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Danica sat cross-legged, naked in the circle of candles. The small brown
nipples that crowned her tiny breasts were hard in the cool air of Celia’s
basement. Her short black hair, both above and below, bristled with the
strange energies of the ritual as she chanted the ancient words. At last
she finished, and the 13 candles snuffed out at once.

“That was adequate” said Celia, turning on the lights. “But your mind was
not completely focused. The candles should not flicker when you make the
transition from praise to supplication. Hecate is a jealous Goddess and
She resents insincerity. Never rush the words of praise, or She will make
you pay for it.”

“Yes, mistress” said the young woman, eyes down cast. “I am sorry for my

The older woman in the somber gray dress gave her a long penetrating stare,
but at last relented.

“Very well, child. You will have plenty of time to practice while I am
away. I want you to repeat the prayer to Hecate thrice daily–at dusk,
midnight, and dawn–until I return. Also, by then you should have
completed your reading of Zorgaph’s Precepts of Power, learned its first
five wards of protection, and memorized Thela’s Chant.”

“Yes, mistress” repeated the naked girl.

“Discipline, my young apprentice. Discipline is key. Remember, if you do
not control the magic, the magic will control you.”

“Yes, mistress. I must learn discipline.”

The young acolyte had heard the speech dozens of times since she came to
live with the sorceress last semester. It seemed lately that was all they
ever talked about–Danica’s lack of discipline. This was not what she had
signed up for.

The older woman tossed her a mass of dark cloth.

“Put your robe back on.” said the witch.

Danica complied, then followed her mistress up the stairs, three steps
behind as was required of her.

“Now the phone number for my sister’s place is on the fridge. Call me if
there is any problem at all. Don’t forget to feed the fish, but don’t over
feed them. Make sure you’ve turned the stove off every time you leave the
house. Absolutely no parties. You can have one or two guests over when
you have finished your duties, but don’t take anyone downstairs. And most
of all, don’t touch anything downstairs that isn’t on your shelf.”

“Of course, mistress Celia,” replied the novitiate. “I’ll be good.”

Her mistress patted her on the head.

“See that you are.” she said, then she picked up her bag and her cat and
at last she was gone.

Gone for two glorious bitch-free days! Yes!

The first thing Danica did, after making sure that her teacher had really
left, was to loose the robe. It was ugly and uncomfortable and she hated
that Celia made her wear it whenever she wasn’t in public. She skipped
naked down the hall to her tiny bedroom and pulled out clothes she seldom
got to wear anymore–her party clothes. She slipped on a pair of bright
yellow panties and a matching lacy bra and admired herself in the
full-length mirror that hung on her door.

“You are hot, girl!” she said to her reflection. “What are you doing
depriving the world of all this gorgeous?”

She had reason to be proud. She had soft shiny black hair cut in a short
but feminine style, bright green eyes that she liked to think of as
mysterious, and a lovely pale complexion that turned a pretty shade of pink
when she got excited or drunk (or both). Her five foot two body was sleek
and fit while still being a little curvy. Her legs were made for
mini-skirts and had been known to cause traffic accidents around campus.
The only thing she wasn’t quite happy with was her breasts. The tiny
yellow bra was more decorational than functional. Even a miracle bra
couldn’t give her cleavage. Not that she wanted huge hooters like her
friend Marcia, but a little bigger would be nice. There were several
little mini-dresses she had seen on her last escape to the mall that would
fit her perfectly if she had just a little more up top. But they hadn’t
grown a bit since she was fifteen and now she was twenty. Maybe she should
consider implants, once she could afford them.

“Or maybe I could magic them up a bit, if the old cow would ever teach me
something useful,” she said to herself.

Danica had always been interested in magic. When she came to college, she
had joined a Wiccan group, but all they did was talk about their Earth
Mother and chant and burn incense and make herbal ‘potions’ that didn’t
work any better than the stuff you could get at any drugstore. That wasn’t
what Danica wanted–she wanted power. The same power that Celia possessed.

Danica had met Celia at the Women’s Center in the student union. She was a
professor of psychology and also the chair of the Women’s Studies program
at the university. Something between the two women clicked, despite the
difference in their ages. (Celia was well over 40, though she could easily
pass for 30.) Maybe Danica had been looking for a surrogate mother, being
so far from home for the first time in her life. Whatever the reason, she
and Celia soon became good friends. Celia was fun to talk to. She new all
kinds of stuff and she exuded an air of power that Danica admired and

A few months later, Danica got an idea of just how powerful her older
friend was. The girl had come to the Women’s Center in tears. She had
recently broken up with a guy–Steve–whom she had dated for a couple
months. She had made it clear that she didn’t want to see him anymore, but
he just wouldn’t leave her alone. He was following her everywhere, leaving
notes, hanging out in front of her dorm late at night. It was really
freaking her out. Finally, she went to Celia to ask her what to do. The
professor had asked her if she had anything personal of Steve’s. It just
so happened that the psycho had slipped a 5 x 6 photo of himself into her
book bag during class, and that was what had sent her to Celia. Celia took
the photo, and said she would take care of it.

