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by True Sailor Io

[Authors Note: This fanfic is based on a doujinshi that I have recently
purchased. I can’t read the words since they’re in Japanese, but the
pictures are enough to get the idea. This fanfic is of an adult nature
with drugs, rape, and brainwashing. If you find such things to be of a
rude or offensive nature, then please do not read it. I do not own Sailor
Pluto or any of the Sailor Moon characters within this fic. This fanfic is
a parody, it did not happen, nor would Naoko Takeuchi ever let it happen in
her writings.]

Pluto leaned back against the wall, her entire body naked save for the
collar around her neck. She was in a large auditorium the walls were
covered with fancy looking wallpaper and the carpet was just as expensive
looking. All around, people in black masks had gathered. Her right leg was
tied above her head, letting all the people in the place get a good look at
her dripping pussy, the result of all the men, and even some women, licking
her there and tasting her. On both side of her, the other Sailor Senshi
were likewise shackled.
In front of her was a sign, a simple construstion paper board with some
golden decoration on it. It was tacked to a pole that came up to her
thigh. On the sign was written:
NO. 10017

She was going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder as a sex slave for
their pleasures. And the damned thing was, she didn’t care anymore, she
didn’t care at all. She could thank her training for that.

Two Weeks Earlier

General Mekanaru walked through the damp caverns of the storage level.
His assistant walked behind him, chattering about the profits of the last
“And we have made a 90% increase since our last one sir, it seems the
doctors new mix is working better than we could have ever hoped. Already
the aqua haired one is begging for it.” The short little man said. The
general’s assistant was named Tei, not that Mekanaru cared. The little man
with the thick glasses was a mere accountant as far as he was concerned.
How he’d made it to lieutenant was beyond the general. He (the general)
himself was worthy of his title, with his large build and even larger
intelligence. Mekanaru’s face was scarred in two places, first on his left
cheek, caused by a bullet that had come too close for his tastes, and the
second was covered by a large eye patch. The general had lost his right
eye when a prisoner had tried to escape one time, she had managed to jab a
piece of iron wire into the eye before he’d stopped her. The girl hadn’t
counted on his tolerance for pain.
The pair came to the cell that held the next woman in line for
‘training’. A guard stood next to the door, his head covered by a hood
with a black X where the face was. The guard could see out of two small
holes cut where the eyes needed to be. The guard came to attention at the
generals approach, crossing his weapon across his chest. These new
aquirments had required arms guards, since they had proved to be quite
“Has this one been enhanced yet?” Mekanaru asked his assistant. Tei
whipped through his charts.
“Yes sir, she’s been completely enhanced where needed.” He said.
Mekanaru nodded to the guard, “Open it, we’ll take her in next, that just
leaves the last blond, correct?” he told the guard and asked Tei.
Tei again checked his charts, “Um, yessir, that would be Venus.” He said
as the guard got out his keys and unlocked the door.

Sailor Pluto sat on her knees on the cold stone floor. It was dark in her
cell, and damp. The only light came from the barred window in her cell
door. She had been here for hours, but hadn’t been able to think of a way
to escape.
Two days ago, all the Sailor Senshi had gathered at Rei’s home for a
weekly meeting. They had just begun talking when a dark blue gas was
pumped into the room, rendering them all unconscious. When Pluto awoke,
she was in her sailor fuki and laying on a gurney of some kind. Above her
were strange machines that hummed and blinked at her. One device buzzed
down to her and began emiting a bright green beam that sent jolts of pain
throughout her entire body. As she lay there screaming in agony, her body
changed, her waist shrank down a few inches and she could feel the muscles
in her butt getting firmer. But that wasn’t all, her breasts had swelled
to a size that she couldn’t even beging to guess at. All that the dark
green haired senshi knew was that each of her breasts was easily the same
size as her head.
After her altering was completed, Pluto was escorted under heavy guard to
this cell, where she waited for the last several hours. Food was brought
to her at one point, but she had to be fed as her hands were tied behind
her back to prevent her from trying to escape. It wouldn’t have been so
bad if not for the fact that the man feeding her couldn’t take his eyes off
of her insanly large breasts, and with the dank cold of her cell, her
nipples had stiffened out and strained against the fabric of her uniform.
Pluto heard footsteps outside, followed by voices. She couldn’t make out
any of the words, but after a moment, her cell door was opened and bright
light filled the room. “Sailor Pluto, you will come with me, it is time
for your training.” Said a man in some kind of uniform she had never seen.
Though by the insignia on his chest, she guessed that he was a high ranking
captain or general of some kind.
“Who are you!? Where are we, and where are my friends!?” Pluto demanded.
The man smiled and stepped into the room, and Pluto got a better look at
his face, he had a scar on his left cheek and a patch over his right eye.
“I am General Mekanaru, you are in the storage facility on my base, and
your comrades are enjoying themselves to the utmost I assure you.” He
said. Something about the last part of his statement made Pluto very
nervous. “Now, if you will stand, we can get things underway, I do have a
schedule to maintain.” The general said to her.
A pair of guards came in and forced Pluto to her feet, the general nodded,
and Pluto was prodded by the muzzle of an M-16 into following. If it were
possible, she would have used her powers to escape and find the others, but
for some reason, they weren’t working. She followed the general through
the winding corridors of his base. “Where are you taking me?” she asked.
“As I said, to your training.” The general said without turning to look at
“Training for what!?” she demanded.
“You’ll see soon enough.” Mekanaru sneered.
Pluto didn’t like that one bit. They rounded another corner and she could
hear the sound of someone moaning. Not moans of pain, but passion and
lust. There was a door at the end of the hall, as they got closer to it,
the moans got louder and more distinct. The general smiled and placed his
hand on the knob, “I believe you wanted to see your friends, well, here’s
one of them now.” He said as he opened the door for her.
The Time Senshi’s eyes widened at what she saw behind that door. Neptune
knelt on all fours on the floor. She was naked save for her shoes, she too
had had her body changed by the machine, her breasts were large, with
bright pink nipples that were stiff and hard with arousal, milk dripped
from those nipples from what she could see. But that wasn’t what shocked
her the most, what did that was the sight of two vibrating dildos that were
shoved into her pussy and asshole. The aqua haired senshi moaned in
pleasure as the plastic devices buzzed away inside her. And Pluto saw that
Neptunes face was smeared with sperm, mostly around her mouth.
“Neptune!!” Pluto shouted and tried to move forward, but the guard poked
her back with his gun and she stopped.
Neptune turned to look at her, her eyes were empty, with no will of their
own, “MOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!” she moaned at length.
“This will be your training my dear, you will become a willing sex slave
for the pleasures of whoever bids the highest for you.” The general said,
he looked to a couple of the observing guards, “Take that one back to
storage.” He said. This was how the training worked, the next woman to
have her will broken was always forced to see the girl before her. So she
would glimpse what she was to become. It was preferred that the previous
woman be close when ever possible, that way, hopes of escape generally
dwindled to nothing. Neptune was picked up off the floor and placed on a
gurney, the vibrators still inside her.
“Sooo goooood….” She moaned as they carted her off. The moment she was
out of the room, Pluto was taken over to where she was, her arms were tied
to two ropes hanging from the ceiling and a plastic ballgag was shoved into
her mouth. The ball had holes in it to allow her to breathe, but it was
still large enough to make her choke on her own saliva unless she let
herself drool out through the holes.
“Get started on that one, we have a schedule to keep.” The general said as
he left the room. It was then that Pluto noticed several naked men were
also standing in the room, all of them with the same X hoods that the guard
outside her cell door had worn. One of these men walked up behind her with
a razor and proceeded to cut away the miniskirt of her uniform, letting her
panties show. She then heard the razor drop to the floor as the man slid
his hand inside her panties and fondled her pussy.
She became wet almost the instant he touched the folds of her labia. It
seems that her body was also made ten times more sensitive by the machin
that had enhanced her body. Soon the was dripping wet, and the mans
fingers slid in and out of her sheath with ease. Dispite herself, Pluto
moaned with pleasure and disgust.
It seemed that the guard was waiting for her to moan, because when she
did, he ripped her panties off and shoved two of his fingers inside her.
Pluto moaned again, this time more in pleasure than anything else. The
guards free hand went to her enormous breasts and fondled the left one
through the fabric of her fuki. But after a second, her pulled the fabric
aside and exposed her breasts to the cool air of the room.
As if the cold air alone wasn’t enough with her uniform covering her, once
her nipples were exposed to it directly, they stiffened out to almost half
an inch. Her aeroles also tightened and she soon realized that it wasn’t
the cold making her do this, she was aroused! Aroused like she had never
been before. The sensation of pleasure washed over her body, though Pluto
tried fighting them, she was soon moaning in orgasm, her juices running
down her legs in little rivulets.
After her first orgasm, the man molesting her backed away. Two other men,
dressed, unlike the one who’d fondled her, came up to her. One of them was
dressed in a lab coat and carrying a hypodermic needle that was filled with
some pink substance. He wore glasses that were thicker that the generals
assistant and his hair was white, and standing on ends like some Einstein
wannabe. The second man was dressed in a uniform like Mekanaru’s but had a
lesser ranking insignia. He carried a rope.
“Wellwellwell,” the man said, his voice high and squeaky, “time for the
next phase!” he said, while squeezing the needle to get out any air
bubbles. The rope carrying man handed one end of rope to one of the naked
men, then passed it under her legs and handed the other end to another
man. He then excused himself, and left the room.
The tow men holding the rope pulled tight, and the rope came up right
between the lips of her labia. They then began sawing back and forth, the
juices she was dripping lessened the worst of the pain, but Pluto still
whimpered as the friction burned her pussy lips. They then jerked the rope
so that they forced Pluto to extend her ass outwards behind her. The man
with the needle walked to her rounded ass and patted the cheeks lightly.
“I suppose I should at least tell you my name,” he said to her, “I am Dr.
Varn, and I am in charge of the chemical part of the breaking process.
This,” he said, indicating the needle, “is my own mix of muscle relaxants,
hallucinogens, and aphrodisiacs. It is just a little something to make you
more cooprative than you already are.” He said with a laugh as he shoved
the needle into her ass and depressed the plunger. Plutos eyes went wide
with pain as the liquid entered her. It burned! Once all the liquid was
in, the doctor removed the needle and tossed it into a red plastic bag with
a biohazard sigil on it, “Wouldn’t want to break any laws.” He said with a
mad cackle before he left.
The sawing with the rope began again, but this time, Pluto found herself
moaning in pleasure as the rope slid across her pussy. Whatever was in
that injection had turned her on more than anything else ever had. She was
now so dripping went that the rope darkened with her juices.
After another fifteen minutes of this, the rope was taken away, and Pluto
found herself whimpering at it having stopped. She could feel her mind
slipping away, the concepts of duty and loyalty were being replaced by lust
and longing. Men came up with fresh rope and Pluto hoped that they planned
to rub it across her pussy. They didn’t, instead her knees and ankles were
tied at the ends of the rope while the other ends were looped through metal
links in the ceiling. The men pulled the ropes and Pluto found herself
suspened in midair with her legs spread wide. More of her fuki was ripped
away and a man walked up behind her and grabbed her legs. She felt the tip
of his cock touch the lips of her pussy.
Dispite what was left of her true self, Pluto found herself moaning in
passion through the ballgag in her mouth as the man shoved his large member
inside her. She was so wet that he went in easily with a light sucking
sound. The man behind her began pumping his dick in and out of her, and
Pluto moaned as multiple orgasms ripped through her. Her large breasts
bounced up and down with each of his thrusts, and Pluto only moaned as that
added to her pleasure.
After a time, Pluto found herself on all fours, a man still thrusted into
her from behind, but now she was lying on top of another nameless male, his
cock shoved between her breasts while another person squeezed them around
the large member. All around her, naked men had gathered, faceless dicks
were all around, and Pluto used her now free hands to masturbate each of
the fleshy poles. One man came around her her face, “Suck my cock slut.”
He ordered and released her from the ballgag. Pluto happily obliged,
taking his cock into her mouth and sucking hungrily upon it. She swallowed
his precum and continued jerking off the other men around her as she was
fucked doggie style.
All around her, the men groaned in pleasure, spurts of hot and sticky cum
splattered all over her naked body, the smell of it was almost choking.
What felt like hours passed, and the cock in her mouth suddenly exploded
with thick and warm cum, Pluto eagerly swallowed what she could, the rest
dribbled down her chin to mix with the rest on her body. Soon the man
screwing her pussy groaned and let loose inside her, she let out a long
moan as she felt his sperm shot inside her womb. “Oh, I’m not through with
you yet baby.” The man fucking her pussy said as he pulled his cock out of
her. She felt him start to finger her tight and puckered anus and suddenly
she knew what he intended to do.
“No please! Not there!” she cried as a part of her true self emerged.
The man paid her no heed and she was flipped onto her back where he then
shoved his prick into her tight asshole. Pluto let out a long cry of pain
and pleasure as she was penetrated. The pain was unbelieveable, but so was
the pleasure as the man started pumping in and out of her ass. An orgasm
ripped through her and her cum trickled from her pussy to her ass,
providing the perfect lubricant for the invading shaft, but the pain still
didn’t ebb.
“IT HURTS!” Pluto screamed as she was violated over and over. But soon,
she forgot about the pain, as another man moved to slide his large cock
into her pussy. Already weel lubbed by her previous exertions, the man
slid in easily and Pluto moaned in ecstasy. She began moaning louder and
louder as she was moved into a squatting positon so that another man could
fuck her mouth. But before the third shaft went in her her, Pluto screamed
in orgasmic madness as she came like never before, her cum literally
spurting from her pussy in a gyser of warm fluid.
“MOOOORRRRRREEEE!” she screamed, her mind now completely lost to lust

