Bimbo Dot Com

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By MrGrey

Prologue: Friday Night

“I swear, Cindy, you need to loosen up a little,” said Caitlin. Cindy had her eyes
covered as Caitlin stared at the television with fascination. The TV showed a
man with knives for fingers and a big brown hat laughing as he chased a
helpless, scared girl down a staircase. “This is one of the best parts, Cindy!
Open your eyes!” She playfully tossed a small pillow at her friend’s head, who
then peeked out from her hands and gave Caitlin an evil glare. “Suit yourself…”

It was eight o’clock.

Cindy’s parents were out of town, so Caitlin had come over to keep her company.
She didn’t think scary movies would be included in that company, but Caitlin had
insisted on renting it. “Is it over yet?” she asked, her voice muffled underneath
her palms.

“Yep,” Caitlin said calmly.

Cindy slowed dropped her hands from her eyes and peered at the television just
in time to see Freddy’s hand bury itself in the young girls stomach. Cindy
flinched, screamed, and quickly returned to the sanctuary of her hands. “I can’t
believe you! You said it was over!”

Caitlin just laughed, “You need to see this stuff more, then it won’t bother you
was much.”

Cindy peered out at her friend, “Well, I’d rather not desensitize myself to this sort
of filth.”

Caitlin had heard enough. She sat up on her knees and reached for the stop
button on the VCR. Freddy’s face was replaced by a bright blue screen with the
word STOP in the top right corner. The room became quiet as Cindy slowly
resurfaced. “Why’d you do that?” she asked.

Caitlin stood up and walked over to Cindy’s bed. “I’ve seen it a million times, I
rented it cause I thought you’d like it.”

“Well, you don’t have to turn it off… I’ll watch it. Turn it back on.”

Caitlin shrugged, “Nah, it’s alright.”

“No really!” Cindy didn’t want to seem like a scardy-cat, even though she knew
she was one.

“Relax. We’ll find something else to do.” They both grew quiet as they thought of
possibilities. Caitlin spoke up finally, “We could call Bloody Mary…”

Cindy looked a little frightened, “What’s that?”

Caitlin spun around to get face to face with her friend on the floor. “Well, you
stand in front of the mirror. You look right into your reflections eyes and say her
name five times…” Cindy looked terrified but continued listening. “Then, it’s said
that she’ll come through the mirror and…”

Caitlin stopped talking and let the suspense draw out. Cindy looked a little
impatient, “And…?!”

“And…that’s all I know. I’ve never done it before. I guess we could try it and see
what happens.”

Cindy backed away, waving her hands in the air, “No way! No. Way. I’m not
doing that.”

Caitlin grabbed her arm, “Oh come on, it’ll be fun.” She led her friend into the
bathroom and flicked on the light. “Ok, we have to say it together alright…” Cindy
still looked uneasy, but agreed. “Ok…”

“Bloody Mary…” they each said in unison. “Bloody Mary…” Caitlin reached
behind her, keeping eye contact with herself and flicked the lights out. Cindy
looked like she was about to protest, but then stopped. Caitlin nodded to
continue, “Bloody Mary…” They tensed up a little more. “Bloody Mary…” They
both glanced at each other.

Then they stopped. Cindy slapped her friend’s shoulder, “You didn’t say it!”

Caitlin laughed, “You didn’t either!” They both laughed and walked back into
Cindy’s room.

They flipped through the TV channels, watched some Letterman, then found
some old cartoons. They chatted about boys and others things. Both girls were
juniors in high school and friends since childhood.

Caitlin began talking about recent dates she’s had. She said she went out with a
guy last night and had given him a blowjob without him even asking. “It really
kind of freaked me out. I, like, normally don’t even like doing that…” Cindy was a
little disappointed in her friend for going to such lengths with guys she hardly
knew. She just wasn’t acting like herself…

Boredom began to consume them.

It was ten o’clock.

Finally, Caitlin perked up. “Ohhhh! I know what we can do…” A smile crossed
her face. “We can go on!”

Cindy looked a little skeptical. “What’s that?”

“Well, it’s a website.”

Cindy sighed, “Well, I figured that much.”

“It’s a magic website.” Cindy rolled her eyes. “No, no. It’s supposed to be real!
David showed it to me. It’s one of those urban legend things, you know?”

Cindy sighed again, “And the definition of an urban legend says that it’s fake,”
she started to walk towards the kitchen, but Caitlin pulled her back.

“Wait, wait. Come on. It’s, like, neat!” She giggled as she pulled her friend
toward the computer.

