Beauty Contest

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by 57185

“Hey, how about this?” Tawny asked her friend Jill as the two students
stopped on their Friday afternoon shopping tour in front of a sign at
the wall of the new nightclub.

“Hmmm? A beauty contest?” Jill looked questioning at her friend.

“No, look at this prize! A two weeks holiday at a South Africa beauty
farm with a complete makeover for two persons … that’s right what I
need after this sucking semester.” Tawny put her glasses in her bag
and brushed a strand of her shoulder length straight blonde hair
behind her ear. “I’m going to sign up, you too?”

“Whaaaaat? Miss Philosophy wants to become a beauty queen? I don’t get
it …”

Jill was thinking…

“No I won’t sign up but I have to see this. This would change
everything I believe in. I’m your biggest fan already, let’s go and
put you on the list.” The slender brunette grinned and put her arm
around Tawny’s shoulder, dragging her friend into the door of the
night club.

What had been a joke idea had become reality.

On the stage was Tawny in a skimpy bright pink bikini and high heels
showing off her flat tummy and long legs. On her head was a little
crown and the masses of young people in the club were applauding and
cheering. Jill was one of them, extremely happy for her girlfriend
that she won the competition.

The speaker gave Tawny a bunch of flowers and held a microphone in
her face with the question: “Who will you take with you to South

“Since she was my first fan and she is my best friend, this will be
Jill, hey girl, come up!” Tawny waved to her friend and as Jill
climbed up the few stairs and hugged Tawny again the cheers and
applause became loud. You nearly couldn’t hear the speaker mentioning
the sponsor of this evenings event, the NewU Inc. An older man smiled
contently in a dimly lit corner at the bar, sipping at his drink. His
eyes were glued to the two happy girls at the stage…

It would have been a long and boring flight if Jonathan wouldn’t have
told Tawny and Jill about the modeling job after their makeover at the
South African beauty spa. Jonathan, who introduced himself a week ago
in the night club after the beauty contest with a glass of champagner
as the NewU Inc.representative, accompanied the girls at their flight
to Johannesburgh. His offering gave the two alot to talk about during
the hours in the air. Now they were entering the taxi which would
drive them to the spa.

“Gawd I’m tired Tawny!” after unpacking her things Jill fell onto her
“Yeah, me too. Have you seen this large pool as Jonathan showed
us around?”
“Hmmm… but it looks like we are the only visitors here.”
“Don’t worry, so we have everything for ourself. I can’t wait to get
pampered from head to toe. That’s for the body and that’s for the
brain…” Tawny put two books on the shelf above the head of her bed.
Jill was already lightly snoring as Tawny put the sheet over her and
closed the curtains. She laid down and in minutes she drifted off to

Slowly Tawny opened her eyes. Something had woken her up. The ceiling
was bright white from the sun shining through a window. She didn’t
feel refreshed. No, she felt strange… something had happened with
her… she raised her head and looked down at her body. There was a
white sheet over her. She didn’t remember leaving the curtains open.
Jill was still sleeping. Tawny looked at the other bed in their room.
Getting on her elbows she noted the difference. Her upper body weighed
much more than before. As she pulled her sheet down, she looked at the
two mounds that were formerly 34b breasts. It couldn’t be true …
they had given her a boob job. 38 or 40, DD or E she guessed. She was
completely naked under her sheet. The new globes rode high on her
chest. Her nipples stood out like a little thumb. They were a deep
brown like her bulging aureolas which had a black circle around
accentuating them much more. She rubbed at the colour but it didn’t
disappear … tattooed… Naked as she was she got out of the bed and
ripped Jills sheet away. Tawny wasn’t dreaming. What laid in front of
her was a nearly identical body like hers apart from the slightly
darker skin tone. Jill was completely shaven and her clit looked out
from beween her bulging sex. Tawny felt her own … again … the
same. No hair, an enlarged clitoris sending sparks through her body as
she touched it. Shaking Jill awake, her tears began to flow.