The next time she saw Steve on campus, a look of terror sprang to his face
and he dropped his stuff and ran away from her. The same thing happened
every time he saw her from then on until he finally transferred to another
school. But that wasn’t all. Her friend Marcia worked part time doing
secretarial work at the medical center. She told Danica that Steve had
been going to urologists, endocrinologists and psychologists ever since.
Marcia peeked into his files and found out that Steve was completely
impotent and seemed to be slowly going through puberty in the reverse
direction. Wicked!

That is when Danica knew that Celia had the sort of power that she had
always fantasized about having. She begged the woman to take her on as an
apprentice. Celia had quickly agreed–she had targeted her as a potential
student the first day they met. At the end of that semester, Danica moved
to Celia’s little gray house a few blocks from campus. She had become a
neophyte sorceress.

She had also become Celia’s bitch. It was astounding how rapid the change
in their relationship has occurred. Whereas before Celia had treated her
with respect, almost as an equal, once Danica had agreed to become her
protegé she treated her like a slave. She told her what she could wear,
what she could eat, when she could go out. She made her do most of the
house work. As for teaching her magic, Celia kept her doing what Danica
quickly concluded to be mindless busy work, usually naked. Danica was
almost sure now that the older woman was getting off on watching her. It
would have all been worth it, though, if Celia would just give her access
to the power she so craved. But after almost five months, all she had
really taught her was some cheap illusions and conjurings–exciting at
first, but not particularly useful–and countless prayers, chants and wards
that didn’t do anything as far as Danica could tell, although Celia kept
insisting that they were essential to protect her from all sorts of dangers
that came with practicing magic. Danica was starting to suspect that it
was all a ruse to keep her working for Celia’s voyeuristic pleasure without
teaching her anything useful.
But now she had 48 glorious hours in which she could do what ever she
wanted and even had free reign of the house. She slipped on a green silk
blouse and a black mini skirt, then made her way to the liquor cabinet.
Celia had an extensive array of liquors. Danica was willing to bet that
her mentor wouldn’t notice if a little of it disappeared. She’d just make
sure not to take too much from any one bottle. She poured herself a shot
of cognac and quickly downed it. She loved cognac, but unfortunately so
did Celia. Better go easy on that. She made herself a gin and tonic and
went to call Marcia. She was going to get out of the house and party!!!

Three drinks and half a dozen phone calls later, Danica was still at home
with no prospects of leaving. Not one of her friends with a car was home.
Damn Celia! She had to stay home and keep her practicing stupid chants
until everyone had already gone out. Now she was going to have to spend
her Celia-free Friday night alone. Well damned if she was going to spend
it sober!

The clock struck midnight, and a very drunk Danica giggled. Time to pray
to Hecate! She left the TV blaring and weaved her way to the stairway.
She fumbled with the door and then barely averted a tumble down the
stairs. She started to set up her candle ring, but they kept falling over
and so did Danica. Finally she just yelled “Fuck it!…And fuck you,
Hecate!…And mossht of all, Fuck Celia!!! Fuck’er Fuck’er Fuck’er!”

She grabbed her crotch and made a lewd mockery of the movements of her
midnight ritual, then collapsed in a fit of giggles.

At last she got up and looked around. Her first thought was to wonder if
Celia hid anymore cognac down here. She stumbled toward the back room of
the basement where Celia had forbidden her to go.

“Thas probly where she hides the good stuff, the bitch!” she said to

The room was small–about twelve by twelve–but it was packed with al kinds
of books, amulets, chests, boxes, and things that Danica couldn’t begin to
identify, even if she was sober. Oh wow! This must be where she keeps the
real magic!

Danica didn’t know where to begin, but one book seemed to call out to her.
It wasn’t particularly large–about the size of a hardback novel, but it
was bound in shiny red leather with gold printing on it. It was alone on a
shelf apart from most of the other books and there were several wards of
protection around them, mostly the wards of Hecate that Danica had just
learned. This must be Celia’s most powerful spell book! Most things in
the house she didn’t bother to give individual protection, the wards around
the house itself were so strong. Luckily, Danica knew all the protections
that were placed on the book. Drunk as she was, she still easily removed
them and picked up the book. She was so excited! At last she was going to
have everything that she wanted!

She opened up the book and swore. It didn’t make any sense at all. She
couldn’t even guess what language it was in! It was a mass of spidery
lines that curved and curled intricately across the page. The script
seemed to draw her eyes in conflicting directions, yet she couldn’t help
but stare at the strange characters. They seemed to move and merge, and
then suddenly she realized she could recognize the English alphabet,
although the words still made no sense.

“I mus be more wased than I thought.” she slurred.

She had no idea what the book was, but she figured that she might as well
try reading it aloud and see what happened. That always worked in movies.

“Govlee Iso Veego Elra
Monse Elondregma
Hondria Ugelia Gordef Elra
Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla”

Danica heard and felt a low hum that seemed to emanate from the book, then
she felt a strange tingle that started in her nipples and spread through
out her breasts. God, it felt good! The tingle continued for several
minutes, during which all the girl could think of was how good her breasts
felt. As it slowly subsided, she smiled perplexedly. Her nipples were
hard as rocks and bra felt tight. But she remembered how good the spell
had felt, and just to see if it would work twice, she again read the
passage aloud.