Sailor Venus was led through the dark and damp corridors, the man that
introduced himself as General Mekanaru was escorting her to ‘training’ as
he put it. Her uniform was cut in several places around her now super
large breasts. And her mini skirt was in shambles. The cold air had
caused her nipples to harden and strain against her uniform top. And with
the dampness of her cell, her entire uniform was wet with watter, making it
somewhat transparent.
But what really bothered her was the sounds of a woman moaning in
passion. And it sounded like it was coming from the door that they were
headed for. “I believe you wanted to see your friends, correct, well,
here’s one of them now.” The general said as he opened the door for her.
Venus gasped at the sight, unable to belive her eyes. Pluto lay on all
fours on the floor. A naked man lay underneath her, fucking her dripping
pussy, another man was behind her, his cock pounding away in her ass. And
in front of her, three men were standing naked, Pluto grasped the cocks of
the two men beside her while she hungrily sucked the shaft of the one
directly in front of her. She suddenly pulled her mouth off the cock of
the man in front of her, just as he came, his sperm splattering in her
face. Pluto made a moan of delight at it having happened as she turned to
suck off the man on her left. Venus also saw that she too, had had her
body altered, her breasts were enormous, and just now her nipples were
beginning to seep out warm yellow white milk.
“Moooorrrreee!” Pluto moaned around the cock in her mouth.
As she watched in horrified fasination, Venus didn’t notice as the lower
half of her uniform was ripped away, uncovering her naked pussy and blond
pubic hairs. She was escorted over to the center of the room where her
hands were tied to the ceiling. The men around Pluto dispersed and the
ropes around the green haired senshi were untied. A fully dressed man
walked over to her with two vibrators in his hands. He shoved on in her
dripping pussy and the other up her tight ass and turned them on. Pluto
began to moan continuously as they picked her up and placed her on the
gurney. For a moment, Venus locked eyes with her comrade, but she didn’t
see anything in those eyes, Sailor Pluto was gone, all that was left was a
sex hungry nymphomaniac covered with sperm and sweat.
“Take her back to storage.” Mekanaru ordered. He then walked over to
Venus as as Pluto was carted off moaning in pleasure. “Your turn my dear.”
He sneered, then ran his tongue along her neck, tasting her skin. “Perhaps
I’ll keep you in my private collection.” He said before he walked off. The
naked men in the room began to laugh evilly as they apporoached their next
Outside the training room, General Mekanaru heard Sailor Venus scream as
her training began.

The auctioneer pounded his gavel down on the podium. “Ladies and
gentlemen, we will now begin the bidding on item number 10017…” he started
saying. Though Pluto didn’t really hear him, all she wanted was to have
more men inside her every hole, filling her, pleasing her.
The bidding began.


There was a second piece to the doujin that showed what became of Pluto,
seems she was bought by Queen Nehelenia, or rather, several shemale
versions of her. There was no text, but it did show her getting whipped
and fucked in her pussy and ass by the shemales. The last page showed her
tied to a tree, her nipples had been pierced, and a mans cakc was just then
pulling out of her pussy, cum spraying on her naked body.

If you want a copy of this doujin, go to
<> and look in the Manga & Doujinshi section under
Doujin & Doujinsoft. The name of the doujin is Request Special Vol. 1. I
think they have 4 copies left last time I checked. It is $14 U.S. plus
$2.75 or so shipping.

I’d like to hear your comments on this fanfic, so please e-mail me at
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> and let me
know what you think.

Broken 2
The Other Senshi
by True Sailor Io

(Authors Note: This Fanfic is a Parody, and is no way connected to Sailor
Moon. I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the characters. I am not being
paid for making this fic. WARNING: This fic contains both consenseual and
non-consenseual sex. There is also Shemale/Dickgirl content.)

Sailor Uranus sat in a corner of her cage. She had been stripped of her
uniform save for her gloves and boots. One of the guards had told her that
a more appropriate outfit would be brought to her soon enough. Not that
she cared, nothing was left of the woman who had once been Haruka Tenoh,
aka Sailor Uranus. In her place was a perverted sex fiend. The blonde
couldn’t even be considered a woman anymore, her body had been altered as
much as her mind. On the day of their capture at Rei Hino’s home at the
Cherry Hill Shrine, Sailor Uranus was placed on a table under some kind of
machine. If she still had the ability to care, she would have known she
overheard the machine having been called the ‘Gene-Alterer’. It was a
machine built by a perverted scientist that used certain types of radiation
to alter the genes of those it was used on.
In Sailor Uranus’s case, her body had been altered so that her breasts
were enormously larger, just one of them was the size of her head easy.
Also, her breasts were remade so that they lactated when she was aroused
(which by now was almost constently). In additition to that, her pussy and
anus were altered to be tighter and more sensitive. But the greatest
change that was made to her was the one that would have repulsed the old
Sailor Uranus the most. She now had a dick, and a large one. It was
attached to her body just a few centimeters above her clit, there were no
balls, the men who kidnapped her decided she wouldn’t need to be able to
reproduce. No, that paticular humiliation went to another of their group.
Uranus moaned slightly as she sucked the head of her large cock, standing
at 10 inches fully erect, the short haired blonde could easily suck her
cock. And now, she did so almost endlessly. Her lips and face were
covered with her spermless cum, and it only made her want more. Pleasure
coursed through her body as she ran her nimble tongue over the head of her
new organ. She increased the bobbing of her head as she felt yet another
orgasm coming. “Ah, ahhh…” she moaned as she lifted her mouth off the cock
head just as her cum jazzed out into her face. It was warm and sticky, and
she welcomed it. Leaning back against the wall, Uranus used her fingers to
scrape the cum into her mouth where she swallowed it hungrily.
With a loud creaking sound, the door to her cell opened, bright light
splashed across Uranus, making her squint her eyes. A guard entered
carrying a try of food and a bag, “Here slut, put this on after you finish
eating.” He ordered her. Uranus nodded and crawled over to the guard as he
set the tray down.
“Cock good…” she said to him as she eyed his crotch.
“Later slut, eat and get dressed, someone will be here for you soon.” The
guard told her before leaving. Uranus pouted in dissapointment, but knelt
down to eat her food.
When she was done eating the meal brought to her, Uranus set to work
putting on the clothes brought to her. Or lack there of. The outfit
consisted of a pair of black leather crotchless panties, a cuppless leather
bra of the same material, and a collar that went around her neck.
Once she was dressed, the door to her cell opened again and this time, a
female guard came inside. She wore a similar outfit, though her breasts
were considerably smaller than Uranus’s new ones. She had bright red hair
and dark green eyes, her face was one of a woman used to being in control
of things. “Stand up bitch, it’s time for the next phase of your
training.” The woman told her. Uranus did as told and the woman attached a
leash to her callor before leading her out of the cell.