Some hours later. A silent huge black man had brought them a light
meal. The two had calmed down a bit, maybe from the fruit drink that
came with the meal. It was a strange mix. The taste wasn’t

“Tawny, please give me one of your books, it’s getting boring when we
cant get out of this room.” The door was locked again after the man
left. Tawny reached at her shelf and gave Jill one of her study books.
She was trying to find something decent in the clothes that were now
in her closet. All her things had been replaced with tight sexy little
pieces which barely covered her new assets. Finally she settled with a
black halter top and matching shorts which showed alot of her ass. No
underwear, there wasn’t anything. Shoes … high heels and plateau
soles only… nothing under 4 inch. She decided for open toed spike

“Tawny … what is s – c – i – e – n – c – e ?” Jill asked her friend.
… no answer … Tawny tried to remember if she had heard the word
once but wasn’t sure. “Dunno… is it important?”
Jill looked up from the book. “Gee you look cute! I have to find
something like that myself!” Jill got up and shifted through her

“So it wasn’t important…” was Tawny’s thought as she
searched for her glasses. But she only found dark green contact
lenses and went to the bathroom to put them in. As she came back, Jill
was in a short see through blouse which was held together by just one
button and a black tight mini skirt from a snake skin like plastic
material. Her feets were in plateau sandales. “Wow, this is hot
Jilly babe!” was her reaction to her friends appearance.

It was getting dark outside and this silent hunk of a black man with
the large bulge in his trousers had brought them their dinner, again
with the fruit drink. Now the door was opening again and Jonathan came
in. “Hi girls!”
“Oh hi Johnny! good to see you … tell us everything what you have in
store for us! We are readyfor the night.”
“Aaah go slow!” He was shoving the two girls which already had their
hands on him as he entered the door to one bed and sat himself at the
“First it seems you have become familiar with your new bodies. That’s
“Yeah, our new titties are really fine!”
“Good to hear. Tonight you two will see the hair stylist and the
makeup artist. They will give you the final shape of a wet dream.”
“Are they boys?”
“Yes, the makup artists are men.”
“Oh, goodie goodie…”

Both girls had gone along with the recommendations of their hair
stylists. They had been in separate rooms to get their hair done. It
took hours, hours they used to watch the porno movies which run on the
big screen in each booth. As they finally came out of their rooms,
they were not the same anymore.

The two did earlier only pay attention to the ease of taking care
for their hair, so they had a straight shoulder length cut. Tawny was
blonde and Jill had light brunette hair. Now they nearly didn’t
recognize each other. Jill wasn’t brunette anymore neither was Tawny a
blonde. Both girls had gotten hair extensions. Their manes now reached
the small of their back. Jill was blonde… well … it was nearly
white. With her bronze skin and dark eyes she looked exotic. Tawnys
hair was now a bright shocking pink. They had identical hair cuts. It
was straight. Parted in the middle it fell around their faces
and feathered down their backs in a long V.
“Oh Tawni you look kewl!”
“Yeah Jilli you look like too like a slut, that’s soooo kewl!”
Hand in hand they went to the makeup room.

The men had given Jilli and Tawni their fruit drink with a
sedativum and sleeping pill before they tattooed the permanent makeup.
The minutes it took before kicking in, the girls fondled each other
and got the men really hard like they had seen in the porn movies.
Giggling they stepped out of their clothes and sat down on the chairs
while the men prepared their equipment.

Jilli awoke at first in their room and headed for the bathroom. “I
need to pee.” Getting up from the toilet seat she stepped in front of
the full length mirror and admired her face. Her formerly thick
eyebrows were now thin black arches. Dark eyeshadow and black eyeliner
made her eyes look dramatic. Her bloodred lips were accentuated by a
darker line. Tawni stepped in and stood aside Jilli. She licked her
pink lips and looked at her hands. Long acrylic nails topped her
fingers like Jillis. Tawni and Jilli looked like twin sisters. From
behind her back Tawnis hand with the large black vibrator emerged and
she began to caress Jillis protruding clit. Jilli turned to Tawni and
frenchkissed her.

“UUunnnghhh …” Jonathan shot his load between Tawnis pink lips while
Jilli fucked her from behind with her strapon.
“It’s time for your modeling job girls.”
Tawni was licking Jonathans pecker clean. Looking up with her big
green eyes she asked:
“Will Tawni get a real black cock then?”
“Yes, and Jilli too. There are plenty of them.”

The girls looked hot in their white bikinis and white plateau shoes.
Their hair had been teased and their fruit drinks spiked with some
drug that drove them wild. Wet spots in their crotches showed it.
Their visible dark tattooed nipples put little tents in the skimpy
bikinitops and centered the attention of each male view to the 38E
tits under the little piece of cloth.
“Where are the black cocks for Jilli and Tawni now Johnny? Jilli asked
“One minute…”
The door opened and about fifteen large black men entered the room…

Jonathan smiled contently in a dimly lit corner at the bar,
sipping at his drink. His eyes were glued to the two happy bimbos in
the center of the room getting gangfucked by fifteen black men. They
enjoyed each minute.

A camera man came over and told him that the live stream was now
running from “Tomorrow we fly them back to US.
Get some more guys for the welcome party. These fifteen here seem
not enough to satisfy our sluts …”hakerskie

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