“Why do you keep talking like that? And giggling? You’ve been doing that a lot

Caitlin shrugged, “I dunno. I’ve hardly noticed it…” She flicked the computer on
and connected to the internet. She clicked the address bar and began typing.
She typed one letter at a time with her index finger moving to each letter. Caitlin
was planning on becoming a computer programmer and usually had excellent
typing speed.
“Why are you typing like that?”
“Like what?” She finished typing in the address and pressed enter.
was written in the address bar and the blue bar slowly showed the progress.
Then a blank page flashed up saying, “We can’t find “”.”
Cindy snickered, “So this is your big idea?”
Caitlin left the page up and turned to her friend, “Actually, this is it. It’s behind
this page…”
Cindy wrinkled her eyebrow, “And what the hell is that supposed to mean?”
They both looked at the white page, “It’s behind this.” Caitlin ran her hand across
the computer screen. “It’s…what’s the word…sub…uh…sublime…?”
“Subliminal?” Cindy finished for her, smirking.
“Yeah!” She giggled again.
“Caitlin, why do you keep doing th–”
“Anyways, the legend says that anyone that looks at this page will turn into a
bimbo in 48 hours.”
“Turn into a bimbo?”
“You know, big tits, horny, dumb…”
“Like every girl I hate?”
“You’re right, this is scary,” Cindy said laughing. Caitlin giggled again. “Sigh,
please stop doing that. So where’d you hear about this site anyway?”
“David showed it to me, on our date Wednesday night.”
“Well, that was two days ago. Shouldn’t you be a bimbo now?” she said with a
Caitlin looked a little confused, “Huh?”
“You said it takes 48 hours, right? Well, that’d be Wednesday…”
Caitlin was thinking hard about this. She began to look a little worried. Then,
Cindy noticed something. Caitlin’s hair had become blonder.
“Caitlin? What’s happening to your hair? It’s…blonde. Well, blonder.”
Caitlin rubbed her head, “I–I don’t know.” She looked scared. “Cindy, like, why
can’t I think straight?”
Then, Cindy began to get scared. Caitlin’s hair was now completely blonde.
Now, her tits seemed to be growing. They both stood up. “Cindy, like, what’s
happening? I feel all funny and stuff!” A giggle topped off her sentence. Her
voice had become considerably higher.
“You’re changing! God, stop it Caitlin! Whatever you’re doing it’s not funny.”
Caitlin suddenly smiled, “Like, Caitlin’s not doing anything! Hee hee!” The smile
quickly went away as a look of desperation took over. “Cindy, help me…” Her
tits had stretched her shirt to the max and her lips were getting fuller now. Her
eyelashes grew and a spacey look began to take over her face. Caitlin’s eyes
fluttered as she collapsed back on the bed.
She laid there motionless, eyes closed.
Cindy looked down at her friend. She was out of breath as she waved her hand
in front of the face that once was her best friend. “Caitlin?”
Suddenly, Caitlin’s eyes snapped open. “Hee hee! Like, Caitlin feels totally
better now!”

Chapter 1: Saturday

Amanda Jenkins sat across from her boss, Vince Rouse. He sat quietly,
smoking his cigar, thinking. Amanda was nervous. She fidgeted with her purse
as it lay in her lap. She tapped her feet on the ground to the beat of some
annoying song she heard on the radio this morning.
Mr. Rouse kept glancing at her then quickly looking away. Finally, he gave in.
“Alright, Amanda. I’m gonna let you do this…”
Her eyes lit up. “Oh, thank you, sir! You won’t regret this.” She tried her best to
stay cool and professional. Inside she was bouncing off the walls.
Mr. Rouse quickly informed her, “But, this is it! You mess this up and you’re back
to answering phones. Understand?”
Amanda nodded and smiled. “Yes sir, I understand. You won’t regret it. Thank
you, thank you.” He waved her off and she thanked him again and stepped out.
After walking down the hall and out of anyone’s field of vision, she raised her
hands in triumph. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes… CNN, here I come…”
She had been working her hardest to become a news journalist. Quickly learning
that starting from the bottom was her only option, she landed a job a THE SUN
magazine. Sure, it was just one of those ridiculous tabloid papers that
exaggerated every story it got its hands on. But, it was a job. Unfortunately, Mr.
Rouse would only hire her as his secretary.
Finally, a local story about a girl being hospitalized after witnessing her friend
transform into some kind of “bimbo” surfaced and Amanda knew she had to have
it. After some serious begging, he finally agreed to let her try her hand at writing
This had happened just last night and quickly spread through the town.
Apparently, the girl was a pretty straight-laced student and never had gotten into
any kind of trouble. Amanda figured the best place to start would be the hospital
where the girl’s friend, Cindy, was being treated.

Amanda arrived at the hospital a little after two o’clock. She parked her car and
walked through the parking lot. It was an overcast dreary day. It felt like rain
could begin to pour at any minute. Amanda had her coat and scarf wrapped
tightly around her. A small briefcase was tucked under her arm. Her red cheeks
burned against the cold wind.

After reaching the entrance, a blanket of heat covered her. It was a relief. She
walked causally up to the front desk and smiled at the lady behind it. “Hello, I’m
with The Sun magazine and was wondering if you could tell me what room Cindy
Connors is in…”

The old lady quickly answered without showing any emotion on her face, “I’m
sorry, that information is for family only.”

Amanda smiled and tried to remain pleasant, “I understand that, but it would be
great if you could just tell–”

The woman interrupted, “I’m sorry. You’re going to have to leave. Thank you
and have a nice day.”

A phone rang behind the old woman and she gave Amanda one last glare and
turned around to answer it. Amanda stuck her tongue out at the woman’s back
and was about to turn to leave when she noticed the open chart on the desk.
She stepped a little closer to the desk and leaned over, keeping quiet so as not
to bring attention to herself. The old woman chatted on the phone with someone
named “Margery” and had lost all interest in Amanda.

Scanning over all the names, she reached over and flipped the pages a few
times until she found the C’s. “Cawley…Chandlers…Cobb…” Finally, she found
Connors. “Connors, Cindy…Room 217.”

Amanda gave the old lady the finger as she walked off towards the elevators.
She went to the second floor and followed the arrows pointing towards Cindy’s
room. Finally, she found it and walked inside.

It was dark in the room. The windows were drawn closed and the TV was off.
Amanda looked around and saw Cindy lying on the bed asleep. A middle-aged
woman sat beside the bed in a couch resting her head on her hand, also asleep.
Her eyes fluttered open when Amanda walked further in.

“Oh…uh…who’s there?” The woman was still half-asleep.

“Hi, Mrs. Connors?”


“Yes, hello. I’m Amanda Jenkins, from The Sun magazine. I was wondering if I
could ask Cindy…” she looked over at the sleeping girl, she looked pitiful,
“or…you…a few questions?”

“Get out,” the woman started to get up, “We’re not going to be bothered by you
people. Cindy is not some gossip you can just print in your paper. She’s gone
through a traumatic event. Leave now.” It was obvious the woman wanted to
yell, but she kept her anger at a whisper so Cindy wouldn’t wake up.

