Barbi’s Story

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MaleDom Slut

(M+/f, breast transform, slut, ws, scat)
From: [email protected] (The Orangutang)

Hi, well even though I started off leaving school with fucking

good exam results and had my life all planned out as a good wholesome
member of the community, I always knew I was a slut in the back of my
mind. I was brought up to be very girlie and was always encouraged to
dress up and flirt with boys, both my mother and father loved to see
me act up and tease the little boys.

As I got older I rebelled against this and by the time I was

leaving school to go to collage I was quite a tom boy and heavily into
feminism. Luckily this is when I met Rob and fell in love.
He was very straight with me and told me what he liked, slutty cheap
and artificial looking bimbo’s and disliked, smart mouthed feminist
dykes and if I wanted to be with him I would have to change. This
caused some big arguments but Rob was not going to move so I had to.

My first efforts were to get some blonde highlights in my

natural dark blonde hair and started to wear tighter jeans and small
heels. Rob was very positive about this and encouraged me to go
further. Next came makeup, something I had always used but very
sparingly, now I started to be a bit bolder using red lipstick, black
mascara, eye shadow and blusher. Even my parents said how nice I

For my birthday Rob got me a makeover at a saloon, I appeared

after what seemed like hours to be met by Rob’s smiling face. My hair
was light blonde all over, my face was a mass of bright colours, my
nails pointed and bright red. He then took my out to get a new dress
to go out with that evening for my birthday dinner.

We ended up in Morgan a shop that sells club fashion lots of

micro dresses, halters, short shorts. I nearly died of embarrassment
as Rob selected things for me to try, a black lycra micro dress with
halter top seemed to be his favourite even though it was a size to
small for me. So that what I bought, along with some lacy thong
panties and a black wonder bra.

From Morgan we went to a shoe shop, not a normal one but one

that specialised in heels called Ritual. I was sent to get changed
into my new dress and Rob picked out some shoes. I was horrified to
see what he had picked, black 5″ spikes with very pointed toes and
silver metal heels, I said I can’t wear them but I was told to put on
some stockings and stop being so fucking stupid. The black hold-up’s
had seems and were what’s called fully fashioned like old fashioned
nylons. No matter how high I tried to pull them they stayed well below
the bottom of my very
short tight dress. Rob slapped my hand away from my stockings and
called me a stupid cunt and handed me my new shoes. I was very near
tears and struggled the shoes on blindly just staring ahead.

Rob lifted me to my feet and held me as I hobbled round the

shop He said to swing my ass and to stop fighting the shoes. The shop
girl who was dressed very much like me showed me how to walk in the
heels. I watched her closely and for the first time saw how Rob wanted
me to be, just like the shop girl with her heavy makeup, big cheap
jewellery, bleached out hair, her ass cheeks showing below her skirt
as she strutted up and down the shop.

I said I needed to go to the toilet and tottered away, I

needed to be alone with a mirror. I looked myself straight in the face
and thought about what Rob wanted me to be like, I imagined I was the
shop girl and pretended to be her as I put on some more lip gloss,
mascara and blusher. I readjusted my stockings so they were even and
the seems straight. Then I walked out as confident as possible, my
walk wasn’t perfect but it was much better, my ass swayed and my tits
bounced and Rob and Annie smiled. We took the shoes and some with 6″

The jewellers shop was next, Rob picked out some big hoop

earrings for me as well as rings, bracelets. I looked a the jewellery
he had picked it was all really showy and cheap looking. He had
picked 3 pairs of hoops, 1 gold, 1 silver and one clear blue plastic.
He asked the jeweller if he did piercing and if it could be done on
the spot. The shopkeepers face lit up as he realised that we wanted
all three pairs of earrings and my ears pierced another three times
each, I had already got one pair of studs in, nice small modest ones.

It was a strange feeling as the big hoops swayed against the

side of my head, but I was slowly getting to like my new image. Every
where we went men stared at me and women shock their heads. We had a
lovely meal with the waiters dribbling all over me as I enjoyed the
attention. And as I strutted across the restaurant after the meal I
managed to really act the part showing off my ass and tits.

We went to Rob’s flat and I have to say that we didn’t make

love to for the first time. We fucked or should I say I was fucked.

Well, Rob seemed to be happy with my look and we fucked like

rabbits. I had got a job as a trainee manager at a bank in town after
leaving school and before meeting and falling for Rob I had been doing
well. But with the combination of my new taste in clothes and my
general appearance I started to get warnings from the manager, he said
I looked like a tart and if I wanted to be a manager I’d have to tone
things down a bit.

I’d thrown out all my old suits and sensible heels and had got

some beautiful very tight very very short suits, sort of every mans
dream secretary look and had bought lots of pairs of heels from Ritual
all of them very high, in fact I had discovered with Annie’s help that
I was unusual because I could wear such high heels and after a little
practice was comfortable to wear them all day so I had abandoned my 5″
heels and now wore nothing but 6″ heels, not ideal for a bank.

After my warning on a Friday afternoon I rang and made an

appointment at a saloon I had noticed in town, it was called Jane’s
and seemed to specialise in more extreme makeovers. It was set for
Saturday morning and as I spoke to Jane I knew she would become my
best friend, I just knew it.

When I arrived at the saloon I was amazed all the girls

working there looked like, well there is only one word sluts, I
thought I was a bit slutty looking but these girls were the perfect
image of Rob’s dream girl. A girl with bright white hair, heavy makeup
and a spray on cat suit headed my way in 6″ spiked ankle boots. This
was Jane.

I put my bags down and we discussed what I wanted and she

suggested a few things and said she knew what to do. My face was
scrubbed and cleaned of all the makeup on it. Then my eye brows
electrolysed away and my lashes were plucked out. All my finger nails
were cut right back Then my legs were treated with electrolysis after
them my crotch. While the electrolysis was happening my finger and toe
nails were polished and sealed and my hair was washed.

I was then moved to the hair section were I had horrible

smelling chemicals poured over my hair and a plastic cap fitted over
my head. then back to the nail girl who fitted moulds to my finger
tips and poured in clear plastic this look about half an hour and as
soon as they were all poured and setting I was back to the hair
department. The cover was removed to release my now platinum blonde
hair. My face must have looked funny as I shut my eyes and prayed.

Celia the stylist came over and started to back comb and get

any knots out, when she was happy Melanie the makeup girl arrived and
started to rub lotions and foundations into my face, layer after
layer. Then my eyes were made up first long false eyelashes then
shadow, mascara, more shadow, finally I felt a series of pencils and
brushes were my eye brows had been. With my eyes finished she did my
cheeks with brush after brush of rouge. Thicker and thicker, the more
foundation then more rouge. When she was happy my lips were pencilled
round and the gloss added by the spoon full and sealed with a high
gloss layer.

