She closed the door and walked hurriedly to the

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he said to her back. She turned and

looked at him through the window. He was smiling at her. She
couldn’t help but smile back and wave weakly before turning back to
the door. What the hell was happening to her?

She opened the door and shot up the stairs, her clitoris

burning, aching for attention.

Rick whistled merrily as he drove home, thinking about

Candace. He could picture her running up the stairs as fast as she
could, desperate to get to her apartment and relieve the tension in
her crotch. He admitted to himself that it was fun to see her like
that, to know that he had that effect on her.

He was quite pleased with their little conversation about

clothing. Not once had he ever commanded her to start dressing more
provocatively. But she’d been interested all the same. And soon, he
had no doubt, she would be sporting some more new clothes.

He’d been quite surprised when she’d grabbed his cock. In

fact, he’d almost taken it as a signal that she was going to go all
the way, and he’d been quite surprised when she pulled away. But all
these feelings were new to her, he realized, and she couldn’t be
expected to realize what sort of signals she was sending.

Ah, well. He would get where he was going soon enough.

Candace stumbled into her apartment, slamming the door in her

haste. She was almost too weak to stand. Not even bothering to turn
the lights on, she threw herself onto the couch and pulled her skirt
up. She was so horny from being with Rick all night, and the feel of
his hand on her breast…

The elastic of her panties snapped as she pulled the wet

fabric violently away from her. She bypassed her usual opening
routine, shoving one finger deep inside her. With her free hand, she
rubbed furiously at her erect clitoris.

The finger in her pussy slid back and forth with a quick

rhythm. She imagined it was Rick, his hard manhood filling her with
pleasure. She imagined him thrusting in and out of her, his body
moving up and down in time with hers.

Without warning, she came, a torrential avalanche of pleasure

rolling over her body as her fingers thrust furiously in and out of
her. Her mind envisioned Rick’s throbbing manhood shooting its seed
deep within her. She screamed in ecstasy as the imagined semen shot
into her belly, and cried out his name.

Rick called Briggs the next day and confirmed that he was now

being paid $80,000 per year, the standard salary for an Assistant
Director. Excellent. He told Briggs that he would come back to work
at the beginning of the next month.

He spent the day lounging around the house, relaxing. His

mind wandered to Candace, and he wondered how long it would be before
he would get into her bed. Soon, he knew, soon. But it was so hard
to be patient.

Aroused, he took a short walk to the newsstand on the corner

near his apartment. After a few minutes of browsing, he purchased a
soft-core adult magazine, one of the slickly-produced national titles.
He’d never done this before, but the frustration of his situation
drove him to seek any release he could find.

Back at his apartment, he removed his purchase from the brown

paper bag and began to flip through it. The magazine contained ten or
so different photo sets. Most were of lone women. Some featured two
women in a lesbian situation, and several featured women and men
posing in various sexual positions.

His eyes fixed on one of the male-female couples, and he

stopped flipping pages. He was captivated by the woman. It wasn’t so
much her appearance; she was fairly good-looking, but not unusually so
for a magazine like this.

It was the way she was dressed, and the expression on her

face, that caught his eye. She was lying on her back, legs spread and
resting on the shoulders of the male model, who was preparing to shove
his cock into her pussy. Her clothes were nothing short of whorish.
A shiny black leather skirt lay bunched around her waist, pulled up by
one hand to give her partner access to her pussy. A white fishnet
bodystocking had been pulled down her chest, laying bare her breasts,
which were so large and round as to be obviously surgical. Black
fishnet stockings covered her legs, and adorning her feet were shiny
black pumps with heels so long they had to be impossible to walk on.

But her face was the fascinating part. It was well-made up,

her hair immaculately styled. With her free hand, she was gripping
the man’s cock, pulling it toward her pussy. And the expression on
her face was one of pure lust. Lips open, teeth mashed together in
determination, eyes fixed on the cock in her hand. The look that said
that the cock was the only thing on her mind, the only thing she
needed. The look of a complete slut finally getting the one thing she
craved in life.

The strength of Rick’s reaction to this picture amazed him.

Never before had he found that sort of extreme promiscuity even
remotely attractive. But somehow, this picture, this woman,
completely entranced him. It was just the fact that she seemed to
have so completely dedicated herself to the pursuit of sex, to the
point of dressing like a whore and even having her breasts surgically

His hand reached down to the zipper of his jeans…

Rick took Candace out every single night for the next several

weeks. When the chance arose, typically once every two or three
evenings, he slipped the hypnotic fluid into her drink and let it take
effect. On the way home, he would question her and “touch up” her
programming, making minor adjustments here and there, generally
designed to increase the strength of her desire for him.

Every night when he dropped her off, they would make out for a

brief period, his hand rubbing her breasts as she nibbled his ears or
kissed his neck or lips. The first few times, these sessions ended
quickly, with Candace breaking things off abruptly and leaving. But
soon, she became more relaxed, and they spent more and more time after
each date sitting in his car kissing and nuzzling, Candace getting
deliriously hot from Rick’s attentions, and Rick getting hot from
thinking about how hot he could make Candace. And after Candace left
the car, she would always rush up to her apartment and masturbate on
the couch, dreaming of Rick’s cock filling her up.

While this was going on, Candace’s wardrobe shifted again.

Now she favored sleeveless blouses, often with low necklines, and
skirts that left her knees well exposed. Often she would wear a
comfortable pair of pumps with heels around two inches in length.
This caused her ass to gyrate a little when she walked, much to the
pleasure of Rick and any other men in the area. She wore a bit more
makeup, with a brighter color lip gloss. A few simple pieces of
jewelry – a couple earrings, a pendant, a bracelet on one arm –
completed the look. Casual and tasteful, yet quite sexy.

After two weeks of this, when Rick was sure that Candace was

comfortable with the intimacy, he suggested to her on the way home
that she invite him up to her apartment. When they got there, she

Candace calmed her nerves as she unlocked and opened the door.

She was torn between two parts of her mind. One the one hand was the
part of her that knew men to be evil manipulators, the part that was
scared to death of letting Rick into her private life so late at
night. But the other part of her was the part that had already fallen
madly in love with him, the part that thrilled to his gaze, and lusted
for the feel of his body touching hers. And it was this part that was

She showed Rick to the couch and breezed into the kitchen,

asking if he wanted a drink. Never having had a man into her
apartment after a date before, she was only dimly aware of the
protocol in such a situation. Rick refused her offer. She poured
herself a glass of water and returned to the living room, sitting on
the couch next to Rick.

Minutes later, after a few volleys of polite conversation,

they were in each other’s arms again, kissing and fondling. Candace
writhed with an electric heat, sexual energy coursing through her
body. The independent-female ideal toward which she’d striven for so
long melted in the heat of her desire for Rick’s body.

Slowly, tenderly, Rick unbuttoned her blouse, a sleeveless

white cotton thing she’d bought a few days ago. It was such a sexy
piece of clothing compared to what she’d been wearing a month ago.
She grimaced inwardly as she remembered the formless, body-hiding
things she’d worn then.

Her thoughts returned to the situation at hand as Rick kissed

the soft flesh of her breasts. Oh, it felt so good! How could she
have ever thought that men were evil, when they could do something
like this to her?

Now he was unhooking her bra, his hands caressing her bare

back as he slid it off her chest, freeing her breasts. The cool air
on her exposed nipples sent a sensual chill down her spine. Rick
leaned toward them and gently blew on them. The quick alternation of
cool air and warm excited her, and her nipples stood forth proudly.
Mentally, she begged Rick to touch them.

He did better than that. He leaned over and brought his mouth

down to her left nipple, gently grasping it in his lips, flicking his
tongue back and forth over the tip. Candace let out a long gasp of
pleasure at the sensation. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily,
and her breasts rose and fell, alternately pushing into Rick’s face
and withdrawing, stretching her nipples out as he continued to suck

Tonight was the night, she knew. The night they would have

sex. The night she would finally feel him inside her, filling the
aching hole between her legs. She would let him do it, let him make
love to her. She lay back and relished the feeling of his mouth on
her breasts.

Rick continued to suck her breasts for some time, occasionally

switching between the two. Candace waited for him to make a move
toward her crotch. As the minutes passed, she became increasingly
frustrated. She didn’t let it show; she couldn’t debase herself that
far. But she ached for him to fill the void within her.

After half an hour of this, Rick sat back and looked at her.

“I should be going,” he said.

Candace reeled at his words. How could this be? Surely he

wanted it at least as much as she did. Didn’t he? He was a man,
after all, and by nature he must be interested in sex. All that
escaped her mouth was a meek, “Okay.”

He stood up and walked to the door. “I’ll call you tomorrow

afternoon, all right?”


“Bye.” And with that, he was gone.

Candace shoved a finger into her pussy, desperately trying to

bring back the excitement she’d felt just a moment before. She came
a minute later, but it was a stale orgasm, devoid of the passion she
felt when she was with Rick.

As she came down, she wondered why he hadn’t wanted to do it

with her. Maybe he just wasn’t turned on enough. She’d have to do
something about that. She would go shopping tomorrow morning…

Rick struggled to calm himself as he drove away. He could

have had it, he could’ve made love to her right then and there, and
she would have let him do it. But he hadn’t. He’d been planning to,
but he hadn’t. And it was hardest thing he’d ever not done.

The damnedest thing was, he still didn’t know why he’d left

without screwing her. He’d gotten her so incredibly hot that she’d
wanted to do it, wanted to feel him inside her, and he’d known she
wanted it. But some little voice inside him had told him to wait, had
told him that the time wasn’t right, that if he did it now he’d be
throwing away something incredible.

The last time he’d gotten this sort of advice from within

himself had been the time he’d stolen the hypnosis drug. And look
what that’d gotten him! So against all his urges, Rick had pulled
away and left. And now he was as horny as he’d ever been in his life,
driving away from a woman he knew would eagerly welcome him inside

Why, why, why? He almost banged his head against the

dashboard in frustration. Making love to Candace would consummate
their relationship. After spending a night of passion with him and
waking up in his arms, she would love him forever. He was sure of
that. That was what he wanted, wasn’t it? After all, he loved her!

Didn’t he?

Without being entirely aware of what he was doing, Rick

stopped at an ATM machine and withdrew a large wad of cash. From
there he was drawn to “The Strip”, the area of town where most of the
adult entertainment clubs were located. Still proceeding on impulse,
he started driving up and down the streets past the clubs.

His eyes roved over the hookers prowling the club parking

lots. As drunk, horny men came out of the clubs, they would make
offers. Occasionally Rick saw a deal being struck, and one of the
prostitutes would get into a car with a man. But most of them were
still without business. The night was young yet.

Rick had seen these women before, when he’d been driving

through this section of town on his way somewhere else, and once when
he’d come to one of these clubs for a friend’s bachelor party. But
he’d never taken any real notice of them. Now, though, he watched
them walk on their high heels, asses swaying, watched them smile at
potential customers, even licking their lips occasionally. He was
fascinated, and strangely attracted to them, these women whose
business was sex.

He cruised past the clubs for five or ten minutes, looking over

the hookers with an appraising eye. Most were past their prime, women
in their late thirties and forties relying on too-small halter tops to
push up their sagging breasts and makeup to cover the lines on their
faces. And many had a hardened, cynical look to them, a certain
narrowness in the eyes, no doubt from years of working the streets.

And then Rick saw one that was different. She wore the same

sort of clothes the others did – a hot pink halter top, black leather
skirt slit up the side, fishnet stockings and spiked heels – but the
body underneath was younger, firmer, with a tight ass and large, firm
tits. Her makeup was similarly overdone – bright pink lipstick,
eyeshadow, blond hair teased up around her head – but the face
underneath was young and pretty, less hardened than those of her
colleagues. Eighteen or nineteen, he guessed.

Rick pulled into the parking lot next to her and rolled down a

window. She looked up at him, smiling automatically. “Hey, big guy!
Want a girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” Rick smiled back. “What’s it cost?”

“A hundred.”

“For what?”

“A screw. Fifty for a blowjob.”

“How much to come back to my place and stay there all night?”

Her shaded eyebrows arched. “Five hundred.”

Rick pulled several hundred dollar bills off the wad in his

pocket. “Here’s eight. Pretend like you enjoy it.”

The girl blinked, then cautiously took the money from his

hand. She counted the bills and smiled, stuffing them into her purse.
“Okay, mister. I’m your happy girlfriend.” She walked around to the
passenger door. Rick opened it, and she climbed in, the plastic
bracelets on her arms clicking merrily. “What’s your name, stud?” she

“Rick. What’s yours?”


Rick smiled. Something about the name excited him. He had

his own private slut for the night.

Half an hour later, they arrived at Rick’s apartment. He

ushered Bambi inside, and told her to sit on the couch. After getting
some drinks, Rick sat down next to her. They talked casually for
about five minutes.

“So, Bambi, how about a blowjob?” Rick asked suddenly,

deciding to take charge of the situation.

Bambi took on a poorly faked look of shock. “I’m not that

easy! You’ve got to warm me up first, honey.” A coy smile followed
this last remark.

Rick surprised himself with the anger of his response. His

hand reached out and grasped a fistful of blonde hair, yanking it
backwards. Bambi shrieked as her head jerked back.

“Listen, you little tramp, I don’t know what you usually do

when you’re earning your living screwing customers, but tonight I’m
paying you eight hundred dollars to be my personal whore, and you’re
going to do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. Understand?”

“O-O-Okay, sir. Wh-Whatever you want.”

“Good,” Rick growled, letting go of her hair. “Now suck my

cock, bitch.”

Bambi shuddered at his language, but quickly began fumbling

with his zipper. Rick leaned back, enjoying himself as he watched the
hooker pull his hard cock out of his pants. He didn’t know why he’d
exploded in rage so suddenly, but he liked the effect. The little
slut wasn’t playing hard to get now, was she?

Rick let out a moan as Bambi’s shiny red lips encircled his

cock. God, it felt so good. All the tensions that had been created
by the whole incident with Candace melted away, draining out through
his cock into Bambi’s mouth.

Why did this feel so goddamn good? Rick wondered about that.

He’d gotten head before, several times, and he’d always enjoyed it.
Women he’d loved had gently, tenderly, caressed his cock with their
mouths, bringing him to powerful orgasms. But this was different.
The sensation he got from watching Bambi’s glossy red lips slide up
and down his cock was… electric. The plastic hoops dangling from
her earlobes swung back and forth as she pumped up and down on his
shaft. He needed to fuck her, and he needed it now.

Rick pushed Bambi’s head off his cock. Her eyes met his,

questioningly, showing a slight glint of fear. “On your back, slut,”
he commanded. Bambi obeyed without question, falling back on the
couch, raising her spiked heels into the air and spreading her
stocking-wrapped legs. Her skirt fell open, revealing the soft pink
folds of her cunt.

Rick looked down at her pussy lips as he crawled forward

between her legs. They glistened with wetness. Not that easy, huh?
Rick smiled. The bitch had gotten wet just from having a cock in her
mouth. And now she would do whatever he wanted for the rest of the
night. He was in complete control, and she was nothing but a toy for
him to use however he wanted. With a groan of pure pleasure, Rick
thrust his cock into Bambi’s waiting pussy.

She let out a gasp at his entry. “I’m gonna fuck your brains

out, you cheap little slut,” he murmured. Bambi’s only response was a
squeal as his cock took a long stroke in and out of her pussy.
Whether the squeal came from pleasure or pain he couldn’t tell. And
he didn’t care. The bitch was his toy. A thought crossed his mind.
He could keep Bambi, threaten and intimidate her, make her stay here
after tonight, his permanent whore, his own personal slut.

As quickly as the thought had entered his mind, though, it was

discarded. People might come looking for her. An angry pimp. It
would be impossible to keep her from escaping. And even on his new
salary, there was no way he could afford to hire her for the long
term. No, he couldn’t keep her, and that was that.

But Candace…

The truth hit him like a hammer, almost physically jarring

him. Suddenly, all the little mysteries surrounding his relationship
with Candace clicked into place, revealing the pattern behind all that
he’d done.

He didn’t love Candace, and he never had. Love was based on

mutual respect, on trust, on a willingness on the part of both people
to make themselves emotionally dependent on each other. A sharing of
power. And they’d never had that. In the beginning, Candace had held
all the power, using him to get free dinners, making him wait for her
before dates, and teasing him mercilessly. He’d been the victim of a
certain puppy-dog infatuation, but no more than that. Not love.

The drug had changed all that. Now he had the power. He

could incite fierce passions in her with nothing more than a look. He
could influence her mode of dress by addicting her to these passions.
And he knew he could make love to her, if he wanted, and she would
respond eagerly.

But he didn’t love her. Oh, she loved him, he was sure of

that. She’d follow him to the ends of the Earth. But for all its
strength, her love was artificial, forced upon her by the drug. He
could never love someone over whom he had such control. No, he didn’t
want to make love to her.

He wanted to fuck her.

He wanted to use her body for his own pleasure, just as he was

doing now with the body of the whore writhing on the couch underneath
him. He wanted Candace to be a slut, a cheap piece of trash who’d
live for cock, like the woman in the magazine. He wanted her to dress
like a whore, doing or saying anything to satisfy her craving for a
good fucking. Not the tender, passionate, caring caresses of a lover,
but hard, dirty, forceful use by her master.

Rick throbbed in Bambi’s cunt as he dreamed of what was to

come. His cock was swollen with passion, with lust, but more than
anything, it was swollen with power. He had the power, and he knew
it. He would bend Candace to his will, molding her into the perfect
slut. In time, she would be little more than a walking, breathing sex
doll, a well-tuned fucking machine. And when the time came to be
used, she would beg for it. Like the cheap slut she was.

Rick’s balls ignited at the thought. His cock pistoned in and

out of Bambi’s cunt with a frenzied speed, his orgasm coming to a head.
Bambi squealed underneath him as his cock exploded, shooting hot,
sticky wads of jism into the whore’s cunt. Rick shuddered as he felt
his power, felt it flowing from him, taking possession of the cheap
slut beneath him. She was nothing more than a toy, a puppet under his
control, a slave to his power. And soon, Candace would be too.


Candace slept almost until noon the next morning, yet still

felt groggy and half-asleep when she woke up. She had slept poorly,
her mind wracked by confusion over Rick’s behavior. A night of lying
awake thinking about it had failed to bring any insights as to why he
had passed up the chance to go to bed with her.

She was scared. Scared at the strength of her own desire for

him. Scared at what she would become if he satisfied her desire.
Scared of the possibility that he wouldn’t and she would be left
wanting. Never before had a man aroused such feelings in her. She
stumbled in the shower and stood there, the water running over her
body, thinking. She stood there for nearly two hours before emerging,
feeling fresher, with a clear sense of resolve.

She was going to end it. She was going to pick up the phone,

call him, and end it. He would ask to see her, to talk about it in
person, and she would refuse. She had to do it over the phone, out of
reach of his influence, out of reach of that… that power he had, to
make her lose control. She would end it. And then she would throw
out all those clothes she had bought since they’d started dating, the
ones that displayed her body like a museum exhibit, the ones that
stripped her of her dignity. And she would put it all behind her, and
go back to being the old, independent Candace, who needed nothing and
wanted nothing from men.

Nothing. She was going to do it. She finished drying her

hair and sat on the bed, calming herself. Her hand reached for the

It rang. Candace jumped at the sound, jerking away from the

phone. It rang again, and she slowly reached out to it. She picked
it up on the third ring and put it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Candace?” The voice was Rick’s.
Oh, God! she thought. No, no, no! She was supposed to call

him. Her courage, her dedication of moments before evaporated at the
sound of his voice. She began to tremble.

“Candace? Are you there?”
“Oh! Y-yes.”
“Are you all right, honey?”
“Yes, yes, I’m fine.” A soft heat entered her groin.
“Okay… So how about dinner tonight?”
No. No. I don’t want to go out with you, Rick. I don’t want

to see you again. Stay away from me. “Uh… okay.”

“Great. See you at eight?”
She fought the rising fire. Don’t let him do this to you, she

screamed at herself. “Okay.”

“Great. I love you.”
“I… I love you, too. Bye.” She hung up the phone, shaking

as she fought her own body. He had done this to her without her even
seeing him! A wave of passion washed over her as she fell back on the
bed. Her hands shot to her clitoris and went furiously to work, her
worries forgotten in the heat of the moment.

She came furiously, her back arching as she writhed on the

bed, screaming Rick’s name. She needed him so badly, needed to feel
him inside her, filling her. She didn’t care what she had to wear,
what she had to turn herself into, just as long as she could get him
inside her.

After her breathing returned to normal, she got up and got

dressed. She had some shopping to do.

Rick hung up the phone, grinning happily. Candace was hooked,

and well on her way to becoming the whore he wanted her to be.

He was especially happy that morning, having gotten his

money’s worth out of Bambi. He’d fucked her four more times that
night. Each time, he’d had her warm him up with a blowjob. She
always did whatever he asked. He’d pounded into her violently, using
her like a rag doll. He could tell she wasn’t enjoying it, but she
obeyed out of fear. Although he enjoyed the fact that she was afraid,
doing this against her will, he knew the sex would’ve been better if
she’d been enjoying it. But that was what Candace was for, wasn’t it?

Rick picked the phone up again, dialing Damon Briggs. He was

going to be starting work the next day, and wanted to be sure things
were all set up for his return.

The phone picked up. “Damon Briggs.”
“Damon, this is Rick Logan. I wanted to make sure

everything’s set for me to start tomorrow.”

“Rick! Good to hear from you. Gadsen left yesterday. Your

office is open and everything’s ready for you. Personnel has
scheduled several of the applicants for secretarial positions to come
by your office to be interviewed tomorrow. You can pick your new
secretary from them.”

Rick had forgotten about the fact that he was going to have

his own secretary. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but
now he was wondering if it wasn’t a liability. He was going to have
to spend a morning interviewing applicants. And then he was going to
have to spend several months dealing with a new, inexperienced
secretary, at a time when he was learning the ropes himself. What he
needed was someone experienced, someone who had been around long
enough to learn the office politics, help him through tight spots.
Someone like…

Rick thought furiously. What exactly had he told Briggs?

Could Briggs be manipulated over the phone? Well, it was worth a try.
“We need to have a talk, Damon,” Rick enunciated clearly.

The line went dead. Briggs would be getting up to get himself

some coffee. Rick spent the next thirty minutes pacing nervously,
wondering if this was going to work. When he’d conditioned Briggs, he
had been assuming that he would always be able to come in and speak to
Briggs face-to-face. He wasn’t sure whether Briggs would answer the
phone in a suggestible state. Well, if he failed, the worst that
could happen is that he would have to wait until tomorrow to
straighten this out.

When Rick dialed again half an hour later, Briggs picked up

immediately. “Hello?”

“It’s Rick.”
“Hello, Rick, I’ve been expecting you to call.”
Rick sighed in relief. “Now, about my new secretary. Don’t

you think it’s dangerous for me to have a new, inexperienced secretary
during my first few months in a new job?”

“Well, yes, now that you mention it…”
“What I need is an experienced secretary, someone who’s been

in the department for awhile.”

“Hmmm. Yes, you need someone who’s got some experience…”
“Like Jennifer.”
“Hmmm… Well, yes, but she’s my secretary.”
“But we already have applicants for secretarial jobs coming up

to the department tomorrow, anyway. You could transfer Jennifer to
me, and then interview the applicants yourself, and choose a
replacement from them.”

“Yes… Yes, that sounds like a good idea. I’ve decided to

make Jennifer your secretary.”

“That’s great news, Mr. Briggs!” Rick said, acting as though

Briggs had come up with the idea himself. “I’ll look forward to
working with her.”

Rick whistled happily to himself as he walked up the stairs to

Candace’s apartment. He was pleased with himself for securing
Jennifer as a secretary. It would be good to have a knowledgeable
friend assisting him in his new job.

He knocked on the door, anticipating a pleasurable evening

looking at Candace’s body, arousing her. And then at the end, he
would… leave her hanging. The door opened, and Rick choked on his
breath in spite of himself. God, she was hot.

Candace seemed to have taken a quantum leap in her choice of

clothing. She wore a black stretch dress that hugged every curve of
her body, stopping several inches above the knee and leaving her arms
bare. Her legs were wrapped in black stockings and balanced on a pair
of four-inch black spiked heels. Her hair was standing out at much
more than its normal volume; clearly she had teased it out with some
mousse. Faint traces of eyeshadow and mascara graced her face, and
her lips shone with a shiny, bright red lip gloss. Not bad, Rick
thought. He hadn’t expected her to go this far quite yet. “You look

She blushed, and Rick thought he saw a triumphant grin flash

across her face. “Thank you.”

Rick smiled inwardly. No doubt the bitch thought she was

going to get fucked tonight. Well, fine with him. Let her think that.

Candace could barely contain her excitement as she led Rick up

the stairs to her apartment. This was it! She was sure of it. All
through dinner Rick’s eyes had been riveted to her body. It had been
so exciting, so arousing. Finally, he was going to be inside her,
filling her pussy.

She giggled at that. She’d never considered using the word

“pussy” before, thinking of it as a word used by men to objectify
women. Well, she thought, what was the matter with being an object
once in awhile if that was what it took to get your pussy filled? She
tittered again at the thought of the word.

“You sure seem giggly tonight,” Rick commented.
“Oh, that’s just the effect you have on me,” she replied,

opening the door to the apartment. She showed him inside. Rick
insisted that she relax while he went into the kitchen to make drinks.
How chivalrous of him!

She seated herself on the couch, quickly pulling out her

makeup mirror and touching up her face. She knew that her chances of
getting fucked depended heavily on her appearance. She had to look as
sexy as possible.

Rick returned with drinks just as she slipped the makeup back

into her purse. They sat and drank for awhile. They talked. After
awhile, Candace got bored. Her enthusiasm for the conversation
waned. She wanted Rick to fuck her. But he just kept talking and
talking and talking…

Rick watched as Candace’s face took on the usual dazed look

that meant she was under the drug. Once he was sure, he launched
right into the questioning.

“How are you feeling?”
“Yes. I want you to make love to me so bad…”
“But I still won’t do it, and that’s what’s frustrating?”
“Well… that’s part of it.”
“And what else?”
“Well… I feel like… like a hypocrite.”
Rick paused to chew over her words. This could be useful, but

he had to be careful. “Because you’re an assistant editor at Woman’s

“Because you’ve talked and written about how important it is

for women to be independent?”

“And now you find yourself wanting me sexually?”
She trembled. “Yeah…”
“Needing me to make love to you?”
“Oh, yesss… I need you so baaaad…” Her eyes closed and

her hand crept toward her crotch.

Rick squirmed around as his erection fought through his

pants. No! He couldn’t give in!

“So… So you feel like you’re betraying everything you stand

for?” Rick blurted.

“Yeah, I feel… like a hypocrite.” Her excitement seemed to

abate somewhat at being reminded of this, and the hand that had been
moving toward her pussy fell off to one side. Rick was able to calm
himself down, and sighed in relief.

“It’s not just everything you’ve ever said, is it? You’re

betraying everything you’ve ever thought.”

Rick made a show of sighing in sympathy. “Poor Candace. Boy,

this wouldn’t happen to a lot of women.”

“Well, I just mean that some women don’t think about these

things. Some women just don’t think much at all, do they?”

“Well, no…”
“And those stupid bimbos sure do get a lot of sex, don’t


“Yeah… they get a lot…”
This was working just fine. “Wouldn’t it be easier if you

were stupider? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about whether you were
betraying anything.”

“Yeah… Easier…”
“Well, from now on, I think you’re going to find that it hurts

when you try to think about things like that. When you try to think
about how women should behave, what their role in society should be,
and things like that, you’re going to get a headache.”

“It’s going to hurt to think about things like that.”
“It’ll be a whole lot easier not to think.”
Rick led her through the usual suggestions — buy some more

revealing clothes, get some higher heels, wear a little more makeup.
Candace agreed quietly with each of them. Then he led her through the
forget-this-conversation routine and waited for the drug to wear off.
When she was fully in control of herself again, he made his excuses
and left. She didn’t protest, but he could easily sense her

Rick was in a dark mood as he parked his car in the executive

lot the next morning. Despite the fact that he was starting a new job
at about three times his previous salary, he was feeling tense and
frustrated. It had taken a lot of nerve to walk out on Candace the
night before. She had looked unbelievably fuckable in the clothes
she’d been wearing. He could picture her now, lying on her back, the
dress bunched up around her waist and pulled down from the neck to
expose her tits, the black spikes of her heels pointing at the ceiling
as she spread her legs to take his cock…

But not yet. He could push her further, with a little more

work. But it was so unnerving to have a hot woman like Candace
practically begging for him. Rick used the elevator ride up to the
marketing floor to compose himself, forcing his face into a smile. He
should be enjoying the day, after all.