Amanda wasn’t giving up so easily, “Please, just let me stay for a while until
Cindy wakes up. I’m not here to exploit your daughter–”

Amanda was startled by the voice that interrupted her, “You have to warn

Amanda and Cindy’s mother looked over at the bed to see Cindy sitting up, eyes
open wide. “What did you say, Cindy?”

The young girl was clearly exhausted, “You have to warn everyone about the

Cindy’s mother looked worried, “Honey…what’re you talking about–”

“It’s dangerous! You have to tell everyone!”

Amanda tried to calm the girl down, “It’s ok, darling. I will. I will… Now, what do
you want me to tell everyone? What website?”

“The website me and Caitlin…” her voice trailed off at the mention of Caitlin’s
name, “..The website me and Caitlin looked at. The one she had looked at two
days earlier. That’s how long it takes!”

“How long what takes?”

“T-the…” Cindy took a deep breath, “…change.”

“The change…like what happened to Caitlin?”

“Yes! The same thing that’s going to happen to me if you don’t get me out of
here by tomorrow night!” She looked at her mother when she said that.

Mrs. Connors just shushed her and patted her arm, “You’re going to be just fine,
baby. Don’t worry. We’re going to take care of you here–”

“That’s not good enough! You have to stop the website! Nothing else could
have done that to her. You didn’t see what I saw. She transformed right in front
of my eyes.”

Amanda took out her pen and pad, “What is this website exactly?”

Amanda finished up with Cindy and left. She thanked her mother, who still didn’t
seem to approve of her, and thanked Cindy. Cindy had fallen back asleep by the
time Amanda left. She got back in her car and headed towards her home.

Amanda lived alone. She was twenty-seven years old and had never married.
Relationships had come and gone. No kids, no close family. Just her and her
job. But she was happy with that.

She arrived home, walked through the front door and put her things on her desk.
She fixed herself some lunch and began to straighten out her research materials.

Cindy had shown no signs of drug use. Her blood was alcohol-free and she
appeared to be of sound mind. The trauma of witnessing her friend transform the
way it was being told she did was enough to require some medical attention.
Caitlin’s location was still being kept secret.

Amanda looked through her notes some more in front of the computer the rest of
the night. She had the news on in the background, not really watching it. She
was about to turn in for the night when she found where she had written down
the website Cindy was talking about. “” she said out loud. She
reached for the mouse and opened up her Internet browser. Images of the
descriptions of Caitlin’s change flowed through her thoughts.

What if it were true… she wondered. She laughed at herself for entertaining such
a thought. Finally, she typed in the address and clicked GO. The page loaded
before finally coming up saying the “page could not be found”. She stared at the
blank page for a moment, hypnotized by it almost. She thought she could see
something…barely. Behind the page… Then it was gone.

“Hmmmm…” she hummed to herself, “Just as I thought.” It was twelve o’clock.
She turned the computer off, then the TV and wondered back to her bedroom
where she slept soundly until the sun came up.

Chapter 2: Sunday

Amanda opened her eyes, stretching with a long breath of air. She sat up
straight in bed, feeling the cold air on her nipples as the blanket rolled off her.
Amanda put her feet on the ground and stood up. Her ass jiggled as she walked
out her room and down the hall.

That’s when she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked down at herself, “What
the f–“. Her mind raced, trying to figure out what was going on. “I had clothes
on…” Amanda quickly walked back to her room and scanned the floor. Sure
enough, her nightshirt and underwear were in a pile in the corner.

She walked over to them and picked them up. “Did I take these off in my sleep?”
she wondered. Amanda rubbed her tits to find they were extremely sensitive.
“Oh my!” She could feel a slight tingle in her crotch as she stroked her nipples.

She decided to forget about it. She took her shower, got dressed and began to
gather her materials for the day. Today, she planned on finding Caitlin. Surely,
someone must know where this girl was being kept.

As she picked up her notepad, she glanced at the computer. The screen was
blank. She remembered trying to look at that web page Cindy had given her.
What if… she started to ponder, but quickly shook it from her head. The
nightclothes were just a coincidence. Though, she wouldn’t mind some good sex
tonight… Maybe I can head to a bar tonight after I wrap this work up and me up
a one-nighter… she found herself thinking. It didn’t even cross her mind that she
had never had a “one-nighter”.

Amanda drove sped down the road, toward the local police station. She
squirmed in her seat the whole way there. She was definitely hornier than
average. She never thought to wonder why, she just knew she needed some

Her hand snaked it’s way down her long, black skirt and slowly began to rub her
clit in little circles. A smile came over her face as she enjoyed the thrill of playing
with herself as she drove down the highway.

She stopped at a traffic light and glanced at the car on her left. A dark-haired
man was staring at her through a pair of sunglasses. She smiled back at him
and began rubbing herself faster. The stranger smiled back and pointed in front
of them. She looked up and noticed the light had turned green. Blushing, she
pulled her hand from her crotch. The man sped off and she slowly accelerated.

Upon reaching the police station, she smoothed her skirt out. She decided to
hike it up a bit, figuring the men inside might be a bit more cooperative if she
showed a bit more skin. Using the same logic, she unbuttoned the top two
buttons of her blouse.

She was bombarded with stares as she walked through the lobby. The man
behind the front desk tried his best to keep his eyes above her neck, but she
caught him glancing down every now and then. This is kinda fun… she thought.

“Can I help you, ma’am?” he choked out, sweating.

“Sure officer, I was just wondering if I can get a little info from you,” she smiled,
leaning forward.

“W-what kind of info?”

“I need to know what hospital Caitlin O’Brien is being kept at…”

The cop gained a little composure and looked down at his papers, “I’m sorry
ma’am, that information is classified.”

Amanda wasn’t giving up so easily, “But, officer…” she slowly reached up to her
blouse and undid a third button. Her white bra was now visible under her shirt.
“I’d do anything to know…” A part of her head was asking, why am I doing this?
This isn’t like me at all… But, Amanda kept her flirting at full force.