Melanie was finished so Celia arrived with her dryer and cans

of hair spray. She back combed my hair for what seemed like hours and
kept spraying heavy hair spray over my head. She seemed to be getting
further from my head as she worked on my hair. finally I was swung
round to look into the

I didn’t recognise myself. I looked totally different, totally

artificial, totally slutty. My bright white blonde hair was in a
really ‘big’ style back combed away from my face and it looked
wonderfully tarty and cheap as did the rest of my new look. My makeup
was beautiful, heavy rouge high lighted my cheeks, my eyes were buried
in thick black liner, blue, purple and white shadow with very long
black lashes. My favourite bit were my new brows that were high and
very thin. As I looked I licked my lips, feeling the heavy gloss with
my tongue.

I then checked my legs and quickly looked at my pussy, my legs

were smooth and soft to the touch and my pussy was bald except for a
thin line of platinum blonde hair that came up from the crease of my
lips. I had no time to think about how I looked as the nail technician
started to remove the moulds and then shaped my new nails. Half an
hour later I was the proud owner of blood red 2″ finger nails.

I was finally finished 6 hours after I had arrived. Jane came

over and said how beautiful I looked, she said how Rob would hopefully
love how slutty I looked. I had never been told I was a slut as a
compliment before, it felt good.

I said I had brought some new clothes to change into to finish

my new image. Jane called me a cheap cunt as I appeared from the
changing room. I had on my new red lycra lace dress with a deep low
cut front and only just covered my ass, but the best bit was that it
was at least 50% see through and very very tight. Under this I had a
quarter cup black lace shelf bra and that’s all, no panties. On my
legs were red seemed hold ups and on my feet white Heels with nice
shiny metal 6″ spikes.

I looked in the mirror and saw Rob’s dream girl, me looking

like a total whore. I spent an hour
chatting to Jane and this is when I had my first cigarette, she
brought out some coffee and sat down a started to light up and
naturally offered me one. I hesitated then she said that if it was my
first now was the time to try it and how it would do wonders for your
figure. I held the cigarette and slowly inhaled as Jane lit it. When I
finally left I was enjoying my forth. next stop was a tattoo parlour
were I had booked a 4PM appointment.

When Rob rang and said he was coming round later that night my

heart nearly leapt out, I had only been back for ten minutes after the
tattoo parlour and a little more shopping for clothes and makeup. He
was coming round at ten o’clock, just 45 minutes later. I sat and
waited and smoked some more of the packet I had bought on the way

I fitted the new red plastic hoop earrings I had bought, Rob

liked the plastic ones best as they looked cheaper, put on my ankle
bracelets and waited. The bell rang and I sashayed over to the door
and swung it open. Rob nearly came in his trousers as he stared at me,
his eyes lusted over. I pulled the cigarette out of my mouth and
licked my lips. I reached down to his cock, unzipped him and right
there in the middle of the door way gave him head. He held my hair and
started to fuck my mouth with his cock, my plastic hoops banged into
my face as I moaned and swallowed. I pulled away from his cock and
reached down to the hem of my dress, slowly I pulled it up to reveal
by bald and bleached cunt.

I used the word cunt for the first time as I told him that my

cunt needed to be fucked hard. I told him that I was now his SLUT and
I wanted him to USE ME with his cock. I said I was ditching my bank
job on Monday and that he would have to look after me because I was
his cunt now. He smiled and told me to pack my bags and to move in
with him.

I quickly found myself bending over in the doorway clasping on

to the frame as he worked his cock up my cunt and a finger up my ass.
Fuck it good, use your sluts cunt, tell me I’m a cheap whore I hissed
as he rammed away, 3 fingers up my ass. He withdrew and using his
fingers pulled my ass wider open before placing his cock at the
entrance to my anus and starting to push. I was relaxed and even
though it fucking hurt I let his cock in by pushing down like I wanted
to shit and opening my ass for him. He slid in a little and then
waited for me to
recover then pushed again, this time hard and hammered his cock
right in ’til his balls banged against my cunt lips.

The rhythm started slowly and build up, the pain in my gut’s

died and slowly changed to deep pleasure as I was so full of cock and
he was rubbing my juicy clit as he fucked back and forward. All the
time telling me what I wanted to hear, telling me I was his slut, his
cunt, how beautiful I looked and how plain and horrible I used to
look. He said maybe I be his whore and go on the game. Just the
thought made my body tense up and release as a orgasm, being used as a
whore, I couldn’t wait.

I felt Rob’s legs stiffen and relax as he pumped hot thick

cock cream into my ass, I was no longer an anal virgin I thought as a
silly smile came on to my face. Rob pulled out of my ass and rammed
his sticky shit coloured cock into my clean pink cunt. I knew he was
using my pussy to clean off his shitty dick, he was also christening
my cunt by soiling it filling it with his cum and my shit, taking it
as his own to use. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart to
let him see my wide open ass and fucked back to get more of his cock
in my cunt.

After Rob had finished with my pussy he had me give a final

polish with my tongue, the taste of his cock made me gag and choke,
but he held my head and forced his dick into my mouth, forced it down
my neck into my throat, again fucking my face hard.

‘Hey cunt get me something to drink’ he hissed at me as he

pushed me away from his dick, I leaned forward to get one last suck
and then stood and on wobbley legs headed for the kitchen.

Up til this point Rob had not seen the Tattoo’s that I had

done so while I was away making coffee I ducking into my room and
changed into a very tight black lycra micro dress that I had got on
the way home that night. The back of the dress was open right down
below the top of my ass and allowed the bottom of my ass cheeks to be
seen. At the front it had a low cut boob tube and was open across my
stomach til just above the top of my mons allowing the top of my
bleached pussy hair to be clearly seen. I loved the dress as it showed
off my new marking beautifully.

The man at the palour had shown me through books of ideas, I

hadn’t seen anything I liked so I started to look round his
office/shop to see what other people had had done. That when I spotted
a picture in a hardcore sex mag he was obviously reading when I had
arrived. The girl on the front cover looked like a brunette version of
myself but had massive rings piercing her outer cunt lips and nipples,
she also had lots of tattoos, roses, a girl fisting herself, a man
pissing on a girl, and lots of words with flowers round them.

I had the words ‘I’M A CUNT’ in inch tall black letters and

surrounded by red and black roses around my right ankle and a girl
being ass fucked with the words ‘COCK SLUT’ under it on my left
shoulder blade. The ankle marking was finished, but the shoulder tat
would need some more work to add detail as time had run out so I was
going back on the next Tuesday.

Before going back into Rob I peeled off the gauze from over

the new markings and even though they were both a little puffy looked
fucking hot. I turned to see my ankle in the mirror and almost
orgasmed as I saw the tattoo shouting the truth from my leg. God it
looked so fucking slutty with my ankle bracelet and my spikes.

As I walked over to Rob I felt the coolness of the cum

dripping down my legs out of my ass, he looked up as I turned to show
him my ankle, he reached for his cock I then let him see my shoulder.
He smiled and pulled on his cock, wanking for me. I bent over and put
the coffee down and swung round til my now exposed ass was facing him
bent over as far as I could, then reached back with one hand to pull
my cheeks apart and with the other hand rammed 3 fingers up my open
slippery cum filled asshole, then 4 fingers, then the tip of my thumb
then the fucking lot, I kept pushing, I relaxed my ass and then pushed
down like when Rob’s cock took my ass for the first time. My knuckles
slipped past my stretched ring, I couldn’t reach any further so I
pulled my hand back, then pushed it hard back up my hole. I was
fisting myself, fucking fisting myself, I didn’t believe I could do
this stuff and love doing it, love the feeling of being used and
degraded by Rob, love turning myself into a hardfaced foul mouthed
slut, love taking my natural beauty and corrupt and destroy it and
then replace it with the look of a whore, hard, cheap, artificial,

Sunday was spent practising putting my makeup on getting my

hair big and bad like the saloon had done and then when I was madeup
to my satisfaction trying on dress and outfits to see what would be
good for my last day at the bank. And most importantly being fucked
and used as Rob’s personal whore ending in the grand finale of my
first golden shower.

