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Mind Control

by Colleen Whyte

Henry was perspiring heavily as he walked into the shop, even though the
weather was mid-spring mild outside and the shop was heated to a
comfortable temperature. There was only one other person in the shop,
browsing through the magazine section, and he decided to wait. Henry knew
what would soon happen, in fact it was the shop’s intolerance to reading
their magazines off the rack that had made this his prime target. More than
once he had been told to ‘buy or leave’, just as the browser was being
informed at that moment. Henry watched the only other customer slink away
in embarrassment and waited until the shop assistant had gone back behind
the counter.

Following her, feigning calm even as his pulse raced, he got close enough
to read the nametag pinned to her blouse just above her small breast. She
seemed oblivious to his presence, reading her own magazine spread over the
counter in front of her.

“Hello,” Henry squeaked out, nerves almost getting the better of him but he
resisted fleeing, “Tanya?”

She looked up disinterestedly, and he marvelled at her pixieish little
nose, her long blond hair tied back in a long ponytail, her slender body.
She didn’t reply, just looked him in the eyes to let him know he had as
much of her attention as she was willing to give him.

Not trusting himself to say anything else, Henry pulled up a small crystal
perfume bottle and pointing its bronze nozzle at her, squeezed the bulb. A
fine spray of sweet smelling droplets exploded over her face, the shock of
it causing her to inhale sharply and he gave her a second squirt just to be
sure. What seemed like an eternity passed as they stood there staring at
each other, Henry in rabid interest to see if his formula worked, her in
stunned disbelief.

Henry was just beginning to suspect that he might be explaining himself to
the police very shortly when his formula took hold with a vengeance.
Tanya’s open-mouthed disbelief flickered towards a look of anger then
bewilderment as she felt a pressure on her chest. Looking down she saw
movement beneath her blouse and her hands came up to confirm what she could
see, that her breasts were growing. Rapidly her blouse filled out, the
front of it pulling out of the waist of her skirt to accommodate her
growing breasts. Soon even that was not enough and the blouse pulled taught
over her tits, buttons coming undone until finally her tits burst free, her
enlarged nipples standing out from her huge mounds of tit flesh that she
was instinctively cradling in her hands.

Another emotion played across her face for the briefest of moments, that of
fear, then the pleasure hit her, like electricity racing from her nipples
to her pleasure centres. A moan escaped her lips as she became aroused,
desperate to be fucked, to have someone fondle her huge new tits while
ramming their cock deep into her sopping cunt. Ripping her blouse away,
Tanya got up onto the counter and crawled over to Henry, panting in sexual
tension, begging him to fuck her.

Henry was ecstatic, his carefully nurtured formula had worked perfectly,
done everything he wanted. Having envisaged this moment a hundred times in
his fantasies he knew what to do next. Unzipping his trousers he pulled his
hardening cock out and presented it to her face. She tried to take it into
her mouth straight away but her newly acquired tit-mounds prevented her
from lowering herself that far while on the counter so she quickly turned
over on her back, sucking his cock into her willing mouth and presenting
her tits for him to play with. It was an offer he couldn’t resist and he
delighted to the dull sensations of getting a blow job while squeezing and
kneading her massive but firm tits.

She was cumming continuously as she sucked, fingering her own clit and wet
pussy, and when he came into her mouth she sucked it all down eagerly, not
wanting his softening penis to slide from her mouth as she associated it
with her pleasure. As Henry staggered back to recover she got down off the
counter and turned around to present her bum to him, wiggling it
invitingly, calling for him to fuck her to ease her need.

Henry wasn’t up to that, or at least his prick wasn’t but he knew how to
improvise. Taking a large tube of sweets from the counter he worked it into
her sopping wet cunt, her moans exciting him even more. With wild abandon
she thrust her hips back to meet his motions, screaming through more
orgasms until she finally seemed to be totally spent and reduced to gasping
her pleasure. This gave Henry time to recover himself and tucking his penis
back into his underpants he pulled up his trousers.

So his formula had worked he thought as he wandered around the shop, years
of studying obscure arcane texts, of developing his alchemy skills, of
getting those bizarre ingredients. It eased his conscience a bit that the
person who had developed and written down the formula was at least as
deviant as he was. But what to do with his little toy next?

“Master?” a demur voice broke him out of his daydream. Looking around he
saw that she was standing by the counter, her huge tits standing out
proudly, their nipples still erect. Time to take her home, he decided, but
first a bit of shopping.

“Tanya, open the till and take all the money. If there is any other money
in the shop, get that too.”

“Yes master,” she said as she followed his instructions. Henry, meanwhile
went looking for something for her to wear as her blouse was shredded
beyond use. He found a woollen cardigan in the back room and decided that
would have to do. A moment later Tanya appeared with the money which he
took and stuffed into his pocket. He then put the cardigan on her,
stretching the material over her tits and barely able to button it up. In
place it emphasised her tits even more, presenting an impressive display of
cleavage with its v-neck and the buttons threatening to explode at any

Telling her not to say anything unless he asked her to, Henry took her by
the hand and led her out to his car, still thrilled by how compliant she
was. A short drive and they were at a backstreet sex shop that he bought
his dirty magazines at. Leading Tanya inside he was pleased to note that
even the usually jaded shop owner was soon staring at his prize.