The police officer, trying not to stare down the pretty lady’s shirt, said, “I-I’m sorry
ma’am, but that’s a tit– er, I, uh, mean, a bit…private and only for family and

Amanda hooked her hands atop the cups of her bra and began to pull down,
“But, officer… I am a friend. See…?” Then, she let her tits fall out of her bra in
front of this stranger. The officer’s mouth hung open as he stared at Amanda’s
tits. “I can show more if you can show me more…”

“Oh! Uh, of course, it’s Grandview Mental Hospital! Want me to spell that? You
need the address?”

Amanda quickly tucked her hanging tits away and winked at the perverted cop,
“That’s ok…” Then she just turned and strutted away, shirt still open.

Driving toward the hospital, she wondered why she resorted to flashing a
stranger to get the information she needed. She had always had a knack for
tricking information out of people, what had happened? She didn’t know, but it
did feel pretty good to be in that much control. She knew that cop would’ve
begged to fuck her, and, the funny thing is, she probably would’ve let him. She
needed some sex now. In any form… She wouldn’t have even known the man’s
name, but that seemed to turn her on even more.

She parked her car in the hospitals parking garage, got out, and fixed her outfit.
She had to get out of her slut mode that had kind of taken over back there. Now,
it was time to be professional. She grabbed her bag and headed toward the

She told the woman at the desk that she was here to see her dear friend Caitlin
and provide her with all the support she possibly could. Surprisingly, this was
good enough for the desk clerk. The woman seemed a little…ditzy. Those are
always the easiest to fool. Before Amanda walked off, she saw an old Post-it
note by the computer with the words “” written on it. Hmmm…she
must’ve heard about the web page too, Amanda figured.

Taking the elevator to the fourth floor, she exited and turned left. Caitlin was
being held in a rubber room. Apparently, she had to be put in a straight jacket to
keep her from “servicing the male guards and herself”. Amanda found room D-4
and peeked through the window…

Inside, a young, teenager sat in the corner, smiling to herself. The straight jacket
kept her arms hugged around her. A spacey look was present in her eyes as she
giggled and looked around the room. Her brown hair had been replaced with a
bright blonde, just as Cindy had told police.

“Can I help you, miss?” a voice from behind her asked, startling her.

Amanda jumped and spun around, “Oh! Oh, sorry, you scared me…” she caught
her breath, “I’m just hear to conduct an interview with Caitlin. Is it alright for me
to go in now?”

The guard gave her a suspicious look, “No one told me about any reporter… Are
you supposed to be here?”

Amanda gave him a fake smile, “Do you really think I could have made it all the
way up here without getting caught?”

This seemed to do it for the guard. He shrugged his shoulders and reached for a
pile of keys hanging from his belt. Picking one out, he inserted it into the lock
and opened the door. Amanda thanked him and stepped inside.

The door slammed shut behind her and she saw the guard watching her from the
little circular window. Amanda turned back to face Caitlin O’Brien, sitting in the

“Like, hi! I’m Caitlin!” the perky teen said.

Amanda walked over to her and sat down beside her, “Hello, Caitlin. My name is
Amanda Jenkins. I’m a reporter for The Sun magazine. Do you know what that
is?” The blonde teen just looked off into space with a dumb grin on her face.
“Nevermind. I just want to ask you a few questions about what happened Friday
night. Do you remember what happened on Friday?”

“Oh totally! I, like, went to Cindy’s house and I got her to look at the web page
thingy. Then, these people, like, came and got me and brought me here,” Caitlin
explained, her arms wrapped around her waist. “They, like, don’t let you play
were your pussy here for some reason… I can’t reach it.” She struggled a bit in
her strait jacket. A damp spot was visible between Caitlin’s legs. Amanda could
feel her own pussy getting wet.

Amanda reached into her bag pulled out Caitlin’s school photo. She held it up to
Caitlin’s face. “Caitlin. Do you remember who this is?”

The bimbofied teen stared at the picture for a minute then giggled, “Yeah! Like,
that’s me! Before I saw the pretty web page!”

This caught Amanda’s attention, “Web page?”

“Yeah, like, bimbo dot com!”

“What does that web page do?” She remembered Cindy claiming the website is
what caused “the change”.

“It, like, makes you pretty…” Caitlin grinned as she said this, then finished off with
a giggle. “Have you looked at it yet?”

“Yes I have. Does that mean I’m going to turn into…” Amanda couldn’t find the
right words, “…well…like you?”

Caitlin just giggled, “Cindy’s gonna be real pretty tonight. It’s, like, been two

“Two days… Why two days?”

“That’s how long it, like, takes… Probably cuz it’s so easy to remember! Hee

Amanda had looked at it last night. If this is true, she has until tomorrow night to
figure out what’s going on. This was turning out to be a little more than just a
news story. She was involved now, more than she’d like to be…

Caitlin giggled, “Are you excited to become a bimbo?”

Amanda sped quickly to the hospital. She knew something was wrong. Her
mind seemed to be stuck on sex, and cocks, and tits, and fucking, and sucking,

“Stop it!” she yelled in the empty car. She couldn’t clear her head. She was
feeling like she would fuck a total stranger right now. This was not like her at all.
Nothing was making sense. She just knew she had to get to Cindy’s hospital
room to see if this was all true. The police report said the Cindy had viewed the
web page at approximately ten o’clock. That time was fast approaching as the
sky got darker and darker.

She parked in the parking garage and headed straight for the elevators. A young
doctor got on with her. The doors closed and her mind immediately filled images
of her sucking his cock and letting him fuck her in the ass. Amanda began
sweating and breathing heavily.

Luckily, the doors opened and they both stepped off. Otherwise, she would’ve
probably raped the poor guy. The clock read that she had about fifteen minutes
until Cindy’s possible deadline. If what everyone was telling her was true, then
Amanda knew she was in a lot of trouble. She hurried down the hall to Cindy’s
room to find the door closed.

