Baby Gets A New Pair Of Shoes

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by: Polly

Kelly slowly turned the sandal in her hands, loking it over. It seemed
to be a perfectly ordinary piece fo footwear. Red, with a 4″ high
stacked heel, it had a number of straps and buckles, but it was
otherwise normal. She checked the size, printed on the insole. Size
seven – her size.

Laying the snadal aside for a moment, she went back to the box where its
twin lay. She searched through it again, looking for a card, a slip of
paper – anything to tell her whey they had come from. Nothing.

A scowl marring her beautiful face, the blonde sat back on her couch and
pondered. It was early Monday morning, and the 28-year-old Kelly had
opened her door to get the paper only to find a plain white shoebox
lying there, with her name, “Kelly Andrews”, scrawled across the top in
Magic Marker.

Still wearing only the tops of a pair of blue silk pyjamas, which
revelaed the full length of her long, slender legs up to the tops of her
shapely thighs, Kelly wondered about the shoes. Who sent them? Why did
they send them? Why her?

Why not try them on? Said a little voice at the back of her head.
They’re ordinary shoes – you can see that for yourself. Why not give
’em a try?

She brushed a few strands of golden hair from her face, and picked up
one of the sandals, mulling it over.

They were a bit taller than any of her other shoes – the 3″ black pumps
in the very back of her closet being the higest heeled of the lot.
Probably none too comfortable on the whole, she mused. But why not try
them anyway? What would it hurt? Just long enough to feel the pain
that heels usually gave her feet, then they’d come off again.

Oh, what the hell, she figured, and slipped the sandal onto her foot.
She funbled with the straps for a bit, but got them all buckled
correctly. Much to Kelly’s surprise, the shoe was actually pretty
comfortable. A snug, perfect fit. Smiling, she put the other shoe on.

With both sandals on, Kelly stood. It took her a moment to adjust tot
eh new height. She wobbled slightly for a second, then gained her
balance. Kelly took a few experimental steps. Amazing! She’d expected
to fall voer, being unaccustomed to high heels, but the leggy blonde
foudn herself taking to the new shoes like a fish takes to water.
Contentment swept through Kelly like a wave, seemingly starting at her

Beaming, she tripped into the bedroom to check herself out in the
full-length mirror on her closet door. Gazing at the reflection in the
glass, she saw that she looked GOOD. The sandals made her long, tanned
legs seem even longer, like they went up to her neck. Turning, she saw
how the heels shaped her calves, and even made her skinny little ass
look good.

At least, she thought as she faced the mirror once more, the shoes
helped draw attention away from her chest. Smoothing the loose shirt
down over her torso, she looked at her nonexistant bust in dismay. Her
face was pretty, she was sure of that. Crystal blue eyes, a pert little
nose, and beautiful, lush lips. Her legs were to die for, she knew
that. Long, smoothly muscled columns of tanned flesh. She also knew
that her breasts were pitiful. Not even handfuls, they were little more
than small mounds on her chest, brealy breaking the flat plane of her

“At least I save a fortune on bras.” Kelly had remarked once, in
reference to her tits. Her date at the time had agreed heartily as well
as loudly, and that had been their last date.

Wow, these shoes really made her legs look good. She posed several
times in front of the glass, seeing how sexy her legs looked. They did
look GOOD. She wondered why she rarely wore heels, if they made her
look THIS good. For some reason, Kelly couldn’t come up with an
answer. If all heels looked and felt this good, she would fill her
closet with them – or maybe just keep a hold of this pair for a while.
Why mess with a good thing? A very good thing.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Kelly crossed her legs, looking at the
reflection in the mirror. A very sexy maneuver, she decided. Her
panties peeked cheekily from between her thighs. Suddenly, Kelly felt
her nipples stiffening beneath her pyjama top.

Staring in shock at the stiff peaks visible beneath the silk, she
decided it was time to get ready to go to work. I’d better stop this,
she thought, I’m starting to get a little horny.

As Kelly got dressed, she decided to forgo the long, ankle-length skirt
she’d chosen the night before in favor of a shorter one. Something to
show off her new shoes, she figured. Digging through the meager
pickings in her closet, Kelly realized, for the first time, that
everything she owned was drab, and hid her legs with almost disturbing
precision. Frowning, she selected the shortest skirt of the lot, a
straight, knee-length, brown skirt. If I’m going to show off these
shoes, she thought, I’m going to need a new wardrobe.