The door opened, and Rick strolled through the marketing

department to the spacious corner office of the Assistant Director of
Marketing. As he approached, he caught sight of the secretary’s desk
outside the office door, and a young, shapely woman bent over it,
scribbling something on a piece of paper. Rick paused, curious.

The long skirt she was wearing hid her legs from view, but the

smooth curve of her behind was clearly visible as she bent over the
desk. The no-nonsense business blouse obscured, but could not
completely conceal, the fullness of her breasts. Her lightly curled
black hair hung in front of her shoulder in lustrous tresses, bouncing
ever so slightly as her hand moved across the page in front of her and
hiding her face from Rick’s view. Rick watched in fascination as she
finished writing and stood up, tossing her hair back over her shoulder
and giving him a good look at her face. It was Jennifer!

Rick’s jaw dropped. He closed his mouth after a few seconds,

belatedly remembering his earlier hypnotic suggestion to her. He’d
counted on her losing weight, but he hadn’t expected her to come out
looking like this. The face was more or less the same, although the
weight loss had had some effect – her cheeks were noticeably less
puffy, and the face as a whole was more streamlined. Sexier. Rick
had earlier assumed Jennifer to be about thirty or so, but now she
looked younger – twenty-five, tops. Rick forced the amazement out of
his expression and called to her as he continued walking toward the

“Rick!” she exclaimed, rushing toward him and giving him a

friendly, but enthusiastic, hug. Rick returned the affection. Her
body, previously almost mushy with excess fat, now had a firm, but
soft feel to it. Rick felt like he could go on holding her all day.

Jennifer broke the embrace and stepped back. “Oh, I’m so

excited we’ll be working together. You should’ve seen Briggs when he
came out to tell me the news…” Rick lost track of what she was
saying as he examined her face. He couldn’t get over how beautiful
she was. How could this gorgeous creature have been hiding in the
overweight secretary he’d known a month earlier? Or had she been this
attractive all along, and he’d just never noticed?

“… and so even though this is technically a demotion, since

you’re under Briggs, I’d still rather be here, working for you, than
back where I was, having to put up with the old pit bull every day.”

Rick jerked himself back to reality. “Well, I’m glad to have

you, Jen. This is going to be a lot of fun.”

They spent the first week getting settled in the new office.

Rick met with most of the senior members of the department, in an
effort to get a feel for what had been going on there under Gadsen,
the former assistant director. He gathered input on what projects
should be continued, and which ones were best dropped.

Jennifer, however, was his most useful source of information.

In her previous capacity as Briggs’ secretary, she’d been privy to a
lot of department secrets, all of which she shared with Rick. She was
also quite intelligent. By the end of the week, Rick found himself
often calling on her for advice or suggestions.

Candace banged her fist on the desktop in frustration. It

just wasn’t coming! For the fifteenth time in as many minutes she
read the meager two lines of text on the monitor. It was supposed to
be her opinion piece on the effect of recent Supreme Court decisions
on the women’s movement. She’d had over a week to do it, and all
she’d managed was two pathetic lines.

Her head was pounding. She’d taken a couple of painkillers

less than an hour ago, but they seemed to have had no effect on the
headache. She focused her eyes on the monitor again and tried to
think. Last week, when Carol, the editor-in-chief, had given her the
assignment, she had had so many good ideas about what to write. For
the last week, however, she’d been unable to remember a single damn
one of them.

She looked up to see Lisa standing in the doorway to her

office. Lisa was a summer intern, going into her third year of
college in the fall. Candace found her obnoxious as all hell. “Yes,
Lisa?” she sighed, leaning back.

Lisa had some questions about an article she was working on.

Stupid questions, in Candace’s opinion. Questions that any college
junior shouldn’t have had to ask. Candace answered them all,
struggling not to let her irritation show. The only reason Lisa was
an intern at Woman’s Work was that she had grown up next door to
Carol, and Carol positively adored Lisa. Candace was quite sure that
Carol’s opinion would change if she actually had to work with Lisa
directly. But she didn’t. Candace was stuck with that unfortunate

Lisa finished her string of questions and picked up her stuff

to leave. At last, Candace thought. Just as she was leaving, Lisa
turned to speak to her. “Candace, I’ve known Carol all my life, and I
thought I should tell you that if you’re going to dress like that,
maybe you should try not to let her see you.”

Candace fumed. “How I choose to dress is none of your

business, Lisa,” she said icily.

“Sorry,” Lisa replied unconvincingly. “Just trying to help

you out.” She was gone before Candace could reply.

Candace closed her eyes and counted to ten, thinking of ways

to kill Lisa. The damnedest thing was that Lisa would almost certainly
get a job at the magazine once she graduated. All because Carol liked

Candace adjusted her skirt, pulling it as far down her legs as

it would go. She’d only started wearing a skirt to the office in the
last week or so. She knew what her colleagues were likely to think,
but dammit, the leers she got from men on the way to and from work made
her so hot!

Lisa had been intentionally baiting her. The girl didn’t

understand how pleasant it could be for a woman to have men looking at
her body. And Candace knew that if she wanted to, Lisa could have
plenty of men staring at her. The girl just needed a good roll in the

Which is exactly what I need, Candace thought to herself.
Rick arrived at work on Monday of the second week of his new

job expecting to be greeted by a smiling Jennifer, informing him of
the appointments he had that morning. It was always a pleasure to be
greeted by a bright, cheerful face in the morning. Thus, he was quite
surprised to find the chair behind Jennifer’s desk empty.

Fifteen minutes later, surprise yielded to panic when it

became apparent that Jennifer’s absence was not the result of an
early-morning trip to the restroom. Rick grabbed the appointment
calendar from her desk and began flipping through it, trying to
discover what he was supposed to be doing this morning. Regional
sales meeting at nine… and he was supposed to be presenting the
forecast for the next quarter. Rick glanced at his watch. Forty-five
minutes to prepare the presentation. Viewgraphs – where the hell did
she keep the viewgraphs?

Two hours later, Rick flopped onto the couch in his office,

exhausted. With a lot of running around, he’d managed to find four of
the six viewgraphs for the presentation, as well as the speaking notes
Jennifer had typed up for him. The presentation had gone less than
perfectly – Briggs had seemed disappointed in his performance – but it
hadn’t feel like a career-killer, either. He might have to do a
little work on Briggs with the drug to fix the damage, though.

But where the hell was Jennifer? It wasn’t like her to do

this. Even if she’d had trouble starting her car, or had gotten
seriously sick over the weekend, she would have at least called,
rather than leaving him in the lurch like this. Rick knew that he
should be angry about her unexplained absence, but he wasn’t. Rather,
he was consumed by a gnawing worry. What could have happened to

Ten minutes later, the office doors flew open and Jennifer

burst in, her face red and moist. “Oh, God, Rick, I’m sorry I’m late.
I swear this won’t happen again. I’m so sorry…” She looked down at
him, on the verge of tears. Rick stood quickly and put his hands on
her shoulders as Jennifer continued to stammer apologies. “I should
have at least called, told you I’d be late. I…”

Rick shushed her, placing a hand on her mouth. “It’s all

right, Jen. Why don’t you sit down and we’ll talk about it?” Meekly,
Jennifer allowed herself to be lowered to the couch, her face
downcast. Rick sat opposite her. “Now, what’s the matter?”

Jennifer looked up at him. “H-how did the meeting g-go?” she


“Don’t worry about the meeting!” Rick exclaimed. “It was

fine. What I’m worried about is you! What’s the matter?”

“Oh, Rick, I…” She paused, took a deep swallow, and began

again. “It was this guy I-I’ve been s-seeing. Last night was our
th-third date. We went to dinner, and a m-movie. You know…” She
paused again to clear her throat. Rick fought down a twinge of
jealousy. He had no right to feel that way, he knew. “Afterward, we
went back to his p-place, to… you know… I mean, we didn’t say that
was what we were going to do, b-but we both knew it. And I would
have, too, but…” She turned away, drawing a ragged breath before
continuing. Rick watched as her chest heaved prettily.

“… I wanted to talk first, you know, s-so we could g-get

c-comfortable. B-but he… wouldn’t…” She broke off again and
began crying. Rick leaned over and wrapped his arms around her,
hugging her protectively, patting the back of her head. “It was
s-scary…” she sobbed. “I ran outside…” Rick squeezed her
tightly, boiling with anger. How dare that bastard try that with his

His Jennifer. Rick had never felt so possessive towards her

before. So protective. He wanted to hold her, shield her from all
the bad things the world could do to such a beautiful creature. Rick
released his embrace and leaned back, looking her in the eyes. They
sat like for a moment, silent except for Jennifer’s soft crying.

“I d-don’t want to do it like that,” Jennifer said between

sobs, looking into Rick’s eyes. “I w-want it to be with s-someone I
can talk t-to, someone I c-can t-tell all my…” She stopped speaking
and looked away, embarrassed.

“Someone like me, you mean?” Rick said gently.
“I-I’m sorry, Rick. We’ve been through this before. I know

you’re n-not…”

Rick placed a hand on her cheek and gently turned her face

back toward him. She looked at him, her big brown eyes wide open.
At that moment she was the most gorgeous creature Rick had ever seen.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about,” he whispered, leaning forward.

“Oh, Rick…” Her lips were soft and wet on his. They kissed

passionately, tongues dancing in the dark wetness. Jennifer gripped
Rick’s shoulders, pulling his body tightly against hers. After an
eternity, they broke apart, gazing into each other’s eyes. Then they
kissed again.

Rick gently reached downward to cup her breast. Jennifer’s

hands responded by running from Rick’s shoulders down his flanks,
gripping his hips and pulling his pelvis to meet hers. Their lips
parted, and Jennifer moaned softly. Rick nuzzled the smooth curve
where her neck met her shoulder. “Rick… I need you… take me.” she
moaned. Her pelvis ground against his as though punctuating her

Rick paused, taken aback. “Here?”
“Please… I’ve never felt like this before… please…”

Her moan increased in volume. Rick silenced her with his lips. He
was worried about someone hearing them. And the office doors were

Jennifer’s crotch rubbed against his once again, fueling the

fire blazing in him. “Hurry…” she moaned. Rick fumbled with his
belt buckle, working desperately to free his cock. Jennifer’s legs
swung up off the couch, encircling his waist, trying to pull him into
her. Her hands dropped to her waist, pulling up the dark businesslike
skirt she wore. “Riiiick… do it…”

Rick succeeded in unzipping his fly and pulling his pants

down. His manhood sprung free, erect and ready. “Hurrryyyy…”
Jennifer moaned. Needing no further encouragement, Rick pushed
Jennifer’s white cotton panties aside and thrust into the moistness
between her legs. Jennifer groaned loudly at his entry.

The wetness inside her gripped him tightly, squeezing him and

bringing pleasure he’d never dreamt of. She rocked against his hips,
trying to draw him deeper as her mouth nibbled hungrily at his neck.
Rick groaned and began to respond, taking soft, slow strokes.

The made love tenderly at first, savoring the contact, the

communion between them. Soon, though, Jennifer picked up the pace,
her insistent humping bringing Rick to ever higher levels of pleasure.
Her lips roamed all over his face and neck, occasionally emitting a
soft moan as he cupped her breast or tweaked an erect nipple.

Their lovemaking built to a powerful crescendo, Jennifer

gripping Rick’s shoulders tightly, her back arched, head thrown back as
her womanhood clenched him tightly. Rick came powerfully, emptying
himself in fierce spurts. As their simultaneous orgasms ebbed, the two
lovers relaxed, nestled comfortably in each other’s arms on the couch.
Rick shrank and withdrew from an exhausted Jennifer.

Jennifer sighed contentedly. “God, that was unbelievable.”
“You were wonderful, too,” Rick responded.
“I had forgotten what it was like. I… I mean, I haven’t

made love to a man since… since high school.” Her breathing began
to shake. “After that I…” she paused for a moment, an almost
stricken look crossing her face. “Well, after awhile, I started
eating… a lot…”

“Shhhh…” Rick soothed.
But Jennifer continued. “It’s only been since I g-got back in

shape that men have even started l-looking at me again. I… always
felt so… ugly…” She looked as though she was on the verge of
crying again.

“You’ve always been beautiful where it counts,” Rick told her.

“I’m sorry I was too stupid to see that before now.”

She looked up at him, tears falling down her face. “Oh,

Rick…” She kissed him and closed her eyes, resting her head softly
on his chest.

Jennifer used Rick’s washroom to fix up her appearance,

redoing her makeup and straightening her hair and clothes. The rest
of the day flew by as they struggled to make up for lost time.
Jennifer went about her work with a zest that was unusual even for
her, with a bright sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step.
Whenever she was around Rick, she looked at him with almost puppylike
adoration, like a teenage girl suffering her first crush.

Rick told her to leave at the usual time, despite her late

arrival in the morning, but she insisted on working late to make up
for lost time. She came into his office to give him a deep, sensual
kiss before he left. “See you tomorrow,” he told her. She grinned

Rick took Candace out that evening, feeling guilty about what

he’d done with Jennifer, yet charged with sexual energy. Candace had
gone to the greatest length yet to get what she wanted from him. Her
hair, loosely curled, fell across bare shoulders, just touching the
low-cut shoulderless stretch top. Being several sizes too small, the
top pushed her breasts up into their fullest possible appearance. The
top ended just below her breasts, leaving her midriff bare above the
tight, ass-hugging skirt. Her legs were wrapped in black stockings,
and her feet fit comfortably into a pair of shiny black stiletto
heels. Only the fact that her makeup was well within the bounds of
social acceptability kept her from looking like a hooker. As it was,
though, she looked quite the slut. The college boys at the table next
to them at dinner couldn’t keep their eyes off her.

Rick had no trouble letting his eyes wander all over her body.

Candace’s excitement at this was obvious; several times she let out
low, barely audible moans. Rick pretended not to notice, although he
was paying very close attention to her reactions.

He found her conversation to be somewhat limited. Simpler.

Several times she’d seemed to be thinking of something to say, only to
wince slightly and remain silent. Those things she did say seemed
noticeably less insightful than was her usual. Clearly Rick’s
suggestion about thinking was having the desired effect. Rick
welcomed the opportunity to talk about whatever he wanted, rather than
having to listen to her yammering about women’s this and women’s that.

On the drive home, Candace fell into a suggestible state,

thanks to the drug Rick had slipped into her drink. Once he was
satisfied that she was safely under the drug’s influence, he started
questioning her. “Candace, on the nights when I come up and visit you
in your apartment, what do you after I leave?”

“I masturbate, Rick.”
Just as he had suspected. “I see. And do you come when you


“Every time.” Her body shuddered slightly, and she closed her


“And what do you think of when you masturbate?” He already

knew the answer to this one.

“You, Rick. I think of you making love to me. I think of you

coming inside me.”

Rick smiled. Quite the dirty talker she’d become. Under

hypnosis, anyway, he reminded himself. Still, he felt his cock
swelling. “You think of me as a lover, don’t you?”

“Yes, Rick. I want you to be my lover.” She still gazed

straight ahead, as though talking to herself, but she smiled as she
spoke those words, and color rushed to her cheeks.

“But you’re getting frustrated, aren’t you?”
“Because you won’t do it. I’ve been trying so hard to make

you want to do it. I’ve put on makeup, worn these skimpy dresses,
bought jewelry… but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.” She
was clearly unhappy.

“You’re having a hard time figuring out what to do.”
“It would probably be easier if I just told you what to do,

wouldn’t it?”

A thoughtful look crossed her face. “Yes… yes, it would.”
“Then you wouldn’t have to worry about whether you were doing

the right thing. You could just do what I told you to do, and not
have to think about it. It’d be so much easier, and so much less

“Yes… it would. You’re right. It’s so frustrating.”
Careful now, Rick thought. This was going to be tricky. “And

don’t men like to be in control?”

Candace seemed to shudder slightly before responding. “Yes,

they do.”

“And I’d probably be more interested in having sex with you if

I was in control, right?”

There was a pause of several seconds before Candace responded,

“Yes.” Clearly she was having trouble digesting the concept of being
under a man’s control. But it seemed to be working.

“So why don’t you just do whatever I tell you from now on?”
“O-okay,” she responded nervously. Then, with more

enthusiasm, “I guess that’s the best way to get you to make love to me.”

“Good girl,” Rick responded, patting her on the knee.
They returned to Candace’s apartment for the usual drinks and

foreplay. After several minutes of necking and heavy petting, Rick
excused himself to use the bathroom. Candace let him go, watching him
get up with a sort of wistful longing in her eyes.

Rick returned and sat on the couch next to her. Candace was

looking at him with her usual puppy-dog adoration, but also with a
certain… attentiveness, perhaps? Rick decided to test the waters.
“Take off your top,” he said.

“Sure.” Candace smiled and raised her arms over her head,

pulling off the skimpy, shoulderless top she had been wearing. She
put it in her lap, leaving her breasts fully exposed. Rick had never
seen them before. The were smallish, but very firm, the nipples
sticking out proudly. She was clearly excited. Rick reached out and
gently brushed one. Candace moaned softly, closing her eyes.

Rick decided to try a little experiment. He leaned back and

spoke softly. “Keep your eyes closed and play with your nipples.”

“Yes, Rick,” Candace purred. Eyes still closed, she leaned

back and raised her fingers to her tits. Gently she began to rub
them, slowly at first, and then a bit faster. Her left hand grasped
the nipple it was rubbing and gently began rolling it between thumb
and forefinger.

Rick felt his cock hardening at the sight of Candace playing

with her nubile body. He struggled to keep the excited quiver out of
his voice. “Take off your skirt.”

“Yes…” Candace groaned. Her hands left her breasts and went

to her hip to unbutton the tight skirt. She slid the skirt down over
her stocking-clad legs and spiked heels. Rick gazed at her crotch,
his eyes drinking in the sight of her soft brown bush. He swallowed
hard and forced his voice to remain steady. “Spread your legs,” he
commanded in a guttural voice, “wide.”

Candace sighed and let one leg slide off the couch onto the

floor while the other lifted to rest on the back of the couch. And
there it was: Candace’s pussy. The goal Rick had been striving for
for months and months. Her clitoris stood erect and begging for
attention above the soft folds of her cunt, moist with pussy juice.
Candace had subconsciously begun to thrust her hips ever so slightly
back and forth, as though fucking an imaginary cock.

Here before him lay the woman of his dreams. Candace

Cunningham, assistant editor of Woman’s Work, who just a few short
months earlier had been stringing him along, now lay in front of him
like a cheap hooker, legs spread, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Her
mouth was the only part of her body that wasn’t begging him to fuck

Breathless with anticipation, Rick lifted himself off the

couch and unzipped his jeans, pushing them down to his knees. He
positioned himself over Candace, placing his cockhead at the entrance
to her steaming wet pussy. He inhaled the musky odor of her body…

… and was suddenly paralyzed with guilt. He couldn’t do


He sat down again, pecker still at attention, and looked at

Candace. Her eyes were still closed; she was unaware of how close
she’d come to getting what she’d deserved for so long, and what Rick
had recently brought her to desire: a good fucking. But Rick found
that he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t out of any regard for Candace;
Rick was perfectly content to use the bitch however he wanted. He
didn’t care about Candace.

But he did care about Jennifer. Sweet, innocent Jennifer.

They’d made love just once, just that morning in his office, but Rick
already felt something for her that he’d never felt in all the months
he’d been with Candace. Jennifer thought he was the greatest person
in the world. He’d seen it in her eyes. He couldn’t fuck Candace as
long as he had feelings for Jennifer.

But he had to do something! He’d go crazy if he didn’t come

tonight. He looked back at Candace. Her hands had returned to her
tits, playing with the nipples again. Well, he didn’t have to fuck
her per se…

“Open your eyes,” he commanded. Candace obeyed. Her eyes

gravitated to his swollen cock standing rigidly upward from his lap.
Her gaze remained glued to it as Rick lifted himself up and positioned
his cock over her snatch, the purple head just a few inches above her

“Put your hand around it.” Candace remained mute as one hand

left a breast and wrapped itself around his shaft. “Stroke it.” Eyes
wide in wonder, she began to gently move her hand up and down his
cock. Rick shuddered in pleasure. “Take your other hand and play
with yourself, the way you do when you’re alone.” Candace lifted the
other hand from her chest and moved it to her swollen clit, which she
immediately began to rub furiously.

Rick watched as Candace’s breathing quickened and the moans

coming from her grew louder and louder. “Mmmm… Oh, yes… Oh…”
His own orgasm approaching fast, Rick began thrusting his cock back
and forth into Candace’s hand. Her eyes remained glued to his cock
as she jacked it off faster and faster.

They climaxed almost simultaneously. Candace began to moan

loudly as Rick’s cock throbbed in her hand. “Oh, yes, yes! Oh, God,
yes!” Her moaning reached a crescendo as the first wads of jism flew
from Rick’s cock, splashing onto her stomach. “Oh, yes, Rick… Rick!
Riiiiiick!” Her eyes watched in fascination as Rick’s cock continued
to spurt jism into her bush. Rick closed his eyes, savoring the feel
of her hand on his cock as their orgasms subsided.

Rick looked down at Candace, her legs still spread, her

stomach wet with his spunk. He knew even though they’d both orgasmed,
she would still be unsatisfied. She still needed a cock in her
pussy. Rick grinned inwardly at the thought.

“I’d better go,” he said, lifting his jeans up and

refastening them about his waist.

Candace seemed dazed. “Okay…” she said blearily.
“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Rick called over his shoulder as he

walked to the door. He paused at the door to look back. Candace’s
eyes were once again closed, and her hand had returned to her crotch
as she masturbated herself toward another orgasm. The come on her
stomach sparkled in the light. Rick smiled. Little bitch couldn’t
get enough, could she?

Rick turned and left, whistling contentedly to himself.
“…so I told Donna to just make a number up. That’s what I

always did, and the old bastard never checked up on it.” Rick
laughed, almost choking on his drink, as he listened to Jennifer’s
story. “She’s actually doing very well. Hell, at the end of my first
week working for Briggs, I don’t think I was doing half as well as she
is now.”

“But she has you to show her the ropes,” Rick pointed out,

stabbing a stray tomato that had fallen out of his sandwich. They
were eating lunch together at a local deli. “You had to start cold.”

“True,” Jennifer replied. “And Briggs isn’t all that bad as a

boss. Sure, he’s got his foibles, but once you get used to him, he’s
pretty decent. At least he doesn’t take sexual advantage of his
secretaries, unlike _some_ executives I know,” she added playfully.

“Last I checked,” Rick commented, “_you_ were the one taking

advantage of _me_.”

Jennifer’s carnal appetite, whetted by their lovemaking Monday

morning, had proven voracious. Every morning that week, Jennifer had
taken advantage of some lull or other in Rick’s schedule to enter his
office and have sex. Tuesday morning, Rick had been somewhat
reluctant to go at it at 9:15 a.m., telling Jennifer that he’d prefer
to wait until later in the day. Jennifer, however, was not so easily
dissuaded, and for someone who claimed to have been celibate for most
of a decade, her powers of sexual persuasion were quite formidable.
Rick wound up taking her on the top of his desk, reports and memos
swept to the floor to make room for Jennifer’s back. Thereafter,
Jennifer pretty much got to have sex whenever she wanted. The
whirlwind pace kept Rick quite satisfied. So satisfied that he was
having trouble staying interested in Candace. He pushed that thought
out of his mind. He didn’t like thinking about Candace when he was
with Jennifer.

“Well, I just have to give you your ride early in the morning

so you don’t spend the rest of the day harassing me,” Jennifer
retorted, a grin on her face.

“Touche,” Rick responded, rising from his seat. “If you’ll

excuse me a moment…”

“Hurry back,” Jennifer called after him as he walked across

the crowded deli to the restroom.

Rick walked out of the restroom five minutes later and began

the long, twisting walk through the dining room back to the table.
Halfway across, he caught sight of Jennifer through the milling crowd.
She had an odd look about her, though, gazing off into one corner of
the restaurant. Rick followed her eyes to a table in the corner,
where a waitress was taking orders from a pair of men. Rick felt a
slight twinge of jealousy. The men were both young, looking to be in
their early twenties, and reasonably attractive, at least as well as
Rick could judge. He could hardly blame Jennifer for looking.

As Rick watched, the waitress finished talking to the men and

walked away. Rick continued his journey back to the table, but
stopped short as he looked at Jennifer again. Here eyes were slowly
tracking across the room. She wasn’t looking at the men. She was
looking at the waitress.

Rick froze, looking at Jennifer. Her look was one of

fascination, eyes wide, a slight smile on her face. The waitress,
Rick thought, was quite cute – a pert, blue-eyed blonde with generous
hips and an ample bosom. She walked happily across the restaurant,
unaware of the attention she was receiving. She passed through the
swinging doors to the kitchen and Rick looked back at Jennifer. She
was still gazing toward the doors. Odd.

Rick threaded through the crowd back to the table. “You all


Jennifer started. “Huh? Oh, yeah… I’m fine.” She turned

her attention back to her meal, but not before Rick noticed a faint
flush creeping up her face. Very odd.

Candace led Rick into her bedroom and turned to await his

instructions. Tonight would be the night, she hoped. Please, please,
let tonight be the night. She needed Rick to fuck her so badly.

Fuck. Now there was a word she’d never liked, and never

thought she’d ever use, even in her own head. It was the word men
used to twist sex from a consensual act between two people into an act
of male dominance. Two people could have sex, or make love, but only
a man could fuck a woman. But now, she wanted to be dominated. She
was willing to do anything to get her pussy fucked by Rick’s hard

Those were two more words she’d never thought she’d use. But

on the ride home that evening, it had occurred to her to use those
words, even in her own thoughts. After all, men used those words all
the time, and if she wanted Rick to fuck her, it might help to start
using them herself. Even using them in her own thoughts might help
her to act like the subservient sex object that men wanted her to be.
That Rick wanted her to be.

Every night for the last two weeks, ever since that first time

she’d touched his cock, Rick had come over to her apartment
and… Well, Rick hadn’t fucked her yet, had he? Somehow she was
always expecting it, but it never came. Invariably, she’d wind up
jacking Rick off and fingering herself. It was pleasurable, but she
wasn’t getting fucked, dammit! She looked at Rick, mentally begging
him to fuck her.

Rick sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. “On your

knees,” he commanded tersely.

“Yes, master,” Candace responded. This was another trick

she’d thought up on the ride home. Calling Rick “master” would
hopefully make her seem more docile, more willing to let him do
whatever he wanted. That was what men wanted, after all. And as with
the other concepts, it was important for her to use them in her own
mind as well as when she spoke. Candace dropped to her knees in front
of her master, looking up at him expectantly.

“Take out my cock, bitch,” Rick muttered. Candace almost

swooned at his use of that word. Three months ago, she would have
been horrified to be called a bitch, but now she took it as a sign
that Rick was going to fuck her. She wanted him to think of her as
his bitch, his slut, his fuck-toy. She had mentally resolved in the
car to think of herself as Rick’s personal slut.

Why did all her best ideas come to her when she was in the car

with Rick on the way back to her apartment? Maybe it was just a good
time to think. She had come up with a lot of good ideas while Rick
had just blabbed on and on. She hated going out with him now, because
all she could think about when they went out to dinner or a movie was
when he was going to fuck her pussy with his hard cock. I love him
dearly, she thought, but I wish he’d stop talking so much and just
fuck me!

Returning from her reverie, Candace reached up to unfasten

Rick’s belt and unzip his pants. His stiff cock sprang into view,
causing Candace to gasp in wonder. She’d seen it and touched it so
many times, but each time she saw it she was struck again by its
beauty. A thick pole of flesh capped by a purple bulb, its surface
crisscrossed by thick red veins.

She felt the inside of her pussy aching with desire. She

needed it inside her so badly. She needed to be penetrated. Please,
master, she pleaded mentally, fuck me! Fuck your bitch! As hard as
you want. I don’t care how much it hurts. Use me like a rag doll.

But she remained silent, looking up at Rick, who smiled down

at her. “Suck it, slut.”

