As You Wish

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Magical TF TGTS

by: Eve Monroe

If I’m ever going to decide what to do with the amazing opportunity which has been presented to me I’m going to have to ask myself that age old question, “What do I really want out of life?” I think I know, but I’m going to try to write it all out so that I don’t make any mistakes. I’m not sure when the shift occurred. I’m now 35 years old, and for all of that time I’ve had been what one would consider a normal average male. I date women, at least occasionally. I go to strip clubs and never fail to be excited by the most attractive and most exotic faces and bodies and clothes. I dream of marrying a fabulously attractive and well-endowed mate.

I don’t think I’m bad looking. Some women have even found me to be quite attractive, but unfortunately they weren’t what I was looking for. I just seem to be missing some special element that the sort of women that I’ve been coveting desires in a mate. It’s a viscous cycle because whenever I go to a bar or a club, my eyes are immediately drawn to the biggest tits and the prettiest face there. (It is rather serendipitous that the two do seem to go hand in hand, even if it is as a result of a surgeon’s special touch.) The others in the crowd, the attainable, the datable, the marry-able ones just don’t seem to be worth the effort. So for the last few years I’d begun to satisfy myself with paying for the company of the sex toy types in the strip bars. At first it was a painful admission of failure, but it became easier as time went on. It became a little game to see how little money could change hands in exchange for their attention. It was a game they usually won.

I loved it when they would sit on my lap. I relished in the different textures of the exotic garments that the dancers wore, silk, satin, velvet, even plastic. They were all so unlike the cotton and wool of traditional male garments. Each evening I would leave the clubs with another image, another texture or shape or voice in my mind. At night when I lay in alone in my bed I would use these elements like a painters pallet to create a new fantasy. Life became an endless series of little fantasies. I would arrange and recombine them like a little psychosexual Lego set.

One night I was in one of the larger show palaces. There was a rather scrawny wisp of a girl on the main stage. She couldn’t dance and was dressed horribly. There wasn’t any show there, so I happened to glance up at the big projection screen. ESPN was on. I’ve always been loath for sports so normally I would have looked away immediately, but something caught my attention. The next clip up was from a woman’s bodybuilding competition. I’ve seen pictures of them before, but never in motion. I’m not sure what it was that clicked inside me just then. Maybe it was the setting. Perhaps the excitement and titillation that I was already feeling was transferred to the images that I was viewing. For whatever reason I was transfixed. She was an immense bronze goddess coated with thick knotty muscles. I found it interesting to note that standing alone on that big stage with nothing for reference it was impossible to tell just how big she was. She could have been nine feet tall, and 400 pounds. It made for an interesting little fantasy. I found that I had a rock hard erection. The only thing that shocked me out of my daydream was the laughter of a dancer who was sitting on the lap of the man at the next table. “Look at that,” she giggled. “She looks like a man”.

“No she doesn’t,” screamed mutely the homophobic defender of what remained of my masculine ego. My eyes returned to the screen but only with darting and unobservable glances. I had to admit she didn’t exactly look like what I’d always considered to be my dream girl. How strange that I should have this rather undeniable testament to my excitement threatening to poke out of the top of my suit pants. My fantasies were much different that night. They were less defined and more fluid. I found that I had less control over where they took me.

I dreamt that I was at the strip club and there was a magnificent blond on the center stage. She was a litany of the best elements of all of the women at High Class. I was standing at the end of the long runway with a stack of dollar bills. Although the club was packed, I was the only one standing, so her attention was directed towards me. She gyrated her way towards me and stood within a few inches of my face. She leaned back on her heels so that her muff was pressed closer to my face. I got a very clear whiff of her treasure box. Not wanting to pull my face away from her scent, I felt around for her garter belt so that I could shove a few of the dollar bills into it.

Suddenly she backed up a couple of feet and began to slowly rotate her leg. She sort of snapped it at the end of each rotation in time with the beat of the music. With each snap I noticed that the muscles of her thigh were becoming more prominent, hell prominent at all. She approached me again and bent over. She grabbed the back of my head and thrust her preeminent tits in my face. The scent of her fleshy globes was heaven itself. Again I parted with a few more dollars. She backed up and repeated her previous actions, this time with the other leg. The tone of her dance began to shift and to emphasize the musculature of her legs. They were far from Ms. Olympia size, but I still had a tall stack of dollars.