After checking out her legs in the mirror one last time, Kelly grabbed
her purse, her jacket, and left for the office.


Around three o’clock, Kelly re-entered, slamming the door behind her.
Her face was flushed, and her legs were all atremble in their new
shoes. She’d gotten off early today, claiming illness. Her boss, a
kindly man in his fifties had taken one look at her flushed face, and
granted her the rest of teh day off. Her condition, however, was most
certainly NOT due to physical malady. In short, Kelly was fucking
horny, and she had to get off NOW!

Fumbling with the catch of her skirt, Kelly made her way on trembling
legs to the bedroom. Her panties were soaked with her juices, and she
could smell their musky odor. Letting the skirt fall to the floor, she
quickly stepped over it, and collapsed on the bed.

Her shoes had attracted a lot of attention that day. Every time she’d
gotten up, walked somewhere, sat down . . . any time she moved,
basically, Kelly could feel the eyes of every nearby male in the area
latch on to her legs. The leggy blonde found that she liked attention –
a LOT. She’d even pretended to pick up something off the floor, bending
over at the waist, allowing the gawkers to stare at her. Kelly revelled
in the attention. After a while, she’d started to get aroused. With
each look, the young woman had found herself getting hotter and hotter.
Her nipples had strained against the fabric of her blouse, looking like
pencil erasers. Kelly’s panties had started to get wet. The young exec
had sat there, wiggling in her seat, unable to bring herself off. The
pressure had built and built, until she was a wreck, shivering and
sweating with arousal.

Well, at least she was at home now, and that’s what’s important. Lying
back on her bed, Kelly quickly jammed a hand down her panties, stroking
her pussy frantically. Her other hand went to her bullet-hard nipples,
twisting and rubbing. A small part of her mind, not clouded by lust,
wondered what the hell was going on. She’d never, ever been THIS horny
in her life. Kelly stuffed two, then three fingers into her steaming

The clear-headed part of her mind asked itself – is it the shoes? Are
they doing this to me somehow? Before she could get an answer, however,
Kelly came. Arching her back, the blonde grunted loudly as the musky
juices came streaming from her pussy. Even as she recovered from her
orgasm, Kelly could feel the arousal starting to build in her pussy
again . . . and again . . .


Kelly awoke again sometime the next morning, wearing a dreamy smile. A
sense of warmth and contentment pervaded every part of her slender
body. She lay there, legs splayed out wide on the bed, her hand still
crammed between her thighs. Slowly, Kelly drew the sticky limb from her
pussy. Her smile broadened as she remembered the pleasure of the night

After stretching luxuriously, Kelly simply lay there, and enjoyed the
feeling in her body. She stayed there for fifteen minutes before
deciding to get up.

It was only after standing that she noticed that she was still wearing
the shoes. Kelly stretched again, and enjoyed the increased height.
She LOVED her new shoes. They were sooo comfortable . . . the pretty
blonde wanted to never take them off – so she didn’t. In fact, Kelly
felt so comfortable and contented that she deicded to not go to work
today – so she didn’t. Her boss understood – she’d picked some kind of
24-hour flu, and would probably be back tomorrow.

That done, Kelly tripped into the bathroom to take a shower.


Towelling her hair dry, Kelly couldn’t help but giggle as her chest
jiggled. It was jiggling very attractively. It was jiggling because
there had, seemingly, been a rather startling improvement made
overnight. Where there had been yesterday only two small mounds not
even worth looking twice at, therre were now two rather large globes
jutting proudly from Kelly’s chest. They were smooth and flawless, with
large pink nipples that seemed to be hard all the time. The blonde had
been feeling so contented and happy in general that she hadn’t even
noticed them until she’d taken a shower (WITH the shoes on.). Kelly
loved her new tits (she couldn’t even remember the word breasts), they
were lovely and felt sooo good when the touched them . . . and she had,
several times in the shower, until she’d orgasmed.

“I still don’t need a bra,” she tittered as she watched her breasts, now
easily a 38DD-cup, seemingly defy gravity by refusing to sag. The small
voice in her head was back, screaming wildly about impossibilites,
doctors, and hospitals. Why would she want to go to a hospital?
Everything about her was all right – VERY all right.