Rob asked if I would like to wash before bed, as I had cum

leaking from every hole and my face had 2 day old dry sperm under my
makeup I said yeh why not. I was led to the bathroom and told to lye
down in the tub. Before I knew what was happening Rob pulled out his
cock and let rip, I squealed with surprise and then started to finger
myself as Rob covered me from head to toe. I had never tasted piss
before but this was the real surprise because when drops did reach my
mouth tasted very salty but not to bad, I stuck out my tongue and Rob
pissed right on it. He then moved the stream up towards my mouth and
then right into my mouth, I opened up feeling the hot liquid flooding
into my mouth and then away down my chin over my tits and pussy.

Rob’s flow stopped and I held the last bit in my mouth. I

looked deep into his eyes, he nodded and I swallowed, the mouth full
of piss flowed down my throat washing away my innocence , if I had had
any doubts about what I had done and what I would become over the next
years they were washed away as Rob’s hot salty piss flowed down my

I woke at 7am the next day, Monday. I couldn’t wait to get to

the bank and tell them to stick their fucking job, I also couldn’t
wait for them to see how I now looked and acted, if they thought I was
a cheap tart before, they’d love now!

I arrived by taxi at 9:30, half an hour after everyone else, I

wanted for everyone to be there to see my entrance. I choose a black
rubber version of the micro dress I had worn to show off my tattoos to
Rob, because it was rubber it was much tighter than the lycra dress
and was more extreme in its shortness and left a lot of ass and tit
showing, to go with it I had black spikes with my now normal shiny
metal heels these were 6.5″ high to add to the extreme look I wanted
and had thin chain ankle straps. I also wore a whore chain round my
stomach which looked gorgeous with the black rubber. With the heels I
had gone for black seemed fishnet stockings to give that real hardcore
slut look. I wore all my most tasteless, gaudy new jewelry including
on my little fingers nail rings.

My face was at its most artificial I had painted on layer

after layer of foundation and on top had used only my most bright and
whorish colours. My hair was wonderful, platinum white blonde and
backcombed and wild, I had used a whole tin of spary on it to hold it
out and up.

My favourite touch however was the drying cum around my mouth

and over the tops of my tits, I had got Rob to blow over my face just
before the taxi arrived to pick me up. Rob had also used my mouth for
his morning piss, very salty and matalic but still ok, so I knew my
breath was smelling strongly of piss, cum and cigarettes. Much to
Rob’s delight I had continued to smoke during the weekend and as soon
as I was happy with my look I lit up my second of the day put on my
new red see through mid thigh plastic jacket and sashayed out to the

The driver nearly had a heart attack as this trashy looking

cunt got into his car with still wet cum over her slutty face. I took
a long deep drag and asked him to take to me the bank. I saw him
staring at me in his mirror, I smiled back undid the front of my
jacket, pulled out both tits from behind their rubber covering and
asked him if he liked what he saw, he nodded and smiled.

I swallowed the last of his cum as the taxi drove away, a blow

job for a ride seemed fair to me. I let some of the taximans cum
dribble out of my louth and down my chin as I stood in front of the
building thrilling in the way I had paid for my ride with sex, I was a
real whore now.

One last check in my mirror to make sure I looked my best and

in I went, straight to my desk and sat down as if nothing had changed.
I saw the other girls just staring at me, watching every move as I lit
a cigarette and started to file and neaten up my nails. Mark the
assistant manager picked up his phone and spoke to someone, looking at
me and shaking his head. My phone rang, it was Mr Hedges the manager.

‘Come in to my office at once, don’t talk or disturb anyone!’

His voice was very short. I calmly stubbed out my cigarette checked my
makeup and touched up my lip gloss and then minced in to Hedges office
swinging my ass as much as possible. He looked up and rubbed his neck
as he saw me.

I walked in and sat down in front of his desk without

invitation. My skirt rode up as I slowly separated my legs. From his
position he got a full on display of a pink smooth cunt with its lips
swollen and cum oozing down the crack towards my ass hole. I smiled at
him as he swallowed and stared.

He stood up and started to walk around the room as he read the

riot act to me, did I want a job with the bank was I going to sort my
self out, did I know how I looked, like some street trollop. I turned
to follow him as he paced around keeping my legs spread and my pussy
in his direct view. Even though he was shouting at me as he finished
his cock had betrayed him as it grow into a large lump in his
trousers, I knew I had him.

He finished and the room went quiet. I said nothing only

giggled and stared at the bulge in the fuckers pants, he wanted my
cunt and we both knew it. I slowly reached down with my hand and used
2 fingers to pull my labs apart and show him the inside of my cunt. He
would soon understand that his words meant nothing to me anymore, I
was no longer capable of understanding what he was saying, his words
went straight through my head and I never heard any of them. All I
could feel was my cunt throbbing from my need to be fucked and from
the stretching it had taken during the weekend. All my interest in
things not related to fucking were dead.

I looked up into his eyes and told him to fuck me, he shook

his head and sat down. I stood and walked round to his side of the
desk and sat down of the desktop in front of him pulled up my skirt
front and told him to fuck me again. Still no reaction, I told him to
look at my pussy and said that that’s what I now was, nothing else but
a cunt, an asshole and a mouth with a pair of tits attached. I no
longer had any other interests, only being a slut and keeping Rob
happy. Our eyes met as I again reached down and inserted 3 fingers
deep into my cunt and started to finger fuck myself.

He stood and reached for his zip pulled it down and as soon as

it was lowered his cock sprang out of its confines. It was purple and
throbbing as the blood surged trough it. Keeping my finger busy I lent
forward and licked the tip cleaning off the precum that had started to
seap. I pulled back and looked into his eyes they were masked with
lust. I then slowly lowered my head over his prick swallowing the full
length into my throat.

My lips touched on his pubes and his ball sack as I bottomed

out. I looked up at his face and moaned as I held his cock all the way
down. I started to swallow using my neck muscle to massage his dick. I
breathed slowly in through my nose and found if I did it carefully I
could get enough and keep his prick were I wanted it. He started to
tense his legs as I pulled back and and let his pulsing member slip
out my mouth.

My back touched the leather top of his desk as his cock pushed

aside my pussy lips and sank into the hot insides, thrusting in the
way til I felt cervix stretching to give his glands room. He was in to
the ball and he still kept pushing in deeper. I pulled my legs back to
give him a good view of my stuffed cunt. I shifted my back to allow me
to get my legs right back until they were back behind my head, I must
have looked like a human pretzle. He now got into his rhythm and
ploughed into my dirty little pussy.