Her cunt felt warm at that word. Nervous, but with a growing

confidence that she was close to getting fucked, Candace leaned
forward to brush the head of his cock with her lips. She knew why men
liked having a bitch suck their cocks. It was a way for them to
experience the pleasure of fucking while denying the bitch the
pleasure of being fucked. For a bitch to suck a man’s cock was the
ultimate act of self-degradation, an admission that her own pleasure
was unimportant, that she was just a toy for him to do with as he

Candace eagerly dove on her master’s cock, taking first the

swollen purple head, then several inches of the rigid shaft into her
throat. She had thought about how best to do this on the drive home,
and needed no time to experiment. She swiftly began to pump her head
up and down on his cock, using her tongue to caress the underside of
the shaft. She moved one hand up to grip the base.

Rick groaned loudly. “That’s it, bitch.” Candace thrilled

again and redoubled her efforts. “Play with yourself, slut,” he
commanded. Candace eagerly moved her hand under the hem of her skirt
and began rubbing her swollen clitoris in time with the movements of
her head. She felt Rick’s hands in her hair, guiding her head up and
down. “You’re quite the little cocksucker, aren’t you?” The derisive
tone of Rick’s question thrilled her. Yes, she wanted to scream,
treat me like a piece of meat. Fuck me!

Candace approached orgasm as Rick gently pushed her head off

his cock. Rick stood up, towering over her. This is it, she thought,
he’s going to fuck me! Please, please, please! She looked up at him
and ran the tip of her tongue over her upper lip in a gesture
calculated to get her pussy filled.

Rick smiled back, but didn’t join her on the floor. Rather,

he positioned himself so that his cock, with her hand still holding it
at the base, was directly above her upturned face. “Jack me off,
slut,” Rick commanded.

Candace eagerly jerked her hand up and down on her master’s

cock, just as she had so many times in the last two weeks. With her
other hand, she continued to rub her swollen clit. “Close your eyes,
bitch,” Rick commanded as she felt his cock start to throb in her
hand. His hands grasped the sides of her head.

She felt her master’s cock pulse mightily in her hand,

followed an instant later by a splash of wetness on her cheek. Her
instinct was to flinch, to turn away, but Rick’s hands held her firmly
in place. His cock throbbed again, and she felt another splash on her
forehead. She knew what was happening. Rick was ejaculating on her
face… Not ejaculating! Rick was coming on her face. His
semen… No, no, you’re a slut, dammit! Think like a bitch in heat!
His jism, his spunk, was covering her face, marking her as his bitch,
his possession. That was all she wanted to be. Soon he would fuck

The thought sent her sex-starved cunt over the edge. Her

orgasm racked her as Rick’s jism continued to dribble onto her face.
She groaned in pleasure and fell to the floor, writhing in ecstasy as
the flow of cum subsided, her hands working furiously at her clit.
Screaming in pleasure, she climaxed, all the muscles in her body
tensing at once as waves of pleasure crashed over her.

Rick watched as Candace spasmed on the floor in front of him.

God, he’d never expected that. The slut sure got off on getting her
face plastered. The old Candace, the militant feminist, had been
sorely in need of a good facial. It sure was exciting to see the
bitch get what she deserved.

But there were problems coming. Rick couldn’t continue to see

Candace much longer. It was already getting difficult to keep
Jennifer from finding out. Jennifer, of course, would never suspect
Rick was getting a blowjob every evening from a slut like Candace, but
sooner or later she would find out. And that would be trouble.

More importantly, though, Rick felt like a real shithead doing

that to Jennifer. He knew how strongly she felt about him. He was
pretty sure she loved him, and he was beginning to suspect that he was
in love with her, too. And he couldn’t do that to someone he loved.

He looked down at the bimbo on the floor, her cum-covered body

still shuddering as her orgasm subsided. She’d sucked him off, taken
his jism on her face, and fingered herself to orgasm, all without even
taking her clothes off. What a slut.

Candace’s breathing slowed to almost a normal rate, and she

opened her eyes, looking up at him. There was still a look of
pleading in her eyes. The bitch wanted to be fucked. Too bad, Rick
thought. “Go into the bathroom and clean yourself up, slut.”

“Yes, master,” Candace replied meekly. She struggled to her

feet and staggered into the bathroom, the spiked heels making it
difficult for her to walk. Rick noticed that her ass and legs seemed
quite a bit less skinny these days. Was she working out?

How could he possibly give this up? Every night for the past

two weeks, he’d come over to Candace’s apartment to use her. He
didn’t even have to bother with taking her out to dinner anymore
unless he was planning to “teach” her something new.

The first night he’d come over unannounced, she hadn’t been

wearing makeup and had been hanging around the house in jeans and a
T-shirt. Rick had used her, of course, but dropped a lot of obvious
hints that he was displeased with her appearance. The next night he
had shown up to find the bitch waiting in a tight-fitting black mesh
bodysuit, wearing a pair of shiny black slut-pumps, matching pink
lipstick and nail polish, silvery hoop earrings four inches in
diameter, her hair curled into lustrous tresses. Clearly, the slut
had learned a new lesson – to always be ready for use by her
master. (Although it hadn’t been until tonight that she’d actually
used the word “master”.)

Rick sighed. He had to face the fact that he was addicted to

Candace. Not that sex with Jennifer wasn’t great; it was. Jennifer
had become quite skilled in any number of things in the last few
weeks, and she was always eager to learn new techniques. She and Rick
had brought each other to so many mind-blowing orgasms that Rick had
lost count. But Jennifer was a lover, a woman. Only one side of Rick
was satisfied with a woman. The other side needed a bitch.

What the hell was he going to do? He sure as hell had to do

something. And he had to do it tonight. Rick looked around the room
desperately. A dresser, a closet, a desk with some papers strewn on
it, a mirror. No help there.

Candace strode out of the bathroom again. Her face was wiped

clean of the come that had covered it minutes earlier, and her makeup
had been reapplied. Rick’s cock stirred at the thought of the slut
reapplying her makeup between uses. “Go get a glass of water and
bring it here, bitch,” Rick ordered.

“Yes, master,” Candace responded, turning and walking out of

the room. She returned a minute later with a class full of water,
which she held out to him, assuming he wanted to drink it.

Rick pulled the vial of drug out of his pocket and opened it,

carefully squeezing five drops into the water. Candace watched
without comment. When he had finished, Rick recapped the vial and
replaced it in his pocket. “Drink it, slut,” he ordered.

Candace immediately lifted the glass to her lips and began to

drink. Rick watched her throat flex as she sucked down swallow after
swallow of the water. It was a testament to how completely she had
surrendered her will that she didn’t think to even question what he
was doing. Truly she was his to do with as he pleased, to use and

Candace finished the glass and lowered it, looking at him

expectantly. For a few seconds they just stood there, staring at each
other. Rick saw in Candace’s face a challenge – a challenge to
determine what he was going to do. For the first time since he’d
started using the drug, Candace’s gaze made him uncomfortable. He
knew he had a decision to make.

After a long pause, Rick began to speak.


“Lie down on the bed, bitch.”
Candace complied quickly, positioning herself faceup on the

bed. Her legs were spread slightly, stretching the black leather
miniskirt taut and almost allowing a glimpse of her pussy. Rick would
soon be getting more than a glimpse.

Rick shrugged off his clothes and climbed up onto the bed,

standing on his knees next to Candace’s supine form. His cock hung
half-erect, pointing at Candace. “Blow me, bitch.”

Candace squirmed around to a position in front of Rick and

bent her head to his member. Wrapping one hand around the base of his
cock, she began to suck eagerly, pumping her head up and down his
shaft. Rick’s cock swelled again as he received the second blowjob of
the night from the slut. Already she was improving. He placed his
hands on the sides of her head, modulating her pace. It felt so

He was tempted to come in her mouth, to shoot his sperm down

her throat. She wouldn’t enjoy it, but she’d accept it. But he
couldn’t do that now. There was something else he had to do. Just
this once. And then never again. Never.

Rick gently pushed Candace’s head off his cock. “Lie down,

bitch,” he growled. Candace quickly flopped down on her back,
spreading her legs as far as the tight skirt would allow. She looked
up with her doe-like eyes, gazing eagerly at him. She was finally
going to get it.

“Lift your skirt, slut,” Rick commanded. Candace eagerly

reached down, grabbing a fist full of leather and yanking upwards.
The skirt bunched around her waist, leaving her glistening wet pussy
exposed. Her breathing was rapid now as she continued to stare raptly
at Rick.

Rick lifted her legs, still clad in stockings and spiked heels

and placed them over his shoulders. He positioned his swollen purple
cockhead at the entrance to her fuck tunnel and met her gaze. “Do you
want to get fucked, bitch?”

Candace’s head nodded slowly even before she started to

speak. “Yes, master,” she whispered.

“Beg me to fuck your worthless cunt.”
Candace paused for a second, then began to squeal. “Please,

master, fuck me, fuck me with your hard cock.”

“You’ll have to do better than that.”
Candace’s voice rose in pitch, her desperation showing.

“Pleeeease, master. I’m your cheap little slut, begging you to fuck
her juicy cunt with your long, hard cock! Please, master, split your
whore in two with your stiff prick and come inside her!” Her hips
were making jerking motions toward his cock, as though trying to grab
it and pull it inside. “Please, use your fuck-hungry bitch to sheath
your throbbing tool! Use me like a rag doll and spurt your hot jism
all over my slutty face! Just fuck meeeeeee!”

Rick shoved his cock deep inside Candace’s sopping wet snatch.

Candace screamed in ecstasy, The feeling was like nothing he’d ever
experienced. She was so tight! He paused for a moment, his cock
embedded in the slut’s steaming pussy, savoring the pressure on his
shaft. Candace’s scream faded, to be replaced by a shallow series of
audible pants. “Keep talking, bitch!” Rick admonished.

“Oh, yes, master,” she groaned, “fuck your dirty little slut!

Fill up her wet pussy with your hot jism!” Rick withdrew his cock
until only the head was engulfed in the folds of Candace’s cunt, then
thrust it back in again to the hilt, eliciting another shriek of
pleasure from Candace. Rick paced himself, trying to keep things slow
to get the most enjoyment possible from this, since he wasn’t going to
do this again. Ever.

Candace squealed rhythmically as Rick pistoned his cock in and

out of her pussy. At last, she was getting fucked! It had taken him
so long!

The pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt before. She

savored each thrust, each new penetration of the throbbing member that
threatened to split her open. Each time Rick withdrew his cock, she
felt like crying in despair, and each time he shoved his manhood deep
inside her again she felt happier than she’d ever felt before in her
life. And each time, in the instant of complete penetration, when
Rick’s cock completely filled her, she regretted each and every man
she’d ever brushed off in her life. How many chances to get fucked
had she let go to waste? How many possible masters had she passed up?

Her orgasm built deep within her, an unstoppable tidal wave of

pleasure. Rick was fucking her faster now, harder, and she could feel
his cock throbbing mightily within her. He had pulled the fabric of
her halter top down off her breasts and his hands were now mauling the
soft, tender flesh there as he fucked her more and more urgently, but
Candace scarcely noticed. Her attention was focused on the cock
filling her cunt.

Suddenly the dam broke; she felt Rick’s cock squirt a load of

jism into the deepest recesses of her cunt. The feeling of her master
coming deep inside her was too much. Candace climaxed, shrieking in
ecstasy as Rick continued to spurt his come into her pussy. The come
filled her cunt and began to overflow; she felt it dripping out of her
pussy around Rick’s cock, which continued to squirt come.

At last her orgasm subsided, and Candace’s body allowed itself

to relax. She could feel the come dripping from her cunt around
Rick’s still-engorged cock. It was all perfect.

Her master had fucked her.
Rick watched as Candace’s eyes glazed over. The drug hadn’t

taken effect yet; this was just a post-fucking stupor. He gently
removed his cock from her sopping wet cunt, allowing rivulets of come
to stream out after it, pooling on the bed. “Stay here,” he ordered.

“Yes, master,” came the weak reply.
Rick took a shower while waiting for the drug to take effect,

and then dressed himself, whistling happily all the while. He went
back into the bedroom to find Candace still lying where he’d left her,
skirt bunched up around the waist, jism dripping from her cunt. Rick
sat down beside her.

“Hmmmm?” She was definitely under the effect of the drug.
“What just happened?”
“I got fucked.”
“Did you enjoy it?”
A smile crept slowly across her face. “Yes, master, I enjoyed

it very much.”

“And you want to get fucked again, don’t you?”
“Ohhhhh, yessssss…” she groaned. A hand drifted down

absently to play with her clit.

“But you don’t know if I’m good at it or not, do you?”
“You… were… real good…”
“But maybe another man could fuck you better than I did.”
“Um… Maybe…”
“So really, you’d be better off getting fucked by someone else

next time, wouldn’t you?”

This took awhile to sink in. “G… Guess so…”
“But then, you won’t know if he’s the best, either. So you’d

want to get fucked by someone else after that.”

“Uh… yeah…”
“What you really need, Candace, is to get fucked by a whole

lot of different men.”

“Yeah… fucked… lots of men…”
“In fact, it’d be really convenient if you could get a job

where all you do is get fucked by a lot of men all the time.”

“J-Job… yeah…”
“Now what kind of job might that be?”

One Year Later

Rick fidgeted on the couch, flipping through the channels yet

again, bored out of his skull. A Friday night and Jennifer was out of
town. Normally they would have gone out for dinner, or dancing, or
even just stayed home and gone to bed early. But she was in Phoenix
until tomorrow afternoon. Thank God at least they still had Saturday

Jennifer had gotten the Assistant Manager for Procurement

position at about the time they’d gotten married, six months ago.
That had been a big step up for her, and she’d made it entirely on her
own; Rick hadn’t used the hypnotic drug on anyone in over a year.
Jennifer had had to pinch-hit for Rick on a major presentation to the
company CEO when Rick had come down with mono and been rushed to the
hospital. The CEO had been so impressed with the young secretary’s
performance he had offered her the vacant procurement position. It
had meant an end to their daytime sexual escapades in the office, but
they’d dealt with that just fine; they made up for it at night. And
even having offices on different floors of the building didn’t
preclude an occasional fifteen-minute “consultation”.

The downside of Jennifer’s new job was that she spent a lot of

time on the road, leaving Rick to fend for himself for a few days. He
was eagerly anticipating her return tomorrow; he had a welcome planned
that would sweep her off her feet. And into the sack.

Rick had to admit there was another downside; their sex had

been missing something since her promotion. She seemed to still like
it just fine, but Rick missed the idea of fucking his secretary. Not
that the sex wasn’t still great, and not that he regretted Jennifer’s
promotion, but there had been something exciting about having sex with
someone who was subordinate to him. A sense of… what? Control?
He’d been getting the feeling quite a lot, lately, that he’d once had
something else. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it…

The phone rang, and Rick picked it up. Jennifer at the

airport a day early, maybe?

“I have a collect call from Jennifer Logan. Will you accept


“Yeah, yeah,” Rick replied. “Jen?”
“Hi, honey!”
“Hey! How’s my little noodle doing in Arizona?”
“Well, that’s the bad news, honey. The supplier is balking at

the contract we negotiated. They’re just stonewalling to get a better
deal, but it looks like it’s going to keep me here until Thursday, at

Rick groaned. “Dammit. Well, if that’s the way it is.”
“‘Fraid so, honey. Listen, I gotta get back to work here.”
“All right. Call me later.”
“I won’t be free here until midnight, at least. I’ll call you


“Okay. Love you.”
“Love you. Bye.”
Rick hung up and sighed. Dammit. Another five days of being

horny and alone. He returned to channel-surfing. Surely in 83
channels there had to be something on.

“…deny any involvement…”
“…kiss me, Eric…”
“…another rebound for…”
“…YOURS for only twenty-nine…”
“…you bitch…”
“…antelope can run at speeds of over…”
Rick paused. Bitch. The word resonated with him. He flipped

back one channel. The show was a prime-time soap opera. The young
man on screen was yelling at a young woman wearing high heels and a
skintight dress. “You slept with my brother, you slut!” Rick thought
it odd that he would consider her a slut just for sleeping with
another man. Hell, in that dress, she looked respectable compared
to… Candace.

Rick hadn’t thought of her in over a year. Memories suddenly

came flooding back. Candace walking on six-inch spiked heels, her ass
swaying back and forth inside a black leather skirt…

Rick tried to push the memories out of his mind. No, no,

don’t think about it.

Candace running her tongue across a glossy, pink upper lip…
Rick remembered hypnotizing himself to not think of her. He

realized his mistake: he’d forgotten that post-hypnotic suggestions
weren’t permanent; they weakened over time.

Candace on her knees, looking up at him as her lips enveloped

his cock…

Rick was overwhelmed as a year of repressed rememberings

washed over him at once. He closed his eyes, struggling to regain
control of his head. But the images wouldn’t stop.

Candace panting and moaning as Rick thrust his cock deep into

her cunt…

A year of repressed sexual urges came with the memories; Rick

discovered that his cock was straining against his jeans. He was more
aroused than he had over been in his life.

Candace thrusting her tits upward as her back arched in a

violent orgasm, her pussy squeezing his cock tightly…

A phone number jumped unbidden into his head. In all this

time, he’d never remembered, but neither had he forgotten.

His mental stability returning, Rick picked up the phone off

the coffee table and dialed the number. The line rang twice before it
was picked up. “Starlight Escorts,” announced a feminine voice.

Rick’s throat was raw. “I’d like to see one of your girls


“Certainly, sir. We’ll send our next available girl to you as

soon as…”

“I mean a specific girl.”
There was a slight pause. “Who did you have in mind, sir?”
Rick was silent for a few seconds before he could force it

out. “Candace.” The first time he’d said that name in a long time.

There was another pause. “Sir, she won’t be available for two

hours. If you’d like to…”

“I’ll wait.”
“Very well, sir.” The receptionist took Rick’s address,

warned him that Candace might be late, and hung up. Rick leaned back,
and exhaled deeply. He was back in control of himself, but he was a
very different man than he’d been five minutes ago.

The post-hypnotic suggestion he’d given himself had worn thin

over the course of a year. But what of the suggestions he’d given

“Oh, yeah, honey, that’s good. Do me hard, baby. Yeah,

that’s it.” Candace recited her lines from memory, hoping they would
hurry this jerk to orgasm and get her out of his house. The white
hair he’d combed over his bald spot was falling off, and Candace found
the whole scene extremely unarousing.

A year ago, it wouldn’t have turned her off, she recalled. A

year ago, when she’d first started, even this rude geezer would have
been able to send her to a furious climax just by sticking his
wrinkled cock into her cunt. But after awhile, her sexual ardor had
trailed off. These days, the occasional young stud could still bring
her to orgasm, but that seemed to happen only once every few days now.
In between, she faked orgasms with her clients and masturbated after

It looked as though she was going to have to fake one soon.

The geezer had started breathing faster, and picked up the pace of his
humping. Candace prayed he didn’t have a heart attack. He was so fat
she’d probably never escape. She tried to hurry his orgasm along by
humping back at him and launching into the series of cries she knew by
memory. “Nnggh… oh… yes… yes… mmmm… oh, God… this is
incredible… yes… harder… harder… nngh… mmm… YES! YES!

Candace congratulated herself on a job well done as she felt

the geezer’s cock throb pathetically inside her, a sensation rendered
almost undetectable by the condom he wore. At first she’d resented
having to use a condom, because it interfered with her pleasure.
Recently, though, she’d come to appreciate it, since it kept her from
having to clean up every time. And most of the time, she wasn’t going
to get off anyway, so the condom hardly hurt in that respect.

The geezer grunted in satisfaction and rolled off of her.

Candace got up and picked her clothes up off the floor. It was her
usual summer uniform – a lightweight cotton shirt, white, which she
wore unbuttoned and tied in a knot under her breasts, and a pair of
extra-short denim cutoffs with a few tantalizingly placed holes. A
pair of fire-engine red “fuck-me” pumps completed the ensemble.

The geezer lifted himself up and watched her as she dressed,

staring unabashedly. Asshole, Candace thought. When she’d first
arrived, he’d acted as though she was some sort of upper-crust,
high-society rich girl paying a social call. He’d done his
pathetically inadequate best to be charming, pretending to be
interested in her as a person. Now that it was over with, he just
looked at her like she was a piece of meant. Candace hated the
hypocrisy; at least the honest ones didn’t waste all your time
beforehand with drinks and conversation.

“You know, you’re quite a sexy little bitch.”
Candace swooned, almost falling before grabbing the top of the

dresser to steady herself. She hated the bastard for calling her a
bitch, and she hated herself for enjoying it. But he hadn’t paid yet,
so she had to be nice. “Thanks, honey. You’re not too bad yourself,”
she said in the sweetest voice she could muster, standing upright.
She liked it better when she got paid up front, but the geezer was a
regular customer of the service, so she had to let him pay

The transaction was concluded without any further interchange,

thank God, and Candace left the house as quickly as she could,
thinking all the while. Why the hell did she enjoy being called a
bitch? Somehow verbal degradation seemed to get her excited. She was
convinced by now that something traumatic had happened to her a year
ago, something so horrible she was repressing the memories. After
all, why would a successful reporter for a leading feminist magazine
suddenly quit her job and go to work as a call girl?

The work had seemed fascinating at first, but lately she’d

started to lose interest. She had toyed with the idea of getting out
of the business before, but now she was considering it seriously.
Tomorrow was her day off, and she had an appointment with a therapist.
It was time to sort out her feelings and get some answers.

She climbed into her car and retrieved the pager from the

glove compartment. The light was flashing and a new address came up
on the LCD screen. Last one tonight. She wiped off her makeup with a
tissue and washed her face with a few handfuls of water from a
thermos. She always took her makeup off after a job; it was
invariably smeared and needed to be redone.

She sighed and began to drive. Maybe today was her lucky day,

and this next one would be under 40. It would be nice not to have to
frig herself to orgasm tonight.

Candace pulled up at the address she’d received on her

beeper. It was a small, modern townhouse in a recently built housing
development. This was the sort of area that recently married young
couples tended to live in. Candace tended not to get many calls from
areas like these. Most of her customers were either older – living in
more expensive houses – or unmarried – living in apartments in the
city. Chances were it was some horny husband whose wife was out of
town, looking for a quick bite of the forbidden fruit, too stupid to
think about the possible consequences of the neighbors seeing a
scantily clad young woman coming by in the evening. Oh, well. Not
her loss.

Candace examined herself in her makeup mirror, giving her hair

a slight tease. At her employer’s suggestion, she had had it cut to a
sassy shoulder-length style and dyed strawberry blonde when she’d
first started working as a call girl. Since that time, she had come
to respect the wisdom of that suggestion; her customers seemed crazy
about the look. Often she styled it so that it curled inward slightly
to touch her cheeks; men seemed to go wild at the feel of her hair
brushing against their balls when she gave head.

She reapplied her makeup slowly and carefully. If the

behavior of the fat old bastard she’d just serviced hadn’t been enough
motivation to find a new line of work, having to apply her makeup for
the umpteenth time that day certainly was. A year ago, she’d loved to
paint her face. There had been something arousing about making
herself look like the complete slut, getting ready to blow the mind of
her next customer. She’d even reapplied her makeup immediately after
wiping the old stuff off, before driving to her next job, because
she’d enjoyed the feeling of looking like a tramp.

She remembered getting pulled over for speeding in her first

week on the job, and how the officer had been so dumbstruck by her
appearance. It had been on a backwoods road late at night, so she’d
put on her best bimbo-voice and stood in front of the officer, asking
if he couldn’t please forgive her for being a naughty girl, such a bad
girl. She remembered the look on his face as she’d removed his
policeman’s cap and put it on her head before kneeling, pulling out
his cock, and giving him one of her masterful blowjobs, occasionally
pausing to remark on how she’d always wanted to get fucked in the
back seat of a police car. The officer had been willing to oblige, of
course, and had come not once, but twice, once in her pussy and once
on her face.

Looking back, it amazed her not so much that she’d done it,

but that she’d enjoyed it so much. But that had been in the days when
she’d relished the thought of being a slut, a whore. A bitch.
Hearing the words themselves spoken to her still gave her a certain
thrill. But she no longer used them in her own mind. She no longer
aspired to be a slut. The last time she’d gotten pulled over, she
hadn’t even tried to seduce the officer. Her heart just wasn’t in it
anymore. She had to quit.

She finished applying her makeup and squared her shoulders.

She was going to get this one over with, and quit.

She got out of the car and walked to the door, ringing the

bell. A muffled voice from inside the house yelled, “Come in!”

Candace opened the door and took a few steps inside. She

could see parts of a dining room, a kitchen, and a living room from
where she stood. No one was visible. “Hello?” she called, “I’m
looking for Rick.”

“That’s me, honey,” a distant voice called back. “Have a

seat. I’ll be right out.”

Candace walked into the living room and sat down on the edge

of a couch, looking around the room. The room was quite tastefully
decorated. There was obviously a woman’s touch involved. Candace
smiled a little at that. Married men were often more interesting
customers. Something about adultery excited men at a primal level.
They were born to be assholes. She almost laughed at the thought. A
year ago, when she’d been a feminist journalist, she’d thought the
same thing, but for almost entirely different reasons. It was funny
how one’s thoughts came full circle.

She spied a picture on the fireplace mantel of a happy young

couple. Something about it disturbed her.

Candace stood up and walked over to the fireplace, peering at

the picture. The woman was a beauty, with strong classical features
and soft, thick, curly brown hair. The man was… familiar… she
couldn’t quite place it, but…

She remembered.
Her knees buckled and she fell, catching herself on the

mantel. She fought the surge of memories suddenly unleashed into her
mind. No, it couldn’t be… That couldn’t have happened… “I… I
didn’t do that!” she protested.

“I see you remember me, slut.”
Candace whirled to face the source of the voice. It

was… him…

He stood there, hands in his pockets, leaning nonchalantly

in the hall doorway, wearing the same smirk he’d worn when she’d
begged him to fuck her.

“N-no…” she pleaded, shrinking away from him. It didn’t

happen, she told herself, it couldn’t have happened.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, my little bitch,” he replied casually,

standing and strolling slowly toward her.

Candace groaned at the electric thrill the word sent though

her spine. It was so much stronger than what she’d felt when the old
man had called her a bitch, because she understood now. She had been
this man’s bitch. “Stay away,” she pleaded. “Don’t come near me, you

He stopped, a look of amusement on his face. “Oh, come now,

is that any way to talk to the man who brought you such pleasure?”

“Get away from me, I mean it!” The words rang hollow, even to


He was walking toward her again. “That doesn’t sound like the

Candace I know. The Candace I know would’ve begged me to touch her,
to feel her, to use her. You were such a slut back then. All you
wanted me to do was fuck you like the hot little bitch you are. You
still do, don’t you?” He was standing in front of her as she
flattened herself against the sliding glass door next to the
fireplace. Her breath came in shallow pants as terror and arousal
battled within her.

“You… it was you… You made me want it… I don’t know how,

you bastard, but you made me do it. You made me…” She knew it was
true. It was the only explanation.

He only shrugged. “Maybe I did. It’s not important now.

What’s important is that you’re my bitch, and I’ve decided to make use
of you again.”

“You bastard!” she screamed, tears running down her face,

ruining the makeup. “What gives you the right to do this to me?”

“Nothing. You were a cock teaser, always promising but never

delivering. I did it because you were an uppity little cunt and I
thought you needed a good fucking. So I made you my bitch. And now
you’re going to suck my cock. Here, I’ll help.” He unzipped his
pants and pulled them down, his hard pecker springing into view.

Candace froze in terror at the sight. She’d seen so many

cocks over the last year – big ones, small ones, long ones, fat ones –
and she’d touched them, sucked them, taken them up her cunt and even
her ass, but this one terrified her. It called to her. She felt her
willpower crumbling.

“Suck my cock, now,” Rick commanded.
Candace spun around, scrambling at the handle of the sliding

glass door. She jerked her arms against it twice, but it was locked.
Desperately she clawed at the lock switch, but her inch-long red
talons prevented her getting a grip on it, and the tears pouring from
her eyes blurred her vision. She beat a fist against the door as she
slowly sunk to the ground, sobbing, curling her arms around her head.

“I said, suck my cock, whore,” Rick commanded.
Candace lifted her head a little, peering out from behind her

shielding arms at Rick’s cock. Her master’s cock… No, she couldn’t.

But she wanted to. Slowly she lowered her arms. Maybe he’d

fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her. She needed him to fuck her.