Watching her reflection in the mirror, Kelly found herself getting
aroused again. Her cunt began to get wet once more. Groaning happily,
Kelly fell back onto her bed, letting her towel drop, and it joined the
discarded skirt from the day before.

The blonde’s left hand made its way down to her cunt, where the sleek
golden curls which grew there seemed to be thinner. It was as if her
cunt was going bald. Kelly giggled again, and began fingering herself
eagerly. Her right hand went to her new breasts, and began twisting and
pulling the nipple of first one breast, then the other. Kelly fucked
her fingers faster and faster as her arousal grew. Her right hand
abandoned her nipples, and pulled her right breast up to Kelly’s
gasping, open lips. She eagerly sucked the ruby-red tip until she was
breathing so hard she could no longer keep it in her mouth. As her
breast jiggled back into place, Kelly’s right hand also went to her
pussy, to play with her engorged clit. Suddenly, with a low cry, Kelly
came, her orgasm sweeping through her. She panted and groaned as her
cum flowed wetly arund her thrusting fingers.

The blonde lay back on her bed, gently fingering herself, savouring the
post-orgasmic sensations . . .


For the last time that morning, Kelly regarded herself in the mirror,
checking out her ensemble before going out to shop. After all, if she
was going to wear these sandals, she needed some new clothing to go with
them. Her other clothes (now residing in the trash) had been far too
drab, and hadn’t allowed easy viewing of her new shoes (or her new
breasts for that matter).

Right now, she was wearing a pair of cut-offs made from a newly-tight
pair off jeans (Kelly had discovered, much to her delight, that not only
had her breasts gotten bigger, her hips and ass had widened and fleshed
out, giving her a sexy, rounded bottom and a sultry sway to her walk.)
which showed off the full length of her long, beautiful legs, not to
mention grip her beautiful ass in a skin-tight hold. She was also
wearing a white silk blouse, tied off under her breasts, to show off her
flat, tanned midriff as well as her new cleavage.

For the first time in a long time, Kelly had also put on some makeup.
Her lush lips were coated heavily with bright red lipstick, and her
fingernails were of the same colour. Kelly pursed her lips in front of
the glass, and liked the effect. Her eyes were mascaraed and coated
with light blue eyeshadow. She could barely keep her eyes open, but
Kelly didn’t mind – she thought it gave her a sultry look.

Kelly liked the way she looked. Smiling broadly, she grabbed her purse
and left. Her last thought before closing the door came from that
small, near-silent corner of her mind. It was saying, in a mix of shock
and disgust – “God. I look like a slut.”


Inside the dressing room, looking at her reflection in the mirror, Kelly
was frowning. Several bulging bags, filled with her new clothing,
littered the
tiny room. She was trying on a cute little black skirt, whose hem fell
a few scant inches from the rounded curves of her ass. It was a sexy
little thing, but it didn’t go with her shoes. Kelly frowned again,
torn. If she bought the skirt – which she liked – she’d have to wear it
with another pair of shoes. That thought apalled the sexy blonde. She
wanted to NEVER take off her beautiful sandals. It was too bad. She
really liked that skirt. Kelly thought about a pair of shoes she’d seen
earlier, a pair of black platforms with six-inch stiletto heels that
would have been perfect.

Suddenly, Kelly felt a slight tingle emanate from her feet, then she
shot up an inch. Looking down between her new endowments in surprise,
Kelly saw that on her feet, instead of her delightful red sandals, were
a pair of black platforms exactly like the ones she’d seen before.
Surprise turned to wonder and joy as she realized what her shoes could

Standing in the tiny cubicle, Kelly tried out all storts of different
shoes – pumps, sandals, mules, none with a heel of less than four
inches. The blonde woman was ecstatic.

Once the wonder had worn off, Kelly bought the skirt, a few more items,
and moved on to the next store.


When Kelly arrived at work the next day, she caused quite a stir.
Wearing a pair of skin-tight leather hip-hugging pants, a thin, black
T-shirt that revealed a good portion of her sexy, flat tummy (not to
mention showing off every detail of her beautiful new breasts), and a
pair of white platforms with six-inch heels, the beautiful blonde had
the attention of all male eyes in the office.