Henry took great delight in getting her to strip naked right there in the
shop, her huge breasts jiggling ever so slightly as she fidgeted with
excitement. Going over to the rack of lingerie he took out the crimson red
teddie he had often admired. Handing it to Tanya he watched with
appreciation as she put it on, her tits were far too large to fit but the
shoulder straps, tied with little bows at the shoulder, had just enough
length to cup her breasts and hold them high, her nipples on display.
Taking a pair of fishnet stockings from the counter display, giving a smug
little smile to the owner, he had her put those on as well and attach the
garters that ran from the teddie.

He then got her to go along the shelf display of dildos and vibrators,
fondling and cooing over each of them, rubbing them over her sensitive
breasts until a noticeable wet patch appeared in the crotch of her teddie.
He had her purchase the largest of them, a huge black dildo with a built in
vibrating unit that had a head almost as big as her fist. The shop owner
was practically drooling as he accepted her money and gave Henry a nod of
appreciation as he redressed her in her skirt and tight cardigan.

His next stop was the beauty salon where he tried to persuade the
beautician to give her a total makeover to his specifications. To his
annoyance the woman insisted upon getting Tanya’s consent and made it clear
she was unhappy with him hanging around as she got Tanya to sit in the
reclining chair and draped a pink coversheet over her. It got worse when he
tried to tell her what he wanted done to Tanya, the redder lips, the heavy
mascara, the pink tint to her blond hair. The beautician told him to go
away and let Tanya decide and Henry had had enough, if she was going to be
difficult then he had a solution.

Pretending to go away he instead checked that no-one else was in the salon
and flipped the sign on the door over to closed. He then quietly made his
way back to where the beautician was trying to convince Tanya that a more
subtle makeover was needed and that her colours were dull browns and
yellows. Realising Henry had come back, the beautician looked up just in
time to get a face full of the formula.

Her first reaction was to jump back in surprise, her hand going to wipe her
glasses clean to clear her vision. By then it was too late and the formula
was working. Her pink work-smock was soon straining at the bust, her
breasts swelling magnificently until she couldn’t breath due to the
pressure and ripped her smock away, revealing herself to be nearly naked
underneath. She was panting as sexual desire overwhelmed her, driving all
other thoughts from her mind. She needed release and she needed it now as
she staggered glassy eyed towards Henry.

Henry let her wrap her arms around him and crush her lips against his, her
breasts almost too big to overcome and he could feel sharp nipples stabbing
into his chest. Her hands were all over him, her crotch grinding against
his trousers and waves of pleasure going through her as her tits squashed
between them. Breaking free for just a moment, Henry turned to Tanya as she
watched in excited fascination.

“Tanya, show her your new toy.”

With a giggle, Tanya pulled the huge dildo out of her handbag. The
beauticians eyes widened in surprise and then desire.

“Bend over that stool, ….” Henry paused as he thought of a name, “Candy.”
he decided. “Your name is now Candy, do you agree?”

The beautician nodded, still trying to get off by grinding against him.

“Then, Candy, do as you’re told.”

Somewhat reluctantly she let go of him and waddled over to the high stool.
She draped herself over it, her huge breasts swinging pendulously and her
round ass high in the air. With great deliberation Henry began working the
dildo into her sopping wet cunt, just a little at a time, stretching her to
accommodate its large girth. She was obviously in some discomfort but at
the same time she was so excited and so close to coming. Finally it was all
the way in and Henry began pumping it, just an inch or so as that’s all he
could manage with the tightness but it was more than enough to bring her
off multiple times.

Pulling the dildo out, he got Tanya to suck it clean as the beautician
recovered. Helping her to stand up in her near exhausted state he got her
straight to work on Tanya’s slutty makeup, thick bright pink lipstick,
scarlet eyeshadow, fake lashes, charcoal black eyebrows to contrast with
her blond hair. The blatant clashing of colours excited Henry, proving that
Tanya was little more than a fuck-toy for his amusement.

Candy got much the same treatment, doing most of it herself but accepting
finishing touches from the less skilled Tanya at the insistence of Henry.
The thick make-up removing the beautician’s carefully cultivated look to be
replaced with that of an on heat bimbo.

Finding clothes for her was even more difficult, there was no way her smock
would close enough to cover her huge tits and her casual clothes consisted
of a pair of slacks that he wouldn’t let her wear and a light cotton blouse
that ripped when she tried to put it on. Well with the proceeds of the
salon’s till adding to that from the bookstore he had more than enough cash
to do a little clothes shopping with his new toys and Candy could wear one
of the pink plastic capes as an interim measure.