‘You really are a cheap little tart aren’t you Barbara, I

never thought you would go this far!’ He must have noticed my ankle
tattoo for the first time because he really started to fuck me hard,
forcing his prick into me ‘Oh my god what have you done to yourself,
look at your fucking ankle “I’m a cunt” for all to see’ He was trying
to talk to me about what a terrible thing I had done and what a dirty
slut I had turned into as he fucked my bald cunt.

‘Just fuck me you old bastard, and call me Barbi not fucking

Barbara. Like my fucking tattoo then you dirty old cunt, yes people
see it in the street and now what I am, I fucking love it!’ I
struggled to get this out as my head was being jolted by the force of
my fucking. He stared ahead for a second and then he almost fell over
as his jism shoot up into my womb, he pulled out as his cock kept
throbbing and shooting. His cum hit my exposed cunt and ass as
he tried to aim it. I reached down with a hand and grabbed his dick
pulling him down to my head. I released my legs from behind my head to
give him room to next in close and fed his slimy cock into my mouth to
clean up. It was scolding hot and I could feel his blood in all the
pricks viens swelling inside my lips. I sat up and slid off the desk
on to my feet again.

My heels felt better than ever as they forced my feet almost

vertical. I could feel every part of my body as it adjusted to being
upright, my ass and tits stuck out and my legs tensed as the shoes did
their magic and shaped me. I licked the last bits of the old cunt
spunk off my top lip and giggled at him as he tried to hide his cock
from me. ‘Ten o’clock, you normally hit the toilet about now for your
morning shit’ He looked up coughed and agreed he was a man of routine
in this department. I asked if he might need to do anything else.

His cock started to rise as I lowered myself down in front of

him, I could feel he was nervous about doing this, but he couldn’t
resist. His prick pasted in between my open mouth and right down into
its previous position in my throat. His legs went taught against my
tits and he lifted up on to his toes. I noticed his hands come up into
the typical porn star pose of hands on hips as he tensed up again. Hot
fetid water started to leak down from my cunt as I started to piss, I
felt my ass pout as I pushed to increase the flow.

He pushed and joined me, dark yellow piss trickling down my

throat and in to my gut. He stood like this for minutes releasing his
overnight store. My bladder was empty long before his. I looked up as
he looked down at me glued to his body via his dick. He shook his head
in disbelief.

‘You dirty little bitch!’ he said I shook my head to agree and

kept swallowing. His flow stopped and he pulled out of my sucking
hole. I licked my lips and stood and kissed him before he could react.
He pushed me away and almost ran to hide behind his desk. I lit a
cigarette and savoured the taste in my mouth. I pulled down my skirt
checked my makeup and repaired the damage all the time he watched
stuck to the spot.

When I was finally happy I turned and walked to the door

opened it looked back blew him a kiss and was gone. I stopped half way
across the office chained into my next ciggy, crushed he last one out
and walked to the main door.

After the bank I headed for my next tattoo appointment to get

the rest of the detail filled in and then onto the saloon to see Jane
and tell her what I had done. As I finished telling her every last
juicy detail she looked at me. smiled and kissed me long and deep. I
spent the rest of the day chatting and watching as Jane bleached and
painted turning women into glamorous boy toys.

Jane said that she finished her job like I had and now her

husband Ian allowed her to be the sort of women she had always wanted
to be and he had always wanted a total bimbo slut, when she said this
we both smiled. Jane agreed that she would help me to forget my past,
my education, my carear and help me become a real bimbo. She told me
to only worry about 2 things,did I look cheap and slutty enough and
were the next cock was cuming from. She then answered her own
questions not bad for a starter and follow me.

We went to the back of the saloon and into a dark room with a

spotlight over a doctors examination table and 3 men watching football
on a television. 2 were black and the third was a very large white man
with white blond spiked hair and a goatee beard dressed in leather
from head to foot. He stood walked over to Jane and ordered her to her
knees as he unbottoned his fly and pulled out a massive cock with
several thick silver rings through its end. He pushed the cock into
Janes throat and called over his 2 friends then turned to me and told
me he was Ian, Janes husband he then told me to lye down on the
examination table.

My legs slipped into the calipers and I felt Hedges spunk

start to seep out of my cunt and over my ass leaving a cool trail
behind. The first black man reached over to a shelf and pulled down a
silver object the second came to my side and fed his dick into my
mouth. I fought to swallow it down he pushed and then I felt the cold
steel be thrusted into my hot fuckhole. The mouth fucker held my head
as I tried to see what the cunt man was up to. I reallty didn’t care
what He did as long as it felt good.

The steel quickly matched my body temperature as it was

twisted and moved into position. Jane appeared into my limited view.
Her face was covered in Ians cum. She smiled at me and used her
fingers to steer the spunk into her mouth. I knew were I had seen the
shiney tool before and my thought were confirmed as it started to up
my cunt. Wider and wider my lips were stretched, I could feel the man
cranking it open.

Jane finished her lunch and bent over showing her ass and

pussy to me. Her ass was wide open maybe 2″ or more even though I knew
she had not been fucked in it and her cunt looked even stranger. Her
inner labia had been removed and the outers were pierced 8 times each
side and then pulled back by other rings fitted to her rubber open
crotch panties that pulled on her cunt lip rings. Her cunt was always
pulled fully open for any cock, dildo or fist that wanted to fuck it.
She stood back up and turned to me and giggled.

‘I thought you would like my cunt, pretty ain’t it. Always

open for cock, a really slutty piece of meat Ian loves it!’ She then
asked me the question I knew was coming. I pulled off the cock and
said yes before she had finished asking the question, ‘give me a cheap
sluttys cunt please!’.

The big black balls hit my chin as I felt the pain killing

injections being pumped into my spread cunt, I knew Rob would love it!
Jane told me as the operation started that it should be quick to
remove the inner lips and then the piercing would begin, but before
this they would also remove my clit’s hood to leave it exposed and
also pierce my clit to make it bigger and more sensitive. She then
said that they would also start to stretch my ass like hers so
eventually it stay open for cock to.

It was like a dream as My mouth was filled with black spunk

and my cunt was made as artificial and deeply slutty as my new
personality needed. Ian said he would ring and talk to Rob and see if
he was interested in a few other improvments he had planned for Jane
next time his friend Dr Hooper was in town. I saw him speak to Jane
and then pick up the phone. After 10 or so minutes he hung up and
smiled at me, before walking over and forcing his dick into my throat.

‘Rob likes my little plan so you 2 will soon be a seeing Dr

Hooper, you’ll be wet dreams on legs. NOW SUCK MY COCK YOU FUCKING
CUNT SLUT!!’ I rammed my head down on his prick and felt my spine
tingle as I though about what I was becoming, what I was being turned
into. How would I look in a years time, who would I be?

Jane woke me with a freshly lit Marlboro the next morning, I

felt sore all over and was still laying I on the examination table.
Jane unstrapped my legs and after a couple of attempts managed to get
upright. My legs acted and my feet were sore from the last 2 days
spent in my highest heels, I considered taking off the spikes but
looked down and decided they looked to good on.