Lying down on the floor, her uniform in tatters and her body covered in
the cum from multiple men, Sailor Venus moaned softly in defeat. Unlike
what had been done to Pluto and Neptune, Venus had been ravaged
continuously, but without the strange drug that would have made her submit
in seconds. Yet another masked male walked over to her and positioned his
dick in front of her mouth. Not needing to be told what to do, Venus took
the half erect phallus into her mouth and sucked it. Salty precum oozed
from the tip of the mans prick and she swallowed it without complaint.
It wasn’t long before the mans dick was fully erect, Venus held a small
hope that all he wanted was a blowjob. Her hope was shattered when the man
removed his cock from her mouth. As she knew he would, the man ordered her
to turn over and stick her ass out. Venus did as told and the masked man
laughed in anticipation. Moments later, the blonde felt his hard prick
pushing at her anus, she moaned in mild pain as he forced his cock into her
yielding asshole. “Beg for it bitch!” he told her.
Pushing away any remaining vestage of pride, Venus begged, “Oh please sir,
fuck my ass hard, I want your hard cock filling my tight little hole!” As
she expected, the man began pumping his dick in and out of her asshole with
vigor. The pain was intense, but she endured it. After a few minutes, the
masked man reached his climax and pulled his softening dick out of her.
Venus again let herself collapse to the cold floor, she breathed hard and
tried to ignore the pain in her anus.
Sailor Venus didn’t know how long she had lain there, but after a while,
someone came and took her to a bothroom of sorts. “Why are you doing this
to us?” she weakly asked the female servant who attended to her while she
was being cleaned.
The short purple haired girl averted her eyes and said only, “Because
someone asked for you and your friends.”
Venus’s other attempts to talk to the girl failed, she wouldn’t say
anything more. After she had been cleaned and dried, Venus was taken to
another room. There, a wild eyed man with a needle waited, “Hello, I’m Dr.
Varn. That’s all you really need to know.” He said to her before injecting
her with the needle. Whatever was in the needle burned like nothing Venus
had ever felt before, it was as though liquid fire had been injected into
her body.
Soon though, Venus no longer cared about the burning sensations, as a wave
of intense and overpowering arousal hit her. Her pussy began to drip with
juices and she felt her knees go weak. Two guards came over to her and
tied her arms to the ceiling, “Fuck me…” she murmured, her body demanding
to be satisfied. “Please, fuck me now!” she begged.
One of the guards spanked her ass once and laughed darkly as he walked
away with his comrade. Leaving Venus alone in the room. As the minutes
passed, Venus found herself getting more and more horny with each passing
second. In no time at all she was screaming for someone to come and fuck
her to their hearts content, and the worst part was, she meant every word
of it.
Over to the blondes right, a door creaked open, and a redhaired woman
wearing very little walked in, “Please, please fuck me, fuck me now, I need
it so badly!” Venus begged of her. She tried to move closer to the
grinning woman, her new massive breasts bouncing with every exertion.
“Oh don’t worry my little slut,” the woman said, “You’ll get what you need
very soon.” Behind the redhead, Sailor Uranus walked in, she too had been
cleaned up before being brought to this room. The first thing Venus
noticed was the huge erect cock jutting out from her comrades crotch.
Rather than being shocked and appalled like her former self would have
been, Sailor Venus became even more aroused. The redhead looked to Uranus,
“You can do anything you want with her, she’s all yours my dear.” She told
her as she took off the collar and leash. The woman then kissed Uranus
deeply, letting her tongue mingle with the others girls for a moment before
giving her a push in Venus’s direction.
Uranus walked over to the strung up Sailor Venus. She licked her lips at
the sight of her large breasts and hard nipples. Taking her left breast in
hand, Uranus lowered her mouth to the bright pink nipple and began to suck
on it roughly. It wasn’t long before Venus’ milk began to flow, and Uranus
drank it greedily. Using her free hand, the short haired blonde grasped
Venus’ other breast and squeezed it so that a small gyser of milk spurted
out. All the while, Sailor Venus moaned in pleasure.
The redheaded mistress walked over and grabbed Uranus by her hair, pulling
her off Venus’s nipple. Milk dribbled down her chin as she moaned
wordlessly. “That’s enough,” she said as she used her other hand to grasp
the blondes cock, “We went through a lot of trouble to give you this,” she
told her as she slowly rubbed the long dick, “Use it.” She ordered.
Letting go of her hair, the woman instructed Uranus to go behind Venus,
“Now, fuck her.”
Uranus nodded and placed her cock head at the other blondes pussy.
Moaning in pleasure, she shoved her cock into Venus’s tight pussy, “So
gooood…” Venus moaned, “Harder, fuck me harder!” she begged. With a grunt,
Uranus nodded and began pumping her dick in and out of the other blondes
cunt. “OH OH OOOOOHHHH!!!” she moaned as the long cock slammed into her
from behind. After a few minutes, Uranus hooked her arms under Venus’s
knees and lifted them up to give her a better angle. Venus’s moans grew
louder and louder until, “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!!!” she shouted as a massive
orgasm ripped through her body.
The feeling of Venus’s tight pussy clenching around her new cock was
overwhelming for Uranus, “SO GOOOOD!!!” she moaned as she came inside her,
her spermless cum filling Venus so much that her belly expanded for a
moment. Letting go of Venus’s legs, Uranus pulled her dick out of the
girls pussy, and a flood of cum gushed out of the well fucked hole.
“Very good sluts, you’re ready now.” The mistress said.

Back in her cell, Sailor Mars moaned continuously. She had been chained
up to the wall, the dildos they’d put in her after her training session
still buzzed away inside her pussy and ass. A trickle of drool ran down
her chin as she stared at the oppisite wall with her now blank eyes. She
didn’t know how much time had passed, but she didn’t care, all the broken
Senshi wanted was to cum non-stop, and with the help of the vibrators in
her, she got just what she wanted.
The door to her cell opened, and one of General Mekanaru’s men entered the
cell carrying a tray of food. Mars moaned wordlessly as the man set the
tray down on a stand he brought with him. After feeding her, the man let
Mars down from her shackles and opened his pants, the dark eyed girl licked
her lips as she knew what he wanted. Crawling on her hands and knees, Mars
went over to him and took his limp dick in her mouth. She gently sucked
the sweaty cock, making it stiffen in her mouth, “That’s a good slut.” He
said to her as he moaned in pleasure. Mars moaned around the cock in her
mouth as she sucked with more vigor. She loved the way it felt in her
mouth, she knew now that all she wanted in life was to have all her holes
filled with big dicks and nothing more.
Soon enough, Mars brought the man to an orgasm, she greedily swallowed all
his cum and rubbed his softening dick all over her face. Grinning beneath
the X marked hood he wore over his face, the guard lifted Mars to her feet
and led her out of the cell, “Some of your friends want you to join them.”
He told her as he led her through the dim and dank halls.
Within minutes, after moving through the winding halls of wherever they
were, Sailor Mars found herself in a lavish room. The carpet was thick,
and colored a bright red, the walls were a muted offwhite color. In the
center of the room was a large heart shaped bed with plush red pillows.
The air in here was cool and clean, unlike the thick musty odor of the
other halls. On the bed, Sailor Mars saw Sailor Uranus, she was wearing
some kind of bondage outfit of black leathers. From her groin sprouted a
large and thick penis, one which Sailor Venus was currently sucking on like
a woman possessed.
“Have fun.” The guard said to her as he released her handcuffs and removed
the vibrators from her body.
“No, don’t take them out!” Mars begged as the constant pleasure she had
been recieveing ceased.
The guard only laughed, “Your friends will take care of you, now go put on
a good show.” He told her as he shoved the girl towards the bed. Mars
tripped on her own feet and stumbled onto the edge of the bed. She could
hear Uranus moaning in pleasure as Venus sucked her cock hungrily. The
thick smell of sex washed over Mars and made her nipples stiffen.
Looking up from what she was doing, Venus finally noticed Sailor Mars’
quivering form, “What some?” she offered as she masturbated Uranus’s cock.
Mars looked at the large member and licked her lips. She nodded and
crawled over to the two women. Breathing raggedly, Mars took hold of
Uranus’s cock, she could feel it pulsing in her hand as she took it in her
mouth. The short haired blonde moaned in pleasure at the new mouth.
Meanwhile, sailor Venus aimed her sights elsewhere as she moved over to
look at Mars’ dripping pussy. She took a deep breath of the ebony haired
girls musk and dipped her fingers into the dripping hole. Mars moaned
around the cock in her mouth as Venus fingered her. After a few moments,
Venus withdrew her fingers and licked the sticky juices from her digits,
“Lie down.” She told Mars.
Relunctantly, Mars did as she was told. Taking her mouth off the
throbbing dick she hungered for, she moved to lay down on her back on the
bed. Venus licked her lips this time as she moved to position her face
between the other girls legs. Mars moaned suddenly in pleasure as Venus
began licking her pussy. The blondes tongue probed deep into the black
haired girls wet sex, enciting moan after moan of ecstasy. “More, more,
MORE!!!” Mars begged as she felt her first orgasm come on.
Wanting some for herself, Uranus moved to place her dick in front of Mars’
mouth, “Suck it, please.” She begged. The purple eyed girl was more than
happy to comply. Once again, she took the large hunk of man meat into her
mouth and sucked on it hungrily. The short haired blonde moaned as
pleasure washed through her, Ohhh, so goood.” She moaned. Soon, the girl
began pumping her dick in and out of Mars’ mouth, she moaned continuously
as she felt herself begin to come, “AHH!!” she screamed as her cum spurted
into the black haired girls mouth.
Sailor Mars happily swallowed every drop as Venus brought her to a climax
herself. All three of the girls collapsed on top of one another in a
sweaty heap, Uranus’s cock softened and hung limply from her groin as they

In a room not far from the one the three broken Sailor Senshi rested in,
General Mekanaru laughed, “Ah, what a show, I think we should keep those
three together as a group, I’m sure we’ll get a higher price if we sell
them together.” He turned off the feed from the hidden cameras in the
room. He turned in his chair and looked at the person chained to the wall
behind him, “Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Moon?” he asked with a laugh.
Sailor Moon looked at the man defiantly, “You won’t get away with this!”
she yelled. Her body had been altered like the other Senshi, with large
breasts, narrow waist, and a tight pussy and ass. And like Sailor Uranus,
she had been given a large penis, only hers came with a set of balls that
allowed her to impregnate other women. Though her sex drive had been
increased by the Gene-Alterer, the blonde had proven most resistant to her
increased needs. Wanting to break her without the help of Doc Varn’s
little cocktail, Mekanaru had arranged a different kind of training, just
for her.
“Trust me my dear, we already have.” He told her with a dark grin on his