I found that with focus I could control where on her frame the newest additions to her sinew would pop up. I liked having control of my fantasies. By the time I reached my bottom dollar she was a veritable hulk. Forget Ms. Olympia, she was ready to take on the big boys. While she hadn’t grown in height, her weight was now easily 250 pounds. There wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t exploding with muscle. Her tight Lycra dress had been torn asunder by the staggering growth. All that remained were her huge platform heels, which made her softball size calves stand out threateningly, her garter, which had stretched miraculously to accommodate her fantastic growth, and her panties. Her dancing had become more of a pose and flex show, than an erotic dance routine.

She approached me again and I found myself quivering with excitement. She again leaned back and thrust her womanhood towards my face. This time when she grasped the back of my head, it wasn’t in a playful female fashion. I found myself locked in her grip. It was like a steel vise. I reached up tentatively to shove my last dollar bill into her garter. I concentrated on making her neck as thick as a bull’s. Unfortunately I found that this particular fantasy had gone on autopilot. Instead of her neck, she grew something else as big as a bull’s. Not unlike the chest burster from Alien, from within her womanhood sprang a huge fully erect cock. It tore through her silk panties and with my head held in place as it was, that cock aimed unerringly for my mouth.

Quite unexpectedly my libido picked this rather unlikely point in this highly unusual fantasy to tell my cock to erupt in the moment of ecstasy. It lasted forever and was both satisfying and thoroughly draining, but as the world stopped spinning and sanity returned, one overpowering thought filled my mind. “Oh my god, am I gay? Nah” Really I’m not. At least I don’t see how I could be. I love those women at the club. I love their tits, and their hair. I love their long French manicured nails, and their tight revealing clothes, and their sky-high heels. I’m sure that fantasy just sprang from the depths of my overactive imagination, and was a made up of the combined forces of loneliness and good old human curiosity.

That night it returned however, with an interesting twist. I was sitting at a table alone and all of the men in the club were getting table dances from a muscular maiden. Wait, strike that. They weren’t getting them they were giving them. I watched the man closest to me. He was a short balding banker type. As sexily as was possible for him, he removed his business attire, and went through all of the usual moves that could be found in any professional stripper’s lap dance vocabulary. The woman, who was every bit as developed as the one the night before, sans cock, bared her breasts, what was left of them anyway, and the man began suckling on them. “Hey that’s not allowed here,” I thought. As he suckled I saw him grow smaller and saw his features soften. From within his receding hairline sprang a dense blond mane. His nails grew long and curved. Finally he grew breasts of his own. By the time the song was over, he had changed completely. You couldn’t tell him from a real girl. What am I saying he was a real girl. The ex-man lowered himself to his knees, buried his head in the bodybuilder’s lap, and began bobbing. I couldn’t see everything because the arm of the chair betrayed my view, but it was patently obvious what was going on. “Hey now, you really can’t do that here.” Evidently you could now.

Someone tapped on my shoulder and I looked up to see the dancer from the night before. “Ready for a table dance, little man?” she chimed in a deceptively high little girls voice, which belayed her Herculean size. “I would but…too late,” I replied as the cum began to flow. It was every bit as satisfying as the night before. “What am I going to do now,” I thought, “start hanging out in gyms for a turn on?”

Right about now is where things start getting unbelievable, Ok, more unbelievable. I got a phone call from mom who told me that great Uncle Carlton died. That’s not so unbelievable as he was 103. What was a shock was to find that I’d been named executor of his estate. Not only had I not seen Carlton in fifteen years, but I would have figured that his son James would have done it. Mom said that he was meant to but that he’d gone missing a short while after being assigned to the task. He’d only just started going through Carl’s belongings. ” James is gone? ” I asked. “Yes, the police don’t seem to think that there is any foul play involved. Most of us seem to think that he found something really valuable amongst Carlton’s things and hopped on a plane to Europe. He was deep in debt you know?”

Next thing I knew I was on a plane to Boston. It was an onerous task going through the big old house and especially all of the crap in the musty old attic. Mom helped where she could but she’s getting up in years herself, and tired easily. One evening after she’d fallen sound asleep, I went up in the attic and worked my way back to a far corner that I’d not yet explored. There was the usual old furniture and steamer trunks. There were old paintings (I went through those quickly to see if any were forgotten masters) and those crappy lamps with the tassels hanging from them. I walked into the farthest corner and found that a small clearing had been made amongst all of the junk. The clearing was a small area a few feet square. You couldn’t see it unless you were practically on top of it. Sitting there on the bare wood floor was a black velvet cloth, and sitting in the middle of the cloth was an old style oil lamp. It was dare I say, Aladdin style. It was brass or copper, whichever one of those that gets green when it tarnishes, as this one was. The steamer trunk next to it was sitting open as if someone had been going through it.