My cunt throbbed and as I walked across to a table in the

now brightly lit back office of the saloon I felt it stretch and rub
against the gusset of a pairof knickers I had not been wearing when
I arrived. Jane said I would be sore for maybe a couple of days but
that cunts heeled up real quick. I sat with my legs wide apart to get
some relief and we both chained into our next cigarette.

The whole smoking thing had really bitten and I was finding

the need to light up more and more. Until I left to go home much
latter in the day I kept pace with Jane quite happily, she said she
averaged 2 packs a day and thought thats what I would settle on. She
said she thought of each cigarette as a little cock to suck and the
smoke was cum slipping down her throat, plus the red glossed ends of
the smoked stub’s looked so slutty as they lay in the ash tray
advertising they had been sucked off by some tart.

As we talked about this we both touched up our lip gloss

extra thick and gave head to another little cock. After a little
rest We went into the saloon were I sat and chatted to Jane’s clients
before heading home. I quiet day by my new standards but I had no
even removed my knickers to see what had been done to my cunt, I
couldn’t wait!!

I hobbled in from the taxi savouring my first protein of the

day, the thought of giving head for a ride for the second day running
was really starting to make me feel really good. I would have loved
that big brown cock in my cunt but I was just too fucking sore.

Got inside and started to undress, I left my spikes and

stockings until last and was then in or a big surprise, as I stepped
off my heels and down on to the ground my legs cramped up and pain
shot up my calf’s. I fell on the bed and still the pain continued, I
then flexed my feet outwards and as I pushed them back into a
similar shape to the shoes had forced the pain died down, relax my
feet and the pain came back. I had heard that high heels could cause
damage to your back and feet but not your legs. I rang Jane and caught
her as she was leaving for home.

‘What the fuck has happened to my legs? I took of my spikes

and now I’m in fucking agony they ache like cunts!’ I was told to
relax and put my heels back on, she said to call in to the saloon
the next day to pick up some spare mules she had.

My tendons had shrunk that was all. Too much high heel

wearing, but if I continued as I was I would have to wear heels all
the time even in the shower maybe even in bed. She said I should
choose what I wanted and live with the results. I slid my highest
heels back on and smiled to myself as the pain died down, no return
from this point on, naturally I had decided on heels and higher the
better from now on. I went through to my wardrobe and selected all the
shoes with less than 6″ heels about halfmy collection and carried them
in to the kitchen where they were dropped one by one into the rubbish.
Then back into the bathroom to run a bath.

The hot water loosened to knickers from my bloody pussy and

allowed me to clean up my proudly worn wounds. I had gone since my
post piss shower wash without bathing and the warm water went cloudy
with the mix of cum, piss and makeup.

After drying I looked in the mirror and saw a featureless face

looking back, no eye brows. lashes just light pink lips and straight
white hair, god I hated my natural face so plain and fucking wholesome

I then bent down to see my cunt, my back tingled as I saw the

silver rings through my pussy lips and the lack of inner lips hanging
down was fucking weird. My clit was bright red and swollen to about
little finger tip size and as I touched it a mix of pain and great
pleasure shot through into my gut. I loved the way my new slut cunt
looked as I split my legs further my pussy hole opened up with nothing
to hide my insides, juice started to trickle out and down my crack as
I got turned on by what I saw.

I stood and turned my back to the mirror and slowly bending

and opening my legs saw how my open cunt looked from behind. I then
noticed a thick pink plug in my ass, it was quite a shock as I had
forgotten it was there being to occupied with my cunt and my feet. I
pulled the fucker out of my ass and was amazed at the size of the 3″
head and 2″ shaft, I hadn’t even noticed it as I had bathed. With it
removed my ass was still open, a nice black hole ready to fuck. I
licked the plug clean and using spit as lube pushed the fucker back up
into my hole.

I picked up the first bottle of foundation and started work

getting my real face back. As Rob let himself in I was lashes one last
thick layer of mascara, I shouted for him to come in and give me his
approval. The red fishnet lycra micro dress hugged my body showing off
my tits and ass , my nipples showed through nicely as did my ass
crack. White seemed flower pattern hold-ups led down to 6.5″ spike
heeled red patent ankle boots with padlocks down each outside to the
buckled closed. I had built my hair up really big then put it into a
bunch that stuck out each side. I had really gone for a maximum bimbo
look after what Jane had said yesterday, I also made an effort to
change my voice to make it higher and referring to myself in the first

‘Does Rob like how his Barbi looks?’ He just nodded and pulled

out his prick. With no need to tell me what to do. I sank to my knees
and took his purple head in my mouth, he forced his dick further down
my throat and started to fuck my face as hard as he could his balls
hitting hard into my chin. All I could do was grunt with pleasure as
each blow came and moan as each new compliment was hissed at me

‘You fucking dirty cunt, look at you dressed like a total

whore, asking to be fucked by any cock, thats it suck my fucking prick
you cum slut bitch’ He pulled back swung me round forced my head down
to the floor and ripped the plug out of my ass before ramming his cock
into my stretched butt hole.

‘Oooh yeah fuck Barbi’s dirty whore ass, hurt me with your

cock, rape me, use me, whore me you fucker! Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ugh
huh!’ . My hair was grabbed and his cock slid into my mouth again, 3
quick strokes and he came buckets, cock snot dripping down onto my
exposed tits. I used my fingers to catch the overflow and feed it back
into my mouth making sure he saw me swallow each time. As his cock
softened he gave me a couple of quick blasts of hot piss to wash down
the thick goo after which I cleaned him up and put his cock away.

He then said we were going out to dinner at a good Italian

restaurant always one of our favourites. My heart sped up as I
realised that the clients and staff at Geovanies would see me and know
what a total slut I had become, my now not so sore pussy started to
flow and drip on my legs as the excitement grew.

In Robs car I touched up my gloss and added more shadow and

blusher, earlier I had used even more black around my eyes to make
them look harder and more whorish looking and now with the extra
colour combined with the drying cum still on my face and lips I was
happy. As an extra touch I pulled the front of my dress down and added
lip gloss to my nipples to make sure they were clearly visible through
the dress. I then hitched it back up and checked my hand mirror, um
nice and cheap.

As we were guided to our table the whole place stopped and

silence fell. I felt the blood pressure of the restaurants male
clients double as their cocks stiffened and the nails of all the
other bitches flex as they saw me strut over giving all the men a good
show, even bending over at the waist legs wide apart to pick up a
spoon someone had dropped making sure everyone saw my ass and cunt. I
asked Rob ‘Where should Barbi sit?’ in my new little girl voice.

‘There you slut! Make sure you give people a good show’ he

said pointing to the outside chair. His voice seemed so loud and all
the surrounding tables dinners heads swivelled my way, I heard lots of
compliments coming my way as wife’s and girlfriends whispered and
hissed ‘bimbo slut’, ‘whore’, ‘no brains just tits and ass!’ This last
one was my favourite as it proved I had got what I wanted, no longer
thought of as a person or a someone to speak to or ask questions,
just a slut with tits and ass who needs a good fucking, just a piece
of fucking meat. I smiled as I opened my second pack of Marlboro’s.