It felt even better this time. It was strongest in her boobs, but her
whole body seemed to tingle, and it made her alcoholic buzz even stronger.
She held the book with one hand and stroked her left breast with the other,
reveling in the sensation. After a few minutes, she could think of
something else again and this time she was sure that her bra had gotten
tighter. She unbuttoned her blouse with difficulty, since she was
reluctant to put down the red book. Her nipples were practically pushing
through the lacy yellow bra and her tits were spilling out all over. The
spell was actually making her breasts larger! How lucky, she thought, to
find the exact spell she was hoping for earlier.

She slipped out of the little yellow bra. Her breast were definitely
bigger. She might even be able to fill out a B-cup now. This was just so
exciting! She wanted to see her self in the mirror upstairs. She
scampered up the stairs topless, enjoying the slight jiggle of her new
boobs, still gripping the red spell book.

In her bed room, she admired her new look. She was going to buy so many
new outfits! But they could still be a little bigger. A C-cup–that would
be just about perfect. She read the passage again.

“Govlee Iso Veego Elra
Monse Elondregma
Hondria Ugelia Gordef Elra
Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla
Oh God!”

She saw her nipples quiver in the mirror, then a ripple traveled through
her breasts as they jutted forward and expanded outward. She couldn’t
believe it could actually feel even better! She felt her panties start to
get wet. God but this was making her horny. She couldn’t imagine anything
more arousing than watching her own breasts grow before her eyes. She gave
her left nipple a pinch and a little orgasm shot through her pussy. This
was so cool!

She tried to read the passage again before she had quite come back down,
but she could only focus her eyes on the last line: “Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla”

To her delight, she again felt the wonderful tingling in her nipples that
spread throughout her growing titties. Yes! This was sooo much fun!
Better than cognac. Better than sex.

“What nice little titties you are!” she said to her breasts, hunching her
shoulders and leaning forward to admire them in the mirror. “But you want
to be bigger, don’t you, my pretties? Well this is your lucky day!”

The young sorceress giggled, then repeated the last line of the spell and
cooed as the euphoria of her growing breasts hit her once again.

“Just a couple more times, my pretty ones” Danica said to her naked
boobies. “Then you’ll be just about perfect.”

She figured two more times and she could comfortably fit in a C-cup. That
had been her ideal when she started this. But now she kept wondering what
she’d look like with double D’s like Marcia. Better to hold off on that,
though. She could always make them larger tomorrow when she was sober and
a little better qualified to make that decision.

She called out again “Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla!” then squealed with the sweet
sensations of the spell and the excitement of watching her titties expand.
The high lasted for a good twenty minutes this time.

“O.K., one last time, my yummy titties. One last time for the happy little
spell. Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla!”

She would swear her nipples could cut glass, they were so hard, with an
electric currant running between them. Her mounds rippled and buzzed as
they grew and her whole body sang out in ecstasy. She collapsed to the
floor, writhing with pleasure and quickly stroked herself to the most
powerful orgasm of her life.

After another twenty minutes, she slowly got up wearing a huge smile. She
felt so good! She looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were big,
round and beautiful. They jutted out from her chest, seeming to defy
gravity, crowned by large, hard, dark nipples. She gave a little hop, and
they bounced deliciously, sending little sparks of pleasure straight to her
pussy. She reluctantly put the red book on her nightstand and started to
knead her new jugs with both hands, pushing them together and admiring them
from every possible position.

“Titties, titties, see my lovely titties” she sang and giggled over and
over again.

It was four in the morning, and Danica finally decided she should try and
sleep. She would explore the book tomorrow when she was feeling more in
control of herself.

She stripped off her mini skirt and soaked panties and turned off the
light. She lay naked atop her coverlet, feeling much too warm for even a
sheet. She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t stop fondling her new
breasts. It felt divine, but she wanted more. She was restless. She
masturbated again bringing herself to a screaming orgasm, and then
another. Still, she wanted more. She wanted the ineffable feeling that
came with the spell. Just one more time. One more time and she could
sleep. She turned the light back on.

Dawn broke to find Danica sitting, legs spread wide in front of her mirror,
the book open between her knees. She smiled dopily at herself in the

“I really should stop now. You’ve grown so big! <giggle> Your as big as
Marcia’s big ol’ melons, aren’t you, my pretties? That’s o.k. though–we
can share clothes now! But I really should stop. Really, you’re big
enough. But it does feel so good, doesn’t it? God but if feels good! A
person could get addicted to something like this if they weren’t careful.
But I can stop. I can stop anytime. <giggle> All right, once more. Just
so your bigger than Marcia’s. I don’t want anyone thinking that you’re not
the best titties around. <giggle> Nothing’s too good for my
boobies–Tonda Ilsa Tegma Sla!”

Her nipples quivered, her double D-sized breasts rippled and surged. She
cooed and gurgled with the intense pleasure. The pleasure was just as
strong, but she had slowly built up enough tolerance that she could
function after the spell–at least to the extent that after a few seconds
of uncontrollable ecstasy she could admire its effect and babble out some
words of encouragement to her swelling mammaries.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! You’re such yummy-nummy boobie-woobies! So nice to
touch and squeeze and lick. You make me so happy! You feel so nice! Such
nice, big titties! But you want to be bigger, don’t you my pretties?
Well, all right. But just one more time. This time I mean it!”