After having Venus, Mars, and Uranus taken to another room, Mekanaru had
Sailor Moon taken into the room they’d just been in after having it
cleaned. The blonde was chained down to the bed in a spreadeagle position,
a ballgag had been stuffed into her mouth and all her clothes had been
completely stripped away. She lost track of how long she had lain like
that, and wished for a way to get loose and free her friends.
The door to the room opened, and a pair of guards came in, behind them
followed a dazed and blank eyed Sailor Mercury and Jupiter. The two girls
had also been altered, in their pussies and asses were sets of vibrators.
Both girls moaned wordlessly, their minds were gone, just like everyone
else. The two guards led Mercury and Jupiter over to Sailor Moon, the
vibrators were removed and the girls were pushed onto the bed, “Your friend
there wants you to pleasure her.” One of the guards said. He then laughed
and left the room with his partner.
Sailor Moon’s eyes widened! She knew what had happened to her friends,
and what they would do to her to satisfy their insatiable needs. Mercury
turned and looked at Sailor Moon with her empty eyes. The blonde could see
the raw lust in her friends eyes as she crawled towards her. Mercury’s
eyes settled on Sailor Moons limp dick, she licked her lips as she made her
way to her crotch. Sailor Mercury took Sailor Moons cock in her hands, the
sudden stimulation caused the organ to begin to stiffen against her will.
Sailor Moon moaned against the gag and struggled against her bonds.
Mercury only giggled as she worked her hand over the growing cock. She
soon had her fully erect, all 11” of dick. The pleasant sensation washed
over Sailor Moon, causing her to moan in a different way.
“MMMMPPPHHHHTTTHHH!!” she screamed against the gag as she remembered who
she was.
Mercury laughed and looked at her, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of
your cock.” She said with a smile as she engulfed the head of Sailor Moons
dick in her mouth. The blonde moaned again as another wave of pleasure
washed over her.
‘No, this can’t be happening!’ she thought, ‘It feels, so good, but it’s
WRONG!’ she screamed in her mind as she tried to fight the urges that rose
within her. Another wave of pleasure hit Sailor Moon, but this one came
from her pussy. Sailor Jupiter! She hadn’t watched the brunette, looking
down, Sailor Moon saw Jupiter’s face buried between her legs, she could
feel the girls tongue pushing into her moistening pussy. Mercury continued
to suck on her new cock, her head bobbed up and down on her length, send
bolts of raw pleasure through her. Sailor Moon could feel her mind
slipping as she slowly gave into the pleasure. A sensation unlike anything
she’d ever felt before flooded Sailor Moon’s mind, she moaned loudly
against her ballgag as the all too pleasant sensation threatened to drive
her mad!
‘Oh gods no!’ she though as she realized what was happening, ‘She’s gonna
make me cum, no, NO!’ As she thought it, Sailor Mercury’s actions rapidly
brought Sailor Moons cock to its first orgasm. She could feel the sperm
shooting up through her cock and into the blue haired girls mouth.
Moaning happily, Sailor Mercury swallowed Sailor Moons seed and lifted her
head off her cock. “Ah, it tastes so good!” she moaned. Tears flowed down
Sailor Moons cheeks, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.
Pleasure still flowed from her pussy as Jupiter hadn’t stopped licking her
there. And soon enough, the blonde called out again as she climaxed a
second time.
Jupiter lifted her face from the blondes crotch, “Mmm you taste so good
Sailor Moon.” She said as she licked her lips. Mercury and Jupiter then
kissed each other deeply, each letting the other taste the cream from
Sailor Moons body. When they broke apart, the two girl focused on Sailor
Moons large breasts, her nipples had hardened and milk leaked out from
their tips. Lust still burning in their eyes, Mercury and Jupiter moved up
and each took a nipple in their mouths.
“Uhhnn…” Sailor Moon moaned through her gag, the pleasure was too much,
more and more of her mind slipped away as the two girls feasted on her
tits. The blonde had long since stopped trying to break free of her
restraints, instead she simply let herself go limp and ceased fighting.
After a few minutes, Sailor Jupiter lifted her mouth off Sailor Moons
breast and moved to face level with her.
“Does it feel good?” she asked. Though she didn’t want to, Sailor Moon
nodded yes. Jupiter smiled and released her from the ballgag. Tossing it
aside, the brunette kissed her deeply, and Sailor Moon found herself
kissing back! ‘What’s happening to me?’ she thought as her tongue dueled
with Jupiters. She she kissed Jupiter, Sailor Mercury went about releasing
the shackles that held Sailor Moon to the bed. The second her arms were
free, Sailor Moon wrapped them around Jupiter, pulling her close so that
their ample breasts mashed against one anothers. ‘Why can’t I run? I
should try to get away, so why aren’t I?’ Sailor Moon asked herself. No
matter how hard the blonde tried, she couldn’t make herself push Jupiter
away so she could get up and run.
Mercury released her legs and Sailor Moon broke the kiss with Jupiter,
“Fuck my ass.” Jupiter said. Sailor Moon nodded and the two girls sat up.
In her mind, Sailor Moon screamed at herself to stop and run. But she
couldn’t, it was as if her body was acting on its own. Jupiter moved to
get on all fours, her rear in the air, “Ah, hurry, put that big cock up my
ass!” she screamed in lust.
Dispite what her mind was telling her, Sailor Moon moved to place the tip
of her cock at Jupiters tight asshole. Already lubricated by Mercurys
spittle, her dick pushed in easily, pleasure exploded in Sailor Moons mind
as she shoved all eleven inches of her cock into Jupiters ass. Both girls
moaned in unison as Sailor Moon began pounding her cock in and out of
Jupiters ass. As they fucked, Sailor Mercury got off the bed and opened a
box that she had been told was under the bed. Inside, was a series of
strap-on dildos and vibrators.
With a wide smile on her face, Mercury removed two of the vibrators and
went back over to the bed. Sailors Jupiter and Moon were still fucking
like mad, “Ooooohhh, soooo goooood…” Sailor Moon moaned as he pumped her
cock in and out of Jupiters asshole.
Sailor Moon had given up fighting her body, and the moment she did so, the
pleasure she was feeling skyrocketed, ‘This isn’t right, but it feels so
good…’ she thought as she reached around to grasp Jupiters large breasts.
She kneaded and squeezed the large mounds as her cock pounded the brunettes
tight ass. Sailor Moon felt another climax building, and this time, she
welcomed it whole heartedly, “I’m comeing!” she shouted as her sperm filled
Jupiters rectum.
Mercury choose that moment to act, moving behind Sailor Moon, the blue
haired girl shoved one of the vibrators into the blondes pussy, and the
other into her ass. Sailor Moons eyes went wide with pleasure as Mercury
worked the vibrator in her pussy.
“Oh, that’s so good, more, more!!!” she moaned in utter lust and
pleasure. Mercury smiled and grasped one of Sailor Moons breasts as she
gave the blonde what she wanted. Sailor Jupiter began ramming her ass on
Sailor Moons still rock hard dick, her pants and moans joined with the
other two girls.
Leaving the vibrators in her, Mercury left Sailor Moon and went to lay
down in front of Jupiter. The short haired girl spread her legs wide,
“Lick my pussy Jupiter, hurry!” she moaned as she fingered her own asshole.

Her eyes shining with lust, Jupiter licked her lips and lowered her face
between Mercury’s legs. The blue haired girl moaned in ecstasy as Jupiter
licked her pussy hungrily. All three girls moaned together as they fucked
one another endlessly, the smell of sex and sweat fill the room. Much like
Venus earlier, Sailor Jupiter stomach began to bulge out as if she were
pregnant from all the cum Sailor Moon kept pumping into her. The sex show
went on for a full three hours before all three girls screamed in climax
one last time. They then collapsed into a heap of sweat and cum cover
bodies. Sperm ozzed out of Jupiters asshole the second Sailor Moon pulled
her softening cock out of her. Like all the others, Sailor Moons mind was
now gone, completely dominated by lust and perversion. She fought as long
as she could, but lost in the end.
Several minutes after the trio had passed out, guards came into the room
and carried them all away. General Mekanaru smiled, “Have them all cleaned
and ready to travel, the auction is in three days.” He said as he left the
musky smelling room. He closed the door behind him, the sound of its
slamming was like the fate of the Sailor Senshi being sealed.


Broken 3
Chibi-Moon, Saturn, and Neptune
by True Sailor Io

(Authors note: This fic is a parody, and is in no way connected to Sailor
Moon the Anime or Manga series. Warning, Shemale content, and incest.
Those who are offended by such things should not read this fic.)

Sailor Chibi Moon laid flat on her back, her arms and legs were shackled
to the table on which she lay. Overhead, a strange machine whirled into
position, lights and indicators blinked along the exterior. The pink
haired girl tried to turn her head to see what lay on either side of her,
“I wouldn’t try that.” Said a loud voice over a speaker.
“Who are you?” Chibi Moon demanded, trying to sound tough.
“My name is General Mekanaru, that is all you need to know.” There was a
click as the PA was turned off. Above her, the machine hummed to life, and
Chibi Moon felt a surge of fear.
The machine fired, and a ray of blue green light struck the girls body.
Pain unlike anything she’d felt before ripped through Chibi Moons body.
The shackles holding her in place were released, but the pain was so
intense that she couldn’t move. The pink haired girl could feel her body
changing, her height was growing, she shot up a full two feet, if she were
able to stand she would be at least as tall as Sailor Moon. Her Sailor
Fuku tore along the seems as she outgrew it. The next change was in her
chest, her once barely developing breasts ballooned out to what could only
be guessed as an E cup, larger than her head. Chibi Moon screamed her
agony, and as she did so, her voice changed, become slightly less high
pitched, more mature.