Amanda knocked and then entered when there was no answer. She walked in to
find Cindy wide-awake in her bed and staring at the clock across from her bed.
She was alone.

“Cindy?” Amanda asked, almost whispering.

“It’s too late for me…” Cindy muttered, all hope lost.

“We don’t know that for sure.”

Cindy just laughed at Amanda’s denial, “I’m sure Caitlin felt the same way.”

Amanda sat on the edge of her bed and held her hand, “You’re going to be fine.
Don’t worry.” Cindy didn’t seem to believe this. “Where’s your mother at?”

Cindy didn’t take her eyes off the clock as the second’s hand slowly inched its
way to her doom, “She had to go to work. She’s been up here for the past two

They sat quietly after that. The ticking of the clock getting louder and louder in
their heads. “It’s gonna happen soon…” Cindy whispered, “You should call the
doctor’s down here, they’re gonna have to pin me down. Tie me up…”

“What do you mean?” An image of Caitlin struggling in her strait jacket popped
into Amanda’s head.

“Caitlin was trying to…do stuff to the policemen when they came to get her,” her
eyes began to water up, “She was acting so different. It wasn’t even her
anymore… Please don’t let me act that way.”

Amanda really felt sorry for this poor girl, “Honey, you’re going to be fine. Just try
to rela–” Then it hit her. Cindy’s chest was slowly expanding in front of her eyes.

Cindy didn’t seem to notice. But she did notice Amanda’s strange look, “What?
What is it?”

“My god…” Next, Amanda watched as Cindy’s hair began to get lighter and
lighter. It was all happening so quickly. Amanda pulled the blanket off of Cindy
to see what was happening. Her waist had shrunk considerably. Her breasts
were almost a double D at this point.

“Oh no…it’s happening. It’s really happening!” Cindy began to panic. “No! This
can’t happen to me! I have a life!” Her hair began to get longer and blonder.
Next, her lips filled out. “Please… (hee hee) make it, like, stop…” Amanda was
dumbfounded as she heard Cindy’s voice become higher and squeakier.

“Cindy?!” Amanda called, seeing if the teenage girl was still herself.

“Hee hee, like, Cindy’s totally scared! Don’t wanna be a bimbo!” Her tits were
still growing and her ass had begun to get a bigger and rounder as well. “Cindy’s
head, like, feels like a balloon! Hee hee! Can’t think no more…”

“Cindy! You have to try! Don’t let it get you! Just hold on, I’ll get the nurse!”
Amanda began to open the door.

“No, it’s, like, too late miss reporter lady! (Giggle) I’m already a dumb, horny
cunt now! Cindy’s, like, gone! Isn’t it cool?!”

Amanda turned around to see a platinum blonde super model standing beside
the bed. The woman that used to be Cindy O’Brien stumbled over to Amanda
and took her hand. She led her back to the bed and made her sit down.
Amanda could only stare wide-eyed at the transformation that had taken place
before her. “Cindy… This can’t be true…”

Cindy just giggled, “Oh, it’s totally true! It’s not so bad. I, like, feel much better
now. I used to be scared, but, like, now… (Giggle) It’s easier just to not think
about nothing.”

“I have to stop this,” Amanda said, mostly to herself.

“Oh, you can’t stop it…” Amanda locked eyes with the grinning bimbo. “It’s going
to, like, happen no matter what. When did you look at”

Amanda almost didn’t want to admit it, “L-last night…”

Cindy giggled and clapped her hands together, “Cool! So, like, tomorrow night
you’ll be a dumb whore too! I can’t wait!”

Cindy giggled and giggled. Amanda couldn’t listen any longer. She stood up
and walked out. She walked straight out the entrance doors into the rain that had
begun to fall. She found her car in the garage and drove straight home.

The rest of the night, she sat in her living room, fingering herself. She was
scared to death about what was going to happen to her. She couldn’t deny it any
more. But, she needed some tension relieved. She had been so horny all day.
Now, she knew why. That website had effected her brain. The effects would get
stronger and stronger until…

She had to figure out how to get out of this. There must be something she can
do to stop it from happening. That’s what she would do tomorrow. That’s what
she would do with her last day as a respectable woman. She would try her best
to keep this fate from happening.

But would she be successful? Amanda didn’t want to dwell on that too much.
Instead, she rubbed her clit to orgasm and passed out on the floor. There she
slept through the night.

Chapter 3: Monday

Mmmmm… I feel so…yummy…

Amanda was sprawled out on the floor with a big smile plastered on her face.
She had taken her clothes off in her sleep again and her tits were proudly out on
display as she laid on her back. The light from outside slowly brought her out of
her slumber…

The smile quickly faded as she awakened and glanced down at her nude body.
“Oh god… This can’t be happening…” But, she knew that it was. She had
watched Cindy O’Brien transform into a ditzy, bimboslut in front of her own eyes
last night. And, she knew that it was because of a website called Bimbo Dot
Com. A website that she herself had viewed.

If she didn’t figure out how to stop this, she would meet the same fate as Cindy.

She sat up and dusted herself off, tits jiggling as she stood up. Examining
herself, she noticed her breasts had slightly swelled. “Shit, it must be starting…”
Cindy had reported that Caitlin’s behavior had altered slightly prior to the
“change”. It must cause subtle changes before the…deadline, she figured. She
wondered what else was in store for her today.

But, lucky for her, she had a plan. Amanda quickly redressed and picked up the
phone. Dialing the number of a close friend, she waited for a response.

“Hello?” a young male voice answered.

“Dave…” Amanda almost broke down at the sound of his voice.

“Wha–? Amanda? Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?!” He could hear the desperation in her voice.

“I need your help…” When she finally admitted that, she began to cry over the
phone with her ex-husband.