“Blow me, bitch!” her master commanded.
Candace rose to her knees and brought her head up to face his

crotch. Slowly she extended her tongue to lick the tip. She’d
forgotten how good her master’s cock tasted. A small part of her
still protested, but the voice was getting fainter all the time.

Her lips enveloped the purple head and she sucked luxuriously.

She felt her master’s hands on her head, pushing her down onto his
cock. A sensation she hadn’t felt in over a year, but more familiar
to her than breathing. She slowly began to pump her head up and down
on his cock, returning to a world that felt like home.

Rick leaned against the door with one hand, steadying himself

against the wave of pleasure he felt at the feel of his slut’s mouth
enveloping his cock. The feeling was old and familiar. How could he
have ever left this behind?

He looked down at the whore’s face. The haircut and dyejob

looked good. He hardly recognized the militant feminist he’d once
dated behind the makeup and jewelry. And her cocksucking technique!
God, he’d never realized how good she’d be after spending a year
fucking for a living. He closed his eyes end enjoyed the feel of her
tongue swirling around his shaft as he guided her head up and down his

The knowledge of the danger he’d been in only moments before

made it all the more exciting to be using this tramp. He’d been
almost terrified when she’d failed to respond immediately to his
approach. The conditioning had worn thin. It had taken all his nerve
to remain calm. If he’d shown any uncertainty, she would’ve escaped.
It was only his appearance of certainty that had defeated her. And if
she’d gotten away… well, he didn’t like to think of that.

He felt his orgasm fast approaching. Gently, he slid Candace

off his cock. “Take it on your face, slut,” he growled. She obeyed
meekly, positioning her face under his cock, which she grabbed with
both hands and jacked furiously. He rested his hands on the top of
her head, intertwining his fingers into her hair as the first spurt of
come landed on her forehead. The bitch continued to work his prick as
the second splashed on her cheek, and the third on her nose. By the
time Rick’s orgasm had subsided, he had blown his spunk all over her
face and into her hair. Rivulets of come ran down her neck. What a
fabulous slut.

And that was what he needed. A slut. Jennifer was a

wonderful lover, but she could never be this for him. And part of him
would never be satisfied unless he had a bitch to do with as he

Candace had fallen to a sitting position. Her hands were

inching toward her cutoff jeans. Slowly, she was beginning to rub
herself through the denim, a look of bliss on her jism-coated face.

“Stop that, slut!” Rick growled. Here eyes opened in fright,

and she froze. The little whore would get off when and if he chose.
“Stand up!” She complied, looking at him meekly. “Turn around,
spread your legs and lean your hands against the door.”

Candace complied. She had to bend over quite a bit to rest

her hands against the glass door, and her ass was thrust out in front
of him. Rick reached a hand down and idly began stroking her groin
through the denim, eliciting a moan from Candace. His hand wandered
up and down, tracing the outlines of her cunt through the fabric. He
found her clitoris to be fully erect, and scratched the denim covering
it. Candace groaned and tossed her head in pleasure.

Rick examined the rips and tears in the cutoffs. He selected

one on her left asscheek, only a few inches away from the crack and
inserted both hands. He pulled it apart, and the tear expanded, its
lower end migrating downward and inward, toward her crotch, exposing
the bottom end of the soft folds of her pussy. He stopped tearing and
stuck a hand through the newly torn hole to finger her swollen clit.
Candace groaned loudly. Rick saw in the reflection of her face that
her eyes were closed and her lips drawn back from gritted teeth. The
slut was enjoying this.

Rick withdrew his hand and guided his re-erected cock into the

hole, sliding it in along the mouth of her cunt, between her pussy
lips and the fabric of the shorts. He heard her breathing quicken.
He began to slide his cock back and forth, rubbing it along her labia,
brushing her clitoris at the end of each stroke. She gave out a soft
moan each time his swollen cockhead rubbed her sensitive clit. Her
hips jerked slightly against his thrusts, as though trying to draw him
into her cunt.

“Not so eager to get away now, are you, cunt?” Rick asked.
“F… F… Fu… Fuck me, master!” she breathed.
“You want me to fuck you?” Rick asked in mock disbelief. “But

just a minute ago you wanted me to get away from you. Maybe I
shouldn’t fuck you.”

“Noooo… don’t leave… Fuck me, master.”
“Well, you’d better promise me you’ll do whatever I say, that

you’ll be my slut,” he slid hi cock back and forth once, “my bitch,”
he fucked her cuntlips again, “my little fuck-toy to do whatever I
want with.”

Candace was silent.
“Promise, bitch,” Rick growled, grabbing her hair and pulling

on it, causing her neck to bend backwards.

Candace was hyperventilating. The cock brushing against her

pussy entrance was driving her insane. She had to have his cock. “I
promise, I promise,” she shrieked.

“Say it, bitch,” he growled, pulling her hair just a bit

harder. “Tell me what you’ll do,”

Candace spoke as quickly as possible, “I’ll be your slut

forever. You can fuck me whenever you want, master, wherever you
want. Fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth and come all over your face. I’ll
be your cum-hungry bitch, eager to serve my master. I’ll be your
sex-toy to play with however you want. Just fuck meeeee!”

Candace felt her master’s cock shift positions and slide up

her cunt, filling her up completely on the first stroke. Oh, it felt
so good. This was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life,
impaled on her master’s cock. She’d wrapped her cunt around a lot of
pricks in the last year, but none felt as good as this one.

Slowly her master began to piston in and out of her sopping

wet pussy. The sensation was incredible. She hadn’t felt this good
since… since the last time he’d fucked her. She felt his hands
groping at her tits through the thin material of the shirt. His
fingers wrapped around the top of the shirt and pulled down. She felt
the shirt dig into her shoulders before tearing and hanging limply,
releasing her tits to hang free. Her tits were somewhat larger than
they’d been a year ago, thanks to the exercises she’d been doing to
build her pectorals, but they were still just as firm. She felt his
hands wrap around them, digging into the flesh, using her tits as
extra leverage to shove his cock far into her.

She’d been fucked by so many cocks, many of them bigger than

her master’s, but none quite so… powerful. Other cocks just fucked
her, but this one somehow dominated. Her entire body felt its power
as it pistoned in and out of her. She felt full and complete with it
inside her pussy, and empty when it left. She worshiped her master’s

The hands moved from her tits to her hips, and the cock

entered her with renewed force. A hand grabbed her hair and pulled,
causing her back to arch. The cock slammed into her cunt, knocking
her chest against the glass door. Her master continued to fuck her
with wild abandon.

The room was well-lit and the night outside dark. Candace

knew that anyone outside could see her; she was on display like part
of a live sex show, tits mashed against the glass, hips bucking
against the cock inside her, face plastered with come. But she didn’t
care. All the cared about was the cock brutally ramming her cunt.
Her orgasm built.

She felt her master stiffen, his cock throbbing. A spurt of

jism shot into her cunt. The sensation drove her over the edge. She
hadn’t felt come in her cunt since the last time she’d been fucked by
Rick. Her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She shrieked and
shrieked in pleasure as her cunt clenched her master’s cock tightly,
milking it for all it was worth. This, she knew, was where she
belonged. She would always be Rick’s bitch.

Rick hung on to the bucking whore as she thrashed through an

orgasm. He was proud of the job he’d done training the bitch, that
after so long away from him she still reacted so strongly to getting a
load of his spunk in her snatch. He felt his cock continue to spray
jism into her as her cunt muscles spasmed violently around it. He
leaned on her as he came, pressing her tits into the glass of the
window. Using his bitch was such a rush.

His orgasm subsided and the torrential flood of come stopped.

He felt his spunk seeping out of Candace’s cunt around his cock. He
looked down and saw a pool of milky white fluid collecting on the
floor. Candace shuddered beneath him as her orgasm subsided. Her
face and hair were covered by a mixture of sweat and jism. She looked
like quite the fucked-out whore.

Rick belatedly realized that the lighting conditions would

allow virtually the entire neighborhood to see the fucked-out whore.
He reached over next to the door to turn the lights off and looked
outside. Several lights were on, and in some of them he could see
people standing, looking his way. It was certain that they’d seen him
fucking his bitch.

Rick sighed. Jennifer would be leaving him, then. There was

no use denying it. Someone would tell her that her husband had fucked
some blonde strumpet against the glass door of her living room while
she was away. Well, it had been bound to happen sooner or later.
Might as well do it the easy way and not try to fight it.

He realized he didn’t care about Jennifer. He’d miss her, but

ultimately there was nothing he wanted from her that Candace couldn’t
give him. He knew that he was a different man than he’d been two
hours ago, and that the old Rick would never have considered leaving
Jennifer. But the tidal wave of memory had swept away that Rick, and
he was who he was now. And the man he was now needed a bitch.

There would be downsides for sure. Once the divorce was

settled, Jennifer would certainly be at least antagonistic if not
downright hostile to him at work. And people would be on her side.
He’d have to leave then, and find a job somewhere else, likely at a
substantial loss in pay.

These difficulties could be worked around. Although he’d be

making less money, Candace already had a lucrative career as a call
girl. She could easily bring in several hundred dollars a day. Sure,
he’d get tired of her eventually, but now that the post-hypnotic
suggestion had worn off, he remembered the stash of the drug he’d
hidden – enough to train a dozen more bitches. At his new job, he’d
have to make sure he had a good secretary…

But that was the future. No matter what was coming, Jennifer

wouldn’t be home until Thursday. Plenty of time to reacquaint himself
with his bitch. His cock, still rammed up her cunt, had softened
slightly. He ran a hand across her left tit. His tit. He ran his
fingers through her hair, savoring the feeling of possession. She was
all his. She existed for no purpose other than to serve him. His
slut, his cunt, his bitch.

All his.


“Go take a shower,” Rick commanded. “Clean off your makeup

and come back out when you’re done. Don’t put the clothes back on.”

Candace’s shoulder slumped ever so slightly in disappointment

as she turned to enter the bathroom. Rick felt a slight pang of
regret. He’d wanted so badly to fuck her. But he knew he was doing
the right thing.

Rick waited on the bed while Candace showered, thinking about

how best to get out of this. He had to make sure Candace stayed away
from him from now on.

Candace re-emerged after half an hour, her face clean and a towel

wrapped around her midsection. She stood in front of Rick with the
dazed look that indicated she was under the drug.

“Lie down, ” Rick instructed her, getting up from the bed.

She obeyed promptly, stretching out along the length of the bed.
“Close your eyes.” She complied. Rick sighed, preparing himself. It
would be a rush job, but it should hold.

“Candace, I want you to relax and focus on the sound of my

voice.” This had better work, Rick thought to himself. “You’re
feeling very sleepy. You realize now that what you’ve been doing, the
way you’ve been behaving, is wrong. You don’t want to keep on being a
slut. You want to go back to your old life, don’t you?”

“Mmmm… Mmmmm… Yeah…” she murmured.

Rick breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God it was working.

“You don’t want to be dominated. You don’t want me to be your
master. You want to be in control of your own life again, the way it
was before you met me.”

“Yes… before…”

“So why don’t you just forget about me. Forget all about me.

Never think of me again.”


“Tomorrow morning you’ll wake up, and everything will be just

the way it was. You won’t need to be dominated by me anymore. You
won’t ever try to tell anyone else about what’s happened between us,
and you won’t ever try to hurt me. Understand?”

“Mmmm… yes…”

“Now sleep.”

Candace’s head lolled, and her breathing deepened. Rick

smiled. He’d done it. It had been so easy. Things were taken care

Now he had to go see someone. Someone very important.

Rick rang the doorbell, barely able to contain himself.

Seconds later, it opened, revealing a damp Jennifer, a towel wrapped
around her body. “Rick! What are you…”

Rick interrupted her, pulling her up into his arms and kissing

her passionately. She was stunned for a moment, but quickly
responded, her tongue eagerly meeting his. Rick left her lips, his
mouth traveling downward across her neck, nipping. massaging.
“Rick… let me at least finish drying off before we… oh!” Her
sentence was cut off by Rick’s tongue licking the valley between her
breasts. Her back arched as she pressed against his tantalizing
mouth. “Oh… Rick… Rick… what… why…”

Rick paused long enough to say, “I had to, I just suddenly had

to,” before returning his attention to her body.

Jennifer reached out to give the door a shove, slamming it

shut. “Oh, God, honey…” she groaned, “Take me to bed… Take me to
bed.” She pulled herself onto Rick, wrapping her legs around his
waist. Rick carried her down the hall before realizing he didn’t know
where he was. He paused his kissing. “Where the hell is the

Jennifer giggled uncontrollably. “First on the left.” Rick

carried Jennifer in and deposited her on the edge of the bed. She
unbuttoned his shirt while he unzipped his pants. His clothes fell
away and she lay back on the bed, Rick crawling on top of her.

Rick unwrapped the towel, exposing Jennifer’s nubile body.

Drops of water clung to her skin. Rick softly, slowly licked her
stomach, drinking up the beads, which shimmered as Jennifer’s stomach
rose and fell with her breathing. “Oh, honey, honey… that feels so

Rick slowly traced a curving path down her stomach, past her

navel, to the top of her bush. He moved down to her clitoris,
flicking it gently with his tongue. Jennifer groaned at each
contact. “Oh, God, Rick, do it… please do it…”

Rick pulled himself up until he was lying over her, their eyes

locking in anticipation. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” Rick entered her gently, causing her to

gasp in pleasure.

“Oh, God, honey… yes… please…” Rick slowly began to

move, savoring every little gasp Jennifer gave, every groan of
pleasure. God, he loved her. His lips met hers, tenderly caressing.

They climaxed together, holding onto each other like they were

the last two human beings on Earth. When they had ridden the wave of
pleasure together, Rick slid out and lay down next to Jennifer. They
looked into each other’s eyes and saw contentment. Bliss.

Candace paced around the living room of her apartment, her

entire body tense. Something was wrong. What? Three days ago, she’d
woken up in the morning, unable to remember what had happened the
previous night. Or the day before it. Or the month before that. She’d
stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, finding some odd items
lying on the floor.

A pink halter top, a couple sizes too small for her. That sort

of floozy item was hardly her style anyway. There was something
sticky staining the neckline. She sniffed at it. The smell was
familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

A black patent-leather miniskirt, obscenely short, with a

zipper on one side. It smelled like… like… like she did after

A pair of bright red pumps with impossibly long heels – five

inches! The heels were sharp spikes. Candace realized upon
inspecting the heels that her ankles felt funny – stretched, almost.
With a mounting dread, she slipped the heels on and stood. She didn’t
lose her balance and topple to the floor – to her alarm. Her body
knew how to stand in these heels. Even more alarming was the fact
that her ankles felt more comfortable in the shoes. She had read
about women’s tendons shortening if they spent too much time in high
heels – had even written about it for the magazine. Jesus, what had
she done?

A pair of large silver hoops lay on the counter. Earrings.

Candace raised a hand to her earlobe, knowing what she would find. A
puncture. She had had her ears pierced.

Candace took several deep breaths to calm herself. She

realized that she was naked. She needed to get dressed, drink some
coffee, take stock of the situation. She walked out of the bathroom
to her closet to find something to wear. Opening the closet, she
stifled a gasp. The closet was filled with clothes. Lace bustiers,
mesh bodysuits, leather boots… Oh, God!

Candace ran to the phone. Only when she got there did she

realize that she still had the heels on. So her body knew how to move
in them. Just one more fact pointing in an ugly direction. She
flipped through her address book. Several years ago, she had done a
story on women in police work. She still had contacts. She dialed.

“Forensics. Nikki Harper.”

“Nikki, this is Candace Cunningham.”

“Hey, Candace. What’s up?”

“Listen, I need a favor, Nikki. Discreetly.”

She’d followed Nikki’s instructions to the letter, and FedExed

the materials to her. Nikki had called back two days later, informing
her that she had not been raped, or that if she had, the rapist had
not ejaculated inside her. The semen on the halter top belonged to a
man (No shit, Candace had thought), probably a Caucasian in his
twenties or thirties. Nikki had been unable to find a match in the
national database of sex offenders.

Which left Candace with nothing. Clearly, some tramp had been

living in her apartment, wearing those clothes and being ejaculated
on. It also seemed pretty clear that she had been the tramp. Candace
shuddered at the idea. Repugnant. She’d found some whitish residue
in spots on her bedroom carpet. Semen, likely.

She’d taken a few days off from work to collect herself.

She’d held off on calling the police. The idea of calling in men to
find out what had happened repulsed her. She wanted to track down the
bastard herself.

Candace flopped down in resignation and shuffled through the

day’s mail. Her paycheck. (At least she’d been working over the last
month.) A phone bill. A whole foods catalog.

A phone bill. Candace tore it open eagerly. Sure enough, the

second page contained a list of all the numbers she’d called in the
last month. This was an optional feature the phone company offered.
She’d taken it, as a precaution against forgetting an important
number. Now it was going to pay off.

Candace scanned the list, identifying the numbers she didn’t

recognize – three of them. She fired up her computer and used a
nationwide address-book CD-ROM to eliminate two of them – a bookstore
and the local “natural foods” grocery store. The final number
belonged to a Logan, Richard W.

Candace stared at the name for a full minute. Richard Logan.

Something seemed familiar about the name. Rick Logan. More familiar.
The CD-ROM gave his address. It was time to pay Mr. Logan a visit.

For the third time in as many minutes, Candace changed

stations on the radio of her rental car. Damn, this was boring. She
kept her eyes glued to the front door of the house across the street,
but her mind wandered. She’d been waiting for five hours for this
Logan asshole to get home. It was ten o’clock now.

Likely he was out of town. What if he didn’t live here

anymore? How would she find out? Candace had seen the mail delivered
earlier that day; she could always check the mailbox. Earlier in the
day, there had been too much chance of getting spotted. Now, though,
it was dark. No one was likely to see.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a car pulling into the

driveway. Candace lifted a pair of binoculars to her eyes, examining
the car. The driver was a woman, with a male passenger. The man got
out, his face hidden from Candace’s view as he walked slowly around to
the driver’s window. He bent over, kissing her deeply. The man’s
frame, his walk, were familiar.

The kiss broke and the man stood up. The car backed out of

the driveway and the man turned to watch it go. His face was
illuminated in the glare of the streetlights. It was him.

Memories flooded into Candace’s mind, causing her to tremble.

The binoculars feel from her hands. She’d been hoping against hope
that she hadn’t done what all the evidence seemed to point to. But
she had. The memories were back. Dammit. That bastard.
Manipulating her like that. He wouldn’t get away with that. She’d
hurt him.

She’d make him pay.

Rick pulled up to Jennifer’s apartment. He adjusted his tie

carefully in the mirror before leaving the car. Everything had to be
perfect tonight. He patted the pocket of his coat, feeling the bulge
of the engagement ring. He knew he should have no reason to be
nervous. Of course Jennifer would marry him. But still, he was

The door was ajar. And Jennifer was usually very

energy-conscious. Rick pushed it open, knocking as he came. “Honey?
I’m here!” At the lack of a response, Rick stepped into the living
room. “Jen? Jen? It’s me!”

Rick caught a glimpse through the half-open bedroom door of

her leg and foot in an elegant dress shoe through the half-open
bedroom door. “Honey? Are you all right?” He pushed the door open
and stepped in.

His eyes bulged. Jennifer sat in the chair, dressed in a

fancy evening gown. Her head hung limply on one shoulder and a river
of blood flowed from a gash in her neck down the front of the dress to
a pool on the floor.

“Oh, God, no, no, no,” Rick muttered as he raced forward. He

placed his fingers on the side of her neck, searching desperately for
a pulse. Nothing. He shifted his hand desperately. Somewhere,
somewhere. She had to still be alive. She couldn’t be dead yet.

“Hello, Rick,” came a familiar voice behind him. Rick spun

his body around in fear. But the carpet was slick with Jennifer’s
blood; Rick’s shoe slipped and he fell on his hip. He saw Candace
standing above him, a bloody knife in her hand. She started to move
toward him, knife raised, but checked herself. “Looks like you won’t
be able to play with your newest little toy tonight.”

Rick’s rage boiled inside him. “You bitch!” he screamed.

“She did nothing to you!”

“No, but she meant something to you. I thought you should

feel some pain before I killed you. Good-bye, Rick.” She took a step
forward, brandishing the knife, and stopped. “Let me make it clear to
you exactly what you put me through…” she began.

Suddenly Rick’s terror-fogged brain understood. “You can’t

hurt me.”

Candace laughed in what appeared to be genuine amusement. “Of

course I can, Rick.”

“Then do it.”

She froze for several seconds before speaking. “Not just

yet. I want you to understand…”

“Kill me,” Rick stated calmly.

Candace stood still, her face quivering.

“Kill me, bitch!” Rick screamed.

Candace remained motionless.

Rick climbed slowly to his feet. Candace watched, her

expression becoming one of panic. Rick stepped in front of her,
calmly prying the knife from her grasp. He threw it across the room.
“You goddamn fucking bitch!” he screamed, slapping Candace hard in the
jaw. The blow sent her reeling across the room, stumbling. Rick
walked over, grabbing the stunned woman and hurling her into the
wall. “I left you the way you were. You should have been happy with
it,” he snarled.

“You… you bastard,” she whimpered. Rick slapped her again,

but she continued. “You used me… you made me into… into…”

“Into a slut?” Rick asked. “I sure did, bitch,” he yelled,

slapping her again as he spoke the word “bitch”. “I spent two months
taking you out to dinner every weekend, buying you food at those
disgusting vegetarian restaurants, putting up with your talk about
how persecuted women were. And what did I get in return? Nothing.
Not a single fucking kiss.” Candace had struggled back to a standing
position now. Rick hit her again, causing her to fall to the floor
before continuing his tirade.

“Yeah, I made you into a slut. You were a good little slut,

too, prancing around on those heels, pouting your lips, wearing tight
clothes. You looked like a cock-hungry whore. You were always eager
to take my cock in your mouth and my jism on your face.” Tears were
streaming down Candace’s face now. She had stopped struggling and
curled up in a fetal position on the floor. “But you know what?” Rick
asked. “I never fucked you. Never. I guess it was a mistake. A
bitch like you needed a good fucking.”

Rick suddenly became aware of his erection. Half of him felt

shame, but the other half was horny. The dark half won. “Well, now
you’re going to get fucked, bitch,” he growled, sinking to his knees.

Candace shrieked in terror and tried to stand, but Rick

grabbed her arm and yanked her back to the floor. His anger consumed
him and gave him superhuman strength, and the posthypnotic suggestion
he’d given to Candace kept her from trying to hurt him back. She was
powerless to resist him. A part of his mind shouted that what he was
about to do was wrong, but it was drowned out by the torrent of rage
flowing through his mind. “No… no… please…” Candace pleaded.

“Shut up, bitch.” Rick manhandled Candace, positioning her

facedown in front of him. He picked up the knife lying next to him on
the floor and used it to cut open Candace’s jeans, revealing her white
cotton panties. He pulled at the panties, tearing them easily away
from her pussy. Dry. Good. He wanted her in pain.

Rick reached out to grab her crotch, squeezing hard. He felt

her shudder at his touch. “You’re going to get it now, bitch. The
good hard fucking you’ve always needed.” Rick unzipped his pants, his
erect cock springing out to point at Candace. She lifted her head
enough to catch sight of it, and began to scramble desperately away
from him. Rick’s hands shot out, easily grabbing hold of her hips,
lifting them up to place her ass in front of his crotch. One knee was
sufficient to pry her legs apart, spreading her cunt wide. The cunt
he’d lusted after for so long.

Rick slammed his hips forward brutally, impaling the screaming

bitch on his monster erection. His cock hurt at the dry entry, but he
knew she was in far greater pain. Candace continued to struggle
ineffectively, pinned by Rick’s shaft.

Rick waited until Candace’s scream had dwindled to a low

whimper before moving. She shrieked as he slowly pulled his cock
halfway out, feeling the rawness of her dry pussy. He then slammed it
back in, his cockhead touching her cervix. Candace screamed again.
“Take it, you bitch! Feel my prick in your cunt!” She continued to
strain against his grasp, unable to escape. “This is what it feels
like to get fucked by a MAN!”

Rick continued to rape her brutally. After several strokes,

he felt a wetness on his cock. Maybe the bitch was starting to enjoy
it, he thought. He picked up the pace of his motion. One hand moved
forward to grab the slut’s neck, shoving her face brutally to the

Candace kept fighting, but with her ass in the air, her cunt

impaled on Rick’s cock, and her face being mashed into the floor by
Rick’s hand, she had nowhere to go. After a minute, her struggles
subsided. Rick laughed out loud when he heard her start to groan in
time with his thrusts. “You’re just like any other bitch, Candace.
All that talk about a woman’s struggle for equality, about male
domination of culture, about deep-rooted sexism is all fine and good
when you’re dressed. But once you’re naked on the floor with a cock
up your cunt, you’re just like any other bitch. All you want is to be
fucked. I guess women really are all whores.” Candace didn’t reply,
except to begin thrusting back at his cock with her hips.

Rick was hysterical; his mortification at Jennifer’s death had

been subsumed into rage against Candace. A rage that he was now
venting most effectively. He almost believed that if he raped Candace
hard enough, it would somehow bring Jennifer back. He knew it was
ludicrous, and yet he somehow believed.

Rick felt Candace’s cunt squeezing him tight. And the bitch

had tried to pretend she hadn’t wanted it! “Slut! Bitch! Whore!”
Rick screamed. He slammed his cock forward one last time and felt
wads of come explode from its head. Candace whimpered as her cunt
filled with Rick’s jism. It overflowed, and sticky lines of come
dripped from her pussy to the floor below. Rick gloried in the
feeling of power over this bitch. He should’ve shoved his cock up her
snatch a long time ago.

Rick withdrew his cock, its exit from Candace’s pussy occuring

with an audible pop. Candace slumped unconscious to the floor. Rick
collapsed beside her, drained of all his stamina. He felt delirious
with power. He’d shown that stupid cunt who was the boss. He looked
down at her unconscious body where it lay next to him, legs spread,
come dripping from her cunt. Bitch. He looked up and across the
room, to where Jennifer still sat in the chair, head lolling on one
shoulder, mouth open, eyes vacant, throat slit. Still dead.

Rick began to cry. A few tears turned quickly into loud sobs

wracking his body. His face puffy and red, Rick began to pound the
floor in misery. “Dammit!… Dammit!… Dammit!…” He sat there,
crying and cursing himself.

He was still doing it ten minutes later when the police


Candace awoke to find herself lying on a soft but firm surface

that bumped occasionally. Her vision was a blur. Dark shapes moved
against a light background above her. She tried to sit up, but found
herself restrained by straps around her midsection.

“Easy… easy…” came a woman’s voice. “You’re all right,

Ms. Cunningham. Everything’s fine.” Suddenly the world snapped, and
everything was clear. A uniformed policewoman was speaking. Two men
in white uniforms watched her, fiddling with various pieces of medical
equipment. With a start, Candace realized she was in the back of an

“You’re safe now, Ms. Cunningham,” the policewoman was

saying. “The man who raped you is in custody now, and he’ll be in
prison soon. We got a sample of sperm from you, and that’ll be enough
evidence to nail the bastard.”

Candace’s mind was reeling. “But… but… what about…”

She tried to sit up again, but the restraints held her.

The policewoman’s face took on a downcast expression. “The

medics weren’t able to save your friend, Ms. Cunningham. I’m sorry.”

“Fr… Friend?”

“Ms. Cipriani? Jennifer Cipriani? Don’t worry, we’ll get

him for that, too. His fingerprints are on the knife. The bastard’s
going to get life, at least.”

Candace blinked a few times before her dizzy mind sorted it

out. Rick had used the knife to cut… They thought… Candace
began to laugh. The medics exchanged worried glances, obviously
thinking she had gone hysterical. That made her laugh even harder.
One of them quickly stabbed a syringe into her arm.

As the tranquilizer seeped through her body, Candace relished

her victory. She certainly hadn’t planned to come out of this alive.
She hadn’t even been thinking about anything beyond killing Rick and
his floozy. She’d have to think up a story about what she’d been
doing in the apartment, but that wouldn’t be hard.

She was still laughing when she fell unconscious again.


“Take off your clothes, bitch.”
Candace complied meekly, pulling the pink top off over her

head and dropping it to the floor before reaching down to open up the
skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and
stood, looking at Rick, an expression of longing on her face.