Behind the glass of the observation window, General Mekanaru smiled as he
watched the Gene Alteration of the child. There was some argument as to
whether or not to leave her in a child state with just large breasts, but
the demand for girls like that was small, and not worth the risk of not
turning a profit from her sale.
“She’ll be complete in ten seconds.” One of the techs said.
Mekanaru placed a hand to his chin, “Do what we did with her mother, lets
see if she breaks as easily.” He ordered. The tech nodded and made the
necessary changes to the alteration program. A dark smile spread across
the Generals as Chibi Moon’s scream changed tone as a large dick began
growing from her pelvic region.

Hours later, Chibi Moon awoke once again in a dark and damp room. She
could hear water dripping from somewhere. From what little light there
was, she could see that her Fuku had been replaced with a fitting one. She
looked over her new body, her breasts were huge! The nipples were stiff
from the chill in the room and strained against the fabric of her top. She
got up to her feet and felt her way along the walls of the cell she was in,
“Hello?” she asked. Her voice was absorbed by the cold stone walls. A
quick search showed that she was in a box of a room. The reality of her
situation finally hit her, and tears began to fall down the girls face.
An hour passed by and Chibi Moon felt her despair growing with each passing
minute. She wondered what happened to Hotaru and her other friends. The
door to her cell opened, a masked guard stood in the frame, “Come with me.”
He said, it wasn’t a request.
Scared, Chibi Moon did as she was told and followed the guard through the
tunnels. The pink haired girl guessed she was somewhere underground, but
where exactly she didn’t know. After a long walk, they came to another
door, the guard opened it and told her to go inside. Though his face was
hidden behind that mask, Chibi Moon somehow knew he was smiling
underneath. Chibi Moon walked through the door, “Sailor Saturn!” she
yelled when she saw her friend lying on a plush bed in the room. The door
was slammed shut behind her. The pink haired girl ran over to her friend,
the back of her mind took the details of the room into account, white
walls, a red carpet, and matching furniture. The bed on which Saturn lay
was large and heart shaped.
Climbing onto the bed, Chibi Moon made her way over to Saturn. She saw
that her body was altered as well, she was a little taller, and her breasts
were larger. She could see that her friend had been made into a beautiful
woman… Chibi Moon shook her head violently, trying to rid herself of the
dirty thoughts that suddenly began to form. Placing a hand on Saturn’s
shoulder, she shook the girl gently.
She stirred, “Mmm…” she murmured as she turned onto her back. Chibi Moon
saw that the front of her uniform was torn, allowing much of her enlarged
breasts to show with only a thin strip of material to cover her nipples.
Chibi Moon felt her breathing quicken at the sight.
‘What did they do to me?’ she thought to herself as she looked away.
Another door in the room opened, and Sailor Neptune walked in. Her body
had also been altered. The top of her uniform was straining to hold in her
massive breasts as she walked over to them. For a moment, Chibi Moon felt
a wave of relief as seeing a grown up Senshi, until she saw the look in
Neptune’s eyes. They were blank, empty of thought. She recoiled as the
Water Senshi sauntered over to them, her hips swayed with each step.
“Mmm, you look so beautiful.” Neptune said to her. The aquamarine haired
girl began unbuttoning her top. In seconds, her breasts sprang free of
their confinement. “Do you like my big tits?” she asked.
The sight of Neptune’s bare breasts, caused a new feeling in Chibi Moons
body. It was a swelling sensation. ‘Oh no, please no!’ she thought as she
lifted her skirt slowly. Only to confirm her fears. There, bulging and
straining against the fabric of her uniform crotch was the outline of a
long and thick penis and set of testicles. Chibi Moon screamed in horror
as her new cock began sending its feeling of confined discomfort to her
mind. But the sensations were also, pleasant. A dark spot formed in the
crotch of her panties as her pussy became increasingly damp.
“Oh, poor baby, let me help you with that.” Neptune said as she saw the
cock under Chibi Moon’s panties. She went over to the bed and crawled onto
it, Chibi Moon tried to back away, but Neptune grabbed the young girls legs
and pulled her towards her. The pink haired girl could see the raw lust in
Neptune’s eyes.
“No!” Chibi Moon yelled as Neptune reached up her skirt and ripped off her
panties, making her new organ spring free of its confines. Chibi Moon was
shocked at how big she was 11” easy, and at least two inches thick around.
Neptune giggled and licked her lips as she stared at Chibi Moons large
cock. She didn’t waste any time and took the tip of the large organ into
her mouth. The pink haired girl moaned as sensations unlike anything she’d
ever felt before washed through her mind. Chibi Moon felt sick through all
the pleasure as she grabbed handfuls of Neptune’s hair and tried to pull
her head off her cock. But the Water Senshi simply put more strength into
holding her position.
“Mmmmm…” Neptune moaned around Chibi Moon’s cock. She let her drool run
down the length of her shaft, making it easier for her head to bob up and
down her cock. ‘I feel.. I feel sick.’ Chibi Moon thought as Neptune
sucked her cock. Another pair of hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them
off Neptune’s head. Chibi Moon opened her eyes to see Sailor Saturn
smiling down at her. The other girl giggled and Chibi Moon saw the same
blank look in her best friends eyes.
“Not you too…” Chibi Moon said, followed by a moan of pleasure.
“Don’t fight it Chibi Moon, it feel so good.” Saturn cooed as she took the
pink haired girls hand and placed them against her breasts. While she
wasn’t looking, Saturn had gotten up and stripped off all her clothes save
her boots, gloves and tiara. “Please, squeeze my tits.” She begged of her.

Against what her mind was telling them, Chibi Moons hands began groping and
squeezing Saturn’s large soft breasts. Milk began to trickle out from her
nipples with every squeeze.
“Oooo, that feels so goood.” Saturn moaned as she lifted her right breast
up and placed the nipple at her mouth. Chibi Moon watched as her friend
drank her own body milk. And despite herself, she was turned on by the
sight. Moan after moan of pleasure escaped Chibi Moon’s mouth as her mind
gave into the pleasure. ‘No, this isn’t happening to me!’ her mind
The sensations from her cock began to change, they became more intense, and
she could feel something building in her balls, ‘Oh god, I’m gonna cum,
no!’ she thought.
Able to tell by the change in her moans, Neptune doubled the speed of her
heads motions. She sucked on Chibi Moon cock harder, making wet popping
sounds as her mouth moved around the large shaft. A loud scream of
pleasure and revulsion filled the room as Chibi Moon came in Neptune’s
mouth. Her sperm shot out through her cock and down the girls throat.
Neptune lifted her mouth off Chibi Moons cock. “Ah, it tastes so good.”
She moaned as she licked her lips clean of the sperm that had splattered
“Don’t hog it all!” Saturn whined.
Smiling, Neptune leaned forward and kissed Saturn deeply, letting her taste
the salty cream. Both girls moaned as they kissed each other. Below them,
Chibi Moon lay dazed from blowing her first load. While she wasn’t
resisting, Saturn and Neptune stripped off her fuku, leaving only her
boots, gloves and tiara. Then Neptune herself stripped off her own
clothes. The two girls then pulled Chibi Moon to the center of the bed.
The pink haired girl had began to come around.
Chibi Moon felt strange, her mind was buzzing with all these new
sensations, she opened her eyes slowly, and saw a smiling Saturn and
Neptune. They were both naked, their massive breasts hung in front of her
face, their nipples were stiff and tight. Saturn still lactated, her milk
dribbled out of her breasts and dripped onto Chibi Moons stomach.
“Please, let me go…” she begged weakly.
“Why would we do that?” Sailor Neptune asked, “You seem to be enjoying it.”
She said pointed to Chibi Moons still rock hard cock. Chibi Moon began to
cry again, tears streamed down her face. Smiling, Saturn leaned down and
licked the tears off of the girls cheek. While Saturn licked Chibi Moons
cheek, Neptune went down between the pink haired girls legs once more. She
ran her tongue along the length of her shaft, causing her eyes to roll up
into her head as pleasure assaulted her sanity once again.
Chibi Moon moaned in pleasure and Neptune smiled. “Let’s see what else you
got down here.” She said as she lifted her balls up to view her wet pussy.
Grinning with lust, Neptune leaned into Chibi Moons crotch and began
licking her pussy hungrily. The pink haired girl moaned again as her body
began to respond to the invading tongue. Waves of pleasure ran through her
body, making her moan louder.
Chibi Moon’s moan were cut off when Sailor Saturn stuffed her nipple into
her mouth, “Please, drink my milk Chibi Moon, you’ll love it.” She said to
her. The girl tried to push the stiff pink nipple out with her tongue, but
Saturn mashed her breast into the girls face, cutting off her air supply.
Knowing Saturn would smoother her if she didn’t start sucking, Chibi Moon
complied and began to suck in the nipple in her mouth. Saturn lifted her
breast off Chibi Moon’s face, letting her breath again. The Senshi of
Death squeezed her breast, causing a spurt of milk to squirt into her
mouth. Chibi Moon swallowed the warm fluid and began sucking more from
Saturn’s enlarged breast.
Despite herself, Chibi Moon found that Saturn’s milk tasted good. She
began eagerly sucking on the nipple in her mouth, growing hungry for more
of the sweet tasting milk. As Chibi Moon drank Saturn milk, Neptune
continued lapping away at the girls cunt. She probed her tongue deep into
her sopping wet pussy, greedily drinking the juices she produced, making
the pink haired girl moan in pleasure. This went on for twenty minutes
before Neptune brought Chibi Moon to another orgasm. Saturn pulled her
nipples away from her lips and grinned widely when she said, “More please?”