“I feel good about this one,” said Lucy as they advanced on the unassuming
gray house. She and her roommate Rachel were members of the Campus Crusade
for Christ and this morning they were going door-to-door witnessing.
Rachel was a bit shy about it–she had only recently been born again–but
Lucy had be proclaiming the Good News of the gospel with her family since
she was a little girl back home in Alabama. She loved dressing up in her
best dress with her long blonde hair in a ponytail and going out on a sunny
Saturday morning to do God’s work. Yes, many people were rude and wouldn’t
listen, but the Holy Spirit always seemed to guide her to one of the elect
of God. It made all the effort worth while to be able to proclaim the Word
to a needy soul.

“You take the lead on this one, Rachel!” urged Lucy, reaching for the
doorbell. Her roommate had a winning smile and gentle nature that made
some people less inclined to slam the door in their faces. Lucy was once
again taken by how lovely her friend was. Her chestnut brown hair gleamed
in the sunlight, tied back with a red ribbon. She had big brown eyes and a
rich, dark complexion that reflected her Italian ancestry Her chaste dress
gave subtle hints of her very womanly body. She seemed even more womanly
next to Lucy, who’s figure was almost boyish. Lucy wondered if the young
man that had seemed so interested in their message earlier had been more
interested in Rachel. It was a problem. At least Rachel was dressing more
appropriately now, though in Lucy’s opinion the skirt was a little short.
Before Lucy started taking her friend to church, she had worn tight, skimpy
sundresses that displayed most of her ample bosom! At least she had
developed some sense of shame, and now Lucy didn’t feel quite so inadequate
when she was with her.

They waited for several minutes with no answer. Maybe her instinct was
wrong. But then they heard activity and, eventually, the door opened.
There in the doorway stood a girl about their age with the largest breasts
Lucy had ever seen. They were the size of watermelons! She was wearing
only a shiny green robe which, on a normal person, would have reached below
the knees, but on this girl it barely covered her privates! The girl had a
huge smile on her face as she crossed her arms under the massive mammaries,
hugging them.

“Hi” she said in a dreamy voice.

“Hello,” said Rachel after an uncomfortable pause. “I’m Rachel and this is
Lucy, um, and today we’re out sharing the Word of the Lord. Could we, um,
could we read to you something out of the Bible?”

Lucy doubted that the young woman would say yes. Rachel seemed extremely
uncomfortable and really wasn’t very charismatic. But Lucy really didn’t
want to stay here long anyway. The half naked woman seemed out of it and
Lucy suspected that she was on drugs. Better to stay away from
degenerates. But to the blonde Christian’s surprise and apprehension,
after a moment of grinning unresponsiveness where the girl seemed to be
listening to something, her face brightened.

“Oh goody! My name’s Danica. Please, come in!” she gushed.

The large-breasted woman retreated into the house and before Lucy could
think of an excuse to stay outside, Rachel followed. Fighting a growing
sense of dread, Lucy joined them.

The interior was normal enough. Lucy immediately saw the empty liquor
bottle on the coffee table. It was awfully early in the morning for a
young woman to be in such a state. Perhaps the girl’s unusual appearance
had caused her to become a recluse and driven her to drinking. Maybe she
was just waiting for someone to preach the gospel to her and change her
life. Lucy did her best to calm herself and ignore her irrational fears as
the three women sat down in the living room, the Christians facing Danica.

“Would you two like a drink?” inquired the large-breasted girl. “A glass
of milk? <giggle>”

“No thank you. We’re fine” Lucy answered for both of them. If this girl
did use drugs, there was no way that she was taking anything from her, no
matter how innocent seeming.

“Jesus said, ‘Whosoever drinks the water I will give him will never thirst
again, but will have eternal life.” quoted Lucy, attempting to get right
into preaching, where she was comfortable. “The woman he said that to
didn’t understand, but we know that Jesus meant that those who accept Him
in their hearts will have His Holy Spirit with them always and that they
will be lifted up into heaven instead of being cast into hell.”

“That’s pretty” said the ridiculously endowed girl with a distant smile.
She seemed to be listening to something again. Was she hearing the witness
of the Spirit?

“Is that from your book?” asked the girl, indicating the bible in Lucy’s

“It’s not my book,” replied Lucy fervently. “It’s God’s Book. The bible
is the Holy Word of God!”

“I have a book too.” said the girl, with a half suppressed giggle. “It’s a
nice book. It makes you feel really good and have big boobies!”

For the first time, Lucy noticed the red book clutched in the strange
girl’s hand. Lucy guessed she had been too busy trying not to stare at the
girls huge mammaries to notice anything below her shoulders. The book had
an ominous look to it and Lucy turned to her roommate, wanting to signal
her that they should leave, only to find that Rachel was staring at the
book with an odd look of fascination. She reached over to touch her
friend, but stopped when Danica’s voice rang out forcefully.

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

Lucy slowly turned back to see that Danica had opened the book and was
reading from it. The strange words reached out to her and clenched at her
heart. She knew at once that they wicked–the embodiment of evil. They
were contrary to everything she believed, everything that was holy. And
more than that, they were oh so…delicious!

She looked again to Rachel, but her friend was staring at Danica and
licking her lips wantonly. Sweet Jesus, what was this evil woman doing to

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

Lucy felt herself smiling broadly. She tried to stop and couldn’t. What
was this demonic influence that the girl’s words had on her? She began to
pray to be rescued.

“Oh Lord, save us from this minion of Satan….