There was a handkerchief sitting next to it. I picked it up by the corners and examined it. There were large patches of green tarnish. I bore the initials JWC. “Hey those are Uncle James’ initials I think.” I didn’t know what the W stood for. “Probably Wanker” I quickly scanned the rest of the hanky and saw a large patch of snot. “Yep, it’s James’ all right” I dropped the hanky and picked up the lamp. I felt a tingle when my hand made contact. I figured that it was just from the excitement of my discovery. Sorry, but my explanations for unusual happenings typically leans toward the logical.

I turned it over in my hands and examined it. I saw the small area where someone, presumable James had started to polish it. Other than that it looked like every other old piece of crap that I would be forced to try and catalog and sell from this museum. The logical side of my mind started battling the creative at this point, each vying for my attention with different theories about what I was looking at here.

“It’s simple,” said Logical. “James was busy going through this musty old attic when he had an allergy attack, hence the snotty hanky. He became so frustrated with the task at hand that he dropped everything and bolted from the house. Typically irresponsible of James, he’ll resurface just in time to collect his inheritance.”

“You are a complete idiot,” said Creative. “I’m not going to say that you are wrong, but it’s not as if it’s going to take any great effort on your part to examine the alternative. Just rub the stupid thing. You know how to do that, don’t you?”

“That last bit was uncalled for,” replied Logical.

I didn’t have a hanky. I could never reconcile myself to the need to carry around with me the most recent history of my sinus activity. I wrapped the lamp up in the velvet cloth and brought it downstairs to the study, which I’d converted, into temporary lodging. Once there I examined it closer. There was a hinged lid where one would add oil to it. I pulled on it but it wouldn’t budge. “The hinges are too corroded,” Logical surmised. “Fine,” said Creative, “Start rubbing.”

I pulled a mismatched sock from my suitcase and went to town. Suddenly the lamp got really hot and began to glow. I instantly dropped it and rubbed my hand where I’d been burned. “Damn,” said Logical. The lamp, which had fallen on its side on the velvet cloth suddenly righted itself like a Mexican Jumping Bean. It was totally still for a few seconds and then the hinged top popped up. It sort of reminded me of a toaster.

I’m not sure what I expected but when the miniature Yul Brenner lookalike popped his head from out of the hole in the top of the lamp, it was a bit anti climactic. “Aren’t you supposed to be a bit bigger?” asked Creative, out loud this time. Creative could be a real wise ass some times and it had been known to get him into trouble.

“As you wish,” replied Yul. Suddenly I was face to face with a six and a half-foot tall Yul Brenner lookalike. He just stood there with his arms folded. He wore white flowing robes, pointy shoes, and large gold earrings. The silence was deafening, so I kicked things off. “Let me just start by saying that I don’t believe in Genies in lamps. I know exactly how that whole fairy tale got started. It grew out of a masturbatory fantasy. It starts with some farmer rubbing his Willie out in a field at night and having all sorts of wonderful dreams about harem girls and sheep while he shoots his load. The next thing you know you have a story about a young boy who rubs his lamp only to have a genie shoot out and make his dreams come true. The symbolism isn’t exactly deep you know.”

“You don’t know when to quit do you?” Creative yelled in my ear.

“You are mistaken, Master. The tales of our exploits did not grow out of the sexual fantasy of farmers. People began to masturbate because they couldn’t find a real genie’s lamp,” the Genie explained. “It was a cheap substitute. It still is.”

“Ha,” said Creative. “He ran rings round you logically. And, he got you with a simple chicken or the egg theory. Ha”

“How many wishes?” I asked tentatively. “Three,” replied Yul. “Of course,” said I, “silly of me to have posed the question in the first place. What do I call you?” I asked. “You may refer to me by any name Master,” replied the Genie. “Cmon just tell me your name.” I hated this game. I had to play it all the time with the strippers.

“It is Chynxantherminz Shyxuildxhnit. A least that would be the English translation”

“How about Yul,” I asked. “As you wish,” said Yul.