She couldn’t help but giggle as she felt eyes stripping her, sweeping
over every inch of her shapely form. A warmth began to spread in her
crotch. Strolling down the hall, she couldn’t help but stare at the
bulges in the pants of every man she passed. Kelly didn’t care if they
were short, fat, tall, young or old – all she cared about was the stiff
rod that they carried. Her mind was plagued with images of cock – cocks
shooting on her, cocks in her mouth, cocks in her pussy, cocks in her
ass, cocks, cocks, COCKS!

The heat in Kelly’s cunt intensified. She wanted a cock – needed a
cock. A cock to nuzzle. A cock to suck. A cock to fuck. Her breath
began to get short as the images flashed through her mind. The
beautiful blonde felt as if her purpose in life was to find cocks, and
make them happy. She felt like dropping to her knees in front of the
next man, and sucking him off, drinking his cum, bathing in his cum . .
. Kelly shuddered as she experienced a small orgasm. The now-curvaceous
blonde wondered how she’d get through the day if she couldn’t even get
to her desk without cumming.

Suddenly, behind her, a door opened. She heard the voice of her boss
say sternly, “Miss Andrews! Could I see you in my office a moment?”

Kelly turned to see Mr. Griffin beckoning her. She tossed her blonde
mane, and gave him a sultry look while running her tounge around her
heavily-lacquered lips.

“Sure, Mr. G,” she said, and strutted over to his office. Mr. Griffin
gulped, and ducked back inside. Kelly followed him.

Mr. Griffin was in his early fifties, with iron-grey hair. Despite his
age, he’d managed to keep in fairly decent shape. Kelly also noted that
he sported a rather nice erection behind his suit. Mr. G, gentleman to
the last, was waiting for her to sit down before he did, allowing the
horny blonde a good view of his crotch.

“M-miss Andrews,” the elder began, obviously unsure of what to say, “I’m
afraid I must protest your . . . ah . . . outfit . . . ”

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” Kelly interrupted, pouting.

“Nothing,” Griffin flustered, “It’s just that . . .”

“What?” Kelly asked, rising. “Is something wrong with it?” She pointed
to her breasts, clearly outlined by the thin cotton of her shirt.
“Can’t you see enough of my tits?” She turned around, and bent over.
“Or maybe it’s not tight enough around my ass, do you think?”

Mr. Griffin blushed deeply, at a loss for words.

“Or maybe,” she walked around his desk, “you think you’d like to see
entirely naked? Naughty, naughty, Mr. Griffin. We can’t have employees
runnig about naked – it’s not good business. Maybe you’d be satisfied
with just my tits, my lovely jugs?” With that, Kelly pulled the bottom
of her shirt up over her jutting tits. She let them jiggle in the air
for a moment, then started to fondle the firm mounds, mewling softly as
her long, tapered fingers played with the ruby-red nipples.

“Do you like this better?” She asked with a sexy smile. Then, the
blonde woman dropped to her knees in front of the greying executive.
Releasing one of her pendulous breasts, Kelly reached out to grab the
her boss’ cock through the material of his pants. Mr. Griffin didn’t
react – he seemed to be in shock. Kelly ran her hand lightly over the
bulger she found there.

“Yes, you DO like this.” She said, with a dazzling smile. With a deft
hand, she unzipped Mr. G’s trousers, and dug out his hard cock. It
looked pretty good for a fifty-year old tool, seven inches long, and
hard as a rock.

“Mmmm . . .” Kelly groaned, licking her lips as she gazed at her boss’
manhood as if it were some kind of lolipop.

“Miss Andrews . . .” Mr. Griffin started to protest weakly.

“Please, call me Kelly,” were her last words as she dove down on
Griffin’s cock. It tasted heavenly in her mouth. Kelly sucked and
licked every inch of the elder man’s penis, savoring the taste of his
precum as it came seeping out of the piss-hole at the top. Kelly’s
right hand abandoned her breasts, now pressed tightly against Griffin’s
knees, and snaked down to her crotch, slipping inside her pants to the
runny cunt beneath. Her left hand started to tickle Mr. Griffin’s heavy

Kelly slurped loudly as she suckled her boss’ dick, her saliva coating
herey delicious part. Mr. Griffin had apparently gotten over his shock,
and was now eagerly pumping his dick into Kelly’s velvety mouth.