Dave arrived at Amanda’s apartment within the hour, it was now about 10 o’clock
in the morning. She embraced him when he entered the door. It had been about
two years since they had seen each other. The divorce had ended more with
sadness than with anger. They had just had to come to terms with the fact that
they were incompatible as a couple.

She sat Dave down and explained her situation to him. Surprisingly, he was
quick to believe her. “Down worry Amanda, we’re gonna figure this out.
Nothing’s going to happen to you.” He comforted her as much as he could and
she did start to feel a little better. “Now, what was this website again?”

“It’s ‘’,” she said. She had called Dave not only because he was the
only person who would help her, but because he was a computer programmer.
He designed webpages and other such things. If anyone could figure this thing
out, it was him. Hacking was also one of his special skills…

He typed in the address and hesitated to press “enter”. “Nothing’s going to
happen to me if I view is it, right?”

Amanda shook her head, “There haven’t been any reports of males experiencing
any effects. Only females…”

He nodded and hit “enter”. Once again, an error page popped up saying no such
page existed. “Well…where is it?”

Amanda scooted her chair up closer, “That is it. This is It’s just an
error page, but somehow, this is the page that does it.” Dave examined the page
a little closer, then got a confused look on his face. “What is it?” Amanda asked.

“This text…” He clicked on the text of the page, “I can’t highlight it. It’s not text at
all, it’s an image…”

Amanda just confused herself, “I don’t get it…”

“This is just a picture of an error page. It’s not an actual error page.” He looked
closer, “It’s just covering something up…”

“Well, what’s it covering up?” Amanda asked, anxiously.

“Hold on a minute,” Dave did a few quick keystrokes and suddenly the error page
faded to black. Then, a picture of a woman’s head appeared. She had blonde
hair, long eyelashes, full lips… She was the archetype bimbo. Her eyes were
closed, but suddenly popped open. They were filled with a pink glowing light that
twirled around inside her sockets. Then, a smile crossed her face…

Dave quickly clicked it off. He looked up at Amanda. “What the fuck was that?”

She couldn’t quite find the answer, “I–I think that was it.”

“Do you feel anything? You know…different?” he asked, worried.

“No, it must not be doing anything since, technically, I’ve already seen it. I just
didn’t know what I was looking at… Neither did those poor girls… What do you
think it was?”

“I looked like some kind of hypnotic, trance…thing.” This was the best description
he could come up with.

Amanda could only nod her head. “Can you find where it’s coming from?”

They hit the road at about three o’clock in the afternoon. Remembering back to
Saturday night, she had until midnight to find out how to stop this thing.

Dave had traced the IP address to find the location it was coming from. Odd
enough, it was coming from a computer at the Washington Library, located not
far from Amanda’s home.

They rode in silence for most of the way. Dave finally broke the stillness, “So,
how have you been?”

Amanda could only laugh, “I was doing just great. Finally, got out of that damn
secretary position and was on my way to some real work. This story would have
been a great stepping stool. But, looks like it was my downfall…”

“Don’t talk like that! I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. Okay?”

Once again, Amanda laughed, “I’ll be lucky if I even remember how to write after
midnight. Doubt my sex-filled brain will have much room for literacy, huh?” Try
as she might, Amanda could not make light of her situation. Her laughter
descended into sobs of pain. “I can’t live like that…”

“You won’t have to,” Dave said, not taking his eyes off the road. They sat quietly
until he pulled into the parking lot of Washington Library. They walked inside and
scanned the computer section. There were about ten computers available.
Dave explained their plan, “Ok, we’re gonna have to check all of these computer
for the file that’s running online. It’ll probably have some unusual name. Nothing

With that said, they broke up and went one by one, examining the file system of
each computer. They looked through all the My Documents folders, and any
other source the program may be located. After searching though all of them,
they had found nothing. It was now about seven o’clock. The sun had set. The
deadline was drawing near.

“I don’t get it,” Dave said throwing his arms in the air. “It should be here…”

Then, Amanda spotted a lone computer in a backroom. The door was open and
was obviously for employees only. No one was around, so Amanda ran back
there and sat at the computer. Dave followed behind her. She went to My
Documents and found a folder entitled “Bimbos”.

“This is it…” she quietly proclaimed. She clicked the folder and saw a long list of
files. One was a JPEG file called “errorpage.jpg”. “We found it!” Amanda began
to get excited. Then, she found a file called “48hours.exe”.

Dave looked on, “There’s our little troublemaker…”

Amanda clicked the computer off and pulled Dave back out into the main area of
the library. “We have to get back to my office. Mr. Rouse needs to know about
this so we can publish it. Then, we can find out who’s making these files.
Obviously it’s someone that works here…”

Hurrying back outside, they climbed into the car and headed off toward Sun
magazine’s building.

They walked down the hallway toward Mr. Rouse’s office. “This is my boss,” she
explained to Dave as they reached his doorway, “Just let me do the talking.”
Dave agreed and they entered. It was eight o’clock.

Mr. Rouse was on the phone and just pointed at two chairs in front of his desk.
They both sat down and waited.

“Right…just tell the bastard he had it coming!…No…it’s his own damn fault…N–
…No…just tell him next time not to drink too much…we’re publishing the story and
that’s final!…Goodbye sir!” He hung up the phone, laughing. He looked up at the
Amanda and Dave, “I just love it when celebrities do stupid shit when they have a
little too much to drink! Now, what can I do for you two…?” He looked especially
hard at Dave. Amanda just ignored it and explained what was happening.

“Mr. Rouse, I found the source of the “bimbo dot com” story.”

“Oh really, and where might that be?”

“Well, it’s at the Washington Library. But, the main thing we need to do is get the
police to find who works there and get them to reverse it!”

“Reverse what?”

She glanced at Dave then explained how she had viewed the page and had also
visited the “new” Caitlin and had watched Cindy’s transformation. “The website
is real, Mr. Rouse. And I’m going to turn into a bimbo in four hours if we don’t
stop it!”