Rick leered at her body, examining it appraisingly. The

realization of just how much power he had struck him for the first
time. He owned this sexy creature. She wasn’t a slave; she was a

He reached out a hand to stroke her left tit. Her eyes closed

as he rubbed his thumb across the erect nipple. He heard her breathe
in and out raggedly, clearly excited by his touch. He found her tits
dissatisfying. They were firm, but not as large as he would’ve

Well, there’d be plenty of time to work on that. And other

things. Right now he had something to take care of. Something

Candace fought to keep her balance on the heels as Rick’s

fingers gently caressed her breast. Not breast, she scolded herself,
tit! She had to think like a slut if she was ever going to get

Rick’s voice came through the haze of pleasure. “You’re mine,

bitch,” he growled.

Yes, she thought, I’m yours. Do what you want. Just fuck me!
“You belong to me. I can use you however I want.”
“You… can… use… me…” she breathed, barely able to gasp

out the words.

“You’re my whore.”
“Your… whore…”
“You’re my slut.”
“You belong to me.”
“I… belong… to… you…” she murmured as the caressing of

her nipple continued. She wanted it… wanted him to use her.

“You will be used by anyone I choose in any way I choose.”
“Anyone… you… choose…”
The hand on her tit withdrew, leaving an empty feeling

behind. Candace opened her eyes. Her master stood in front of her, a
big grin on his face. Maybe he was going to fuck her! She looked
down at his cock. It was fully erect, and larger than she had ever
seen it before. Her gaze was transfixed by it. The big, round purple
head, the fine network of red and blue veins latticed across its
surface. She had never seen anything so beautiful.

“Get on the bed, bitch. Hands and knees.”
Candace squealed in pleasure as she rushed to comply. He was

going to do it. Really, this time! She got down on all fours, making
sure her legs were spread well apart to display her cunt for him. She
could feel its wetness. She felt her master climb up onto the bed behind
her. His hands wrapped themselves around the fronts of her thighs,
and she felt something come to rest against the outermost folds of her

“Say it, bitch. Repeat everything I just told you.”
Candace groaned. “Fu… fuck me… please fuck me…”
“Say it, bitch,” her master growled menacingly.
“I… I’m your… your whore. Your slut. I belong to you…”

She trailed off, unable to remember the rest. Her pussy tingled with

“You will be used,” he prompted.
“I will be used by anyone you choose in any way you choose,”

Candace said hurriedly. “Use me… use me, master… use my cunt…”
she begged. She tried to push her hips backwards onto his cock, but
to no avail.

“Here it comes, bitch!” he growled. Candace felt herself

pulled backwards by his hands as he shoved forward. The cock split her
pussy wide open, penetrating deep into her. Candace shrieked in
pleasure at the sensation. Her awareness of herself contracted and
focused on the eight inches of hard meat buried in her pussy. Nothing
else mattered but the cock in her cunt.

She felt it withdraw slowly, leaving a feeling of emptiness

behind it. “No… noooooo…” she groaned. “Put it innnnn… Fuck

“Time for a lesson, bitch. A woman can use the word ‘me’.

You’re not a woman. You’re a bitch. You’re my bitch. You have to
refer to yourself as such. Now beg me to fuck my bitch.”

Candace swallowed. The last vestiges of her feminist pride

screamed in protest. But his cock felt so good. “Fu… fuck
your… b-bitch.”

“Very good, bitch.” The cock re-entered her forcefully,

causing her pussy to tingle with delight. Candace groaned as she felt
herself filled up by his manhood. She squeezed her pussy tightly
around his shaft, hoping to hold it inside her. But once again, it
withdrew slowly, taking with it the pleasure it had brought.
“Noooo… fuck…” She paused on the verge of saying “me” before
remembering the correct form. “Fuck… your bitch.”

“Good. My bitch is learning. But there are other names for a

bitch. Let’s see if she can find another one.”

Candace needed no time. “Fuck your slut, master!” she cried.
“What a good little slut,” her master said in a soothing tone,

much as one would use when praising a pet. His prick rammed into her
snatch once again, bringing the welcome wave of pleasure. Candace
moaned in delight. Again, she tried to hold his cock inside her cunt,
but it slipped out.

“Let’s see if the clever slut can come up with a new name for


“Fuck your whore, master!” Candace yelled. She was rewarded

immediately by a sharp thrust of her master’s cock. But it was only
seconds later that it withdrew. Candace searched her brain for
another degrading name to use. “Fuck your tramp, master!” Another
thrust and withdrawal. “Fuck your sex slave, master!” Again her
master’s cock parted her. She thought furiously, desperate to keep
the pleasure-filled fucking continuing. “Fuck your sex doll!” She
was dimly aware of a chuckle in the background, but it was lost
against her grunt of pleasure as she was impaled again on his shaft.
“Fuck your… your bitch!” she screamed as he withdrew again,
realizing her mistake too late.

“I’m afraid you’ve already used that one, slut. Why don’t you

try using your name?”

“Fuck Candace!” she screamed eagerly, craving another thrust.

But it didn’t come.

“Ooooh, no, that won’t do,” he said in a regretful tone.

“Candace is pretty name, but it’s a woman’s name. If you go around
calling yourself Candace, people will think you’re a woman, and expect
you to do all sorts of things, like thinking, and making your own
decisions, and talking about important things. What you need is a
name that lets everyone know that you’re just a slut and a whore, so
that people will only expect you to get fucked. So you shouldn’t be
named Candace. But maybe something like Candace…”

“Candi!” she squealed, “Candi! Fuck Candi, master!”
Her cleverness was rewarded by another thrust, penetrating her

so deeply that she felt the head of his cock touch her cervix. Then,
as before, her master withdrew, but this time he re-entered her
forcefully. Stroke followed stroke, each more powerful and more
satisfying than the last. Candi grunted in time with her master’s
penetrations, thrusting her hips back at him to draw him in as deeply
as possible, trying to squeeze her cunt tight around him. She felt an
orgasm building within her.

Just then her master paused with the head of his cock just

barely inside her pussy lips. “What is your name, bitch?”

“C-Candi, master.”
“And what are you?”
“I’m your bitch, I’m your whore, I’m your slut, master.”
Candi screamed in pleasure as he re-entered her, his cock

rapidly pistoning in and out of her juicy wet snatch. Her master’s
hands roughly grabbed her tits, pulling her even harder onto his
prick. The pain only registered dimly; her consciousness was focused
on the thick slab of meat in her pussy. “Fuck… Fuck…” she
murmured, “Fuck Candi…”

She climaxed violently, her pussy spasming around her master’s

cock. In that moment, she wanted nothing in life but to be fucked
over and over again, by this cock or by any other. Where before she
would have recoiled at the thought of being a slut, now she gloried in
it. A bitch. She just wanted to be a good, obedient little bitch.

Rick felt his cum boiling within his cock as his newly

rechristened bitch thrashed through an orgasm. His jism squirted into
the slut’s pussy as he tightly gripped her tits. Bigger tits, he
reminded himself. She needed bigger tits. Soon enough.

His semen continued to squirt, and he was lost in the ecstasy

of the moment. Candi belonged to him, body and soul. The orgasm she
was now experiencing had sealed her fate. She would do whatever she
was told, never voicing an independent thought, living only for the
feeling of a cock in her cunt.

He knew he could never go back to Jennifer. A woman could

never satisfy him. In fact, he wouldn’t even find a woman interesting
anymore. Not when he could have a hot bitch like Candi for his very

Rick’s cock squirted a few final strands of come into Candi’s

snatch and fell still. Rick withdrew it with an audible pop, watching
a few strands of ropy cum stringing between it and Candi’s cunt.
“Clean off my cock, slave,” he commanded. Candi turned around and
took Rick’s cock into her mouth, slurping hungrily at it.

Rick smiled. This bitch was going to be easy to train, if the

lesson he’d just given her was any indication. He’d reinforce the
training with the hypnosis drug, just to be safe, but it seemed

And Candi wouldn’t be his only bitch. That was for certain.

He’d need to somehow maintain his supply of the drug, but aside from
that there were no limits to what he could do. In short order, he
could have a whole bevy of foxy sluts doing whatever he wanted. There
were no women in the world, only potential bitches. Rick grinned at
the thought.

He was startled to discover that Candi wasn’t just cleaning

his cock off. Her tongue was swirling back and forth around his cock,
tickling his glans. She began to pump her head up and down on his
cock. Rick groaned in pleasure as he felt his third orgasm of the
night begin to build. “Does my bitch want to get fucked again?” he

She withdrew her head long enough to plead. “Oh, please,

master, fuck Candi’s cunt with your long, hard cock.”

Rick put his plans on hold for the rest of the night. Right

now there was a bitch to be used.

Five Years Later

Rick leaned back in the plush chair, enjoying the sensation of

his bitch sucking at his cock. In the five years he’d owned her, she’d
developed quite a proficiency for cocksucking. He reached out and
rested one hand gently on the slut’s head, feeling it slide up and
down on his cock. She looked up at him, eyes peering out from under
slutty arched black eyebrows. Her lips shone with glossy lipstick,
meticulously applied. Rick made it clear to his bitches that
appearance was important.

Rick looked up and gazed out of the window of his private

enclosed box onto the floor of the most exclusive gentleman’s club in
the world. A number of very rich men sat at tables chatting,
drinking, and watching. All around them were some of the most
beautiful, the sexiest, and the best-trained women in the world. The
girls served drinks to the men. The girls were more than happy to sit
and talk to the men, and were always very attentive listeners. The
girls sat on the men’s laps and allowed their bodies to be fondled.
The girls squeezed the men’s crotches playfully. And when the time
was right, the girls followed the men into one of the private rooms in
the back of the club and kneeled to suck a cock or lay down and spread
their legs to get fucked. This, Rick thought to himself for the
umpteenth time, was the way the world should be. Hot bitches waiting
on the pleasure of men.

Rick reached down and pushed the bitch off his cock. “Sit on

my lap, slut,” Rick commanded.

“Yes, master,” she responded in the sexy cooing voice she’d

learned. She rose and lay her sleek, tanned legs across his, setting
her pert ass down on his crotch. She reached down and began to play
with his cock. Rick idly fondled her left tit with one hand while
taking a sip from his drink with the other. The whore groaned in
pleasure at his touch. Her sessions under the drug were responsible
for that. She had become sensitized to any attention paid to her

The announcer on the club floor began to speak, his voice

penetrating Rick’s private booth. “And now, gentlemen, please give a
warm welcome to one of our veterans, the ever-popular Candi!”
Applause rose from the tables. The clientele just loved Candi.

Candi strode proudly out onto the stage, a fur coat wrapped

tightly around her, concealing her entire body, save for the legs that
occasionally poked out as she walked, and her gorgeous face. The
applause crescendoed as the music began, a heavy-metal tune with a
strong beat, and she flung open the coat to reveal a tight-fitting
pink bikini.

Rick continued to fondle the bitch on his lap while watching

Candi begin her dance routine. He loved doing this, sometimes even
more than the sex itself. The feeling of ownership drove him wild.
His gaze swept the floor again, taking in the panorama of female
flesh. All of it belonged to him.

Some of the bitches down below (to the customers, they were

referred to as “girls”) were actively engaged with customers, chatting
with them, allowing their bodies to be groped, squeezing the
customers’ cocks through their pants. Some merely walked the floor,
serving drinks. All, however, were fully made-up, hair immaculately
styled, feet encased in spiked heels, available to be fucked on a
moment’s notice. A slut’s first duty, he told his bitches, is to look

He watched as one of his girls, a small Japanese bitch he’d

named Mimi, wiggled her tits in the face of the customers on whose lap
she’d been sitting for the past half-hour. Apparently this was the
breaking point for the customers, who rose hurriedly from his chair,
picking Mimi up and carrying her through the door into the back of the
club where the private rooms were located.

On the other side, Ashley, a gorgeous blonde he’d recently

acquired, served martinis to a pair of silver-haired executives.
Ashley, he recalled, had been a lawyer when he’d first noticed her.
Now, six months later, she was just a bitch. Rick hadn’t quite
finished her training yet; she would be moving from the waitressing
position into an “entertainer” position in a few months.

One of the executives reached out to caress Ashley’s crotch

through the see-through panties she wore. Ashley responded as she’d
been trained; she smiled, set her tray down, and began to rub his
shoulders. If he stopped, she would pick up the tray and move on. If
he continued, she would move her attention down to his crotch and
unbutton her top to allow him access to her tits. Even though she was
technically a waitress, she was still available. If the executive
wanted to fuck her, he’d take her into one of the private rooms and
another waitress would be right along to get the tray and finish
serving. That was the first rule of Rick’s club – any customer could
fuck any of the girls – even a waitress.

The executive’s interest increased, and Ashley was soon

sitting on his lap, allowing him to play with her, smiling and
laughing. Rick could tell he was going to take her into a private
room and fuck her. That would be her second today. Maybe Rick would
have to accelerate her training; she was quite a popular bitch.

A customer came out of the back area. The middle-aged

executive returned to a table with his buddies, where he entered an
animated discussion filled with much pantomiming of sexual activity.
A few minutes later, a sexy brunette, Ginger, emerged from the back.
Rick had been watching closely; each of the men sitting at that table
had fucked Ginger that evening. No doubt they were all comparing
notes on her performance.

Ginger, for her part, must have been exhausted, but she

certainly didn’t show it. Her hair and makeup were immaculate, and
she walked energetically across the floor on her red heels, her
silicone tits thrust proudly in front of her, waiting for another
customer to express interest in her. As a slut, her first duty was
too look fuckable, and that didn’t change just because she had been
fucked by six men in a row.

She hadn’t orgasmed, of course; Rick’s bitches never orgasmed

with customer. After all, they couldn’t be expected to keep their
minds on their jobs if they orgasmed right in the middle of getting
fucked. Their job was to make sure that the customer got the best
fuck possible. They faked orgasms, of course – that was an important
part of satisfying the customer. And satisfy they did. And they
certainly enjoyed their work – Rick made sure they liked nothing
better than a hard cock. But they never really orgasmed. That they
did only with Rick.

Rick only had a certain amount of time, and could only bring

three or four bitches to orgasm a day. Since he owned about fifty,
each of them only got to come once every two weeks or so. Most of
them had to be satisfied by being fingered, since Rick obviously
couldn’t fuck four women in one day on a continuous basis. Getting
fucked to orgasm by her owner was a special distinction for a slut;
only those that performed exceptionally well were allowed to
experience it. Rick made a mental note to fuck Ginger soon. She had
pulled a train of six horny businessmen, and kept her appearance
flawless afterward. A slut like that deserved a reward.

The executive who’d been groping Angela carried her into the

back. She grinned happily; for a waitress to get fucked as much as
she did was quite a privilege. Rick made a note to review the tape of
the session she had with this guy; if she was performing up to snuff,
maybe he could promote her immediately.

The guys who had just finished chain-fucking Ginger were

watching raptly as Candi danced. She was out of her top now, but
still wearing the fur. By now, most of those men would have their
cocks up again, and Rick knew what they were going to do. This crew
had a habit of getting drunk and accosting one of the girls all

Sure enough, Lisa walked by, her blond hair flowing behind her

as her unencumbered tits bounced on her chest. She smiled at the
group and began talking to them. Less than a minute later, the six
guys escorted Lisa into the back, excited about the upcoming
gang-bang. Lisa probably wasn’t so excited, but she knew that she had
to do her job if she wanted to orgasm this week.

Rick always worried a little about kinky shit. Bitches were

hard to replace. It was easy to locate a suitable bitch, and easy to
train her, but hard to take possession. Still, he knew he could
extract financial compensation from the men if Lisa was permanently

All of Rick’s clients were carefully screened in a personal

interview. Drinks were served, and if a potential customer refused
the drink, Rick faked an interview and then rejected his application.
Those that did drink were grilled under hypnosis about their financial
situation, sexual tastes, and any friends or relatives they had in law
enforcement. Once Rick was satisfied on all counts, the customer had
merely to pay the $100,000 in annual dues, and he was entitled to come
whenever he wanted and fuck any of the available girls. Rick had
personal chats periodically with all his customer, where he made sure
they only spoke of the club to potential new customer.

From time to time, a customer took a particular liking to one

of the girls. The girls were allowed to date customer; the gentleman
merely had to pay the club a $5,000 fee per date. The girls always
said yes. Quite often, a customer wanted to marry a girl. This was
also allowed; after Rick suitably reprogrammed the bitch, the husband
paid a half-million dollar finder’s fee, and she left her job for a
life of married bliss, now able to orgasm on her husband’s cock.

A girl from Rick’s club made an excellent wife; she was always

obedient and accommodating toward her husband, wishing only to satisfy
him sexually. She always did her best to look sexy and fuckable,
bolstering her husband’s reputation for sexual prowess. Her
programming left her unable to orgasm without her husband’s
permission, so her faithfulness was assured. She knew that, aside
from her role as a trophy, she was merely a sexual plaything for her
husband, no more than a living fuck-doll, and as such she never
objected to her husband fucking other women or sluts. Most
importantly, she had no objections whatsoever to her husband’s
continued membership in the club, or to her husband fucking other club
girls, even on dates outside the club. Many of the nation’s
wealthiest men now had trophy wives trained by Rick. His best
customer had been through no less than three wives from his club.

Not only did marriage provide Rick with extra income, it

provided employee turnover, giving him space to recruit new bitches.
Rick’s annual income was well into eight figures. But it wasn’t the
money he loved; it was the ownership, the possession of property.

He watched Candi dancing on the stage below, wrapping her

oiled tits around the pole, sliding up and down on it like it was a
big cock she was fucking. Candi’s tits were large and round, like a
pair of melons, designed to feel heavenly when wrapped around a cock.

Rick liked to keep a wide variety of bitches in his stable.

Some he gave a “natural” look, to appeal to those customer who liked
a high-class fuck. This didn’t mean that these girls didn’t get any
modification; all of Rick’s bitches were artificial to some degree, it
was just that the “natural” girls had plastic surgery done on them in
less obvious ways. Alterations of minor imperfections, such as
reducing a large nose, often cost more than a simple pair of large
fake tits. The classy girls were modified to meet an exacting
standard of feminine beauty; any of them could easily have graced the
pages of Playboy. Rick received plastic surgery services at a
discount; several highly skilled surgeons were members of the club.
Nonetheless, it often cost tens of thousands of dollars to prepare a
single bitch for work.

Candi was not one of the classy girls; she was at the extreme

opposite end of the spectrum. Her collagen-injected pouting lips and
obviously surgical tits appealed to those who wanted to fuck an
obvious whore. Rick had taken quite a delight in turning the
once-militant feminist into an extreme slut. When Candi walked the
floor, she didn’t wear the high-heeled pumps of a classy slut, she
wore a pair of leather knee-high “fuck-me” boots, or a pair of
six-inch spiked heels. And when customer started talking to Candi,
they quickly discovered that she didn’t just look like a brainless
bimbo. Rick had hypnotically rendered her incapable of using words of
more than two syllables, and made it impossible for her to speak more
than three sentences without referring to sex.

The look and personality had proved popular with the

customer; Already several had moved over to sit next to the stage,
waiting for her to finish so they could have a chance to stuff their
stiff cocks up her snatch. Rick had taken several other girls to the
extreme like this – he looked across the club to where Crystal sat
straddling a customer’s lap, arching her back while he lapped eagerly
at her wrecking-ball sized tits. The others had proven popular, but
Candi’s fan base remained undiminished.

He’d already turned down several requests from customers

wanting to see her outside of the club. He knew he could charge
whatever he wanted for Candi, but… she had a certain sentimental
value. She’d been his first bitch, after all.

While he’d been observing and reminiscing, his second bitch

had succeeded in bringing his cock to a full erection. Rick looked at
her face. “Does my bitch want to get fucked?”

Her face lit up with simple joy. “Oh, yes, master, your slut

wants you to fuck her creamy cunt with your hard cock. Please,
master, fuck Jenny!”

Rick looked into the eyes that pleaded eagerly with him.

Those eyes had once shone with pure love, but now all that could be
seen in them was cocklust. “Sit on my cock, whore,” Rick commanded.
Jenny obliged eagerly, lifting herself up, straddling Rick, and
impaling her snatch on his shaft. Rick groaned.

Jennifer had been surprisingly easy to train. She had been

madly in love with him, and it had been almost too easy to bend that
love to his own ends. In a mere week, she had been eagerly taking his
orders, completely submissive. Then he’d brought Jenny and Candy
together, using them together. He remembered his first time fucking
the two of them at once. What a night that had been!

Now, after some surgery, Jenny was just like any other slut –

built to be fucked. Big, round tits thrust forth proudly, perfectly
filling Rick’s hands. Rick squeezed them, enjoying their firmness.
He’d come to love fake tits. He’d gotten her the fake ones four
years ago, after getting fed up with her natural boobs. Only
afterwards had he realized how much he loved fake tits. So artificial.
So much the sign of a slut.

Rick breathed in the smell of her hair as Jenny humped up and

down on his cock. Her hair was thick and lustrous, falling in small
curls across her shoulder and down her back. It had been dyed from
its natural deep brown to a jet black. Rick liked the addition that
made to the sluttiness of her appearance.

He groaned again as she flexed the muscles of her cunt around

his cock. Rick moved his lips onto hers and began to suck. She
kissed back eagerly. Five years ago, Jennifer Cipriani had kissed
with a tender warmth that had set Rick’s heart on fire. Now Jenny
Fucktoy kissed with a lustful craving designed to set a man’s cock on
fire. (Rick had taken the last name from a dirty story he’d read on
the Internet.) The lips that had once been soft and tender were now
larger, collagen injections having given them a permanent pout. Even
when they weren’t wrapped around a cock they looked like they wanted
to be. Rick doubted that Jennifer’s own mother would recognize the
cock-craving hussy that now sat on his shaft.

“Oh, master, fuck Jenny hard. Shove your hard cock up your

bitch’s soft, wet cunt! Jenny wants to be fucked!”

Rick’s cock felt wonderful as always. He closed his eyes.

Jenny wasn’t a club employee. She was Rick’s personal, private bitch.
The one he fucked every single day. “Tell me what you are, bitch,” he
growled. He enjoyed this little game.

Jenny groaned again. “Oh, master, Jenny is a dirty little

slut. All Jenny wants to do is get used by her master. Jenny
remembers how she used to be a woman, how she used to be her master’s
girlfriend.” Rick stopped, his eyes snapping open. This had never
happened before.

Jenny took no notice, but continued humping up and down on his

cock. “Except he wasn’t her master then. He was Rick.” Rick’s
bitches were trained never to use his name. What the hell was going

“And… and Rick used to treat Jenny… treat Jennifer like a

woman.” The pace of her humping slowed, and her smile began to fade.
“Rick… Rick loved Jennifer. And Jennifer… loved Rick.” She
stopped, her eyes still closed, but her body motionless, sitting
still on Rick’s cock.

They sat still, scarcely breathing. Rick’s mind raced with

things he hadn’t thought of in years. Jennifer’s sweet face – not the
made-up, collagen-enhanced face of the whore on his lap right now, but
the sweet, innocent face of the only woman he had ever truly loved.

Why had he turned her into… this?
They sat still for several long moments. Rick realized how

much he missed Jennifer. How much he wanted to see her again, hold
her, talk to her, kiss her.

Make love to her. Rick cleared his throat, preparing to


“But Jenny doesn’t understand,” she squealed just as Rick

opened his mouth. “Why did Jennifer love Rick? Jenny doesn’t want to
be loved! Jenny just wants a hard cock in her cunt!” With that, she
began to slide up and down on his cock again with furious speed. “No,
no…” she moaned. “Jenny doesn’t want to be loved; Jenny just wants
to be used! Please, master, use Jenny like the slut she is. Fuck
Jenny hard, master. Jenny is a hot, slutty bitch!” FUCK JENNY!”

Rick’s thoughts of a moment before were lost as the bitch slid

up and down on his cock at breakneck speed, faster than she’d ever
done before. Rick grunted and stood, cradling her in his arms, and
laid her on the table in front of him. Jenny squealed in delight as
Rick lifted one sleek, tan leg onto each of his shoulders and began to
furiously piston his cock in and out of the sopping wet cunt before

Rick remembered now. He remembered why he had done it. Why

he’d turned Jennifer into a slut. “You cheap slut,” he grunted as he
shoved his cock deep inside her cunt. He’d done it because nothing
could compare to this moment. The feeling he got from fucking a bitch
was better than anything else in the world. The feeling of total
control. The rush of power that came from knowing that he had turned
a woman, a creature with hopes, dreams, thoughts, and feelings, into a
living, breathing sex doll whose only interest in life was pleasing
men, to whom the only thing of consequence in the whole world was a
cock. Once he’d done it to Candace, it had been inevitable that he’d
do it to Jennifer.

Jenny writhed in ecstasy as his cock exploded, shooting jism

deep into her hot cunt. Her own orgasm crested at the sensation, as
it always did, and her back arched as she screamed in pleasure. Rick
watched as his come began to drip out of her cunt. Even after four
years of fucking dozens of well-trained sluts, Rick still thought
Jenny was the best fuck he’d ever had.

For the first time, though, it occurred to him that it was a

shame to keep such a hot bitch to himself. It was time Jenny
experienced another man’s cock. Not in the club, of course.
Something a little more interesting.

Candi looked around as she followed Jenny into the bar. It

was a nice place. Most of the men were dressed nicely. They were
younger than most of the men who fucked her at the club. Her master
had said that they would have money. They were supposed to get money
from the men when they got fucked. But she never got money for
getting fucked at the club. Why? She knew she wasn’t very bright.
Trying to think about things like this made her head hurt. That was
probably why her master had told her to just follow Jenny and only do
what Jenny told her to. Jenny was so smart.

Jenny led her over to the bar. She noticed a lot of the men

in the bar were looking at them. Candi’s cunt grew warm at the
thought. She knew they wanted to fuck her. And she wanted to let
them. But her master had made it very clear that this bar wasn’t like
the club, and that she wasn’t supposed to get fucked here. It was all
so confusing. Just let Jenny make all the decisions, .

Jenny ordered them drinks. Candi sipped hers, glancing around

the bar. Her master had told her not to make eye contact for more
than a second with any men, unless Jenny told her to. It was Jenny
decision who the got fucked by. So Candy looked around nervously.

She realized that a lot of the bitches in the bar were looking

at her, too. They didn’t look friendly. Candi was confused by their
appearance. Most of them were dressed strangely, in clothes that
covered their most of their bodies. They weren’t wearing nearly
enough makeup, and most of them had small tits. Even stranger,
though, they didn’t seem to be behaving properly. They were just
sitting at tables or standing at the bar, talking to men or to each

It seemed like they weren’t trying to get fucked at all.

Didn’t they realize that a slut’s duty was look fuckable? Hadn’t
their masters taught them that? And here they were glaring at Candi
as though she was doing something wrong, when she was only dressed the
way and slut should be. If they couldn’t be bothered to put on decent
makeup, do their hair properly, and get some decent tits, it was
hardly her problem.

Jenny leaned over and was whispering in her ear. “There are

two men at a table behind you and to your left looking at us. Look
back at them and smile.”

Candi turned around, making sure her round tits were visible,

and looked in the direction Jenny had instructed. Sure enough, a pair
of young, well-dressed men was look at them. Candi smiled her sexiest
smile, the one she used in the club. The men goggled at her.

“Follow me,” Jenny instructed. Candi nodded and followed

Jenny as she walked across the room to the table. Jenny stopped at
the table. “I don’t suppose you gentlemen would care to buy a couple
of lonely girls a drink?”

The men were silent for a second, gaping in astonishment.

Then one of them broke free of the spell. “Sure thing. Have a seat,
ladies.” The man snagged a passing waitress and they ordered drinks.

The men introduced themselves as Eric and Greg, explaining that

they worked together at a large law firm downtown. Jenny responded by
introducing herself and Candi as roommates. Candi smiled but remained
silent. Greg launched into a monologue about a major case he’d just
worked on, talking about how much money he’d pulled in. Jenny
listened to him, nodding eagerly and making approving sounds. “Ohh,
that’s a lot of money.” “Wow, you must be rich.” Greg swelled with

Candi tried to follow the conversation, but it was too

difficult for her. Customers at the club tried to do this. They
always talked a lot about how much money they made, as though that was
supposed to impress her. Candi hated it when they did that. All she
wanted was for them to fuck her. Of course, at the club, she could
always solve the problem by talking about how much she liked to get
fucked, or by gently rubbing the customer’s cock. But here she
couldn’t do that. Her master had told her not to.

Eric turned to speak to her. “So, uh… Candi, what do you do

for a living?”