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

“Oh Lord….”

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

“Oh Lord!”

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

“Oh Lordy, lordy, lordy!”

Lucy felt so incredibly hot. She could hear nothing but Danica’s voice and
the pounding of her own heart. She could feel nothing but the bright
tingling of her nipples, the hot throb of her secret place, and the aching
need to be touched. She could see nothing but those huge, glorious breasts
that beckoned to her. And she could smell nothing but a sweet smell which
she didn’t know, but desired more than anything.

Then something miraculous happened. Still sitting on the sofa, Danica
opened her green silk robe and there before them was the holiest of
bosoms. The massive mounds of pink flesh stood out proudly, unsupported.
The dark nipples pointing towards the former Christians. At the tip of
each was a shining white bead, and now Lucy knew what she smelled. Lucy
fell to her knees before the glorious left breast, vaguely aware that
Rachel simultaneously worshiped the right. She placed one hand on either
side of the massive tit, took the nipple in her mouth and began to suck.

The milk was warm and sweet and rich; like nothing she had ever tasted. As
she sucked, the voice in the back of her head that had been screaming at
her to run from the beautiful thing was drowned forever in a warm white
flood. She served only the Breast, loved only the Breast, worshiped only
the Breast.

Lucy didn’t know how long she had lovingly sucked when she became aware of
another miracle. Her tiny bra was cutting into her flesh. She reluctantly
pulled away from her blessed beverage when Danica pushed her back and saw
that her once nearly none existent breasts were swelling, pushing out of
their once adequate restraints. She looked to see that Rachel, big to
begin with, was also growing noticeably larger. The Blessed Boobies were
remaking them in Their image.

“Silly girls” spoke Danica, holiest of women. “You can’t have big titties
if you don’t get naked.”

Rebuked, Lucy hurriedly struggled with her dress, tearing it in her haste
to be rid of the damned thing. She then tried to take off her bra, but her
swelling breasts, spilling out of the tiny cups, were pulling so tightly
against little clasp in back that she couldn’t get it to open. She twisted
and squirmed and yanked, but the clasp was relentless. At last, Rachel
came to her rescue. The brunette had managed to remove all of her shameful
clothing and her dark olive breasts swung free and lovely. She had unbound
her hair and dark curls swept across her naked glory.

“I’ll help you, Lucy” she said, turning her around. Lucy pressed her
breasts together, releasing the pressure on the clasp and sending a shiver
through her body. With a bit of jiggling by Rachel, the clasp came loose
and Lucy’s new titties were free at last.

The blonde girl massaged her naked breasts, filling herself with the most
incredible sensations. She smiled more broadly than ever. They were only
the size of large oranges, but they were more than she had ever dreamed of

“Oh thank you Rachel” she exclaimed, embracing her friend. The girls naked
breasts mashed together, Rachel’s hair caught in the middle, tickling. The
roommates stared at each other with astounded delight. They rubbed
against each other with moans and gasps of pleasure, arousal burning
through them. They kissed passionately, hands and tongues exploring new

They were broken off by the glorious sound of Danica’s voice.

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

They immediately knelt before the Holy Titties once again. How could they
ever have left them? They once again began to suck, Lucy on the left,
Rachel on the right.

“That’s it, my little ones.” encouraged Danica, stroking the girls’ hair.
“Your titties can be sooo much bigger!”

Lucy sucked even harder. She couldn’t think of anything she wanted more
than to have titties as big and beautiful as the Two she loved so much.

In time, Lucy’s own breasts pushed her away from the nipple she sucked on.
She dropped down, sitting on her heals as her huge mammaries jiggled
wildly. She stared in amaze and delight at her massive mounds of flesh
that were now at least as big as Danica’s. She couldn’t remember ever
being so deliriously happy.

Rachel’s giggle broke her fixation on her new breasts. Her friend sat
naked beside her on the floor, legs spread, her huge titties having pushed
her away sooner, giving Lucy time to catch up.

“You’ve got such a yummy rack now, Lucy!” said Rachel. “Can I touch them?”

Lucy grinned. The idea of her roommate fondling her big boobies made her
very hot.

“Oh God Yes! Squeeze my titties! They love to be squeezed!”

Her dear roomie didn’t have to be asked twice. She pushed herself forward,
her breasts colliding with Lucy’s, knocking the blonde girl on her back.
Rachel straddled Lucy’s hips and pressed her huge jugs down on the blonde’s
swollen set and began squeezing her roughly. Lucy moaned with pleasure.
She absolutely loved this! She reached up and started kneading Rachel’s
boobs and was delighted to hear her squeal in response. Her little pussy
was gushing and she could feel her roommate’s slick against her tummy.

“See, I told you it would feel really good!” said Danica with a giggle.

Lucy looked up at the woman who had given her such joy. Her lovely Titties
were even more amazing from this angle. Even though her own scrumptious
jigglers were just as big now, she knew that Danica’s would always be the
ones she loved most, the titties that she would do anything for, obey
without question. And she knew that Rachel, her sister in the faith, felt
the same way.