“Mmmm . . .” she moaned again around her helping of man-meat. Suddenly,
she felt Mr. Griffin’s balls start to jump in her hand. Releasing his
cock from her lucious lips, she pulled back and started to pump him with
her left hand.

“Oh, yes!” She exclaimed, “Cum for me! Come on my tits! Feed me all
your delicious cummm!!!” With that, Mr. Griffin obliged, and his dick
started spewing forth cum like a geyser, coating Kelly’s exposed tits
with his hot seed.

“Oh Godd, yess! Coat me! Spray me! I love your cum!” At that moment,
Kelly also came around the fungers tightly jammed into her pussy. Her
orgasm lasted a full thirty seconds.

When it was all over, Kelly began to scrape her boss’ semen from her
tits, scooping it all into her mouth. The taste of his cum was like
nothing else Kelly had ever expierenced. She LOVED IT! She wanted more
cum, more cocks, more!


By the end of the day, Kelly had firmly confirmed her position as the
office slut. By the end of the week, she was the office whore. Every
man recieved one of Kelly’s oral “treaments,” and hardly a lunchtime
passed where she wasn’t invilved in some kind of group sex with her
co-workers. Soon, Kelly was being lent out to clients as a “fringe
benefit” of signing on with her comapny.

Kelly loved her new life. She adored that sensation of being filled, in
all of her bodily orifices. She slurped down each jet of cum that was
sent her way as if it were ambrosia. The time she felt happiest was
when she had two cocks pounding into her from both ends and another one
(or two or three or . . .) covering her body with streams of hot sperm.


One month after her change, Kelly found herself lying on her bed,
completely naked, ramming a pair of dildoes in an out of her cunt and

“Mmmm . . . yesss,” she hissed, “fuck me harder! Harder, dammit! Fuck
me! Fuck me!! FUCK ME!!” With a shriek, Kelly came, her pussy juices
flowing freely out of her cunt, adding to the cum stains which coloured
the once-white sheets yellow.

Pulling both hard rubber phalluses from her body, Kelly brought the one
from her pussy up to her mouth and began to lick the warm cum from its
ribbed surface. She was still horny, but that would take the edge off
until her “meeting” with some new partners a little later in the

Panting loudly, Kelly heard the doorbell ring. Instantly, the blonde
slut brightened. She didn’t know who it was, but she hoped it was
someone with a cock she could suck.

Her ass swaying sexily, Kelly made her way to the door, wearing nothing
but a pair of white sandals with five-inch heels.

Reaching out, Kelly opened the door, preparing to grab whomever was
standing on the other side, and fuck them silly. She stopped short when
she caught a glimpse of who was on the other side. Not terribly tall,
the figure still imposed over the blonde slut in a black trenchcoat and
black fedora. She couldn’t quite see his face, as the shadow created by
the hat covered most of his face.

Without a word, the man stepped in. Hastily, Kelly shut the door behind
him. She actually had no idea who this guy actually was, just that she
ought to obey him. As quickly as she could (a difficult thing to to in
five-inch spikes) Kelly juggled up to the man, and dropped to her knees
in front of him.

“Hello, Kelly,” the stranger intoned.

“H-hello . . .?” She stammered nervously.

“What’s the matter dear? Don’t you recognize the man who gave you your

Kelly, who had been horny before, became even hornier at this stunning
statement. The man who had given her her sandals! That wonderful,
wonderful man who had made her what she was!

“Thank you, thank you!” She squealed, and threw her arms about the
man’s legs, rubbing her fleshy front against him.

“You’re quite welcome, Kelly,” he said quietly. Then, “Are you ready to

“Go?” she said breathily, her voice somewhat muffled as she buried her
face in his crotch, and finding an appreciable cock there!

“Well, yes. I gave you that body, Kelly. It’s time to pay the piper.”
A muffled groan of agreement from the platinum-haired woman who was
mouthing his erection through the fabric of his coat.

The stranger let his coat fall, revealing the fact that he was quite
naked underneath! A heavy, 10-inch cock bobbed in front of his slim
body. Kelly squealed girlishly in delight, and engulfed the iron-hard
rod with her mouth.

“Ahh . . . you’ve been trained well, I see.” The man said with a note
of pride. “Good. You’ll need it a my villa. My clients pay a good
deal for good sluts . . . ”

Kelly did nothing more than give a muffled groan of content at her
proposed future . . .

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