“Now what’s up with that? You just said, ‘As I wish’. Did I just use up a wish?”


“What, you’ve got to be kidding! That’s not fair. You’ve said, ‘As you wish’ what, like two times already? Do you mean to tell me that I’ve used two wishes? C’mon, don’t you have some kind of Genie rulebook or something that we can consult here?”

“Enough,” he said raising his hand. “I was…kidding,” he said with a slight trace of a smile on his face.

“Oh great, forget Yul. I think I’ll call you Groucho. So when exactly is a wish a wish?

“While stating your wish, you must be standing on your head, with fish eggs stuffed up, or in this case down your nostrils,” said Yul even more seriously than before.

“What’ the deal? Are you getting in shape for a Genie convention or something? What’s next, chattering teeth, joybuzzer?”

“Your wishes must be formally stated as such and prefaced with the words ‘I wish’,” Yul stated blandly

“Much better. Would I have to use up a wish to have you to fix the burn on my hand? I mean your dumb lamp caused it. The thing really should have a warning label or something.” I looked up at him with my best, ‘I’ll sue’ face.

“I suppose that the common sense logic of handling a magic lamp with caution is somewhat dated. Very well,” and with that the pain and redness in my hand was gone.

“Very nice, you’re good.” He gave me that look that says, ‘You ain’t seen nuthin yet.’ “So, three wishes?” I asked looking up at him. He nodded. “Man, this is just too much to decide right now,” I said. “Can I think about it for a while?”

“As you wish,” replied Yul. With that he disappeared into the lamp and the lid smacked shut with a hollow tink.

“Oh damn, I forgot” I rubbed the lamp again, this time letting go of it before it got hot. When the lid popped open only Yul’s disembodied head came out, and it floated in front of my face. “Have you seen my Uncle James?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied the big head.

“Great, where is he? He’s the one who’s supposed to be doing all of this work.”

“I can not say,” Yul replied flatly.

“Dare I ask why?”

“It was a condition of his final wish that no one should know of the contents of his wishes or his whereabouts.”

“Then why did you tell me you’d seen him?”

He stayed silent forcing me to think about his last statement. “He wished that you wouldn’t tell anyone what he wished for or where he is, not whether or not he’d met you?” I asked. Yul nodded. “Boy you really take this stuff literally don’t you?” As I thought once again about the big pain in the butt James left me with I spoke half to myself, “That son of a bitch. I wish he would…”

Yul’s ears perked up and I could see that he was hanging on my next word. It was kind of like in a game of chess when you’ve made a move, but haven’t committed to it by taking your hand off of the piece. I began shaking my head, “Nope not a wish. You’re not going to get me that easy.”

“Can I be of further service, Master?”

“Not tonight, thanks Yul. Go on to bed or wherever it is you go. Oh hey do you have like your own harem down there or something?” I quipped trying to bond with him.

“Do you wish to find out?” he asked.

“Never mind. Goodnight,” I replied.

The rest of the estate disposal went off without any further surprises, except how much the IRS took, of course. I almost made a wish that all IRS agents would turn into blood sucking leeches, but that seemed kind of redundant. Mom took her share of the money and went on a round the world cruise. I just stashed it away in a safe Mutie. I decided to give notice at work. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be wishing for but I was quite certain that I wouldn’t be continuing my boring career as a technical writer. So, I’ve devoted my time to wracking my brains as to what to do with my three wishes. I decided to get some advice from an expert.

I unwrapped the lamp and lay it on the velvet cloth. After a few quick rubs, Yul popped out. “I can’t believe that I’m beginning to find it natural to summon a Genie,” I thought. “Yul, I’m having difficulty deciding what to wish for. Could I talk to you for a while?” Next thing I know I’m shrinking rapidly to less than an inch tall, and the lamp is towering above me like a mountain. Suddenly Yul’s hand flies out of the lamp, grabs me and pulls me inside. I came to and found myself lying on the ground or rather a very nice thick white shag carpet. I looked about at the lavish and ultra modern decor of the lamp’s interior. I scanned the stack of electronics in his lamp entertainment center, which was quite up to date with the exception of some key pieces of classic stereo equipment.

The living room set was fine black leather. Yul himself sat back on the wide leather couch with his pointy shoes up on the thick cobalt blue glass coffee table. He seemed quite a bit more relaxed in his own digs. “Have a seat,” he said pointing to another smaller couch which looked a bit like an analyst’s couch.