“You two stay here and play,” said the high priestess of the Holy Titties,
coming unsteadily to her feet. “I’m going downstairs. My lovelies want to
get bigger in preparation for Miss Celia! You two will know what to do
when the time comes. Just always listen to your titties. They know what’s

Lucy and Rachel watched Mistress Danica and her Divine Jugs retreat into
the basement as she chanted mystical words and her breasts swelled and
quivered. The two converts were sad to see the objects of their affection
leave, but they knew in time that Her Lovelies would call to theirs. For
now, they had each other. They resumed exploring the wondrous sensations
that came from their new boobs, punctuating their exploits with moans of
ecstasy and giggles of delight.


Celia pulled up to her little gray house just after sunset Sunday evening.
Danica should be in the middle of her prayer to Hecate. It would be a
great chance to check up on her pupil, since the girl didn’t expect her
back until late. She didn’t like to admit to herself how much she enjoyed
disciplining her young apprentice. That svelte young body of hers was
something wonderful to behold, and Celia hoped that she wasn’t letting her
personal pleasure at commanding the girl influence the training. Still, it
was important that the girl learn discipline. Magic could have some nasty
side effects if you weren’t careful.

She checked to make sure all her wards were in place. No one with any
magical power had attempted to enter her home while she was gone. It was
important to keep her guard up. She had made some powerful enemies over
the years. Dr. Toland at the university was one such, and he no doubt
regretted not having shared her caution. After an incident a few years ago
in which the old lecher had used his black art to make several students his
sex slaves, she had easily distracted him with a mesmerized women’s
volleyball team while she ransacked his home, setting him back
substantially if not completely destroying his ability to conjure. But
Celia was much too cautious and clever to let something like that happen to
her. Only she and her loyal pupil could enter her home or work any magic
there without setting off numerous traps and alarms.

The sorceress entered her home and her blood began to boil. The place was
a mess. There was food and liquor bottles strewn about the place. She was
going to beat that girl’s naked ass until it bled! She hoped the party had
been worth it. It was a moment before she noticed that she still had
‘guests’. Two young women were sprawling naked on her couch, licking
blueberry pie off of their obscenely large breasts. Given the sticky mess
on there faces, in their hair, and on her new suede couch, the pie was just
the latest course in an extensive banquet.

“What in Hell do you think you’re doing!” shouted Celia at the strangers.

The chesty girls looked up from their messy feast.

“Oh, you must be Celia!” said the brunette in a dopey voice.

“You’ve got really small titties.” observed the blonde, and the two
collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Celia flushed at the appraisal. Something was definitely wrong with the
two, beside their glaring lack of manners. They seemed stoned. And their
breasts–that just wasn’t natural! They were massive, much too large for
the girls’ slender bodies, and they seemed much to buoyant for such huge
masses, jutting forth proudly without any visible means of support. Magic
was in use here. A simple spell confirmed it. So help her, Danica
wouldn’t be able to sit down for a month!

“Where is Danica?” demanded the sorceress. She would worry about restoring
the two once she found out what the hell her pupil had done to them.

“She’s…down…stairs” breathed out the dark brunette. The pale blonde
was sucking on her nipples and both girls seemed to be enjoying it

“I’ll deal with you two later.” she said, turning with a flourish and
stalking toward the basement, pausing only to remove a leather strap from a
bag she kept by the door.

“Danica, you little…” began Celia as she descended, then she recoiled in
horror. There, side-by-side in her basement were two round masses of pink
flesh at least eight feet in diameter. It took her a moment to notice her
young student behind them, either standing on something or supporting
herself with her elbows which were pressing into the huge mounds, dimpling
them. Bile rose in the sorceress’ throat as she realized that these
monstrosities were Danica’s breasts. The dark bumps the size of her head
were actually erect nipples. Perhaps most disgusting of all, however, was
that the young girl attached to them was grinning from ear to ear, looking
deeply pleased with herself.

“Oh Dani, what did you do?” asked Celia, her anger set aside at the
immensity of her pupil’s problem.

“I made my titties really, really big!” replied the girl exuberantly,
punctuating her declaration with peals of insane laughter.

“I can see that, Dani, but I need to know how you did it so I can fix it.”

“I don’t want to fix it!” proclaimed the girl “I want big titties! I
want everyone to have big titties! I want you to have big titties!”

Having said that, her clearly enchanted student started chanting:

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

Celia felt the familiar ripple of a spell directed at her. It was a
variation on a love spell, the directed object of affection being not
Danica, but rather Danica’s monstrous breasts. Celia countered it with a
gesture. It wasn’t a particularly strong spell, but still much stronger
than anything her apprentice should be able to cast.

“Foolish girl!” mocked Celia, her anger redoubling. “Do you think I’m some
trifling bimbo like your friends upstairs? I’ve got more power in one
finger than you have in your entire monstrous body!”

Celia cast a simple hypnosis spell. Better to entrance the girl and get
some answers from her than try to coax cooperation by reason. Reason had
obviously left the girl entirely.

“Oh Fuck!” swore the enchantress as she felt her spell shatter. She saw
the source of the problem now. Resting in the girl’s inhuman cleavage was
a red leather-bound book–Toland’s Grimore! So that’s what had caused all
this. Oh that stupid, stupid girl! She had no idea what she was playing
with. And as long as she held it, no spell of Celia’s could reach her.
That was why Celia had resorted to distraction and theft rather than magic
to defeat the lecherous professor. She was unable to destroy the tome, but
she had thought it safely guarded by her wards. She had neglected to take
into account the possibility of blatant stupidity.