“Oh… uh… I do… stuff,” she responded. What was she

supposed to do?

“Oh. Uh… You have really pretty eyes,” Eric said.
“Thank you.” This she was able to handle. She got this all

the time at the club. “Do you like my tits?”

Eric was stunned for a second. Was that the right thing to

have said? “Uh… yeah, they’re really nice.” He stared at them.

Candi was wearing a sheer black dress that hugged her body

tightly and had a zipper down the front. She reached up and began to
unzip the zipper, to let Eric see her tits.

Candi paused and looked over to where Jenny was frowning at

her. Jenny turned to the men. “Excuse us for a second, gentlemen.
Come on, Candi.”

Candi smiled apologetically at Eric, and followed Jenny to the

restroom, which was empty. Jenny turned to face her.

“Candi, this is not the club. You can’t take off your clothes

until we get to the apartment. Understand?” Candi nodded. “And
don’t talk about fucking until we leave here.”

“But… But, Jenny, what can I talk about?”
“Just listen to what he says. Tell him you like him. Tell

him he’s handsome. Tell him you like money.”

“All right, let’s fix ourselves up and get back out there.”
Rick leaned back in his chair, listening to the hushed words

between the men at the table next to him.

“Shit, Eric, those babes are hot! We are definitely getting

lucky tonight.”

“I don’t know, man. Do you think they’re coming back?”
“Yeah, they’ll be back. Shit, did you see how Candi almost

showed you her tits?”

“Yeah. Man, a chick wears a dress like that with a zipper

down the front, you know she’s looking for a fuck!”

“I’ll say. And that Jenny chick, she was all over me. Man,

did you see what she was wearing?”

Rick congratulated himself on his choice of outfits. Candi

was wearing a sheer black body-hugging dress that barely covered her
ass. Jenny was dressed in a leopard-print outfit that tightly covered
her arms, neck, and torso, and ended right above her ass. There was a
large cutout on her chest, prominently displaying the round globes of
her tits.

“You bet I saw it. We are getting lucky tonight!”
Rick observed the conversation that resulted when his bitches

returned to the men. Jenny talked animatedly with Greg, while Candi
remained more or less quiet, listening to Eric talk about his career.
Good girl, Rick congratulated her mentally.

Rick looked around the bar, examining the patrons. He’d

picked the place because it was a yuppie joint, and he wanted to find
men who were both young and wealthy. It seemed to have worked.

Rick spotted a young woman sitting alone. It was clear why.

Her blond hair was tied back in a bun, and her makeup was inexpertly
applied. She was wearing a yellow blouse that didn’t look good at all
against her fair complexion. Underneath it all, though, was a pretty
face, and, if Rick judged correctly, a good figure.

Just what he was always looking for. The women who understood

how to make themselves pretty were harder to pick up, because they had
more suitors. A naturally attractive woman with a poor fashion sense
made just as good a bitch, once she was trained, and was much easier
to acquire.

Rick looked at the table where Candi and Jenny were still

chatting with the men and decided everything was under control. He
rose and walked across the room to sit next to the woman. “Can I buy
you a drink?”

Her face lit up. “Sure!”
Rick turned on the charm and they began to chat. Her name was

Cheryl, and she was a computer programmer just out of college. That
explained the poor fashion sense, Rick supposed. She wanted to leave
her job and start a software company, but she hadn’t built up the
courage yet.

When she asked about him, Rick responded that he was a

financial consultant. He responded politely to her questions, but
always deflected the conversation back to her. He enjoyed learning
about her; her family, her friends, her dreams, her aspirations, her
thoughts. It made it all the more pleasurable when he took possession
of her.

After awhile, Rick bought her another drink and

surreptitiously snuck some of the hypnotic drug into it. Over the
next half-hour, Cheryl’s sentences became shorter and shorter, and she
stopped taking the initiative in the conversation. It was time.

“Why don’t you let me drive you home?”
Candi pretended to pay attention as Eric talked about his job.

She found that she just had to nod occasionally and say something like
“Wow, you must make a lot of money,” and Eric would keep on talking.
She wanted so badly to take off her clothes and let him fuck her,
get him so hot that he would shoot wads of sticky come into her hot
pussy, but she knew she couldn’t. Not yet. Not until Jenny said so.
And Jenny was busy talking to Greg.

There came a pause in the conversation. Greg spoke up. “So,

what are you ladies up to tonight?” Candi was disappointed to hear
the word “ladies.” It was always best when a man called her a bitch
or a slut or a whore. Those were the ones who wasted no time, who
took her into the back of the club and fucked her hard, or made her
blow their cocks, without wasting a lot of time talking beforehand.
The next best were the ones who called her a girl. Those at least
usually didn’t try to pretend they weren’t going to fuck her, and
didn’t spend too much time talking. But the men who called her a lady
were the ones who wanted her to sit there for minutes on end talking
to them. Worst of all, some of them didn’t even fuck her, but sent
her away and started talking to another slut. She hated having her
time wasted like that.

Candi let Jenny answer. “Well, we had some… plans for

tonight,” she said coyly, smiling sexily. Candi smiled too, because
it seemed like she was supposed to. Just do what Jenny does, she
reminded herself.

Jenny went on. “We were planning to find a couple of hot

studs to help us with a little fantasy we have.” She rested a hand on
Greg’s leg for emphasis. Candi turned to Eric and licked her lips.

Greg gulped. “What might… might that be?” he stammered.

Candi knew he was nervous. Just like the men at the club always were
their first time. Candi liked first-timers; they were nervous at
first, but once they got going, they could really pound her cunt hard.
Maybe tonight was going to be fun after all.

“Well,…” Jenny began. “No, it’s… it’s… you’d think we

were…” She trailed off, feigning embarrassment.

“Jenny, I promise you we would never think anything bad about

you,” Eric said sincerely. “You can tell us.” Candi knew that he
already thought they were sluts. She could see it in his eyes, the
way he kept looking at her tits. She loved it.

“Okay,” Jenny said. “Candi and I were in bed together one

night,” she began. Candi saw both of the men’s eyebrows raise at
this. She couldn’t understand why. She and Jenny always slept
together. Sometimes with the master, sometimes not. Why would that
be strange?

Jenny continued, “and we were talking about fantasies. We

discovered that we both had the same fantasy.” The men were on the
edges of their seats. “We wondered what it would be like to
be… hookers.” The men’s eyebrows raised. “You know,” Jenny went
on, “getting paid to have sex. So we thought we’d find out. We went
out and bought these outfits, and… Well, here we are.”

The men were silent for a second. “So you want us to pretend

we’re paying you to have sex?” Eric asked.

“Um… well… no, you’d have to actually pay us. That’s part

of the fantasy. You pay us as we go along.”

“Okay, but then you’d give us the money back afterward,

right?” Greg asked.

“Well, no,” Jenny responded. “If we knew we were just going

to give it all back at the end, it wouldn’t have the same, you
know… it wouldn’t be much of a turn-on.” There was another moment
of silence. “You know, we’ll do anything,” Jenny said with a smile.
“Like a lot of things nice girls like us wouldn’t normally do. We
really get into our fantasies.” Her voice lowered to a throaty
whisper, as she leaned close to Greg. “If I weren’t pretending to be a
hooker tonight, I would never ask you to fuck my brains out.” Jenny
put her hands on Greg’s shoulders, kissing him hard.

Candi leaned over to kiss Eric, too. Her hand snaked out and

found his crotch. She could feel the hard bulge of his cock through
his pants. Her pussy moistened at the thought of getting fucked by

Candi pulled away when she heard Jenny talking again. “So

what’ll it be, studs? Want to play john to a pair of hot whores like
Candi and me?”

Greg regained his breath first. “O-okay.”
Rick led Cheryl into the smaller of the apartment’s two

bedrooms. “Sit down,” he commanded. She complied, sitting down on
the edge of the bed, her eyes locked on Rick. Rick knew she was
desperate for his cock.

Rick told her to wait there and went to fix her a glass of

water. She’d been under the influence of the drug on the way home,
but it was already starting to wear off, and Rick wanted to begin the
bitch’s training after he got done fucking her tonight. Giving her a
dose now would put her under its effect at exactly the right time.

Rick brought out the glass and told her to drink it,

explaining that he’d read that women enjoy sex more if they have a
little extra water in them. The explanation was superfluous, of
course; she was so horny by now she’d do anything he told her to; but
Rick didn’t want her to realize his power just yet.

“Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed,” he

commanded. Cheryl seemed a little miffed by his attitude, but she
complied. She’d learn respect for her master soon enough.

Rick climbed up next to her and began toying with her, teasing

her nipples and clit while critically examining his latest
acquisition. She was a keeper. She didn’t have the right look to be
a good “classy” girl, but she’d make an excellent artificial slut like
Candi. A couple of fake tits, some collagen in the lips, an exercise
regimen to tone up those flabby thighs, some bleach in the hair, and
she would be one hot bitch.

Already Rick’s ministrations had gotten her quite excited; she

was panting with lust. Rick had long since perfected his training
technique. It had taken him months to turn Candace into a slut, but
only a couple of weeks to do the same to Jennifer. His latest
acquisition, Ashley, had required a mere three days. It was all a
matter of knowing exactly what to say, exactly how to exploit the
psychology of the bitches. He knew he could create a bitch in less
than a day if he kept her under the drug the entire time, but it was
more fun to let her down occasionally and use her in an undrugged
state. Humiliate her.

“Oh, please, Rick, I need you. I’ve never felt like this

before…” she moaned, her hands clutching hungrily at him.

Rick smiled. It was time to begin. “Need me? What do you

need me to do?” he asked, still stroking her body.

“I… I need you inside me…”
“What do you need inside you?”
“I need your… your… penis… inside me…” She was

getting frustrated.

“Well, I don’t know,” Rick replied casually, “I don’t really

know if I want to…”

Her eyes opened, and she looked at him, frightened.

“Don’t… want to? What?”

“Maybe if you made it sound a little more exciting.”
She gasped several times under Rick’s skilled hands before

speaking again. “Unhh… Oh… Fu… Fuck me… Fuck me…”

“Hmmm… That’s a little better, but I think you can be a

little more creative.”

“Oh, god… Why are you doing this? Oh… Fuck me… Fuck me

with your… cock… I need your cock inside me… Fuck me…”

Rick paused only long enough to unzip his pants, freeing his

erect cock. He placed the swollen purple head on the outer folds of
her moist pussy. Cheryl’s breathing quickened. “Well, miss
programmer,” Rick sneered, “you’re quite the little slut, aren’t you?”

“You bastard!” she spat. “How dare you?”
“What would your poor mother think if she knew that her

daughter, so prim and proper, turns into a wanton hussy whenever she
so much as kisses a man?”

“No… noooooo…”
Rick loved this part. “And what about little Sally, who

always looks up to you, and wants so badly to go to college just like
her big sister? If she were here, would she want to spread her legs
and beg me to fuck her? Would she want to be a cock-hungry bitch just
like you?”

“You bastard…” She was crying, but she was powerless to

break the spell of Rick’s hand on her clitoris. “Just… just fuck

“Tell me what you are.”
“Please… fuck me…”
“Tell me,” Rick growled.
“I’m… I’m a slut. I’m a whore. I just need your cock.

Fuck me!”

“And I’m your master.”
“Fuck meeeeee…”
“Say it!”
“You’re… you’re my ma… master. Fuck me, master! Shove

your cock in my cunt, master!”

Rick gave in to his own desire and slammed his swollen cock

into the newborn bitch. She screamed at his entry, her pussy clenching
tightly around his thick shaft. Rick loved this moment. The first
entry was always the best part. The bitches always craved his cock,
and went absolutely crazy when they finally got it.

Her pussy was nice and tight, and squeezed Rick’s shaft hard.

Rick fucked her hard and fast, shooting his spunk into her just as she
came. Her technique was inexpert, but she would learn. Cheryl screamed
through her orgasm and fell still on the bed, exhausted, breathing

Rick pulled out and watched as his come dripped from the

bitch’s pussy. She was still breathing heavily; she had fatigued
quite a bit from just one fucking. That would need some work; if a
slut couldn’t fuck five men in a couple hours without getting tired,
she wasn’t much good. Well, she would have to lose a little weight
anyway. He’d get her used to walking in five-inch heels right away;
in two months her body would be trim and fit. Some collagen in her
lips, some silicone in her tits, and she’d be ready to fuck.

Rick glanced at the clock. The girls should be coming home

about now. It was time for the evening’s entertainment.

Jenny and Candi led the two men into the apartment, their

heels clacking on the tile in the foyer. Candi knew that the men were
looking at their asses as they walked. She felt her cunt grow wet at
the thought. God, she wanted to get fucked so badly.

“Wow, nice place,” Greg said, looking around. Candi knew it

was an expensive apartment. The master was a rich man.

“Come on, stud,” Jenny breathed, wrapping her arms around

Greg. “Whores don’t stand around talking. Whores just fuck.” With
that, she mashed her lips against Greg’s. He responded quickly,
putting one hand on her ass and pulling her to him, while the other
hand cupped her tit through the fabric of the dress.

Candi followed suit, grabbing Eric and kissing him, reaching

one hand down to squeeze his cock through his pants. Eric pulled down
the zipper of her her dress, letting her tits spring free. She felt
Eric’s hands on them. Men just loved her tits. Candi really pitied
the bitches that her master hadn’t given big tits to. They never got
to experience the sensation of feeling a man’s hands wrapped around
their boobs, holding onto them for leverage as he fucked their cunt
from behind. They didn’t seem to mind too much; they even said that
some men liked smaller tits, but Candi didn’t understand.

Now this was more like it! Candi was glad to be away from the

bar, where she had had to hold in her impulses. Now she was rubbing a
man’s crotch while his hands squeezed her tits. This was where she
felt comfortable.

“Mmmm…” she heard Jenny moan, “I feel so dirty. I feel like

such a slut, don’t you, Candi?”

Candi was confused again. Of course she felt like a slut; she

was. And a damn good one, too. So was Jenny. So why was she talking
like this, like it was unusual to feel like a slut? But Candi
remembered that her master had told her to go along with whatever
Jenny said. And Jenny was much smarter than she was, anyway. “Oh,
yes, I feel like such a whore…” Candi groaned.

“You ladies sure know how to make a pair of guys feel at home,

Greg commented.

Candi heard Jenny respond sternly. “We’re not ladies. Not

tonight. Tonight we’re just a pair of whores. Just a couple of
bitches who get paid to fuck. Treat us like the bitches we are,

“Sure thing, honey. I… I mean, sure thing, bitch!” Greg


“Oh…” Jenny groaned. “Greg… Grrreg… mmmm… Give me a

hun… hundred dollars and I’ll suck your brains out through your

Candi heard Greg muttering and saw him fumble with his wallet.

Then she noticed that Eric had pulled out a wad of bills and was
stuffing them in between her tits. New customers did that sometimes
at the club. Jenny had told her it was because at other clubs men
gave the bitches money so they would sit with them. That confused
Candi; she had wanted to know why the bitches needed to get paid to be
fucked; why didn’t they just do it for free? The answer had been even
more confusing; Jenny had told her that those bitches didn’t get
fucked. Candi had decided she just wasn’t smart enough to understand.

“Blow me, whore,” Eric commanded.
Candi did understand some things. She sank to her knees and

quickly unfastened Eric’s belt. She grabbed the tab of his zipper in
her teeth and unzipped his fly with her mouth. That always drove a
man crazy, and Eric was no exception. His cock sprang free of his
pants. It was a large one. Not quite as large as the master’s but
close. Candi eagerly wrapped her lips around the head and began to

Eric was close to coming already. Candi carefully massaged

his cock with her tongue, bringing him up toward orgasm, and then
slowing down and letting him cool off for awhile. After five years of
sucking cock on a daily basis, Candi knew she was a pro.

“Holy shit!” she heard Eric yell, “This is fucking

incredible. This slut really knows how to give head!”

“God, what luck we ran into these bitches,” Greg responded.

“Oh, God, I’m going to come, slut, and you’re going to swallow it,
aren’t you, bitch?”

Candi heard no answer from Jenny, so she assumed Jenny was

taking it down her throat. Moments later, Eric pushed her off of his
cock. “Take it on your face, whore,” he commanded. Candi grabbed his
cock in her hands and held its end over her face, stroking it swiftly.

She heard Eric groan again as his cock throbbed in her hands.

Suddenly, he was coming; thick ropy strands of come sprang from his
cock and splashed across her face. She felt the warm liquid oozing
across her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

When Eric was done, she stood, smiling sexily at him. She

squeezed his cock playfully. “Hope you saved some for later, stud,”
she whispered. It was one of her standard lines after taking a
facial. She accentuated it by wiping some of his come onto a finger
and licking her finger hungrily.

Candi turned to look at Jenny, who was also just standing up.

She had taken Greg’s spunk down her throat, so her face was clean,
except for a small dribble of come dripping from one corner of her
mouth. That was intentional; Candi knew Jenny could swallow as much
come as she got, but the master had trained them to always let a
little bit fall out. It made the men feel like real studs.

Jenny walked over and embraced Candi. This was another part

of the act, designed to get the men excited again. They kissed and
Jenny began to lick the extra come off of Candi’s face. Candi liked
this; Jenny was so tender and the feeling of her tongue was so

Rick watched the monitor interestedly as Jenny and Candi

finished cleaning each other’s faces. Jenny led the foursome back to
the other bedroom. Rick pressed a button on the remote control and
the shot changed to show a view from behind. Candi and Jenny’s asses
swayed rhythmically as they walked.

“See that?” Rick asked the bitch lying next to him. “Notice

how even though they’ve just sucked these guys off, they still make
sure to sway gently as they walk?”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. He hadn’t told her that was

her new name yet, but she would learn soon enough.

“Now why are they doing that?” Rick asked.
Cherry thought for a moment. “Because a slut’s first duty is

to look fuckable,” she replied confidently.

“Good girl,” Rick praised her. “Now why don’t we see if you

can apply some of what you’ve learned? Suck my cock, bitch.”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. She rolled over to straddle

his legs. After a second’s hesitation, she slowly moved her lips onto
Rick’s hard cock. Her technique was sorely lacking, but she was
enthusiastic. Already she longed to serve her master. Rick smiled.

His attention returned to the monitor as Cherry’s head bobbed

up and down. Jenny had led them into the other bedroom. This one was
quite a bit larger than the one Rick was in, and sported a massive
circular bed with enough room for eight people to lie on it
comfortably. Jenny then excused herself and Candi, explaining that
they had to go freshen up. “After all, we have to look our best for
our customers.”

Rick followed on the cameras he had installed in the apartment

as Jenny and Candi went into the bathroom to fix their heir and
reapply their makeup. He reached out to stop Cherry, who was still
sucking on his cock. “Look, bitch. Notice how these two sluts are
carefully reapplying their makeup and fixing their hair. When they
get done, they’re going to look just as sexy and fuckable as they did
when they first got dressed. Just watch them.”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. She sat silently, watching as

Candi and Jenny repainted themselves. When they finished, they left
the bathroom and came in to the bedroom where Rick was training
Cherry. The two bitches strode in smartly, coming to stand at
attention in front of their master. Their hair once again looked
fresh, their faces were clean of come, and their lips shone with
freshly applied lipstick.

“You’re doing well, sluts,” Rick commended them. “If you can

earn a total of one thousand dollars tonight, your master will fuck
you both.” This was nothing special for Jenny, really. Rick fucked
her every night. But Candi only got fucked by her master once a week
or so, and she’d just been fucked last night, so this would be a treat
for her. Candi’s eyes shone with delight.

“Before you go back to your customers, sluts, I want this new

bitch, Cherry, to learn a little about how a slut is supposed to
perform her duty. Take her into the bathroom and make her look as
slutty as you can. But don’t keep your customers waiting. Keep it
under ten minutes.

“Yes, master,” Jenny and Candi replied in unison. “Come on,

bitch,” Jenny said to Cherry, “let’s go paint you like a slut.”
Cherry looked at Rick for confirmation. Before Rick could do
anything, Jenny spoke again, a note of anger in her voice. “You heard
your master, slut. Now come on!”

Cherry scampered off the bed and followed Jenny out of the

room, with Candi bringing up the rear. Rick watched them leave,
thinking about Jenny’s behavior. She certainly had done a good job
handling Candi tonight. And she seemed to naturally jump into a
commanding role with Cherry. Maybe he could make use of her
domineering streak. She could be a sort of second-in-command. A head

Rick mused on these thoughts until the bitches returned.

Jenny and Candi had done a good job on Cherry, though Rick imagined it
was mostly Jenny’s work. Her blond hair had been released from the
bun and brushed out down to her shoulders. Her face had been rather
well-painted – bright lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow. The simple
diamond stud earrings she’d been wearing had been replaced by a pair
of white danglies belonging to Candi and complemented by a faux-pearl
necklace. She didn’t look perfect, but she looked a damn sight more
fuckable than she had in the bar. Rick had no doubt that once he’d
modified her body and acquired some clothing and makeup specifically
for her, the bitch would make a fine addition to his stable.

“Good job, sluts,” he commended Jenny and Candi. “Now go take

care of your customers.” Jenny led Candi out of the room. “Now,
bitch,” he commanded Cherry, “come suck your master’s cock.”

Cherry followed orders, climbing up onto the bed and taking

Rick’s manhood between her shiny lips. Rick once again turned his
attention back to the monitor. He turned up the volume so that he
could hear the conversation.

Jenny seemed to be taking charge of the evening’s activities.

She and Candi made another $200 each by letting the guys fuck them.
Greg took Jenny from behind while Candi rode Eric’s cock in a sitting
position, Eric licking and sucking at her tits all the while. Rick
came in Cherry’s mouth while watching this. She seemed surprised, but
Rick’s hand on her head made sure that she swallowed as much as she

After that, the sluts left again to freshen up. When they

returned, the men were worn out. But Candi and Jenny wanted the last
$400. They crawled onto the bed together, sixty-nining each other.
“If we aren’t going to get a hard cock in our pussies, we’ll have to
make do with our tongues,” Jenny had said. After two minutes of
watching the bitches lick each other, moaning and panting in lust, the
men had been ready to go. Jenny talked the men out of $200 more each
on the spot, with Candi slurping away at her pussy, before letting
them shove their cocks into the soft, wet pussies on display in front
of them. Each of the men got a royal treatment – a silky-smooth cunt
to fuck while a skilled tongue lapped at his dick. They both came
explosively, spraying jism all over the sixty-nining sluts.

Later that evening, as he drifted off to sleep, Rick pondered

the evening’s events. The men had begged for the girls’ phone number,
but Jenny had refused, explaining that it was all part of the fantasy for
them. “After all, whores don’t go out on dates or anything.” She’d
finally quieted them with a promise that she and Candi would be going
back to the bar where they’d met on a regular basis.

After they’d left, Candi and Jenny had gone back to the

bathroom to fix themselves up for their master. Rick hadn’t been
planning on fucking Cherry again, but he got horny waiting for Candi
and Jenny to finish getting ready, so he’d used his newest bitch once
more, teaching her how to accommodate a man fucking her doggie-style.

After putting Cherry to bed, Rick had joined Jenny and Candi

in the master bedroom to make good on his promise of a fucking for
each of them. Jenny had gone first, bucking and moaning in ecstasy as
she fucked herself to a climax on Rick’s cock. Rick had done very
little but lie there. Finally, Candi had had the time of her life
with her master’s fifth erection of the night shoved deep into her
cunt. Rick had fucked her doggy-style, with Jenny lying underneath
Candi, playing with her tits and licking her clit and Rick’s cock as
he fucked her. Candi had come to three explosive orgasms, moaning
like a bitch in heat, before Rick had finally shot his wad into her

Now Rick thought about the evening’s events. He was convinced

that Jenny could serve a useful role as a sort of head bitch, managing
some of the affairs of the club and leaving Rick more free time. He’d
also have to let her loose a little more. She’d really enjoyed
getting fucked by those guys, even though she hadn’t orgasmed. (And
of course, she never would for anyone but Rick.) He still didn’t want
her working in the club, but maybe tomorrow he could…

Ah, but tomorrow was another day. Rick fell off to sleep, his

raven-haired slut lying on one side of him, and his bleach-blonde
bimbo on the other side. He was content.


“Go out into the living room and lie down on the couch. Stay

there until I come out for you.” He saw the disappointment on her
face as she turned to obey. Her leather-covered ass swayed enticingly
as she walked out of the room on the spiked heels. Rick knew she
wanted to be fucked. And he wanted to fuck her. But it would be
wrong. It wouldn’t be fair to Jennifer.

But if he didn’t fuck her, and soon, he’d go crazy. He had to

do something. He needed to think. And he needed to have Candace out
of the room while he did it.

Rick paced around for several minutes. What the hell was he

going to do? He had no choice, really. He had to give Candace up.
His love for Jennifer was far too strong to permit anything else. But
if he gave up Candace, would he be able to restrain his urges? Or
would he just use the drug on some other woman?

Rick sat down and was surprised to find himself on the verge

of tears. He’d never been a man to be carried away by his emotions
before, but suddenly it all overwhelmed him. He’d come so close to
turning into some sort of manipulator. He shuddered as he realized
how close he’d come to abandoning Jennifer. To forgetting what it
meant to love.

He’d have to confide in Jennifer. He’d tell her everything

that happened. She’d be shocked at first, he knew. But she loved
him, and ultimately, she would help him survive and cope with the
knowledge of what he’d almost done. Together they’d make it. It
would be all right. Rick looked up to see Jennifer smiling at him.

He jumped nearly a foot off the bed, scared shitless, before

he realized it was only a photograph sitting on Candace’s desk. But
what the hell was a picture of Jennifer doing here?

Rick walked over to the desk and picked it up. It was a

framed magazine cover, from Woman’s Work, the magazine Candace worked
for. The cover text read “Female Dominatrixes – The Benedict Arnolds
of the Feminist Revolution” And the woman on the cover was, sure
enough, Jennifer Cipriani. The date on the cover was five years ago.

Curiously, the Jennifer on the cover wasn’t the overweight,

out-of-shape Jennifer that Rick had first known, but a shapely, fit
woman that looked remarkably like her current self. She was clad in
an outfit of black leather, holding a leather riding crop in one hand.
Stranger and stranger, Rick though. Had Jennifer really been into
this sort of stuff? She wasn’t facing the camera, and the shot looked
unposed – like it was taken from ambush, or from a hidden camera. But
there was no doubt in Rick’s mind that it was Jennifer.

Rick sat down, holding the picture. What the hell did it

mean? Had Jennifer once dressed like… like that? And… what had
she done when she was dressed in leather? Rick stood up again,
searching the desk frantically. Tucked away in the file drawer, he
found a clipping from the magazine – a feature article. It featured
another picture of Jennifer.



by Candace Cunningham

When most free-minded women think of the enemies of their

gender, they think of men. And why not? Even in the “modern” world,
men attempt to confine women to domestic service and deny them equal
pay when they do make it into the working world.

Surprisingly, though, many women are being degraded in much

more thorough ways by other women.

These women are known by many names – mistresses,

dominatrixes, disciplinarians. But they all share a common thread –
they get their kicks from dominating other women.

By day, Jennifer Cipriani is a sales manger at a large

electronics firm in Los Angeles. She spends her work day fetching
coffee, answering phones, and typing reports for her boss.

When Jennifer is done serving as an ornament of power for her

boss, however, she doesn’t always head straight home. Instead, she
often stops off at an exclusive club where members engage in dominance
and submission “fantasies.”

Such episodes provide Jennifer with a wealth of women to order

around, and she uses them to satisfy her every sexual craving. A
confirmed lesbian, Jennifer experiences several orgasms a day in the
course of humiliating her subjects.

These women are lured into the club by the dubious promise

that they will receive some sort of emotional catharsis from the
domination. Although they all claim to enjoy participating in these
episodes with Jennifer and the other “mistresses”, it must be wondered

Rick skimmed the rest of the article. It was page after page

of drivel, making Jennifer out to be some sort of psychopath. Rick had
heard of these sorts of clubs; from what he’d read in the mainstream
press, though, all those who participated did so of their own free
will, and the dominance was nothing more than an elaborately-staged
game designed for the enjoyment of all. Candace seemed to have worked
herself into a fit over it, since it apparently offended her prudish
sensibilities. Odd, for an ardent feminist.

Attached to the back was another clipping, from an issue

several months later. It was a short piece describing how the
“psychopathic harlot” Jennifer Cipriani had been forced to quit her job
after Candace’s expose had found its way into the hands of her boss,
who said she had “disgraced the company.” This piece had clearly also
been written by Candace, and it had a sort of gloating air about it.