Saturn cupped her own breasts and squeezed them, “You want some more of my
milk?” she asked. Chibi Moon nodded weakly, still dazed from her orgasm.
Saturn smiled and moved to sit on Chibi Moon’s face, “Make me cum and I’ll
let you have some more.” She told her.
The musky smell of Saturn’s pussy assaulted Chibi Moon’s nostrils. She
again asked herself what was happening to her, with every orgasm, her mind
drifted more and more away. The pleasure consumed her consciousness,
already she craved to Drink Saturn’s milk, and she would do anything to get
it. The pink haired girls tongue darted out, licking the soft wet pedals
of Saturn’s labia. The sweet and salty taste of the other girls nectar
trickled over her tongue and down her throat. Chibi Moon licked her lips,
‘Not bad.’ She thought as she began licking her friends pussy more, growing
hungry for the taste of her juices.
“Ohhh, yes…” Saturn moaned as Chibi Moon pleasured her. During this time,
Sailor Neptune moved to stand on the bed in front of Saturn, she pulled the
young girls head between her legs, urging her to lick her damp cunt.
Something which the girl did happily.
Both Saturn and Neptune moaned in pleasure, Neptune watched as Chibi Moon
ate out Saturn’s cunt. The sight excited her and made her pull the dark
haired girls face harder against her crotch. She then moaned in orgasm,
her juices gushed from her pussy and soaked Saturn’s face. Saturn herself
then came to climax, her juices drenching Chibi Moon’s face.
Sailor Saturn lifted herself off Chibi Moon’s face. The pink haired girl
then brought her hands to her face and used her fingers to sponge the
fluids that soaked her face into her mouth where she happily swallowed.
Saturn moved to lay down next to her, “Does it feel good?” she asked.
“Y..yes.. more please?” Chibi Moon responded. The girls red eyes were now
almost as blank as her friends. Only a small spark of the person she once
was remained. That spark tried to fight her body’s urges for control, but
it always lost.
Sailor Saturn smiled and moved to let Chibi Moon suckle her breast, “You’ve
earned it.” She said as the other girl latched her mouth onto her nipple
and began drinking her milk.
‘I have to stop this!’ Chibi Moon screamed in her mind, ‘But it feels, so
good, so nice…’ Below her waist, Chibi Moon’s cock still stood fully
erect. Sailor Neptune stared in awe at the large hunk of male meat that
was attached to this beautiful girl. A trickle of drool dribbled down her
chin as she moved to position it at the entrance to her cunt. She then
lowered herself down on Chibi Moon’s pole, moaning in ecstasy as the shaft
filled her. Chibi Moon moaned as she felt Neptune’s vaginal walls clamp
around her cock. Of their own volition, her hips bucked upwards, driving
her cock into the girl hilt deep. Her balls slapped against Neptune’s
naked body and the Water senshi moaned wordlessly.
Sailor Saturn only let Chibi Moon have so much of her milk until she pulled
away. Chibi Moon tried to make a displeased sound, but it came out a moan
of pleasure as Neptune continued to move up and down on her cock. The pink
haired girl then found herself being pulled into a sitting position, her
face was pressed into Neptune’s cleavage, “You can suck my tits if you
want.” The girl offered her, “Just don’t stop fucking me.”
Chibi Moon nodded and moved to start sucking on Neptune’s nipples. She
pushed the Water senshi onto her back and began pounding his cock in and
out of the girls wet pussy. The pleasure that it sent through her brain
made her forget about her milk as she focus on fucking her madly. Both
girl’s moaned in unison as the pleasure drove them closer and closer to the
“Ohhh soo gooood!!!!” Neptune moaned, “More more MOOORRREEE!!!!” she
screamed in ecstasy.
“Ah, I’m gonna cum!” Chibi Moon moaned as she felt the sperm getting ready
to release. He doubled the speed of her thrust, pounding her pelvis
against Neptune’s crotch and driving her cock deep into the other girl.
She then screamed in orgasm as her cum spilled into Neptune’s womb, filling
her with sperm. Neptune came with her, her own juices gushing out around
Chibi Moon’s cock.

Three days later, General Mekanaru watched from behind the plate glass as
Sailor Chibi Moon fucked her mother. Her cock pounded in and out of the
other dick girls pussy. Sailor Moon moaned in pleasure as she came again
and again, her large cock spurted her cum almost non-stop. After several
more sessions, Sailor Chibi Moon had come to accept her fate. Scan had
shown her conscious mind was still there, and completely aware, it just
simply wasn’t fighting the enhanced libido anymore. He laughed as he
watched the mother and daughter fucking each other like whores.

“Ohhh, so good!!” Sailor Moon moaned as Chibi Moon pounded her cock in and
out of her pussy. The blonde Senshi was strapped to the bed, her wrists
and ankles were bound with leather straps that held her on all fours. Even
if she wanted to, Sailor Moon couldn’t resist Chibi Moon’s invading penis.
In the back of her mind, the real Sailor Moon was still aware, and she
moaned along with her body. ‘It feels so nice, I don’t know why I fought
this.’ She thought as another orgasm ripped through her.
“Oh mommy, your pussy is so tight!” Chibi Moon groaned as she came inside
her mother once more. The pink haired girl then pulled her large cock out
with a wet ‘pop’. A flow of cum oozed out of Sailor Moon’s well fucked
hole. The blonde moaned softly at her daughter having left her. She then
smiled when Chibi Moon placed her cock in front of her mouth. Without
hesitation, Sailor Moon began sucking the hard flesh, craving the warm and
sticky cum that it would give her. In her mind, Sailor Moon hoped that she
and her Daughter would be bought by the same person when they were sold…

To be concluded~

(Another Authors note: Okay, here’s where I make an offer. There can be
three different endings to this series. 1. Mamoru is at the auction and
buys all the Sailors back. 2. They are sold to different people, but one
Sailor regains her sanity and escapes, then goes on to try and rescue the
others. 3. One of you sends me an ending of your own design, if I like
the idea, I’ll use it and put your name in the by-line next to mine. Send
me your votes and then wait for my response.)

Broken 4
Auction and After
by True Sailor Io

(Author Note: This fic is a parody, and is in no way connected to the anime
or Manga of Sailor Moon. WARNING: Shemale, incest, bondage, and mind
washing content.)

The auctioneer’s gavel pounded against the podium, “SOLD!” he said as the
last of the Sailor Senshi were bought. Oddly enough, every one of them had
been bought by the same man. He stood in the back of the room, dressed in
a tuxedo and top hat. A white mask his eyes as with everyone else here.
The man paid for his purchases and gave an address for them to be
delivered to. He then smiled and left the building.