“Danica, honey,” Celia said as gently as she could manage “Let me have the
red book.”

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!” replied her student.

“Damnit girl, give it to me this instant!” screamed Celia, brushing the
spell away.

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

“Stupid girl, it doesn’t work on me! If you won’t give me the book, I’ll
take it from you.”

Celia reached for the book, reluctantly leaning against the massive
breasts, but they were taller than she was and extended far in front of the
girl. Danica stood in a place where the basement narrowed to accommodate
the staircase so that her mammaries completely blocked anyone from going
around her to try and get the book from behind, also denying Celia access
to all her magical accouterments and spellbooks. There was nothing to do
but climb.

Celia took hold of a giant nipple. It seemed firm enough to support her
weight and was the only hand hold available. If she could pull her self up
and stand on it, she could reach the book.

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

This was getting annoying she thought, again brushing away the girl’s

Gripping the nipple with both hands, she pushed down, lifting herself off
the ground. Danica moaned in response and before Celia knew what was
happening she was hit by a geyser of warm white milk. She fell on her ass,
her clothing, face and hair soaked. Danica giggled.

“You little bitch!” shouted the sorceress, leaping to her feet and rushing
the girl. She had to get that book away from her.

She hit the girl’s breasts hard and tried to scramble up by sheer momentum,
but upon contact, both nipples squirted again, drenching her and most of
the room. The girl’s breasts were slick with the warm, sweet-smelling
liquid and combined with Celia’s sodden skin and clothing, she found her
self slipping and sliding down, losing what height she had gained.

It was on her fifth attempt, as she once again began sliding down the milky
mountain, that Celia started giggling at the absurdity of her predicament.
As her backside hit the floor, she started. Something was wrong. Celia
never giggled! She suddenly was aware of how sluggish and light-headed she
felt. With muted horror, she realized that the milk was having some sort
of narcotic effect on her.

To make matters worse, Danica chose that moment to try her spell again.

“Tallius Ilsa Tegm Soriva Landris Amocrus Vi Elsamor!”

Celia blocked the incantation once again, but for one desperate moment she
had faltered, then recovered. She now realized that she was in actual
danger. The drugging effects of the milk were making her unable to
efficiently use her magic. If she became any more intoxicated, she might
slip up and become enthralled by her own bewitched apprentice. Another
giggle escaped her lips.

With her mind becoming more muddled by the minute, Celia knew she had to
get rid of her milk-soaked clothing and dry the stuff off her skin. As she
clumsily removed her gray dress, Danica made another attempt with her spell
and Celia was barely able to summon enough concentration to block her. She
had to get out of here! Get dry, get sober. But she had started
undressing and couldn’t overcome her momentum. She removed her sodden
slip, but when she went to remove her bra, she saw that it had broken. Her
once tiny breasts were now more than a handful and visibly growing. Oh
God! It was happening to her now!

She turned and stumbled toward the stairs, wearing only her shoes and a
pair of black panties. But there blocking the stairway were the two girls
she had found in her living room. They stood side by side and their
pumpkin-sized breasts completely filled the entrance. Celia recoiled,
fearing that their huge mammaries might finish what Danica’s had started.
She felt so dizzy, so very warm. And her growing bosom was tingling so
deliciously that it was all she could do to think about anything else. She
couldn’t afford another dose if she was going to get out of this with her
mind and body intact.

“Oh, don’t leave!” said the blonde with a big, friendly smile.

“Yes, stay with the Titties!” encouraged the brunette with equal

“The Titties are Good!”

“The Titties are Nice!”

“The Titties are Yummy!”

The chesty girls advanced on her, and Celia slowly backed away from them.
Then she realized that they were herding her back to Danica. She turned to
see how close she had gotten, and at that moment, the girls jumped her.
They each grabbed hold of one of her arms, and clutched her long black
hair. Celia struggled against them, but the girls seemed remarkably
strong. She tried and tried to think of a spell that could help her escape
them, but she just couldn’t concentrate. She numbly realized that they
were pushing her toward Danica with there magically endowed breasts. Her
own breasts were the size of volley balls now and they jiggled and leaped
wildly as she struggled. Danica giggled as they approach. The same
deranged giggle that kept coming unbidden out of Celia’s mouth.

They now stood before Danica’s monstrous right tit. The girls pushed her
face up against the nipple. It was horrifying, but somehow also terribly
titillating. She giggled again despite herself. Then there was only
sweet, warm, whiteness. It felt so nice. Tasted so good. It was all
Celia could think about. When the milk had run out of her ears, she heard
Danica chanting, and knew that she had been enthralled. But how could
anyone not love those huge, beautiful boobies, magic or no? They were so
nice and they made her feel so very, very good. She smiled broadly at
Danica with new found respect, then gratefully kissed the dripping women on
either side of her. They had also been drenched, and their breasts were
continuing to swell. Celia saw that her own jugs were now almost as big as
her milk-sisters had been when she had first seen them. She squeezed her
tits together lovingly, delighting in the wonderful sensation, and
giggled. She was so happy. Why had she ever tried to fight this? She was
a silly, silly little bimbo. But now she had her titties. Her titties
would tell her what she should do.