Rick sat down in shock. Jennifer had never told him about any

of this. She had seemed like such a sweet, innocent young woman. Who
could have known she was into dominance games? This was weird. Too
weird. He thought he loved her, but he hadn’t known about this…

… and she didn’t know that he had been training a woman to

be his sex slave. Guilt washed over him. What sort of hypocrite
would he have been to reject her? She was still a sweet, caring,
beautiful woman, even if she occasionally dressed up in leather and
played out fantasies with other women. Even if she was… Well, she
couldn’t be a lesbian. Rick knew women could fake orgasms, but not as
many as Jennifer had had with him. She could be bisexual. Fine,
fine, he thought. He still loved her, even if she did enjoy sexual
domination of other women.

Other women.

It couldn’t work.

Could it?

He had to try. He couldn’t give up Candace, could he? This

was the only way.

Rick carried the framed cover out into the living room, where

Candace was lying on the bed. He sat next to her. “Candace?”

She looked up at him. “Yes, master?” The dilation of her

pupils let him know she was under the full influence of the drug.

He showed her the picture. “Do you recognize this woman?”

“Yes, master.”

“Who is she?”

“Some dominatrix bitch I exposed a few years ago.”

“I see. Why did you do that?”

“She was using other women for her own pleasure.”

“Were those other women enjoying it?”


“How do you know?”

A pause. “Well, they couldn’t have been. Just being used.”

“Do you want to be used?”

A longer pause. “Yes.”

“By who?”

“You, master. I want you to use me.”

“Well, maybe those women wanted to be used. Isn’t that


She paused, thinking. “Yes, it’s… it’s possible.”

“So maybe you ruined her life for no good reason at all.”

“Ye… yes, I sup… suppose that’s possible.”

“You really want to be used, don’t you?”

“Yes, master.”

“What if she used you? Wouldn’t you enjoy that. Maybe just

as much as you would enjoy being used by me?”

“May… maybe.”

“What if she were your mistress?”

Rick watched Jennifer from across the table as she wolfed down

her meal. He’d taken her out to the most elegant restuarant in town,
and the meal was costing him several hundred dollars. She was loving
it. She was devastatingly beautiful in a black satin dress, and her
eyes danced with mischievous fire. Rick couldn’t believe how lucky he
was to have found such a wonderful creature.

They finished the meal and began dessert, gazing deeply into

each other’s eyes. Rick knew that Jennifer was expecting him to
propose tonight. He wasn’t going to. He had gone shopping and bought
the ring, but he couldn’t give it to her yet. He had to give her
something else first. He hoped she would accept it.

They finished dessert. Rick reached across the table to grasp

Jennifer’s hand. “Honey, I have something very special I’d like to
give you tonight. A gift. It’s back at my place.”

Jennifer smiled. “Well, let’s go, Romeo,” she whispered.

Candace’s hair, bleached to a yellowy blonde color, was done

up loosely behind her head, a few curly locks falling lightly to her
shoulders. Her eyebrows, highlighted with a dark pencil and plucked
into thin lines, arched invitingly above her glistening eyes. Her
lips shone with a glossy pink lipstick. Her breasts strained against
a white mesh halter-top, while her long, smoothly-tanned legs were
enveloped by a black patent-leather miniskirt and knee-high red
leather “fuck-me” boots. A white faux-pearl necklace and a pair of
glittering, dangling earrings completed the sex-toy look.

Candace looked at Jennifer for a second before her shining lips

slowly parted. “Mistress…”

Jennifer’s face lit up with delight. An almost girlish grin

of glee spread across her face as she took in the sight before her.
Half a second later, though, she turned to Rick in surprise, a worried
look on her pretty face. “But… Rick… what… what is she…” she
sputtered in protest.

Rick silenced her with a finger on her lips. “Shhh, honey,

it’s all right. She’s for you. A gift. She’ll acknowledge you as
her mistress.”

Jennifer was silent for several seconds, staring at Rick,

flustered. “But… but… How did you kn-know?”

“I saw the article. I know you were embarrassed about it,

but… I thought you’d like this. If you don’t, I can…”

“No, Rick. I do like it.” She turned to look briefly at

Candace, then turned back. “She’s beautiful. I love you, Rick.” She
smiled, then walked toward Candace. “What is your name, slave?”

“Candace, mistress,” came the somewhat stiff response.

“I see, slave.” Jennifer reached out to gently rub Candace’s

right nipple through the halter top. Candace’s eyes closed and her
breathing became a bit more rapid. “Does it excite you when I do
this, slave?” Jennifer inquired coyly.

“Y-yes, mistress,” Candace responded, her chest heaving.

“How many mistresses have you had before me?” Jennifer asked.

“N-none, mistress.”

Jennifer’s eyebrows arched in an expression of interest.

“So… a first-time slave. Well, well.” Her fingers continued to
fondle Candace’s nipple, gently kneading the flesh through the tight,
thin fabric. Rick found it a little awkward to watch Jennifer toying
with Candace so easily. What was disturbing him was how easily the
sweet, demure Jennifer he knew had slipped so easily into the
dominating role. Of course, to Jennifer this was really only
play-acting. The “slaves” she dealt with were, in reality,
freely-consenting women fulfilling their own needs and desires. It
was only a matter of time until Jennifer realized just how different
Candace was from the usual slave. Rick was worried about how she
might react when she discovered the truth.

Rick watched as Jennifer leaned forward and planted a kiss on

Candace’s lips. Candace hesitated for a second before responding, but
jumped in with eagerness. The kiss lasted half a minute, with Candace
awkwardly resting her hands on Jennifer’s shoulders while Jennifer
cupped her slave’s breasts and fondled her nipples. Rick caught a
glimpse of their tongues darting around each other as Jennifer reached
downward to slip a hand under the waist of Candace’s skirt. Candace
moaned at the contact, grinding her crotch against Jennifer’s hand.

Rick felt his cock straining against his jeans as he watched

the two sexy women grinding their bodies against each other. Awkward
or not, this was hot!

Jennifer backed up to the bed and leaned her ass against the

footrest. “Come here, slave,” she commanded, gesturing at a spot on
the floor in front of her.

“Yes, mistress,” Candace responded, obediently shuffling over

and kneeling in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer lifted her dress, revealing the moist wet cotton of

her panties. “Pull down my panties, slave.”

Candace slowly lifted her right arm, causing the three plastic

bracelets encircling it to jangle noisily. Hesitantly, her long red
fingernails slid over the top of Jennifer’s panties. The nails were
press-ons; Candace hadn’t yet had time to grow the inch-long talons of
a true slut. Candace drew in a breath as she pulled the panties down,
revealing Jennifer’s soft mound.

“Have you ever licked another woman’s pussy, before, slave?”

Jennifer asked.

“N-no, mistress.” Candace’s eyes were locked in wonder on the

soft pink lips of Jennifer’s vulva.

“Well, now’s the time to learn, isn’t it, bitch?”

Candace looked up at Jennifer, trembling with either fear or

lust. Rick couldn’t be sure which. “Y-yes, mistress.”

“Lick my pussy, slut,” Jennifer commanded her new slave.

Rick watched in fascination as Candace’s tongue slowly snaked

out to make contact with Jennifer’s labia. Jennifer moaned in
pleasure as Candace tickled her pussy lips, gently stroking up and
down as I’d instructed her. Jennifer inched her hips forward to meet
Candace’s probing tongue. Her eyes closed and her hands came to rest
in Candace’s blonde hair. Jennifer’s hips began to thrust gently into
Candace’s face as she grunted in pleasure.

Jennifer’s eyes opened and she turned her head to face Rick, a

giddy smile on her lips. “She’s wonderful, Rick. Inexperienced, but
she’s really into it. Where the hell did you find her? How much are
you paying her for this?”

Rick decided to be selective about which questions he

answered. “Honey, you know it’s rude to ask the price of a gift.”
He feigned an air of amusement, but he was trembling. He couldn’t
stall much longer. She was going to figure it out soon.

“I’m sorry, honey, I was just wondering how you got a novice

submissive to agree to do this for me. I mean, she clearly hasn’t
given cunnilingus before. Oh, God… but she sure is learning fast!”
Jennifer closed her eyes again and squeezed Candace’s head into her
crotch. Her moans grew louder and became words. “Oh, yeah… that’s
it, bitch, lick your mistress’s sweet pussy… oh,
yes… yessss… oh, God!”

Jennifer’s back arched as she orgasmed, her hips thrusting

furiously into Candace’s face. She screamed through the orgasm as
Candace continued to lick at her pussy and clitoris. After a minute,
her breathing subsided and she relaxed her grip on Candace’s head.
Candace looked up at her.

“Very good, slave,” Jennifer said in between pants. “So tell

me, how long will you be my slave?”

Candace looked up at her uncomprehendingly. “Mistress?”

Jennifer looked at Rick. “How long, honey?”

Rick gulped. “As long as you want.”

“That’s sweet of you to say, honey, but sooner or later she’s

going to want to try someone else. How long has she agreed to for

“She… she hasn’t agreed to anything.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Look at her.” Jennifer looked down at Candace, who looked up

from between her legs like a puppy. “Don’t you recognize her?”

Suddenly comprehension dawned on Jennifer’s face, followed

quickly by anger. “You bitch!” she screamed, slapping Candace
forcefully. Candace fell onto her back, reeling from the force of the
blow. Jennifer walked toward her, hands balled into fists. Rick
rushed forward to restrain her. “You filthy bitch!” she screamed,
straining against Rick’s arms. “You ruined my career, you slut!”

“Shh… Honey, she’s not like that anymore. She’s changed.”

Jennifer slowly relaxed and looked at him, still puzzled. “Don’t hurt
her. She can’t fight back. She just wants to please you.”

Candace looked up from the floor, frightened. “M-mistress?”

Jennifer glared at her for a long moment, then glanced at

Rick, and then turned back at Candace. “All right, come over here and
stand up. I won’t hurt you.” Candace complied meekly. Jennifer
contemplated her silently. Rick’s stomach did somersaults as he
waited for Jennifer to speak.

“How did she get… changed? Get to be like this?”

Rick spoke carefully. “She was trained.”

“And who trained her?”

“I did.”

“For me?”

“For you.”

Jennifer remained silent, her mouth a hard line, looking up

and down Candace’s body. “Do you know how to suck cock, slave?” she
asked, voice flat.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Did your master teach you to suck cock?” Rick’s nerves went

on edge at the question. Did she like it or not?

“Yes, mistress.”

Jennifer was silent again for a moment. “Suck your master’s

cock, bitch,” she commanded.

“Yes, mistress,” Candace responded meekly. She moved in front

of Rick, falling to her knees. Her hands went swiftly to Rick’s fly,
releasing his rock-hard cock. Rick was still nervous about Jennifer,
but the thrilling sensation of Candace’s well-practiced lips on his
cockhead was overwhelming. He closed his eyes, groaning in pleasure.

Suddenly, he felt a soft pair of lips on his. Jennifer’s

lips. They kissed passionately, with a heat Rick had never felt
before. They parted. “I love her, Rick. She’s wonderful. And I
love you.”

Rick looked down to see Jennifer’s crotch mashed against the

back of Candace’s head, her thighs gripping the sides of the whore’s
neck and pushing her head up and down on Rick’s cock. Jennifer kissed
him again. Rick’s hands went to Jennifer’s soft breasts, and she let
out a sensuous groan. “Oh, honey…” she moaned. Rick felt the
slut’s mouth sliding faster up and down on his shaft. “Come on,
bitch,” Jennifer said, looking down at the mass of blond hair in front
of her. “Suck your master’s cock.”

Candace didn’t resist, allowing her mistress to use her as a

tool to satisfy her master. She found it unpleasant to be used this
way, but it was her duty. She didn’t want to displease her new

She felt her master’s cock begin to throb as he built toward

orgasm. “I’m coming, honey,” she heard him groan. She tried to pull
her head back so that she could take her master’s come on her face,
but found that she couldn’t. Her mistress’s legs held her head firm,
her mouth impaled on the long, hard, pulsing cock. She tried harder
to move, but it was impossible. She panicked as she realized what was
going to happen. When her master came…

A spurt of warm fluid gushed into Candace’s mouth. She choked

on it, coughing, struggling to break free. Another followed it
quickly. “Swallow it, bitch!” her mistress yelled. She tried to
suppress her reflexes and swallow, but it was so hard. Spurt after
spurt of hot, salty come flowed into her mouth. Some went down her
throat, but some wouldn’t go. Sperm escaped from the corners of her
mouth and dribbled onto her chin. All the while, her mistress kept
her head firmly in place.

At last, her master’s orgasm ebbed, and her body relaxed. The

pressure on her neck was removed as she was released from the viselike
grip of her mistress’s thighs. Candace slumped to the floor,

This was greeted with a forceful kick from her mistress, not

hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to let her know she’d done
something wrong. “Clean off your master’s cock, bitch!” Candace
quickly rose to a kneeling position and hurriedly began licking her
master’s cock. Mustn’t disappoint the mistress…

“Was it good, honey?” Jennifer asked demurely. “Did you like

it that I used her to fuck you?”

“Well, it wasn’t as good as what you use to fuck me, but it

was good…”

“Liar,” Jennifer said, smiling. “I think our little Candace

here has never taken it down her throat before. Did you ever teach
her that?”

“No. Must’ve slipped my mind.”

“Well, that’s something to work on. She seems to be doing a

decent job cleaning you off.” Indeed, Rick’s cock shone with
Candace’s saliva. The come had been removed. “That’s good enough,
slut. Come here.” Candace stood up and turned to face Jennifer, her
eyes staring meekly at the floor. “Candace?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, mistress?”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Y-yes. You’re my m-mistress.” Rick knew that Candace did

recognize Jennifer, but she was trying to avoid the subject.

“But you and I met before I became your mistress, didn’t we,


“Y-yes, mistress. I wr-wrote a story about you…”

“Yes, you did. It was a bad story, Candace,” Jennifer said


“Yes, mistress.”

“A lot of bad things happened to me after you wrote that


“Yes, mistress.”

“It ruined my life, bitch. I lost my job, and I became very

unhappy. Very unhappy. If I hadn’t met your master I’d still be very
unhappy.” Jennifer paused to look at Rick. He could see tears
brimming in the corners of her eyes. She fought to control them.
Rick knew she didn’t want Candace to see her cry.

“Yes, mistress.”

“You did a very bad thing.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And you’re going to have to pay for it.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You’re going to live with your master and me and do whatever

we say until we decide you’ve paid off your debt.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And that’s going to be a long time.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Jennifer’s hand snaked in between Candace’s legs and began to

stroke her pussy. “It won’t be without pleasure, slave. Does this
feel good?”

“Yes, mistress,” Candace breathed. Rick smiled. Jennifer

seemed to be taking to Candace quite well. Rick watched as the first
joint of Jennifer’s index finger slid into the bitch’s cunt. Candace
sighed in pleasure at the entry. Rick was surprised to find Jennifer
giving him a passionate kiss seconds later. Her hand still squirmed
about between Candace’s legs.

Jennifer broke the kiss. “So I take it this means we’re

moving in together,” Rick said with an obviously fake air of

“Huh? I… I never said that, honey.”

“Yes, you did. You said she was going to live with us.”

Jennifer was taken aback. “Oh… well, I guess I did.” Her

hand stopped moving, and Candace whined plaintively. Jennifer took no
notice. “Um… Well, do you want to… move in… together?”

Rick put on a serious expression. “Well, I don’t know if a

gentleman like me could ever survive in polite company if it was known
he was living in sin with a harlot like yourself.”

Jennifer burst into laughter. “Oh, a gentleman, huh? No man

who asks a woman to do all the things I’ve done to you could ever be
called a gentleman.” She nearly doubled over in mirth, leaning
against Rick to keep from falling over as laughter shook her body.

“Marry me.”

Suddenly the laughter stopped. Jennifer looked up at him.


“Marry me.”

Jennifer’s mouth opened and closed a few times.

“I… Rick… This is… Are you serious? This is kind of sudden.”

“Yes, I’m serious. Marry me.”

“Rick Logan, if this is some kind of sick joke, I’ll…”

Rick silenced her with a finger on her lips, the way he’d done

just before the first time they’d made love. “You think I saved you
from… from your unhappiness. You’re probably right. But you saved
me, too. I mean…” He took a breath. “Look at what I was doing. I
was training her to be a slave. If I hadn’t met you – I mean really
gotten to know you – I probably would’ve…” He trailed off. “I
don’t like to think about it. I know I would’ve forgotten what it
meant to love someone. You saved me from that. I love you, Jennifer.
Marry me.”

Jennifer was on the verge of tears. “I love you, too. Of

course I’ll marry you.” She kissed him again, insistently, her hand
gripping his shoulder. Rick moved his hands to her flanks and they
stood for a long time, drinking each other in. Rick was dimly aware
of Candace moaning.

Suddenly Jennifer let out a squeal of pleasure and broke the

kiss. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

“What is it?”

A look of wonder spread across Jennifer’s face. Rick noticed

that her hand was still on Candace’s pussy, her index finger inserted
some distance up Candace’s cunt. “You never fucked her?” Jennifer
asked in amazement.

“Um… no. Why?”

“You never fucked her? Not even once? Why not?”

“Because of you. Why is that important now?”

“Oh, Rick, that’s so sweet…”

“Fine, but what’s your point?”

“Honey, it seems our little slut is a virgin.”


“I can feel it. A nice unbroken cherry.”

“Oh…” Rick thought about it. It made sense. Candace hadn’t

had sex with anyone before she met Rick, and Rick had never fucked
her. Somehow it had never occurred to him, though, that that would
make Candace a virgin.

A sly grin spread across Jennifer’s face. “Well, I think

that’s a job for you, stallion.” Her hand withdrew from Candace’s
cunt and grabbed Rick’s soft cock.

“What? Right now?”

“No time like the present.” Jennifer leered at him. Her

hand slowly began to stroke his member.

“You really want me to… take her? Now?”

“The word is ‘fuck’, honey, and yes, I do want you to. You

just gave me a wonderful gift. The least I can do is return the
favor. Now stop your yapping and take the bitch’s cherry.”

Rick felt his cock hardening under her ministrations. “Okay.”

“Lie down on the bed, bitch,” Jennifer commanded. Candace

eagerly climbed onto the bed and lay down faceup. Jennifer climbed up
and sat next to the slut’s head. She undid the pins holding Candace’s
hair in place and let it fall out across the pillow. “Now lift your
legs high in the air and spread them. Your master is about to fuck
your virgin cunt.” Candace complied, spreading herself wide open to
expose the soft pink folds of her shaved cunt. Jennifer looked up at
Rick. “Climb aboard, stud,” she breathed.

Rick knelt on the bed between Candace’s legs, which were still

enmeshed in the black stockings and capped with the spiked heels. He
placed one leg on each shoulder and positioned his cockhead at the
entrance to Candace’s wet cunt. He took a deep breath.

“Do it honey,” Jennifer exhorted.

Rick pushed his cock into Candace’s cunt. Damn, it was tight.

He tried to push it in as hard as he could, but he could only make a
couple inches of progress on his first thrust. Candace squealed
loudly. Jennifer rose to a kneeling position and straddled Candace’s
head, facing toward Rick. “Lick me, slut,” she commanded.

Rick withdrew his cock and pushed in again. He heard Candace

squeal again, but the sound was muffled, since her mouth was full of
Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer leaned forward to kiss Rick, breathing
softly in his ear. “Come on, honey, fuck her hard.”

Rick pulled out and thrust again, making a little more

progress. Candace’s cunt was slowly opening up. It felt so good.
The bitch was tight! He couldn’t wait until he got the chance to
shove his whole cock into this tight little slut. Jennifer continued
to kiss him, unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands across his
chest, occasionally breathing further exhortations into his ear.

Suddenly, Rick felt his cockhead bump up against an

obstruction at the end of a thrust. “I’ve hit it,” he whispered to

Her response was forceful. “Slam it into her, honey. I love

that huge cock of yours, and I want our little bimbo to feel every
inch of it. Fuck the bitch’s brains out.”

Rick withdrew his cock and shoved it back in with all his

might. He felt Candace’s cherry break as his cock slammed into her,
stopping only when the head of his cock hit her cervix. Candace
screamed. Rick saw Jennifer smile. She looked down toward her
crotch, where Candace’s face was still buried. “Hurts, doesn’t it,
bitch?” she said. “You needed a good fucking. Don’t worry; it’ll go
away. You’ll enjoy getting fucked, slut.” She turned back to Rick.
“Fuck her hard and fast, honey. Show her what it means to be a

Rick responded eagerly, pulling his cock out and slamming it

back in again. He took long, deep strokes as quickly as he could,
filling up Candace’s cunt full each time. Jennifer stopped her kissing
and lay her body down on top of Candace’s. “Keep licking, bitch!” she
yelled. With her own tongue, she began to tickle Rick’s shaft as he
fucked Candace, licking his balls each time he filled the slut up.

Rick went wild from the sensation. He had never experienced

anything like it. He was fucking a cunt tighter than he could ever
have imagined, squeezing his cock like a velvet vise while his fiancee
licked at his cock. It wasn’t long before he felt his come boiling
inside him.

“I’m… coming, honey…” Rick gasped. Jennifer began to lick

him furiously. He slammed his cock into Candace one final time as he
felt himself explode. He never thought he’d be able to come so much
in so short a time, but he could feel his come flooding Candace’s
pussy. He felt it squeeze past his cock as he continued to come. All
the while Jennifer continued to lick his balls.

Suddenly Candace’s cunt squeezed him tight. Her back arched

and she began to moan loudly. The bitch was coming. “See?” Jennifer
asked, looking at the spot between her legs where Candace’s face was
buried. “I told you you’d like it, you little slut.”

Rick relaxed as his orgasm ebbed and looked down to see his

come dripping from Candace’s pussy onto the bedsheets. Jennifer was
lapping eagerly at it. She sat up, and Rick could see his come had
rubbed onto her chin. She flashed him a sultry smile, but it quickly
faded s her eyes closed and her breathing quickened. Candace’s orgasm
ended just as Jennifer’s began. She threw herself at Rick, gripping
his tightly as she screamed through a powerful orgasm.

Rick waited for over a minute until she calmed down. He felt

some jealousy at first. She’d never come that hard from anything he’d
done. But then he rebuked himself. This was something he’d done.
Jennifer had asked him to fuck Candace, and he had. She’d been
getting off on seeing him fuck a virgin bitch. Candace’s tongue was

And besides, hadn’t Rick just come to a powerful orgasm from

fucking Candace? But it wasn’t Candace that had mattered. It was
Jennifer. Jennifer urging him on, Jennifer licking his cock. She had
made it special. Not Candace. Candace was just a tool. A very
useful tool, but just a tool.

Jennifer’s orgasm subsided, and she opened her eyes. “I love

you, honey.” She looked down at Candace’s body. “You kept going all
through your orgasm, slut. You never stopped licking your mistress.
Good girl!” she praised, slapping Candace approvingly on the arm. She
turned back to Rick. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with her.”

“One question, honey.” Rick said.

“What’s that, dear?”

“You spent several years playing out these domination



“And you had sex with a lot of women.”

“Yeah. So?”

“Right after our first time in my office, you told me you

hadn’t made love to anyone since high school.”

Jennifer smiled. “I didn’t say that. I said I hadn’t made

love to a man since high school.”

“Ah,” Rick replied.

“And I’m planning on making love to a man again tonight. The

old-fashioned way. He’s going to fuck my very own pussy.” She looked
down. “Although I’m sure we can find some way she can help out.”

“Honey, I really don’t think I’ll be able to do it again until


“I think you’ll be perfectly capable, darling,” Jennifer

replied, a gleam in her eye.

It turned out Jennifer was right.

Sixteen Years Later

Rick enjoyed the warmth of his wife’s body pressed against

his. Jennifer’s head rested on his chest. They were alone tonight.
Candace had been given permission to frig herself to one orgasm in her
room. Rick and Jennifer still enjoyed using her just as much as they
had when they’d first gotten married, but sometimes it was nice just
to have a night alone, as a pair of consenting adults. Very

“Feel better, honey?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, that was just what I needed.”

“Me, too,” Jennifer giggled. Even after fifteen years of

marriage, Rick still found her laughter intoxicating. Various other
things about her were also still quite enjoyable.

“Things have just been so stressful recently. Maybe I can

seduce Donna…”

“You lech!” Jennifer responded playfully. “You’ve already had

your way with two secretaries, and now you want a third?”

Rick smiled. Jennifer’s intelligence and business savvy

hadn’t gone unnoticed for long in the company after she’d started
working as Rick’s secretary. Within a year of their marriage, she
been promoted into the Procurement department. Her career had risen
steadily thereafter, and she’d assumed the VP position at the head of
the department the year before Rick had reached the equivalent
position in Marketing.

When she’d left the secretarial position, Rick had managed to

move Candace into the job. He and Jennifer had done some more work on
her with the hypnotism drug, restoring most of her “normal”
intelligence. It turned out that a smart blonde made a much better
secretary than a dumb one.

They had managed to set things up so that Candace was able to

use her full intelligence in performing secretarial duties, but a
simple slap on the ass or a hand groping her tits would turn her back

into a brainless bimbo. She wasn’t really brainless then, but the
post-hypnotic suggestions constrained her to act like it. This had
the added side-effect of reawakening her militant-feminist
sensibilities. Jennifer had loved the fact that the former radical
magazine editor was now a secretary, required to get coffee and
provide other services to her boss. Jennifer had made sure to visit
Rick quite often for one-on-one inter-department consultation
meetings. Rick’s secretary was, of course, quite useful at these

But it hadn’t lasted forever. After two years of this, Rick

and Jennifer had decided to get pregnant, Jennifer had stopped taking
birth control pills. One evening, as Rick and Jennifer had made
passionate love, with Candace licking at Jennifer’s clit and Rick’s
balls, Tom had been conceived.

When Jennifer’s maternity leave after Tom’s birth had ended,

Rick and Jennifer had decided that it made sense for Candace to stay
at home and take care of the baby. Candace had remained at home
since, taking care of Tom and keeping the house clean.

She still took care of a lot of Rick and Jennifer’s office

work, writing reports and making phone calls from home. By freeing
her master and mistress from the drudgework of the office, she gave
them a lot more free time to spend with Tom. Even so, “Aunt Candace”
was still responsible for looking after him when he came home from
school, making his lunch in the morning, and cleaning his room. Rick
knew that Candace loved the boy every bit as much as he and Jennifer

No one except Jennifer and Rick knew the truth about Aunt

Candace’s origins. Rick’s parents thought she was Jennifer’s cousin,
and Jennifer’s parents thought she was Rick’s cousin. A little bit of
conditioning with the hypnotism drug had ensured that neither family
was curious enough to investigate. Tom knew that Candace wasn’t
really a relative, but just an old friend of his parents who had never
gotten married and lived with them. Which was all true, technically.
Tom was aware that Candace sometimes slept in the master bedroom with
his parents, or even with just one of them if the other was on a
business trip, but never thought anything of it. He’d grown up with
things being that way, and it never struck him as unusual.

Rick was interrupted from his musings by his wife. “Honey, we

need to talk.”

“Hmmm? About what?”

“Tom. Candace found a magazine under his mattress when she

was cleaning this afternoon.”

Rick sighed. He knew what a “magazine” meant. “Well, we knew

it would happen sooner or later. He is thirteen, now.”

“You need to talk to him, Rick. Tell him the facts of life.”

“Yeah. I haven’t been looking forward to this.”

“I know, honey, but worse men than you have done just fine.”


“Besides, you’ll have a visual aid.”


“Candace. You can use her to demonstrate…”

“Demonstrate? You want me to…”

“Teach Tom how to use Candace.”

“But… but…”

“Look, he’s probably already got some pretty good guesses what

we do with her in this bed. It’s not going to be long before he
figures it out. He may try to fuck her by himself, anyway. And
Candace would let him, too. She loves the boy.”

Rick remained silent.

“This way, everything will be out in the open, and he can let

off his steam in a safe way.”

“But what about girls his own age? Will he know the

difference between a woman and a bitch?”

“Yes, he’ll know, because you’re going to tell him. And if he

can fuck Candace whenever he wants, he won’t be horny all the time,
and he’ll be able to relate to girls his age as real people, rather
than viewing them as sex objects, like every other teenage boy.”