“Nice lamp. The exterior could use some work, though,” I mused.

“I like to keep a low profile,” he replied.

“Where did you get all of the modern stuff? I kind of figured you’d have all kinds of veils and beads and velvet cushions and stuff.” I asked, genuinely curious.

“The magic equivalent of Mail Order,” he replied, with a straight face that made me glad that I wasn’t playing poker with him.

“This decision is really making me nutty,” I said. “Do all people have such a difficult time with this?”

“Generally speaking, no. People actually tend to be rather impulsive and their wishes are petty and poorly thought out.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“Well one bald man who was not quite as good looking as myself that way wished that he had hair. Now if he had only qualified that request just a bit, such as ‘give me hair again’, or ‘give me hair like I had before it fell out’ or ‘Give me hair like Robert Redford’s he would have done just fine. But as it was…”

“Let me guess, you gave him a fur coat?”

“He didn’t say fur, he said hair. No I gave him the long platinum blond hair of a woman.”

“Well I suppose there are worse things, he could always just cut it off.” I said.

“No, that’s not the way it works. He could cut it of course, and I’m certain that he tried as it was his final wish, but it grew back in less than a minute. I’m afraid that he had to settle for a shocking blonde ponytail.”

“So how did you come up with that one?” I asked.

“I’d just finished watching a rerun of Charlie’s Angels,” replied Yul.

“Does anyone ever wish for something unselfish?” I asked

“About as often as you would expect.” He replied, shaking his head.

“I figured. After I’m finished with my wishes would you be willing to grant my mother three wishes as well?” Mother was my last living relative with whom I was close.

“Sorry, the rules clearly state, three wishes for three members of any family, no more.”

I thought quickly, “I guess that means Great Uncle Carlton, Uncle James and myself?” Yul nodded in affirmation.

“Well you already told me that James’ wishes are off limits. How about Carlton? He obviously didn’t wish for immortality.”

“You are so sure?” said the Genie. “Would it then surprise you to know that he is alive and walking the planet right now?”

“Really? As who, or what?” I replied incredulous.

“Let’s just say that he’s in someone else’s shoes and leave it at that,” said Yul.

“Oh c’mon don’t tell me he wished for non-disclosure as well,” I said.

“No, I just don’t feel like telling you, unless of course you wish it,” said Yul with a slight smile on his face.

“You suck,” I said. He knitted his eyebrows together at that last comment. “It’s just an expression,” I said. “Nothing personal.”

“Alright well that simplifies things anyway. I have to reserve at least one wish for mom. In fact I’ve already decided what it is to be,” I said confidently since I’d given this great thought. Taking into consideration what the Genie had just said about rash wishes I said carefully “The following description is my first wish. You are not to execute it until I formally request it. I want you arrange for my mother’s body to become 50 physical years younger, yet she is to retain all of the knowledge and experience that she has acquired over her lifetime. She is to become physically identical to the way she was when she was 24 years old. Her body is to remain healthy, young and free from disease for as long as she is interested in living on this planet.” I thought carefully about everything that I had said and then quickly added, “Oh, rather than make her identical to the way she was, make her identical with bigger boobs. I now wish for you to execute the wish which I just described to you.”

I wasn’t aware of this at the time but somewhere in the Caribbean Mother awoke to find herself 50 years younger but with breasts the size of beachballs, big beachballs. She had a very fun cruise.

“You have two wishes left, Master,” said Yul.

“Not so fast. Not so fast. I’m still thinking. With that he whisked his hand and I was once again in my living room which was a pale comparison to Yul’s.

I then sat down to the difficult task of deciding what to wish for, a process of which this writing has become an integral part. Through the process of writing it I think that I’ve finally lit upon a fantasy which will be the ultimate combination of all of my little mini fantasies, and if worded properly will leave me with one wish to spare.

I did the little rubbing trick to summon Yul. “What say you and I go out, Yul?” I asked.

“Thank you, no. I have everything I need right here,” replied Yul.

“C’mon Yul, when’s the last time you went out on Friday night? You’ll have fun. I promise, but you’re going to have to dress a bit more appropriately.” He shimmered a bit and stood before me dressed in a very nice Armani suit, with a high dollar Gold Rolex on his wrist. “Damn, you don’t mess around. You’re going to make me look like a pauper.”

“Wrong. I don’t associate with paupers. I create them on occasion but I don’t associate with them.” I looked down to see that I was now similarly attired.