“Now calm down, Mrs. Jenkins. I’m sure you’re just overreacting. A website
can’t just “transform” people into stuff. This ain’t the movies…”

Amanda began to get anxious, “But Mr. R–”

Dave interrupted her, “Listen, Mr…uh…Rouse… I’ve seen what the website
actually is, and I must say, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s obviously some
kind of hypnotic trigger that’s implanted into the visitor’s brain causes physical as
well as mental changes.”

Vince Rouse just glared at the young man in front of him, “Listen, boy. I don’t
much like you coming into my office and mouthing off about all this hypno-
bullshit. It’s ridiculous and I’m not going to involve the friggin’ cops. Amanda,
just type-up you’re story and submit it to me first thing tomorrow morning if you’re
still interested in keeping your job. Now, have a good evening.” He looked back
down at his desk and started shuffling through a stack of papers.

Amanda was about to protest again, but Dave spoke up first, “Listen here, Vince.
I don’t much like the way you’re speaking to me–”

A horrified look took over Amanda’s face, “How did you know his first name?”
Dave didn’t say anything. The three of them just exchanged stares. “I–I never
told you his first name. So…how did you know it was Vince?”

Vince just sighed and looked at Dave with a very disappointing glare, “Well, looks
like you fucked it up, huh?”

Dave looked at Mr. Rouse, shrugging his shoulders, trying to find the right
response. Amanda could only look on in shock. “I–I didn’t mean to–”

“What the hell is going on here,” Amanda was slowly inching her way toward the
door. Dave quickly grabbed her arm as she began to thrash and scream. She
then felt a hard knock on her head as Vince Rouse brought a large book down on
her. She sank into a swirling darkness as the voices of the two men droned out
and faded away. Then the blackness overtook her as she fell the ground

“Here she comes…”

“That a girl… Open those pretty eyes…”

“Only one hour left…”

Amanda slowly opened her eyes. Dave and Vince were grinning as she stood in
front of her. She tried to move but found that she had been tied to her chair.
“Wha… What’s happening…?”

They were still in Vince’s office. The door was locked. It was late, so Amanda
knew there was no one else in the building. Vince spoke up, “I think you know
what’s happening, darling.”

Amanda started regain her strength, “Well, I know that you two are a couple of
sick assholes!” She thrashed around, nearly tipping her chair over. “Lemme

Dave and Vince just laughed and watched the helpless woman. Dave walked up
close to her, “We’ll let you go in just a moment…” He reached his hand out and
cupped her breast. Amanda winced away from him, fighting back tears.

“W–why are you doing this?” Amanda pleaded.

Vince just scoffed, “Do you really think I would’ve let you write your own article?”
Amanda just stared at the floor. “I had me a great little secretary, but
suddenly…she had ambitions?! Come on!” Dave laughed at his friend’s story.
“When you came to me saying that you wanted to do this story, I knew that Dave
had done his job…”

Amanda slowly raised her head at her former boss, “W–what?”

Dave took over, “You know, for a self-proclaimed intelligent woman, you really
aren’t very quick.” Amanda started to realize what was going on. “Your ex-
husband! Computer programmer! Wake up!” Amanda just dropped her head.
“I’ve been working at the library since we divorced. Guess you don’t read
much… Never seen you in there.” Dave looked over his shoulder and grinned at
Mr. Rouse.

Amanda cleared her throat, “So…it was you? You made that page? You…did
that to those poor girls?”

Dave shrugged his shoulders, “Hey, they seem pretty happy now! As will you in
a few minutes!” Amanda’s eyed opened wide as she looked around for a clock.
It was now 11:55. “Got any last words as a smart, respectable woman?”
Amanda just glared at him. “Hmmm…guess not.”

The two men took their seats across from her and waited. After a minute, a smile
crossed over Dave’s face. “Say, Amanda. Your hair looks really nice…”

Amanda’s heart rate picked up. She knew what was happening. Her hair was
turning blonde. “Oh god…no…” She could feel her pussy getting warmer and
warmer. Fidgeting in her seat, she tried again, unsuccessfully, to free herself
from the ropes. This just entertained the two men even more. They clapped
their hands and made hoots at her.

“Go on! Fight it, darling!”

“Yeah, that just makes it better!”

Looking up at the clock, Amanda watched helplessly as the seconds hand slowly
ticked away to her doom. It was 11:59… It slowly rounded the six and made it’s
way to seven.

She felt her tits stretching out, causing tension in the ropes around her chest.

Passing the seven and going on to eight…

Her mouth felt numb as she felt her lips swelling up.

Eight to nine…

Her hair grew longer and longer as her tits got larger and larger…

Nine to ten…

“This, like, can’t happen to Amanda…” she said quietly, her voice now several
octaves higher.

Ten to eleven…

“Amanda’s smart! Amanda’s smart!” She struggled even more as her mind
slowly fogged up. Her brain started to feel like a big wall was being built in front
of it. Her thoughts slowed down as her IQ dropped.

Then, time was up. Amanda’s eyes grew wider and wider as she convulsed a
little in her chair. Dave and Vince exchanged excited glances as they watched
the changes. Then, she relaxed and a dopey grin crossed over her face.

“Like, hey guys!” Amanda had become much perkier now. Her mouth hung
open as she looked back and forth at the two men. She pouted as she looked
down at her ropes, “Hey! Like, Mandi’s tied up!” But, then a giggle shot through
the room, “Kewl!” She giggled even more and looked at Dave and Vince with lust
in her eyes, “Is this, like, how you’re gonna fuck Mandi?”

Vince smiled and stood up, leaving the drooling Dave in his seat, “No, darling.”
He reached behind her and began untying the knot. He only got a little bit
undone when the tension from her GG tits shot the rope off of her. He untied her
hands and feet and watched as she stood up, rubbing her head.