Rick was silent for a time. “Well how is he going to learn to

please a real woman, if he learns by fucking Candace?”

“That’s simple. We’ll teach Candace to teach him. It’ll take

some work, but we can set her up so that from time to time, Tom will
have to work to get her excited. He can learn by trial and error how
to pleasure her. In fact, we can set it up so that he can choose
whether he wants to practice lovemaking, or just fuck the bitch.
He’ll give Candace the appropriate commands. We’ll just have to tell
him that he has to do at least one training session for every, say,
three times he uses Candace as a bitch.”

“You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?”

“Don’t I always? Then I think by the time he starts dating

girls, he’ll be a world-class lover, and he’ll be able to satisfy his
girlfriends if they want him to. And you’re going to teach him to
respect them, and not try anything they don’t want.”

“You’re sure this’ll work? Training Candace to teach Tom how

to make love?”

“Well, if it doesn’t, I could always teach him…”


“I’m kidding, honey. Of course it’ll work. Don’t my ideas

always work?”

Rick had to admit that was true. “Okay, I’ll talk to him


Rick closed the door behind him and sat down on Tom’s bed.

His son was sitting next to him, his wiry thirteen-year-old frame
perched on the edge of the bed. Rick could already see the muscles
developing on Tom’s arms; he was starting to put on a man’s body.
Rick took a deep breath.

“Son,” Rick began, “there are certain things a man has to tell

his son at this time of his life. You’re not a boy anymore. Your
body is developing in new and different ways. You’re becoming a man.
And you’re experiencing a lot of new feelings. Today I’m going to
explain what those feelings are, where they come from, and how to deal
with them.”

Tom was obviously nervous, but he responded bravely. “Okay,


Rick explained the biological facts of reproduction, most of

which Tom knew. He explained the sperm, the ovum, the fertilization
process, and the sex act. He also explained arousal, and where it
came form.

“Now, son, thousands of years ago, when our ancestors lived in

caves, male sex urges served a very important purpose. Back then, a
man wanted to have sex with as many women as possible, in order to
spread his genes around, so that he would have a lot of children.
Most children didn’t survive long, so it was important to have a lot
of them. At the same time, he wanted to keep other men from having
sex with his women. So he developed a very possessive attitude toward
women. He wanted to own them. And he wanted to have sex with them
constantly. So women were treated as objects, as possessions.”

“That was the way it was, because that’s the way we evolved.

Today, we’ve advanced to the point where we don’t have to have sex all
the time to survive. Children don’t die very often. So we don’t need
to treat women as objects anymore.”

“And we know now that we shouldn’t. Just because we evolved

to think of women as objects doesn’t mean it’s right. In fact, it’s
wrong. Women are people just like you and me. They have thoughts and
feelings. They’re capable of doing everything we can do. Hell, your
mother makes more money than I do.”

“It’s important to respect women. You’re going to be dealing

with girls and women a lot more often very soon, and you have to treat
them with respect. Love is based on respect. I love your mother more
than anyone else in the whole world, except for you, and that love is
based on the mutual respect we have for each other. She’s also my
best friend. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, dad.”

“Okay. But we still have these urges. A part of us still

wants to possess and control women. You have to keep these feelings
under control and only let them out at the appropriate times.” Rick
swallowed. “That’s what a bitch is for.”

Tom’s jaw dropped. Nervous, Rick turned toward the door.

“Come in, Candace.”

The door opened and Candace walked in. Tom’s mouth dropped

even further open. “Aunt Candace?”

Tom had never seen Candace dressed like this. She generally

wore conservative clothes around the house. But now she was decked
out in her finest slutware. She wore a pair of black spiked heels and
black mesh stockings and garter. A pair of shiny gold panties barely
covered her crotch, and matched a gold bra that displayed her tits
proudly. Her face was perfectly made-up, and her thick blonde hair
spilled gently over her shoulders and cascaded down her back.
Although Candace was over forty years old now, the regular use of
anti-wrinkle cream, a strict daily fitness regimen, and some choice
bits of cosmetic surgery left her with the body of a slut in her latetwenties.

“Your Aunt Candace is a bitch, son. Her purpose is to provide

sexual pleasure. That’s all she wants in life. Look at me, son.”
Tom ripped his eyes off of Candace’s chest and faced his father. “A
woman is different. A woman is a person with thoughts and feelings
that you have to understand. And it’s worth it to understand women.
It’s very rewarding. But sometimes, you just need to vent your urges.
And that’s what a bitch like Candace is for. No complex feelings.
She just wants to be fucked. Understand?”

“O-okay, Dad.”

“Now, I’m going to show you how to use a bitch. This is a lot

different from making love to a woman. You’ll hear about that later.”
Now come over here and pull her bra down off of her tits.”

Tom rose slowly and walked over to Candace. As though afraid

she was going to bite him, he gently pulled the bra down until
Candace’s tits hung free.

“Touch her tits, son. Feel them. Notice how round and firm

they are? That’s one way to tell a slut like Candace from a woman. A
woman has breasts, which are soft and natural. A bitch, though,
doesn’t have breasts. She has big, round, firm tits.” Tom was gently
cupping and caressing Candace’s melonlike tits, eliciting soft moans
from the slut. “Rub the nipples, son. Notice how hard they get? A
bitch likes having her nipples fondled, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, master,” Candace groaned in a husky voice. Tom started

as she spoke. He’d never heard Candace talk that way. But he
continued to fondle the twin globes of flesh on Candace’s chest.
Candace’s silicone tits had been a gift from Jennifer to Rick on their
tenth anniversary. She’d noticed how much Rick enjoyed paying
attention to her own breasts, which were quite a bit larger than
Candace’s natural tits had been, and decided to see if Rick would like
a somewhat bustier slave-bitch. She’d been right.

“Try licking them,” Rick suggested. Tom hesitantly bent his

head to touch Candace’s nipple with his tongue. The slut groaned in
pleasure. “Oh, yes, master… lick my tits…” Tom still seemed
nervous about using Candace, but her exhortations spurred him to suck
her erect nipple fiercely. Candace’s breathing quickened as he did
so, and her chest arched, thrusting her tits against Tom’s frantic
mouth. Tom was clearly enjoying this, and sucked and licked at
Candace’s tits eagerly, his hands coming to rest on her hips.

Rick allowed Tom to have his fun with Candace’s chest for

awhile. It was important that the boy become comfortable with using
the bitch’s body for his own pleasure. But there were other things he
needed to learn. “Pull her panties down. Feel between the slut’s
legs, son.” Tom ceased his petting of her tits and slid her panties
down. His hand cupped her crotch. Candace adjusted her stance,
spreading her legs to accommodate his touch. Tom seemed less nervous
now. More in control.

“Notice how smooth she is down there, son? That’s another

difference between a woman and a bitch. A woman has hair growing down
there, but a bitch keeps her cunt shaved nice and smooth.” Rick knelt
in front of Candace and pointed out her clitoris. “Rub it, son.”
Candace groaned as Tom did so, sliding his finger back and forth on
her swollen clit. “She really likes that. If you ever want to reward
her for doing something good, you can rub her there.”

“Now slide your finger up here,” Rick instructed, continuing

to show Tom all the features of the bitch’s body. Tom’s index finger
slid into Candace’s cunt. Candace was panting with lust now at the
penetration. Rick smiled. When Tom took his first ride, the bitch
would come.

“It’s wet,” Tom said in awe.

“That’s because she’s ready to be used. Are you ready to use

the bitch, son?”

“Y-yeah, sure,” Tome stammered.

“All right. There are a lot of ways to use a bitch like

Candace. Today you’re just going to fuck her. Now remember, a bitch
does whatever you tell her, so you have to give her the right
commands. What you want her to do is lie down on the bed and spread
her legs. And remember, it’s important to call her a bitch, or a
slut, or a whore, or something else degrading whenever you give her a
command. Go ahead.”

Tom stepped back and swallowed nervously. “L-Lie down on the

bed, slut,” he said, his voice quivering.

“Yes, master,” Candace replied, spreading her body out on

Tom’s bed.

Tom was struggling to keep his voice smooth. “Spread your

legs, bitch,” he growled.

Candace complied, her legs parting to reveal the damp folds of

her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and she was panting with lust, her
tits rising and falling with every breath she took. Tom’s eyes were
riveted on the sight before him: A hot bitch who obeyed his every
command and was practically begging to be fucked.

“Get up there,” Rick instructed. Tom shook of his daze and

climbed onto the bed, kneeling in front of Candace’s crotch. Her legs
automatically came to rest on his shoulders. “Tell her to pull out
your cock.”

“P-pull out my c-cock, bitch,” Tom commanded. Candace’s

skilled hands swiftly unfastened Tom’s belt and unzipped his jeans.
His rock-hard member sprang free. Candace groaned in lust at the
sight of it. Rick could see why. For a thirteen-year-old, Tom was
pretty well-hung. He’d have to explain to the boy that when making
love to a woman, size was of little importance. But Candace wasn’t a
woman. She was a bitch, and a bitch loved nothing more than getting
fucked by a big cock.

“Now, your cock goes in here, where your finger was. But

here’s the fun part. Just touch these folds here and hold it there.”
The swollen purple head of Tom’s cock rested against the outer folds
of Candace’s cunt. The bitch was hyperventilating and thrusting her
hips at Tom, trying to draw his cock into her dripping cunt. “Don’t
go in yet. This is the best part. See how excited she is? She
always gets incredibly horny when she thinks she’s about to get
fucked. There’s nothing in the whole world that a bitch like Candace
craves more than a good fucking. It’s a lot of fun to make her beg
for it.”

“In fact, it’s a good idea to occasionally act like you’re

going to fuck her, get her all excited and hot, and then not do it.
Just have her suck you off or something. That way, she’ll never know
for sure whether she’s going to get it or not, so she’ll be all the
more desperate and hungry for a fucking. Now, what you want to do now
is degrade her as thoroughly as you can. Tell her how cheap and
filthy she is. Make her beg to be fucked. Go to it, son,”

Tom drew a ragged breath. “You f-filthy little slut,” he

said, his voice hoarse. “You l-look like a cheap whore begging for a
fuck, B-beg me to fuck you, bitch!” Rick was impressed with Tom’s
abilities. The boy was quickly learning how to use a bitch.

“Oh, please fuck me, master!” Candace breathed. “I’ve been

waiting so long for you to realize how much I need your cock inside
me. I got so hot when I found that magazine under your bed, because I
knew that meant you would be learning how to fuck me soon. I’ve been
waiting to be filled up with your hard cock since you were born. Fuck
me, fuck me!”

Tom grunted mightily as he shoved his rock-hard cock deep into

the bitch’s cunt. Candace shrieked in ecstasy at his entry. After a
second, Tom withdrew and shoved himself into the slut’s cunt again,
even harder. Candace moaned again. Rick smiled as he watched his son
use the slave-bitch. He’d been surprised by Candace’s lust for his
son’s cock. No wonder she loved that boy; she’d been lusting after
his cock for thirteen years! Rick knew Tom would get plenty of
enjoyment out of the bitch over the next several years.

Tom continued to fuck Candace. He wouldn’t last long, Rick

knew. The boy was close to orgasm already. So was Candace. The
bitch was thrusting back desperately at Tom, her tits bouncing on her
chest as she strained to take the boy’s cock as far inside her as
possible. “Ohhhh… fuck… meeeee….” she groaned as Tom pistoned
madly in and out of her.

Tom’s hands moved down to grip Candace’s flanks, and he began

pulling her onto his cock. Rick was surprised at the boy’s strength.
Each time his pelvis thrust forward, his strong arms would pull the
slut down onto his cock, and he would groan with animal pleasure.
Tom’s nervousness was gone, replaced by pure lust as he grunted
vocally at Candace. “Nnggh! Take my… Ooomph! … cock, you
sleazy… Unngh! … bitch! Gonna … Ummph! … fuck you good, you
… Nngh! …cheap little slut!” All the pent-up energy and sexual
frustration of a thirteen-year-old boy was being released into the
horny slave-bitch on the bed beneath him. Candace seemed to be loving

Rick saw his son’s body tighten as he slammed his cock into

the slut beneath him one final time. The boy groaned in ecstasy as he
came. Candace simultaneously flew into a screaming orgasm, her back
arching and her tits straining toward the ceiling. Rick was happy
that the boy was enjoying his first fuck, and glad that Candace was
having fun, too.

Rick watched as the boy and the bitch came together, Tom’s

white jism overflowing from Candace’s cunt and dripping onto the bed.
At last their orgasms subsided, Candace falling back onto the bed and
Tom pulling his cock out with an audible pop. The thirteen-year-old’s
shaft was coated in sticky with come, and a thick string of it
stretched from the head of his cock to Candace’s pussy. “She’ll clean
that up for you, son. Just tell her to.”

“Clean my cock, bitch,” Tom said harshly, looking at Candace.

“Yes, master,” she responded, sitting up and bending over to

lick the sperm off of Tom’s cock. Tom watched her, one hand idly
playing with her tits.

“Now, son,” Rick said, causing Tom to look up at him

attentively, “you can use her whenever you want. Just let her know
you want to fuck. But remember, she has things she has to do during
the day, so don’t tie up all of her time. Only an hour or two a day,
okay? And remember, no one outside of this family is to know about
this. Understand?”

“Sure, dad.”

“All right. I’ll leave you two alone now,” he said, turning

toward the door.

“Well, now, Aunt Candace, you were such a good fuck, let’s see

how good a cocksucker you are,” Tom was saying as Rick closed the
door. He smiled. The boy was going to find out just how skilled a
bitch Candace was.

Candace sat at the computer, typing furiously. The report her

mistress needed on the annual budget was barely half-done, and it was
midnight already, and there was at least three hours worth of work
still to be done.

It had been Tom. She’d never expected him to be so strong.

He’d fucked her not once, but twice, that afternoon, keeping her in
his room for four hours. She’d left his room, exhausted, just in time
to get started on the laundry that had to be done. She hadn’t had
time to start the report until ten. If she were lucky, she’d get four
hours of sleep before getting up in the morning.

She bent over the stack of papers on the desk next to the

keyboard, squinting to make out the miniscule text. She turned back
to the monitor…

…and felt a hand caressing her breast. No… Not now… But

a soft moan escaped her lips. “Ohh…”

“Whatcha doing?” The voice was Tom’s.

Tom! But he’d already fucked her twice! She didn’t have the

time. The hand squeezed the globe of her breast and rubbed her nipple
through the thin fabric of the bikini she wore. She groaned.

“Whatcha working on, Aunt Candace?”

She fought to resist her body’s urges. Rick hadn’t squeezed

her tits like that in a long time. “It’s a… report… for your
mother… have to… mmmmm… finish…” Her eyes closed as a wave of
pleasure washed over her.

Tom’s hands had slipped under the bikini top and one hand now

squeezed each nipple. “I love your tits, Aunt Candace. So round and
firm.” He cupped them and squeezed.

She had to finish the report! But her body betrayed her, her

nipples haredening in arousal. “Oh, master…”

One of Tom’s hands slid down her stomach and under her

panties. Candace gasped as his fingers brushed her clit. “Keep on
working, Aunt Candace. You need to finish this report.”

Candace opened her eyes and tried to resume typing. Just

then, Tom’s index finger slipped inside her snatch. She shuddered
with pleasure. “Ohhh… fu… fuck me…. fuck meeeee…”

“But, Aunt Candace, your report…” Tom bean teasingly.

“Fuck me, master! Fuck me with your hard cock!”

Tom was merciless. “But what about…”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she squealed, bouncing up and

down, trying to fuck herself on Tom’s finger. The urge was
uncontrollable. All thoughts of finishing the report had been
banished from her mind. She had to have his cock!

“Stand up, bitch!” Tom commanded, withdrawing his hands from

her tit and cunt. Candace complied quickly. She needed to get
fucked! Tom seated himself in the chair and leaned back. “You may
take my cock out and fuck yourself on it, slut.”

Candace quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them down to

his ankles, allowing his cock to spring free. She gasped again at the
sight of it. Tom was only thirteen, and yet his cock was nearly the
size of his father’s.

She was unable to restrain herself. Breathing heavily, she

spread her legs, straddling Tom’s lap. The smiling boy watched her.
Grabbing his cock with one hand, Candace bent her legs and lowered
her pussy onto Tom’s cock.

Candace tried to concentrate on her work as she dusted off the

shelves of the entertainment cabinet. For the sixth time in as many
minutes, she glanced at the clock on the VCR. 1:35. Fifty-five
minutes until Tom got home. She tried to ignore the tingling in her
pussy, fighting the urge to rub her slit through the tight bikini
panties she wore. The bikini bottom and a button-down shirt tied off
under her tits were the most practical clothes she was allowed to wear
around the house. She wore them and a pair of three-inch heels – the
most stable pair of shoes she was capable of wearing without painfully
stressing her tendons – while cleaning. She faced the coming hour
with a mixture of dread and lust.

Over the last several years, Candace had found herself being

made use of less and less often. When her master and mistress had
first moved in together, they had made use of her almost every night.
Candace had orgasmed frequently and powerfully. After she’d started
working as Rick’s secretary, she’d gotten use during the day as well –
giving Rick a quick blowjob, carrying some documents up to Jennifer’s
office and eating her out while she was up there, even an occasional
threeway with both master and mistress.

In the years since she’d quit work to care for Tom, her sexual

activity had steadily declined. Rick and Jennifer had stopped
bringing her into their bed every night, often preferring to amuse
themselves more privately. These days they used Candace together
maybe twice a week. They would both still make occasional use of her
body on an individual basis, but even so, Candace often went days
without being used. She hadn’t minded at all. Her own sexual desires
had faded as well over time. She had been perfectly content to come
only once or twice a week.

The dropoff in use had coincided with an increase in the

amount of work she was required to do for her masters. Rick and
Jennifer both routinely brought home papers for her to read and
comment on. She was often expected to write reports and prepare
presentations for her masters. Oddly enough, between the paperwork
she did for her masters, and the decreasing amount of use she got, she
had regained some of her pride.

She was still a good little bitch, always eager to spread her

legs for her master’s cock or lick her mistress’s cunt. But she was
proud of the fact that she had become something more – an important
contributor to her masters’ well-being. Not an equal, but not really
a slave either. More a trusted subordinate.

But two weeks ago, that had changed. Two weeks ago, Tom Logan

had fucked her for the first time, slamming his thirteen-year-old cock
into her cunt with a force she hadn’t imagined possible. After his
father had instructed him in Candace’s use, Tom had proceeded to use
her several times a day.

The whirlwind pace had left her little time to do her regular

work for her masters. Last week she’d written a quarterly report for
Rick and inadvertently omitted a whole section. Rick had caught the
mistake and given her a stern talking-to. She knew she wouldn’t have
made the mistake if she’d been allowed a decent amount of sleep in the
last couple of weeks.

She worked hurriedly. In five minutes or so she would need to

start fixing up her hair and putting on makeup for Tom’s afternoon
ride. Her pussy tingled again at the thought.

And the worst part was how much she enjoyed getting used by

the boy. Tom used her with a zest and power that she hadn’t
experienced with Rick or Jennifer in a long time. To them, she knew,
she was a fact of life. They took her for granted. That was what had
allowed her to rise to a position of importance within the family.

But to Tom, she was a wonderful new plaything, a thousand new

opportunities to explore. And how he explored. He’d fucked her in
almost every conceivable position.

As she was preparing to retire to her room to change for her

fucking by Tom, the door flew open. She whirled to find herself
facing a grinning boy. “School’s out early today, bitch,” he said,
closing the door. “And I see a hot slut begging for a fucking.”

Candace’s knees shook as she felt the heat in her cunt

intensify. Her cheeks burned with humiliation, but the thought of the
boy’s cock in her cunt excited her incredibly. She knew that she’d do
anything for it. And two short weeks ago she’d been so proud of
herself. Now she was just a bitch again.

The boy tossed his backpack onto the floor next to the door.

“Untie the shirt, bitch. I want to see those tits,” he growled,
striding purposefully toward her. Candace groaned in pleasure at his
harsh language, feeling simultaneously aroused and disgusted. Neither
Rick nor Jennifer ever called her a bitch anymore. She’d forgotten
what degradation had felt like, and both thanked and hated Tom for
reminding her.

She untied the knot in her shirt, letting her melonlike tits

hang free. Tom reached out eagerly to fondle the firm globes of
silicone and flesh. Candace moaned at his touch. Rick and Jennifer
never seemed to notice her tits anymore. Rick had been interested for
about a year after Jennifer had gotten Candace the implants, but the
novelty had eventually worn off. The sensation of having her tits
fondled was one thing Candace had forgotten about until a few weeks

Tom seemed to derive endless fascination from her tits –

rubbing them, squeezing them, pinching them, licking them, sucking
them. She often spent the night in his bed, and he would fall asleep
with one hand wrapped around each of her tits, kneading them gently.
The attention often kept her fully aroused for several hours. He
hadn’t fucked them, but she knew it was only a matter of time until he

“Blow me, bitch,” Tom growled. “Do a good job and I’ll fuck

your brains out.” Candace whined plaintively, but did as she was
told, sinking to her knees und unzipping the boy’s jeans. His cock
seemed to have already reached its adult size, and sprang out at her
as she pulled down his pants. She dove on it eagerly, her tongue
swirling around its thick shaft.

She felt Tom’s hands running through her hair, removing the

pins that had kept it up out of her way when she’d been cleaning. Two
weeks ago, he’d been hesitant, unsure of himself. But now his hands
moved over her body with perfect confidence and familiarity. He
pulled her hair out, combing it with his fingers as she continued to
suck his cock.

She took him as depply into her throat as possible, her lips

sliding smoothly along his prick. Her pussy was dripping wet at his
promise of a fucking. Sometimes he fucked her, sometimes he didn’t.
She got so frustrated by the uncertainty of it all. And she was
thoroughly humiliated by her continued lust for the mere possibility
of a fucking.

“Yes… yesssss…” Tom groaned. “There’s a good little slut.

You’re always a good slut, Candace. I always knew that was what you
were. Even before Dad told me you were a sex-bitxh, I knew. It was
so obvious. I’ve been dreaming of this for so long. Dreaming of
taking my Aunt Candace and making her suck my cock. Making you beg
for my cock like the bitch I always kne you were.”

Candace moaned around his cock at the words. She’d wanted him

for so long, too. Even when he’d just been born, and Jennifer had let
her hold him, a tiny little baby in her arms, she’d known. She’d
known that someday the baby would grow into a man, and he would use
her just like his parents did. She’d looked at his little cock every
time she’d changed his diapers, wondering how big it was going to get,
how it would feel inside her.

“Yes, I think I’ll fuck you today, bitch,” Tom growled. “Get

up and bend over the chair,” Candace squealed in delight as she
stood. She turned her back to Tom and bent over, thrusting her ass
high in the air and resting her hands on the arms of the easy chair.
She felt her pussy drip with wetness.

Tom moved into position behind her. His hands grabbed the

bikini bottom and pulled it roughly down off of her hips. The strings
pulled against her thighs as Tom ran his hands up and down the lips of
her pussy, rubbing her swollen clit. “Oooooh…” she moaned,
“Ohhhhhh… fuck me, master… fuck me…” She whined plaintively,
shoving her hips back at his probing hands. Her head was fogged with

“So the little bitch wants some cock, hmmm?” Tom’s hands

moved from her cunt to her hips. Candace thrilled at his solid grip.
She was desperate to be fucked. The sensation of his cockhead
touching her labia almost drove her to orgasm. “All right, slut,” Tom
growled, “Here it comes…”


Candace felt the hands leave her hips and the cockhead leave

her pussy lips at the voice. No! She had to get fucked! “Fuck
meeeeee…” she mewled.

But Tom wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. “Mom!”

Candace turned to look. Sure enough, there was her mistress, standing
in the door.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jennifer asked, slamming the

door behind her as she strode into the room.

“Mom, I… I…” Tom stammered.

“I take off from work early to get a head start on shopping

for your birthday, and I come home to find you about to fuck Candace
in the middle of the living room?”

“I… I…” Tom was speechless.

“Well?” Jennifer demanded.

“D-Dad said that… Candace… I could… use… her.” Tom

muttered, eyes downcast. Candace whined at the statement. “Fuck
me…” Her pussy ached for cock.

Jennifer ignored her. “I know damn well what your father told

you. Did he tell you to fuck her in the middle of the living room?”

Tom seemed perplexed. “N-no…”

“I mean, for Chrissakes, Tom, what if I’d been bringing

company in?” Tom was silent. “Look, you’ve got a room, she’s got a
room. Try to keep your pants on long enough to get to one of them,
okay? It’s more comfortable on a bed, anyway.”

“So… it’s okay… to… to… do it with her?”

Jennifer sighed. “Of course it is, Tom. What do you think

your father and I have her around for?”

Tom was silent. Candace squealed with need, shaking her ass.

She was about to explode with lust. “Mistress… Master…”

“Well, don’t just stand there, Tom,” Jennifer said. “Look at

her. You can’t get her all hot and horny like this and then not use
her. Now take the bitch up to your room and fuck her brains out.”

“Yes, mom. Come on, bitch.”

Candace rose and followed Tom to his room She stumbled after

him as fast as she could with the bikin panties constraining her thighs.
Upon reaching his room, Tom closed the door behind Candace. The
downcast boy vanished, replaced by the confident master. “On the
bed, bitch. Hands and knees. Now!”

Candace moaned with pleasure as she rushed to comply, her cunt

tingling with desire. She had barely finished following his
instructions when she felt him kneel behind her. His hands gripped
her hips and pulled her back roughly as his swollen cock slammed into
her cunt. “Ohhh… yess!” she moaned as her pussy squeezed his cock

“Horny little slut!” Tom groaned as he continued to fuck her.

His hands crept forward to grasp her tits. He pulled them backward
with each stroke, using them as leverage to thrust his cock as far
into her cunt as possible. “Take my cock, bitch!”

Candace burned with humiliation even as she grew excited at

his words. She knew it was true. The pride she had taken from the
brainwork she had done was an illusion, an attempt to flee from
reality. This was the reality. Getting fucked by her Master, feeling
his hands gripping her silicone tits. She was a sex-toy. Nothing

She felt her master’s cock throbbing within her. The

sensation pushed her over the edge into orgasm. She screamed in
pleasure as her master’s seed spurted into her cunt. All doubt left
her mind as waves of pleasure crashed over her. This was what she
wanted more than anything else in the world.

Jennifer tossed her briefcase onto the couch and sat down,

letting the tension ease out of her body. She leaned back, closing
her eyes. She had to do something about Tom. He was coming along
just fine, showing all the normal adolescent urges and interests.
Soon she and Rick were going to train Candace to be a lovemaking
practice-woman for him, so that he could fit his urges into the proper
social context.

She was worried, though, about the enthusiasm with which the

boy was using the bitch. Jennifer didn’t think Tom would
intentionally hurt Candace, but a careless accident could happen. She
had to make sure Tom cared for Candace properly.

So she’d hypnotize him. Rick was going on a business trip the

next week; it would be the perfect opportunity to give Tom a little
conditioning. Some of the drug in his breakfast juice, and then a few
carefully chosen suggestions. She would tell Tom that he cared for
Candace. He cared about her enough to make sure she never got hurt.
He cared enough to look after her welfare if his parents died before
Candace did.

It would only take minor conditioning, probably less than half

an hour. And it would be permanent. Jennifer had become quite a good
hypnotist, and was good enough to plant suggestions strong enough to
last a lifetime. Teaching Tom to look out for Candace would be a
snap. Just like it had been fifteen years ago when she’d done it to

Jennifer loved him dearly, and knew that he wouldn’t abuse

Candace. But occasionally she worried a little about his darker
side. She knew it was safe as long as she was around; she and
Candace, between the two of them, were capable of satisfying all of
Rick’s desires. But what if something happened to Jennifer. Would
Rick’s urges take control of him?

She didn’t think so. Rick had long since dealt with his dark

side. But she couldn’t be perfectly sure. She had to make certain
that Candace would be taken care of if she died. She’d been a good
bitch, and she deserved that much. So she’d studied up on hypnotism,
secretly, and then conditioned Rick to care for Candace.

Jennifer opened her eyes, refreshed, and stood up. She had to

go out and get Tom’s birthday present. She looked down and saw the
boy’s pants lying on the floor, where he’d left them after undressing
to screw Candace. She picked them up and carried them off toward the
laundry room, shaking her head amusedly. “Just like his father.”

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