She could hear them now. They told her the words to say, the gestures to
make. She cheerfully obeyed, glad to do whatever her wonderful titties
asked her to. As she did, she could feel the magic barriers around her
home dissolving. That was good. Now anyone could come and see Danica’s
Glorious Boobies and be as happy as they all were. When she had finished,
her own jugs rewarded her with a tingling that grew and spread, becoming a
huge orgasm that drove her to her knees. Danica then rewarded her with
another blast of her delectable milk. She swallowed it greedily, while her
new sisters licked the splatter that ran down her growing hooters.

They happily massaged and played with each others breasts, taking frequent
hits from Danica, who was delighted to have brought so much happiness to
them. Celia had no idea how long they were playing, only that her breasts
had swollen to a point at which she could no longer reach her own nipples,
when someone new came down stairs. He looked familiar, but it took a
moment for her to recognize him. It was Charles Toland.

“Oooooh, Hi Charlie! Did you come to see our titties?” Celia asked with a
big, welcoming smile.

The professor chuckled. He seemed very happy that their titties were so
big. Celia was glad. Her titties were glad.

“I guess I have you to thank for this wonderful surprise,” he said to
Danica. “What is your name?”

“Danica, Master” said the girl.

“Well, Danica, it’s time to give me my book back.” he instructed.

She held out the red book and with a gesture Dr. Toland levitated it to

“Thank you, Danica” he said, then he caressed the red book like a long
absent lover.

“You were very foolish to leave my darling here where your initiate could
find it, Celia”

“I’m silly!” the enchantress agreed happily.

“Yes, you are” replied Dr. Toland. “I made the book from the skin of my
first familiar, you know, and its soul is still bound within its pages. It
loves me dearly, and would do anything to return to me. I taught it long
ago that, if ever it was taken from me, it should find something that
whoever possessed it desired, and then enthrall them through it.
Apparently our dear Danica wanted big hooters. Well she certainly got her
wish now, didn’t she.”

All four women giggled delightedly.

“I must say, you look much better with your new set Celia,” he observed
“You look much more like the bimbo I always knew you should be.”

Celia giggled, then moaned as her former enemy began to squeeze her massive
mounds roughly.

“And I see we have two more playmates in the bargain” he grinned, seeing
that Lucy and Rachel had resumed playing with each other’s tits, which now
prevented them from standing upright.

“Now then, I think I can make a few improvements on what Danica here has
begun. But it’s a great start, Dani! It gives me all sorts of ideas!
This has been a capital day indeed!”

Then he opened the red book and began to conjure.


Danica smiled at the photographer’s reaction when she slipped off her
purple, custom-made JJ cup bra. It was always fun to surprise a veteran.
This was her third time being photographed for SCORE magazine, and she had
developed such a following that this time they had promised her the cover.

She helped Celia take off her shiny silver HHH cup. Out of gratitude for
helping return his book, their master always made sure that Dani’s titties
were the biggest. Celia didn’t mind though. She was always happy to do
anything that Danica asked her to–or anyone else for that matter. They
had really reversed roles. Now Danica was the dominant one, with Celia
bouncing along behind her everywhere like a happy puppy. Dr. Toland had
enhanced the youth spell that Celia used on herself, so that now the
veteran sorceress looked like Danica’s younger sister. The former
apprentice was quite happy with her first teacher’s new status. Celia had
no complaints either. None that she could articulate at least. Celia
didn’t really use sentences anymore. Just single words, moans, and
squeals. Mostly, she just giggled.

Danica liked her boobies this size and so did the photographer judging from
that rod in his pocket. When she was dancing at the club–which she did
most nights along with Celia, Lucy, and Rachel–their master only let her
fill F cups. Dr. Toland said that anything larger made their dancing too
awkward. Danica made up for the small size by jiggling them as much as she
could. She raked in hundreds of dollars in tips, and was usually so horny
from all that jiggling that she’d do three or four of the club’s customers
afterwards. They usually tipped pretty good too. She was so happy to make
money for the master that had given her her wonderful titties.

The photographer told Celia to kneel on a box and suck on Danica’s
nipples. Her former teacher happily complied. Danica happily thought back
on the first time that Celia had knelt before her knockers. That was such
a great time! She had hoped then that her boobies would always be that
huge, but master had explained that it just wasn’t practical. Once a
month, however, was milking day, when Dr. Toland would call out to her
titties to reach their full potential, filling the room. That was when
Danica was the happiest, cheerfully squirting out gallons of her special
milk. Celia and the other girls–several more had joined their happy
group–would drink as much of the wonderful stuff as the master would allow
the rest of the month. There was much more, though, that the professor
collected. He did tell Danica what he did with it, but once in a magazine
shop where she was looking for her latest photo shoot, she saw a tabloid
that told about a frat party at her old school where all the girls breasts
had swollen up hugely and they had all started stripping, giggling, and
fucking. The same thing had happened at a local Dairy Queen and a Baptist
church ice cream social. Danica was happy that she was able to indirectly
touch so many lives.

As Celia continued to suck and knead her titties, she felt an orgasm
building. She pushed Celia down between her legs and the
enchantress-turned-bimbo started lapping expertly. Danica became lost in
the flashes coming from the camera and the flashes coming from her clit.
As she felt herself being overcome by pleasure, she hugged the glorious
titties that had made her wonderful new life possible. With all this, who
needed magic?


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