Sailor Moon awoke from the drug induced sleep she’d been put into. Her
head felt clear, without the mind-numbing need for sex. A wave of relief
flooded through her until she tried to move. When she attempted to lift
his hand to rub her forehead, she found it shackled to the soft bed she was
lying on. She opened her eyes and tried to focus, the ceiling above her
was very elegant, with an intricately hung chandelier. As further senses
returned to her, Sailor moon found that she was dressed, more or less. But
the outfit she was in was a mockery of her sailor Fuku. The lapels were
still there, but the body suit part was gone, leaving her still enormous
breasts bare. She could feel that she was wearing a skirt, but there were
no panties. Also, her gloves and boots were still on her. Sailor moon
tried to pull against her bonds, but they held strong, she’d never be able
to break them.
“Where am I?” she whispered to herself.
“Ah good, you’re awake.” Said a familiar voice. Sailor moon turned to her
left and saw the Owner of the voice.
“Mamo-chan!!” she said excitedly. But that excitement faded when he made
no move to free her.
“Welcome to your new home,” Mamoru said, “I’m sure you’ll all be very
happy here.” He told her.
“What do you mean?” she asked him.
“Isn’t it obvious? You, and the other Sailor Senshi are now my slaves.”
Mamoru told her as he got up from where he sat. He placed a hand on her
cheek, his touch was still as gentle as she remembered it, but now, it
felt, cold. The dark haired man lifted her skirt, “Hmm, my they did give
you a big one didn’t they?” he said as he viewed her penis and balls.
“Mamo-chan, why?” Sailor Moon asked.
“Because I’m tired of all your whining, all of your klutziness. So I gave
Mekanaru the time and place where all of you would be together. And then I
bought you all back, after the needed alterations had been made.” He told
Tears fought against the back of Sailor Moons eyes, she couldn’t believe
this! The sadistic smile on Mamoru’s face looked alien there. He laughed,
“Well, seems it’s time to train you all over again.” He said. He then
snapped his fingers and began to step away from the bed she was shackled
to. Somewhere behind her, Sailor Moon heard a door open and footsteps as
two people walked in.
A terrible sense of deja`vu overcame Sailor Moon as those footsteps came
closer. “Ooo, I love the new outfit Sailor Moon.” Sailor Mercury said as
she crawled naked onto the bed. Her oversized breasts hung from her chest
and swayed with her movements. The bright cherry colored nipples were
erect and dripping with yellow-white milk. Despite herself, the sight sent
shivers of arousal through Sailor Moon, her nipples began to stiffen, and a
tent began to rise in her skirt as her cock grew hard.
From the other side of her, Sailor Venus climbed onto the bed, she was
likewise naked with the same enhanced body. She giggled at the sight of
Sailor Moon hardness and lifted the skirt out of the way. Using her left
hand, Venus ran her fingers over the long shaft, making Sailor Moon moan as
it sent pleasure through her.
As hard as she tried to fight it, Sailor Moon couldn’t stop the
mind-numbing sensations of pleasure that ran through her body. Her moans
started coming more frequently as her body remembered the pleasures of
being fucked endlessly. “Mmm, so hard so soon, you really want this don’t
you?” Sailor Venus asked as she began masturbating Sailor Moon’s cock. A
wordless cry of revulsion was the last thing Sailor Moon’s true self could
remember doing before she moaned in absolute ecstasy as Venus took her
length into her mouth. Her tongue ran along the bottom of her cock,
stimulating her. Wet slurping sounds filled the room as Venus sucked on
Sailor Moons dick. As she did so, Sailor Mercury positioned herself so
that Sailor Moons face was only centimeters from her cunt.
A wave of pungent musk washed over Sailor Moon’s nose. The smell only
served to arouse her even more. Before she could even think about it, her
tongue darted out of her mouth to lick Mercury’s glistening wet pussy. Her
juices washed over her tongue and down her throat as she got more and more
into it.
Moaning in ecstasy, Sailor Mercury grabbed Sailor Moons ponytails and
pulled on them, which in turn forced Sailor Moons face against her pussy.
The blue haired girl began grinding her crotch against the blondes face,
moaning in pleasure as she felt Sailor Moon’s tongue probe deeper and
deeper into her.
As she continued to lick and suck Mercury’s pussy, Sailor Moon moaned over
and over as Venus didn’t stop sucking on her cock. The other blonde
tightened her lips over Sailor Moon’s cock as she slid her finger’s into
the girls cunt. Sailor Moon jerked at the sudden increase in her pleasure
and moaned loudly. As she moaned, Mercury cried out in orgasm as the
vibrations of Sailor Moon’s lips sent her over the edge. A rush of
orgasmic juices flooded from Mercury’s sex, and Sailor Moon did her best to
swallow all of it. The blue haired girl then got off Sailor Moon’s face
and licked off the juices that soaked the beautiful blondes face.
“So good…” Sailor Moon moaned. Mercury then kissed her deeply, her tongue
pushing it’s way past Moon’s lips and fencing with the blondes. As they
kissed, Venus never stopped sucking on Sailor Moon’s large cock. She now
had her entire fist shoved into the girls cunt, making the girl cry out in
both pain and pleasure. Her body jerked again as she came, filling Venus’s
mouth her cum, all of which the other blonde swallowed hungrily.
Venus lifted her mouth off Sailor Moon’s cock and moaned in pleasure.
Mercury went over to her and kissed her as well, tasting Sailor Moon’s cum
on her lips. The two girls then released Sailor Moon from her bindings,
giving the girl freedom of movement. Instead of running though, Sailor
Moon sat up and began to suck on her own cock, its tip moved in and out of
her mouth as she sucked it. Mercury grabbed Sailor Moon’s ponytails once
again and pulled her off her dick, “Put that cock to better use.” She told
her. The blue haired girl then made Sailor Moon look over at Venus, who
was on all fours, her ass in the air wagging at her wantonly.
Sailor Moon gazed at the offered piece of ass and again lost herself to
the lustful urges that now controlled her. She walked on her knees over to
the other blonde and placed the tip of her cock at Venus’s anal entrance,
“Ooooo, in my ass! Yes, fuck me there!” Venus screamed, her voice dripping
with lust.
Unable to, and not really even trying to resist, Sailor Moon pushed her
cock deep into Venus’s anus. The Senshi of Love moaned in ecstasy as all
eleven inches of Sailor Moon’s cock pushed into her bowels. Sailor Moon
moaned with her, her cock sent shivers of pleasure through her as she
started pumping her dick in and out of Venus’s asshole. While this went on,
Sailor Mercury moved to kneel behind Sailor Moon, she had pulled on a
strap-on dildo and positioned the head of the rubber cock at the entrance
to Sailor Moon’s pussy.
All three girls moaned in unison, Sailor Mercury reached around Sailor
Moon’s back and cupped her large breasts in her hands while she pumped the
dildo in and out of the girls pussy. At the same time, Sailor Moon pounded
her cock into Venus’s ass harder and harder, making the other blonde cry
out in pleasure as she climaxed again and again. Venus’s cum ran down her
thighs, soaking the bed sheets. “OH, FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Sailor Moon moaned
as she began to come in Venus’s asshole. Her sperm shot out of her cock in
thick loads, quickly filling the girls rectum.
Minutes passed, and Sailor Moon kept coming in Venus’s ass, so much that
her belly extended outwards, giving her the appearance of being heavily
pregnant. Then, temporarily exhausted, Sailor Moon withdrew her cock from
Venus’s asshole , a single last spurt of cum exited her penis, soaking the
other blondes back and hair. Mercury pulled the dildo from Sailor Moon’s
cunt and took the strap-on off. She licked the juices from the soaked
rubber cock and then tossed it aside.
Moment’s after her cock was pulled out of her, Sailor Venus began pushing
out all the cum that had been pumped into her. A small white fountain of
sperm began to gush from her anus, further soaking the bed sheets and
adding to the already pungent smell of sweat and sex that filled the room.
Sailor Moon laid back against the bed, her cock slowly softening. She
took a moment to take in all her surroundings. The room was as lavish as
the one she had first been trained in, only things were in shades of black,
white, and red. The carpet was a deep black color with white leather
furniture all around the room. The walls were painted white and expensive
looking artworks hung from them.
Something warm and wet brushed against Sailor Moon’s nipples, the blonde
looked down to see Mercury and Venus sucking on the stiff little mounds.
Tiny shiver of pleasure ran through her as the two girls latched their
mouths onto her nipples and began sucking. In second, Sailor Moon could
feel the milk flowing out from her nipples and into the girls mouths. She
cooed softly and stroked their hair as they milked her.
Moaning in pleasure, Sailor Mercury continued to drink Sailor Moon’s sweet
tasting milk. Her right hand squeezed Sailor Moon’s large breast, pumping
out the warm milk she now craved. While she did this, the blue haired
Senshi reached down with her left hand and started to stroke Sailor Moon’s
cock back to hardness. The blonde cooed softly at her actions, and in
moment, her cock began to swell once again.
Once Sailor Moon was fully erect once again, Mercury lifted her mouth off
the girls nipple and stared at the large chunk of male meat that was
attached to her friend. Her already wet pussy began burning with desire at
the sight. The Ice Senshi then got up and crawled down to lick Sailor
Moon’s length, making the girl moan in pleasure. Mercury then took one of
Sailor Moon’s balls into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. Sailor
Moon began panting as her body responded to Mercury’s attentions. A small
jet of milk squirted up from her exposed nipple.
Mercury spent the next ten minutes sucking Sailor Moon’s large cock, her
bead bobbing up and down on the long pole of flesh. The blonde moan and
begged for more all the while. Venus was still drinking Sailor Moon’s
milk, unable to get enough of the warm fluid. After a while, Mercury tired
of sucking on Sailor Moon’s dick and got up to lower herself onto it. The
blue haired girl moaned as all eleven inches of cock pushed into her
tightened cunt. “Oh, it’s so big!” she moaned as she began bouncing
herself up and down on the large member. Her enlarged tits giggled and
bounced with her movements and she had to grab them to steady the movement.

Below her, Sailor Moon screamed in ecstasy as she moved her hips in time
with Mercury. Venus finally tired of drinking Sailor Moon’s milk and
straddled the girls face as Mercury had earlier. Sailor Moon offered no
resistance and began to hungrily lick Venus’s wet pussy. The other blonde
grabbed Sailor Moon’s pony tail anyway and pulled her face against her
cunt. She moaned in pleasure as Sailor Moon’s tongue did its job. Behind
her, Mercury was quickly bringing Sailor Moon to another orgasm, the moan
of all three girls mixed together and filled the room as they all climaxed
at once. Sailor Moon’s sperm filled Mercury’s womb, her seed did what it
was meant to and sought out an egg to fertilize. It soon found what it was
looking for and a single sperm merged with the egg cell…
As the moans of all the girls faded, the trio passed out from exhaustion,
collapsing in a heap of arms legs and breasts on the bed.

In another room of the large mansion that the Sailor Senshi now occupied,
Mamoru watched via closed circuit monitor as Sailor Moon gave in to her
body once more. He had on video the taping of each senshi’s training, they
were free at the auction. Mamoru sat naked in a dark black leather chair,
in his lap sat Sailor Chibi Moon, his cock was shoved all the way up his
daughter’s asshole. The pink haired girl moaned in pleasure as her father
fucked her from behind. “Oh daddy, that feels so good!!!” she called out.
Kneeling between Chibi Moon’s legs was Sailor Pluto, the Time Senshi had
the girls cock down her throat as she sucked her. Mamoru cupped his
daughters enlarged breasts, he squeezed and kneaded the soft pillowy flesh
as he pumped his hips up and down, pounding his cock in and out of Chibi
Moon’s asshole.
“So honey, you’ve always wanted me, how does it feel to finally have it?”
he asked his daughter. Chibi Moon’s only response was to moan even louder
while she grasped Pluto’s head and forced her to take all of her cock into
her mouth. Pleasure filled the girls mind and body, ecstasy unlike
anything she had ever known.
“More, please fuck me more!” she cried out as she came in Pluto’s mouth.
The green haired woman gurgled and swallowed what she could. The rest
dribbled out of her mouth and down her cheek. Chibi Moon then released her
grasp on her, allowing Pluto to come up for air. The time senshi moaned
and then took Chibi Moon’s dick between her breasts and started rubbing it
with them. The other girl moaned and begged for more.
Mamoru groaned as he felt himself begin to come, he squeezed his daughters
breasts, making her milk squirt from her nipples. He then groaned again as
he came in her ass. His cum spurted out, filling her rectum.
It wasn’t long before Pluto brought Chibi Moon to another orgasm, her face
getting soaked with sperm. She then used her finger to sponge the jizz
into her mouth. Mamoru then pushed Chibi Moon off him as he dawned a black
bathrobe. “Keep an eye on them.” He said to the pair as he walked out of
the room.
The moment the door was closed, Chibi Moon began to fuck Sailor Pluto’s
cunt with her large cock. Her length slid in and out of the woman’s cunt,
making wet slurping sounds as she pounded her. “MOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEE!!!!”
Pluto moaned at length as she climaxed again and again, her juices gushing
out around the cock in her.
Mamoru smiled as he heard the grunts and moans coming from behind the
door. He walked down the hall of the mansion he owned. He never told any
of the Senshi, but his parent’s left him with a vast fortune, more money
than he could count, plus this extravagant house. He couldn’t inherit any
of it though until just recently. Making his way through the winding
hallway, Mamoru came to another room, in this one he had placed Sailor
Mars. The ebony haired girl was chained up to a wall, vibrators had been
placed in her pussy and ass and turned to the high setting. Her purple,
almost black eyes shimmered with lust as she moaned non-stop. Below her, a
bowl collected the juices she produced.
Grinning, Mamoru walked up to the shackled Senshi. “Does it feel good?”
he asked her. She nodded meekly and continued to moan. The dark haired
man picked up a cup and dipped it in the bowl beneath Sailor Mars. He then
brought that cup to her lips, “Drink up.” He told her. Mars said some
wordless thing and drank the cup of her own juices. When she finished,
Mamoru placed the cup down and gave Mars’ breasts a quick suckle. The girl
thrust her bust against his lips, silently begging for more. A few minutes
passed and Mamoru lifted his mouth from Sailor Mars’ nipple. He then
grasped a little device he’d found when going through this place. Two long
tubes hung from the ceiling, they were attached to a vacuum like device
that was used for storing liquid. He placed each sucker on one of Mars’
nipples. The dark haired man then walked over to the switch that activated
the device.
Flipping that switch, he started the milking machine. Mars groaned as the
suckers did their job and collected her milk. Mamoru smiled and left the
senshi to be milked like a cow.