Rob asked to waiter over and whispered in his ear as he

pointed across the table at me, the waiter nodded and held up 12
fingers, Rob nodded and the waiter left. He returned 10 minutes later
with 2 soup bowls, Rob’s was announced as mushroom consume and mine as
CUM good and simple. Rob said that the 8 kitchen staff and 4 waiters
had all cum in the bowl for me.

The waiter also put 2 bottles of wine on the table, Chablis

for Rob and Italian champagne for me. He smiled as he poured my
champagne for me to try. I smiled as I caught a smell of the liquid as
I sipped the vintage. ‘Uum very nice, very fruity!’ I said as I
swallowed down the piss.

‘All my own work!’ said the waiter as he smirked and walked

away from us. He looked back to see me topping the glass right up and
taking 2 big gulps before filling my mouth from the spoon of fresh
cum. My second course was a green salad with the restaurants new
speciality CUM Mayo as a dressing and my sweet was a very nice salty

I thanked Rob for a wonderful meal, the best one ever, all my

favourite dishes. I had made no attempt to clean my face and chin as I
ate and by now the lower half of my face was awash with my meal so I
simply applied more foundation and makeup to dry up the mess.

The waiter was called over and the bill presented to Rob, I

thought that that was it for the evening but no I was led towards the
back of the restaurant and into the kitchens. I had guessed what the
charge as by the time I was sucking on the chefs ass hole as my sore
cunt was stuffed with hot Italian sausage and my ass was being used as
the new kitchen waste disposal unit as the junior chefs pissed into
the wide open hole.

My dildo was rammed back up my ass to hold in the soup of piss

and cum as the head waiter held my bunches and fucked my mouth as hard
as he could, grunting as his cock forced its way down my throat. I
looked into his eyes and smiled round his prick. “You dirty cunt” was
all he said to me as his balls raised tightened and emptied. I
swallowed most of his snot but allowed a little to dribble from my
mouth, all good whores like to make their trick feel they produce lots
of cum!

Rob grabbed my arm and pulled me up from the now soft dick,

still shiney and wet from my tongue bath. He pulled a collar from his
jacket pocket and a long chain lead, he placed to collar round my
neck, I felt a dull thud as he pushed to ends together and the lock
shut. The collar was very thick black rubber with 1″ long sharp studs
in 3 rows and a 4 large ‘D’ rings 1 ever quarter. Rob fixed to lead to
one of the ‘D’ rings and used it to pull me towards the doorway
leading back out to the restaurant.

The feeling of being lead through a busy restaurant with my

tits and ass on full display, cum round my mouth and piss and cum
leaking from my ass and cunt was fucking wondefful never had I felt
like such a complete slut, used as a cunt by the kitchen staff, used
as a toilet by the chef, used as a slut by Rob and used as a whore to
pay the bill.

I just felt so nasty the next thing I did was second nature

for a bitch like me. I pulled back on the lead and attracted Rob’s
attention, he looked back as I seperated my legs, stuck my ass out as
far as I could and pissed, full force, sending a jet of cummy urine
down onto the floor of the restaurant. As the stream died I stuck my
right hand as far up my cunt as I could, fisting myself, after a
couple of good hard pushes I pulled out my hand and licked it clean.

The people nearest to me had sat in shock as I did my deed,

someone in the background had taken a series of shots with his camera,
I saw the flashes. The head waiter had appeared from the kitchen and
looked at Rob, who pulled on my lead and we left the restaurant, an
Italian meal to remember!

We got home in a taxi leaving Rob’s car behind, I sucked his

cock all the way back and then payed for our fare in the normal way,
on my knees.

Rob and Ian had become very good friends since they had met

through Jane and myself. They annouced to us that we were going away
for a weekend to a little place they knew and as soon as we got back
we were going to see Dr Hooper. The finer details of these plans went
over our heads as we were both bent over Rob’s kitchen table having
our ass’s fucked.

Jane feed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deep as Rob

and Ian swapped places. Rob had had his cock pierced like Ian and the
large ring he wears made Jane squeal with pleasure as he rammed his
cock home.

We both giggled as we lit up our Marlboro’s, smoking and

having our assholes reamed, we love it. Ian pulled out of Janes ass
and stuck his cock in my mouth as he started to shoot, I swallowed
every drop and took a long deep drag as saw Jane do the same.

“You sluts, all you do is smoke, giggle, and fuck. You’re just

fucking bimbo’s.” Rob smiled at us.

“Thanks!” we said in choruse as we chained into our third pack

of the day and giggled.

The car journey was uneventful, Jane got her weekend breakfast

by paying for the boys to have theirs and lunch was on me. We arrived
at the house about 5 in the afternoon on the saturday.

We all went in together, first into a large hallway and then

into massive living room. The thing that caught me and Jane’s
attention were the hardcore porn pictures on the walls, the animal
fucking video playing on the TV, the dozens of hardcore magazines
everwhere. The table in the centre of the room was covered in toys,
massive plastic fists, jelly dildo’s, vibrators, nipple clamps and
nice big bottles.

Jane and me headed for the table and picked up a pair of

enourmous red jelly dildo’s and started to give them head. Rob and Ian
found a box of thin surgical gloves and a large tube of vaseline, as
we watched and sucked our toys they greased up their fists and
wandered in our direction.

I lay down on a wide leather chair and lifted my legs up and

back, Rob pushed his greasy fore finger into my cunt and his thumb
into my butt, I sucked harder on my plastic cock. First 1 finger then
2 then 3 then 4 then the whole fucking thing up to the wrist. My
orgasms were unbelievable as he rammed his fist in and out and grew as
he forced his fist up against my bladder causing me to piss myself
with plesasure.

He then took the largest of the plastic fists and started to

work it into my ass. With the continous wearing of a large butt plug
my hole had become relaxed and was now always open an inch or so, the
oily fist sank in easly as I pressed down and tried to shit so opening
up even more. Rob was breathing hard as he jammed the plastic fist and
his punched his fist in and out. The pleasure started to build up as
my body relaxed and gave up the fight.

“Har-der, fuc-k Bar-bi hard-er, fuck yo-ur who-re Ro-ob! Fist

your di-rty whore!!!” My speech was broken by the force of the fists
pumping in to me.

Jane was laying on her back with a large plastic funnel fixed

to a gag in her mouth, Ian was standing over her and was pissing into
the funnel, then tossing off into the funnel. While this was happening
Jane had a massive double ended dildo stuffed up her ass and cunt and
2 pairs of nipple clamps fixed between her cunt lips and her tits.

At the moment I started to scream with the force of the orgasm

a tall man appeared in the room before all four of us and sat down and
simply watched. We didn’t miss a beat as the screaming and swearing
reached a peak, Rob pulled out his fist and rammed the other plastic
fist deep into my ass, he then slipped round and stuck his cock into
my throat. My body shook and I came forcing both fists out and pissing
and shitting myself. Jane’s gagged voice grunted loudly as the dildo’s
popped out of her and Ian forced his fists up into at the same time.