“Like, that’s totally better! Mandi gonna get some cock now?”

Dave and Vince didn’t even answer. Instead that rushed at the dumb bimbo,
formerly Amanda Jenkins, and began to rip her clothing off her body.

“Awesome! I, like, love it rough and stuff!” She giggled as her shirt was torn
from her body. Her tits sprang out, making her giggle even more. “Hee hee, like,
Mandi’s got big tits…” She rocked her chest back and forth, making her fun bags
swing back and forth. The two men yanked her skirt off and tossed it into the
corner. They stared hungrily at their prey. “Guys, like, I’m soooo horny right
now. Hee hee!”

She sat up on Vince’s desk, pulled her panties off and dropped them on the floor.
Leaning back, she spread her legs wide and giggled, “Come on boys… Mandi’s
waiting!” Dave and Vince bounded at the bimbo and fought with their zippers to
get their pants off. Vince got his pants undone and pulled out his large cock.
Amanda just cooed and giggled as she reached for it. Grasping it in her hand,
she was surprised to have Dave’s cock suddenly shoved in her mouth as he
climbed on top of the desk.

“Mmmphh… Ith’s, like, stho bigth!” she said, her voice muffled by the dick
between her lips. Vince yanked her up by her waist and spun her onto her
stomach across the desk. Amanda wiggled her ass, invitingly. She couldn’t help
but giggle as Vince slowly penetrated her cunt and began to piston in and out of
her as she squealed in delight. Dave pulled his cock out of her mouth and
grabbed a handful of her hair. By reflex, Mandi held her tongue out and awaited
the loud of cum Dave had for her. “Ooooo! You gonna, like, cum in Mandi’s
mouth?” Her question was answered by the stream of cum shot across her
mouth. She licked all over her mouth, catching every little bit as her pussy was
pounded from behind.

Vince grunted as he continued to fuck his employee, “Ugh…tell me how it feels,
bitch…” Sweat poured from her forehead as he slapped her ass. SMACK!

Amanda gasped, then giggled, “Hee hee! Like, your cock feels totally good!
Could you maybe, like, stick it in my ass?” she asked hopefully.

Vince grinned as he pulled out of “Mandi’s” cunt, “Of course, baby…” Amanda
giggled as she felt Vince’s member slide between her ass and shove inside her.
She squealed as her virgin ass was used.

“Oh god! That cock is, like, so big! My ass feels soooo yum–!” Her sentence
was cut off my Dave’s cock re-entering her mouth.

Dave grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deep in her throat.
“How’s that feel, slut? Thought you could just leave me, huh? Thought we just
weren’t…”compatible”, I think, is the word you used…”

Amanda’s eyed looked confused as Dave allowed her pull the dick from her
throat, “Compat– Com– Huh?” She giggled and grabbed the shaft of his cock
and started jerking him off. She licked up and down his cock, juggling his balls
with her tongue. Then, she began jerking him off into her mouth. Dave felt his
cock about to explode again as Mandi giggled and jerked his cock off, feeding
her new found cum addiction. “Mmmmmmmm…tasty…” she moaned as she
aimed the spraying cum into her awaiting mouth.

She then felt Vince picking up his pace as he began slamming her ass harder
and harder. She felt his grip on her waist tighten as another load of cum was
shot into her asshole.

The two men dropped her on the desk and climbed off. The naked slut rolled
onto her back, getting sweat all over Vince’s paperwork, a dumb, slutty grin
permanently on her face. “That was great, boys…” she said, almost to herself.

The two men sat back, out of breath and watched the new Amanda Jenkins
unconsciously start to twirl her hair as she stared into space. Her other hand
snaked it’s way between her legs and slid into her sopping cunt. She giggle
more and more as she brought herself to orgasm.

Dave looks over to Vince, “…(pant)…(pant)…so…what are we gonna…(pant)
with her…?”

Epilogue: One Week Later

“Ummmm…Mr. Vince, sir… That, like, phone thingy’s making those noises
again…” the pouting bimbo said, standing in Vince Rouse’s office.

Vince sighed and put his pen down, “What did I say last time?” Mandi looked off
into space, trying to come up with a good answer. “Pick up the phone and tell
me who it is…”

Mandi’s face lit up with a giggle, “Oh yeah! I totally remember now!” The cute
bimbo skipped off down the hall. Her cut-off jeans held snuggly against her
round ass as her tits bounced through her blouse, which was tied up at the
bottom to show her stomach, complete with a naval ring.

She sat back on her desk and answered the phone, “Like, Mr. Vince’s–I mean,
Rouse’s office. This is his secretary Mandi, how can I, like, help you!” she said,
proudly and perky. “Oh, hey Davey!…yeah, he’s, like, doing work stuff…Yeah! I’ll
stop by tonight! My pussy’s been missing your big dick a lot!…Totally, I’ll go get

She skipped back down the hall and plopped back into her chair, giggling as it
spun around. She stomped her feet back on the ground to stop it and picked up
her nail filer. She admired her long, red nails and ran the filer across them.

She loved her job. Vince treated her so nicely. What other boss would allow his
employee’s sit under his desk and suck him off while he did his work. This was
truly her passion in life. All she wanted was to please men! She realized that
this was her purpose in life.

“Oh, Mandi…!” She hurried into Vince’s office to see what he needed.

“Yes, Mr. Vince?”

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he just pushed his chair back from his desk with
his legs and waited. Mandi smiled, knowing what this meant. She walked
around to the back of his desk, undoing her top as she strutted across the room.
Her tits feel out as she tossed her shirt to the side and got down on her knees.
She scooted backwards on her ass, under the desk as Vince smiled at her,
petting her head saying, “Good girl…good girl…”

He pulled his chair back up to his desk and began his work again. Mandi sat
happily under the desk for the next hour, carrying out her job…

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