After leaving Mars in her cell, Mamoru continued down the hallways. He
passed the room where Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Venus were being held.
Slipping open a slot in the door, he looked in on them.
Sailor Moon now lay on her back, two vibrators had been shoved into her
pussy as Venus and mercury took turns sucking her cock. The blondes eyes
were blank once again as she laid there on the bed, moaning in utter
pleasure. Sweat and cum covered the three girls bodies as they fucked each
other continuously. Mamoru felt himself begin to harden again as he
watched Mercury shoved three of her fingers into Sailor Moon’s anus,
driving the girl to yet another orgasm and showering the three of them with
her sperm. Using her fingers, Sailor Moon scooped up bits of her own jizz
and licked it off.
Smiling, Mamoru closed the porthole and moved on to the next room where he
had shackled Sailor Neptune to the wall as he had done with Mars. The aqua
haired girl was stripped completely naked, her arms were kept above her
head to prevent her from touching herself. A layer of sweat covered her
body as she struggled against the iron chains that held her.
Mamoru walked into the well lit room and gazed at Neptune’s naked body.
Her face was a picture of beauty, with well placed cheek bones and a
perfect nose. Her eyes were a pretty shade of blue with just a hint of
green. Her skin was completely unblemished and glistened with the sweat
that covered it. Neptune’s breasts, once a simple 38B cup, had been
enlarged to a size that there wasn’t a name for. The affects of the
Gene-Alterer had also altered her muscular structure to accommodate her new
body. So that with her hour-glass figure, came the ability to move about
without being weighed down by her large mammories. Her nipples were a
ducky pink color and dripped with milk, all the senshi had been altered so
that their breasts constantly produced milk during times of arousal.
Letting his gaze travel further down Neptune’s body, Mamoru saw her nicely
shaped hips and freshly shaved pussy. Mamoru walked up to Neptune and took
hold of the special vibrator that he’d placed in her cunt. Unlike most of
the others, this one gave its user small electric jolts while it was turned
on. Barely audible snaps of electric discharge filled the room along with
Neptune’s moans of pleasure. She looked at him with her bluish green eyes,
“S.. so… so gooood….” She moaned as her body convulsed in orgasm after
orgasm. Mamoru touched a button on the base of the vibrator, and the sound
of electrical snaps became very audible, along with Neptune’s scream of
agony and ecstasy. The dark haired man then began to move the vibrator in
and out of Neptune’s tightened pussy, blue white sparks could be seen each
time he withdrew the dildo. Neptune opened her mouth and cried out as she
climaxed like never before. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she moaned
and groaned with pleasure.
“OH GODS!!!” She screamed as Mamoru drove the vibrator all the way into
her, a wash of her juices gushed from her pussy, soaking his hand. Neptune
then went slack in her bonds, she’d passed out from the pleasure. Her
ample chest rose and fell with her breaths.
Wiping his hand on his robe, Mamoru withdrew the vibrator and turned the
thing off. He set it on a nearby table and gave the girls breasts a quick
squeeze before leaving. Now all that was left for his rounds were Sailor’s
Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Mamoru Chiba grinned as he thought of the
things he would do to the brunette.

In the east wing of Mamoru’s mansion, Sailor Jupiter was on all fours in a
metal cage. Both her knees had been shackled to a bar that kept her legs
spread wide. A similar bard held the brunettes arms. Off to the side,
Jupiter watched as Sailors Saturn and Uranus fucked each other. The dark
haired Sailor Saturn sat on her knees, her head between Uranus’s legs as
she sucked the girls cock ravenously.
The sound of the door opening didn’t stop Saturn’s actions in the least.
Smiling at the scene, Mamoru touched a control next to the light switch.
The cage around Jupiter lifted with a squeaking sound, thought the brunette
still couldn’t go anywhere, the bars tied to her arms and legs would only
let her manage a slow crawl. Mamoru walked over to a table on the other
side of the room, listening to the slurping sucking sounds of Saturn’s lips
sliding around Sailor Uranus’ cock.
On the Oak Wood table was a varitity of paddles, whips, vibrators and
other various sexual toys. Mamoru lifted the whip from the table and
cracked it a couple of times before walking over to Jupiter’s prone form.
The brunette looked up at him with lust in her forest green eyes. Her eyes
fixated on the whip and she took on an even more submissive position.
Mamoru moved to stand behind the girl, he touched his hand to her ass,
caressing the soft beautiful skin. He then slipped a finger into her anal
passage, making her moan softly. Mamoru pumped his digit in and out of
Jupiter rectum for a few moments before moving on to probe her pussy. The
wet lips of her bright pink labia allowed him easy entry. A flow of
Jupiter’s cream trickled out of the girls cunt, running over his fingers
and down her legs.
Jupiter moaned wordlessly as he finger fucked her, his digits sliding deep
into her pussy, tickling her G-Spot and driving her to a quick orgasm.
After she had come, Mamoru withdrew his fingers from her and the whip in
his hand spoke. The sharp snap followed by Jupiter’s scream was enough to
grab Uranus and Saturn’s attention. The dark haired girl pulled her lips
off Uranus’s long cock, a trail of spittle linked her to the hard organ for
a second before breaking. Uranus got on all fours and crawled over to
where Jupiter lay. Saturn followed and the two girls watched as a bright
red welt appeared on Jupiter’s rear. Mamoru’s whip cracked again and
another line of red formed on Jupiter’s back. Tears flowed freely from the
brunettes eyes now, and she whimpered softly at the burning sensation all
along her back.
Another crack sounded and created yet another welt on Jupiter’s back.
Uranus felt her cock get even harder at the sight and she looked up at her
master. Mamoru knew what the blonde wanted and he nodded his approval.
Kneeling in front of the brunette, Uranus lifted Jupiter’s face from the
floor. Without any warning, she thrust her long cock between the girls
lips and down her throat. Jupiter gagged around the thick pole of flesh,
her moans drove Uranus to begin pumping her cock in and out of the girls
mouth. As Uranus face fucked Jupiter, Mamoru lashed out with the whip
again and again. Each time the leather bit her skin, Jupiter screamed,
making her entire mouth vibrate and furthering Uranus’ pleasure. As this
went on, Saturn went over to Mamoru and pulled his cock out from beneath
his robes. She took it into her mouth and sucked it with more fervor than
she had with Uranus.
Mamoru placed a hand on top of Saturn head and guided her movements as he
whipped Jupiter with the other. Uranus moaned in pleasure as Jupiter
stopped resisting the cock in her throat and began sucking it. Her moans
of pain soon turned to that of pleasure.
In time, Mamoru ceased the lashes with the whip and untied Jupiter from
the rest of her bindings. Her lower back and ass were now a mass of bright
red welts, though he had been careful not to draw blood. The brunettes
moans were muffled by the large dick that filled her mouth. The expression
on Uranus’s face was that of total ecstasy as she came in Jupiter’s mouth.
Streams of white cum gushed from the brunettes mouth as Uranus withdrew her
nine inch penis and jizzed in her face. Now free of the bars that held her
in place, Jupiter sat up on her knees and squeezed her massive breasts
together, rubbing the cum that covered her face into her skin. Small jets
of milk squirted out from the girls nipples, adding to the puddle that had
gathered on the floor while she was on all fours.
Across from them, Mamoru groaned in pleasure as he slid his cock into
Saturn’s pussy. The dark haired girl moaned lewdly, grinding her hips
against Mamoru. He took hold of Saturn’s enlarged breast, squeezing the
soft flesh. Again she moaned, and Mamoru began pumping her up and down on
his pole. He let go of her breast and placed both hands on her hips while
she wrapped her arms around her neck. Mamoru then stood and began to fuck
Saturn while she moved against his cock. Her large breasts jiggled and
bounced with every thrust. “So good, more, fuck me more!!!” she screamed
Sailor Saturn moaned loudly as she began orgaming again and again, her
juices gushed from her pussy, making it easier for Mamoru to pound his cock
into her, the two kissed deeply, their tongue dueling in each other’s
mouths. It wasn’t long before he reached his peak and came inside her with
a grunt. The dark haired man then pulled out of her and took a seat to
watch the show near by. While he sat, Saturn made herself useful and began
licking her cum off Mamoru’s prick.
Sailor Jupiter now lay on her back, she moaned over and over as Uranus
slid her long cock in and out of her dripping cunt. The blonde grunted
with each of her thrusts, her hips moving back and forth ever increasing
the pleasure she felt. She struggled to hold back all the cum that her
cock wanted to pump into Jupiters tight pussy, but she was slowly losing
that battle. After a while, Uranus opened her mouth and cried out in
ecstasy as she came inside of Jupiter, her tongue hung from her lips as she
pumped load after load of jizzem into the brunette.
Once she had had her fill, Uranus pulled her long penis from Jupiters
tight hole with a light pop. The brunette layed on the ground moaning in
pleasure from so many orgasms. The blonde then placed her hand on Jupiters
right breast, she squeezed out a small bit of milk from the girl, then, she
traced her finger around the edge of her nipple. An idea came to the sex
hungry Senshi and she placed a finger at the tip of Jupiters nipple and
pushed downward. She was surprised when Jupiters over active nipple opened
and took Uranus’s finger into it. The blonde added a second finger and
stretched open Jupiters bright pink nipple. A gush of milk flowed out and
Uranus grinned. She then moved to place her cock against the brunettes
nipple. She then pushed her long cock into Jupiters nipple and moaned at
how tight it felt around her dick. At first, Jupiter screamed in pain, but
Uranus ignored her whimpers and began to push her cock further into her,
literally fucking Jupiters tit.
After a time, Jupiter began moaning in pleasure and tried to push more of
Uranus’s cock into her nipple. She moaned with raw lust as her milk began
pouring out around the invading dick.
From where he sat, Mamoru asked, “How do you like being screwed in the
Jupiter didn’t respond as she was too wrapped up in ecstasy. When Uranus
felt herself beginning to cum, she pulled her cock out of Jupiters tit and
jacked off in her face. The brunette opened her mouth and swallowed what
she could, moaning and begging for the blonde to fuck her other nipple.
From his seat, Mamoru again began fucking Saturn, this time doing her up
the ass. As the dark haired girl moaned, he watched as Uranus started to
fuck Jupiter as she asked. The Earth Prince looked forward to many night
such as this with his new harem of sex slaves.

The End~

Well, that’s it for Broken, I know some of you were hoping for a different
ending, but I thought that this would make a better one. I might do
another series based off this, taking place in the Future where Neo-Queen
Serenity is ruling and

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