We lay there for a while getting back our breath, my body was

literally fucked and it was all I could do to suck Rob’s cock clean.
The mystery man got to his feet and walked forwards, grabbbing Ians
hand and shaking it like an old friend. He then reached across to Rob
and shook his annoucing himself.

“Bill Hooper, nice to see your bitches, boys. Meet my wife

Wendi, come here Wendi cunt!” From the doorway appeared Wendi his

The girl that appeared was amazing to look at, massive tits

were the first thing you noticed, 60-70 inches at least! Massive hair
was next, bright white blonde. Then her lips, thick and very very
pouty. Then her waist, incredibly small maybe 18 inches. Her ass 34-35
inches. Her feet, she was walking on points with 7.5″ heels. Lastly
you noiced her clothes and makeup, rubber and lycra so tight and so
thin it showed every detail, a micro dress so short it showed her
bare, pierced, wide open cunt, so low cut it only acted as support for
her tits leaving the pierced nipples clearly on show.

Her legs were covered in super thin semi transparent rubber

stockings. And her makeup made ours look normal, heavy is not the
word. Every feature was painted in on a blank and stripped natural
face. She was the ultimate slut, Rob and Ian’s wet dream made real.

Wendi turned and bent at the waist, her hands pulled back her

ass cheeks. Her nails, fuck me her nails! 3″ long talons painted deep
red, chained together. Each finger had at least 2 rings. Our attention
was then suddenly taken from her hands to her ass, her hole was
enormous, looked like she had been fisted only moments before, it hung
open 3″ s at least. She inserted her hand into her ass to the wrist
and then repeated the same thing with her other hand into her cunt.
All the while licking her lips and groaning. She slowly spoke in a
high pitched girly voice.

“Does Wendi please you, Wendi is a cunt, please use her,

please fuck me.”

“Stop now Wendi cunt” said Dr Hooper. Wendi stopped and stood

there dumbly pouting. “God she is so beautiful” said Ian.

“Yeah beautiful, I can’t wait,” said Rob.
The needle sung as it bit into my skin, Wendi dressed in a

slut nurse outfit refilled the syringe and gave Jane her measure of
tranquiliser. The last thing I remember is the sound of Wendi’s heels
clacking on the floor as she sank to the floor and started pulling on
Rob and Ians cocks before feeding them into her large mouth.

‘God my fucking feet so much! Aaaargh get me some fucking pain killers
you stupid cunt!’ I had just woken and my feet were throbbing, my legs
were throbbing and my head was doing the same.Wendi tottered over with
a small cup and told me to drink it. At last the pain started to die
down. I looked at the source of the trouble to find my legs and feet
covered by a sheet held away from me by a frame work. ‘Wendi Cunt show
me my feet’ Wendi looked at my face as she pulled back the cover. My
feet and legs were fixed to the frame via bolts and rods connected
through my skin to the bones, my feet were held in a pointed toe
position by a series of padded rollers in front of my shin behind my
calf and in front of my foot. It looked like a scene from a horror
film. ‘Oh fuck, what has that old cunt done to me?’ I thought as I
looked at the damage. The room started to go soft and dark as the
painkiller took affect…….

I woke with a start, ‘got to look at my legs and feet that butcher has
ruined them’ I looked down at my beautiful legs and feet and there
they were, I was so happy as I looked down to see my feet in some
gorgeous strappy sandals, red patent leather, nice thin ankle straps,
7 ½ ” long super sharp spike heels. My feet looked so pretty held to
point by my shoes. I sat up and turned to the side to allow my legs to
dangle over the side of the bed. Reached down and undid the sandals,
pulled and off they came, my feet remained pointed. Wendi approached
and smiled at me ‘your feet are so beautiful now Barbi, my husband did
do a good job for you. He shortened your tendons, reset your feet and
ankles. You had better put your shoe back on, you can’t walk or stand
without them!’

‘Check my locker Wendi honey’ I asked as I pointed to the

large cupboard. I removed the second shoe and waited for Wendi. The
locker opened and was stuffed full of new things including a lovely
pair of black patent ankle boots with shiney metal spikes 7 ” long
to die for. I slid them on and pulled the straps tight. My firt steps
were very hesitant and Wendi held me from behind. But as my ass
started to swing out and my body became used to the new way of moving
I started to strutt very nicely. ‘you had better lie back down Barbi,
I need to give you some drugs to help you’ Back to bed I went and
relaxed as Wendi pumped several shots into my arm, I lifted my feet up
to look at, the light gleamed off the leather as I turned my feet to
see the heels, they are so high, so fucking high and I love them.

The next period was fucking weird, I remember waking 5 or 6 times and
thats all I remember! I have been told that I seemed to understand
what was happening and that I loved what they were doing, I do love
what they did.

Wendi woke me with a big smile.
‘Hi Barbi Cunt, time to wake up!’ My mind was so slow to

react, like it was full of cotton wool ‘Err Oooh yeh Hi Wendi
Cunt, you look nice today’ I said in a strangley high pitched voice.
The first thing on my mind was must get to a mirror and check my
makeup. I sat up and saw the mirror already at the foot of the bed as
I looked into it I felt the thrill go down my back I was just so
beautiful! Wendi moved the mirror back and told me to get
out of bed so I could get dressed. My shoes touched the floor for the
first time, Wendi had kindly put on some pumps with 7 ” spikes so I
could stand as she dressed me. It was only as I went to the mirror
again to do my makeup I noticed what had happened, my mind was still
very slow and muddled.

My tits were enormous, my ass was enormous, my waist was

small, very fucking small, my legs looked different longer and
thinner. My face was perfect, fat thick lips, smaller nose, blue eyes,
high cheek bones. I opened my mouth and it seemed to open for ever
much more than before, I clenched my fist and it fitted in. I
continued to look in the mirror, my hair was whiter, bigger, thicker.

‘Barbi Cunt’ Wendi spoke to me waking me from my dreams as I

stared at the mirror image ‘you are now 66GGG, 18, 40. Your hair will
grow this color from now on, you need to wear at least 7″ tall heels
to be able to walk and stand, you have had 2 ribs removed from each
side to allow your new waist size, your lips are collogen enhanced,
your tits are soya oil enhanced, your ass hormone enhanced, your nose
has been reduced and reprofiled.If you turn and look in the mirror you
will see your asshole has been relaxed further allowing it to remain
3″ open at all times, so you need to wear a plug with at least a 4″
head. Your cunt has been neatened up, the last bits of your inner
labia removed, larger gauge rings fitted.’ I was struggling to
keep up as I turned this way and that in front of the mirror, my
asshole was open and as I pushed 4 fingers up it it opened easily. I
took the greased plug offered and pushed it easily into my lovely big

‘Oh one last major thing is your IQ has been halfed from 110

to 55 using ECT and hormone therapy, you may have noticed some
problems with clear thinking already, things will improve as your
vocabualry shrinks and your mind gets used to your new body.’ I sat
down on my bed for a second to steady myself, I started to smile as it
sunk in, my thoughts came slowly but added up. I had been changed into
a brainless bimbo slut, Rob’s dream women. I smiled.