Henry felt like royalty as he toured the upper balcony of the mall with a
big-titted bimbo on each arm. Tanya was squeezed in to a black satin tube
dress, having to constantly pull up the top of it with her free hand as her
tits spilled over the low cut top. With her other arm around Henry’s waist
she didn’t have a spare hand to stop the ultra-short hem from riding up and
as such the tops of her stockings were clearly visible as she minced along
in her spike heeled pumps. On the other side Candy wasn’t faring much
better, the outfit Henry had picked out for her was just as provocative and
incapable of containing her huge tits. Her attire consisted of barely more
than a pink half length jacket that left her midrift bare and exposed
generous cleavage with its plunging neckline, and a miniskirt that failed
to conceal her lack of underwear.

Tanya and Candy barely noticed the stir they were causing, both were
totally enamoured with Henry and hung on his every word and action. They
had become almost accustomed to their perpetual state of arousal now, but
they hoped Henry would want to fuck them soon before they lost control.

Henry, however, was milking his moment of glory for all it was worth. It
gave him a real kick to see the men openly envious of him, and the shocked
expressions of the women. He kept an eye out for any that he might want to
add to his stable, something snotty and upper class that he could turn into
a cheap tart. Then he spotted a woman who he very definitely didn’t want to
see, a mall guard. Her lack of stature and over-abundance of girth were
exaggerated by the tight blouse and slacks she was wearing, her dark curly
hair was crammed under her cap and her plain face was set with the
no-nonsense look she employed when dealing with trouble makers. She strode
over to block the passage of Henry and his decorative companions, her baton
bouncing against her well rounded hip.

“You should leave the store immediately, … sir,” the guard stated with a
sneer, “And take your Toms with you.”

Henry couldn’t believe it, she thought he was a pimp! Normally he would
have meekly complied, but he was feeling overconfident after the success of
his formula. He wasn’t going to let a short fat rent-a-cop push him around.
“I’m a customer,” he retorted, indicating the shopping bags that Tanya and
Candy were carrying. “And I haven’t made all my purchases yet.”

“I don’t care,” the guard said, staring him down, “Get your whores out of

Adrenalin and testosterone took over Henry’s thinking, he wasn’t going to
let this bitch push him around. Time for an attitude adjustment he thought
as he pulled the atomiser out of his pocket.

The guard’s response was blindingly fast, assuming that Henry had drawn a
weapon she whipped out her baton and swung it in a back-wristed arc to
disarm him. With trained accuracy she struck his hand and sent the perfume
bottle flying, upward, to shatter against the ventilation grill of the
mall’s air conditioning. Free of its container, energised by the impact,
subject to the powerful wind coming out of the vent, the liquid vaporised
into a cloud of microscopic particles that filled the foyer of the mall.

Henry yelped, and then the pain was suddenly forgotten as he realised what
had happened. His formula was now a barely visible mist that was pervading
all parts of the mall, it would be only moments before the first of those
affected would be showing the symptoms. The guard, uncomprehending of what
she had unleashed, just looked annoyed.

“What was that?” she demanded, pushing the end of her baton up under
Henry’s chin, “Mace? Pepper spray?”

Henry gulped, the baton was painfully close to his throat. “No,” he
wheezed, “It was …. ah …”

From the floor below there was the sound of fabric ripping, followed by a
woman squealing in surprise. This was quickly overwhelmed by the din of
clothing being torn, of buttons being fired into the walls, of men and
women cursing in astonishment. The guard redirected her attention from
Henry to the chaos that was quickly spreading through the mall as woman
after woman found her breasts swelling to immense proportions, followed by
a need to be fucked that drove every other thought out of their minds. The
guard was stunned for just a moment, not long enough for Henry to escape as
she swung her baton back up to block him as he tried to slip away.

“What the fuck is going on?” she demanded, clearly aware of who was to

Henry paled, not only were there now dozens of women under the influence of
his formula, but he was trapped by the one woman who didn’t seem to be
affected by it. And then he noticed that her blouse had begun to swell.
Within seconds the buttons were stretched to breaking point and the guard
dropped the baton as it became hard for her to breath. With an angry roar
of surprise she wrenched open her own blouse, exposing two huge tits
spilling over the top of her bra. Henry was pretty sure he knew what was
going to happen next and he had no intention of being any part of it. Let
some other sucker satisfy her need to get fucked, he thought as he ordered
Tanya and Candy to run to the car.

Not being much of a gentleman, Henry didn’t hang around to let them keep up
as they tottered along in their tight skirts and high heels, Tanya’s
breasts were beyond all hope of recovery by her dress now as they bounced
in time to her steps. Fortunately for Henry there was so much confusion
that he managed a clear run all the way to the exit, and seeing that no-one
was trying to block Tanya and Candy he figured he could get the car started
and ready to go by the time they caught up.

Then glancing around just before he stepped through the doors he thought,
why not? Nearby there was a pair of teenage girls, their t-shirts tattered
rags on the floor as they made out with each other in an attempt to satisfy
their cravings, massive mounds of tit flesh crushed together. Henry rushed
over to them, inserted himself into their embrace to exert his influence
and then smiled as they pawed lustfully at him.

“Follow me girls,” he said as he led them away, “I think a little five-way
orgy is just what you need to introduce you to your new life as my sluts.”поисковое продвижение сайтавклады банка отп

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