My new asshole felt wonderful as Rob and Ian forced their

cocks up it, my first double ass fuck, Jane hadn’t been woken yet as
her operations happened after mine were complete. I wriggled and
giggled as 4″ diameter dildo sank into my cunt, luckily it was fixed
by its base as I hammered up and down on the lovely cocks.

Wendi appeard dressed in normal clothes (?) unzipped the

front to back zip on her shorts, bent over at the waist and pissed
over my face and into my mouth.

‘Uuumm, yeh Wendi piss harder into my facecunt, fill me up you

fucking cunt’ I looked towards the source of the champagne and loved
the way her whole ass had turned inside with the pressure of pissing,
it was pouting about an inch and was fully open letting me see her hot
pink guts. I pulled her down upto my face and drank in the warm treat.

Ian was about to cum and pulled out just in time to feed Wendi

his cock, he grabbed her hair and pulled her full on to his dick, then
pulled her off then on then off. His eye’s closed as he shot the spunk
into Wendi’s sucking mouth. She looked back at me as her piss dried
up, opened her mouth and showed me the cum, I nodded to her and back
she came to feed her baby birdy its food, she let the spunk trickle
out of her mouth and into my throat.

Her head jolted forward as Ian sank his cock into her asshole

and started to pee, she pulled away from me and smiled as she looked
deep into my eyes.

‘Your eyes are so beautiful Barbi, they look just like mine,

dead Barbi, corrupt, debased, no love, no innocence, no self esteem,
just the need to be used.’ I smiled back at her and thanked her for
the compliment. Our collogen lips met and the hot sperm on our tongues
mixed. Rob pulled out of my ass and rushed back up to my face.

‘Hold her fucking eyes open you cunt Wendi’ He grunted.
Wendi held my lids back as Rob poured his cum into my eyes, at

first it stung but as I moved my clouded eyes about it stopped. I felt
the cum liquify and then start to set as Wendi still held my eyes wide
open. I could hear Ian pushing Wendi’s butt plug in to keep Ian’s piss
and her shit inside for a while.

At last I was allowed to blink and I sat up, the feel of the

cum slowly running down my face from my eyes was wonderful and even
better when it reached my lips and mouth. My tongue dragged the lumps
in, yummy. At this point my ass was filled with Robs cock and started
to warm up as he gave me the last of his piss, I looked back at him as
he and Ian cleared their throats and spat into my asshole. The plug
felt good as it popped home, sealing in all the good stuff.

‘Right Barbi, we have decided that you will only eat cum and

drink piss for the next week, it will help you get used to your new
life’ said Dr Hooper as he helped to fill up the beaker Wendi was
holding. ‘No Wendi Cunt its not for you’ Wendi was licking her lips as
her husband pumped out floods of yellow sperm.

Dr hooper put the lid back on and shook the container, all his

male staff had given generously, gardener, chauffeur, chef, Rob and
Ian. He opened the pot and told me to open my mouth. I did and stuck
out my tongue as a greeting for my lunch. The cool thick goo fell
slowly into my eager mouth.

‘You sperm eating bitch, hungry are you, don’t worry I’ll be

collecting in the stables later today, can’t have you loosing weight
now can we’. I smiled up at him as he mentioned the stables, I would
have pints of horse spunk to swallow. Dr Hooper pulled his cock a
couple of times to straighten up his foreskin and then placed his cock
head on my tongue. His piss tasted excellent really strong and
slightly cigarette flavoured.

As he pulled away from me asked if I might be able to smoke

again. He said this was excellent, he had smoking in mind as he to
loved to smoke. He left the room and came back with a syringe full of
yellow liquid and injected it into my ass.

‘There my dear Barbi some nice strong nicotine, should get

your habit up nicely, another couple and you’ll be able to start
smoking as I much as we would like you to, very very heavily.

He called Wendi over and had her bring a bed pan with her, I

was instructed to sit on the pan and pull out my plug, the hot liquid
flooded out with a splash and a long farting noise. I felt behind me
and was pleased to feel my ass had puckered and pouted nicely, I
pushed extra hard to make more of my colon extend out. ‘So you would
like me to really ruin your asshole for you my dear, a nice little
anal prolapse should give you what you want. I will attend to it
straight away’. Wendi pulled her plug out and let rip into the pan.
The lid of the pan was let down and Wendi left carrying her precious

The next feeling my aching body felt was a sharp prick in my

ass, not my favourite kind, another syringe.

Janes face appeared before me. She looked more beautiful than

ever Ian had gotten into piercing big time and Jane had rings and bars
everywhere. Her upper and lower lips had 8 rings each, her eye brows 3
each side, her nose again 3 each side and 2 through her septum. She
opened her mouth as she saw me looking and showed 4 rings and 3 posts
in her tongue. She then turned her head to show me her ears. Both had
thick silver rings covering the whole length top to bottom. ’25 each
side she said with a sexy lisp, plus the flesh tunnels’ Her lobes had
been stretched and each had a 1″ hole punched through with a steel

‘I love your new look Jane baby, you look so beautiful you

slutty bitch’ She smiled at me and took a step back. Her tits were
also massive and had very thick rings and bars running through her
nipples, the bars ran vertical and were 8mm in size and the rings were
across the bars and much bigger 10mm maybe. From the rings hung chains
down to her twice pierced navel and down to her cunt. I had never seen
such a gorgeous looking cunt it was pulled open by its outer labia
rings and had every possible piercing, clit, from pisshole to

‘Oooh that beautiful Jane, I’ll ask Rob if I can have all

those they are so lovely’.

Jane looked at me and told me to turn round so I could see my

new asshole. I had forgotten about this and could not wait to see.
Jane held the mirror as I looked on in wonder. My asshole was pouting
and wide open as it hung below my body by 2″. I pushed down like I
wanted to shit and it got longer. Jane licked her lips and bent down
beneath me, she started to suck on my asshole as it pulsed and moved
as I strained. It was like she was giving head to a short fat cock as
she stroked her tongue over my hot wet ass. Warm piss erupted from my
gash as Jane feed her tongue into my ass. My orgasm took me by
surprise as my guts churned and my cunt pissed.

Jane pulled her head away just as a big turd appeared at the

exit of my prolapsed asshole. Jane lent forward again and bit into the
shit. She heaved as she backed away and started to churn the poop
around her mouth.

‘Jane give me some too, please feed me my shit!’ I yelled as

Jane pushed her tongue into my facecunt and left my prize. Back to my
ass and another mouthful much more this time.

Wendi appeared with the bedpan and 2 glasses ‘That needs

washing down you dirt cunts’ she said as she poured our drinks. My
first taste was of the phlegm floating on top of the piss mixture. It
was salty and slide down my throat. The glass showed the mix for what
it was as the bits of shit floated in a sea of urine. We both grinned
at each other as we downed the glasses and deep frenched each other.

Dr Hooper appeared at lunch time with 2 large containers of

horse cum and syringes full of nicotine. Jane drank her lunch straight
from the bottle as her injection sunk into her big ass. I had Dr
Hooper feed a tube down my throat and pour it in using a funnel gag.
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  1. The Oragutang

    Just for the record, I POSTED this story originally on USENet, but did NOT write it.

    Just wanted to be clear about that.

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