We went out to the garage and I opened the door to my Saturn. Yul hesitated by the front of the car. “C’mon get in. I know it’s not a Ferrari but it will get us there.” The car shimmered and I found myself holding open the door to a very nice new Ferrari. “Wow, you don’t do anything cheap do you?” I asked in awe.

“Do you wish to make the change permanent, Master?” he asked slowly.

“Get in, I’m not that easy,” I returned. “Next stop, High Class.”

We pulled up in front and I had the Ferrari valet parked for the first time ever. As we went in I felt all eyes upon us. Even the truly fantastic dancers who had always ignored me figuring that I would be good for one twenty dollar dance at best, smiled as we walked to a table in a quiet back corner. It wasn’t long before they began to feel us out. “Ready for a table dance?” one asked. I always though that was about the tackiest line going. I mean whatever happened to ‘Hi’. This time I bit back, “Sorry your tits are too small, and your nose is too big.”

“Jerk,” she said as she stormed off.

Yul just sat there drumming his fingers on the table. “Is that how you make new friends in your culture?” he asked.

“No, it’s just that the little bitch has never said a word to me, and now all of a sudden she finds me worthy.” It was rather ironic that I’d picked that time to grow balls.

“If you were to wish it, I could turn her into a true bitch, and put her in heat,” offered Yul.

“Thanks, no thanks,” I replied.

A very cute and petite young blonde came up to Yul, and asked if she could join him. “Is that your wish?” he asked.

“Yes I would very much like to wish to join you,” she replied in her trailer park English, thinking that he was playing a game. I winced knowing what was to come next. She sat on his lap and was completely oblivious as her round ass melded with his leg.

“Are you having a good time?” she chirped. “Yes,” he replied. “Are you having a good time?” he asked, quickly picking up on the art of mindless titty bar chatter. “Not really, in case you haven’t noticed it seems to be big titty night, and as you can see I not real big in that department. I wish mine were as big as hers,” she said pointing to that night’s boob queen.

“As you wish,” Yul said. Suddenly the stretchy fabric of her lime green one piece mini dress was straining to contain two massive and borderline freakish large breasts which had sprouted where once her braless A-cups had been. She was astounded. Fortunately the corner was dark and private so that no one saw, and she was a bit drunk so she didn’t freak out too much.

“How did you do that?” she asked in astonishment. “Magic,” he replied. “I am a Genie.”

“Well Mr. Genie, I’m going to give you a dance on the house for that trick,” she said as she tried to get to her feet. She finally noticed that her ass was completely fused to his lap, and she let out a shriek that was thankfully drowned out by the music. “What’s going on?” she cried.

“Earlier, you wished that you could join me, and you have,” he replied dryly.

“Oh my god. Oh my god, this is too weird. I…I wish I wasn’t here anymore.”

“As you wish,” said Yul, and she disappeared.

“Holy shit,” I said. “What did you do with her? Where is she?” I stammered, looking around to see if anyone had seen the disappearing act.

“She is not here, as she wished,” replied Yul.

“Well, is she alive? Did you kill her?” I asked somewhat nervously.

“She is very much alive and doing what she does best, performing sexual favors for money,” said Yul.

“You turned her into a prostitute?”

“Harlot, there is a subtle difference. She is in one of the better harems. Do you wish to bring her back?’

I though about it for a bit. “Well it’s not like she got demoted or anything. She just got a transfer.” I decided to let things lie there for a bit. “Yul, could you not do that anymore? Just sit there, have fun get drunk. I don’t care, just don’t do anything else like that again.” Yul, acquiesced. “I swear, you can dress them up but you can’t take them out,” I said.

Yul started to say something but I stopped him.

The time had come to change my life. I nervously began describing the situation, which was to become my second wish. “I want you to start imagining a woman Yul. She’s a dancer here at high class. She is by far the most beautiful woman here. She is twenty years old. Imagine an amalgamation of all of the sexy, cute, vain, outrageous, feminine, and slutty qualities that you can see displayed in the women here and then exaggerate them, and you will have a pretty good description of her. She is not overly bright but she is overly horny. She is completely bi-sexual, meaning that sex from either sex is equally fulfilling to her. Any fulfillment is fleeting at best though, as her body demands this attention at least a dozen times a day. Fortunately for her, her body is totally immune to any and all diseases, so that she may feel free to fuck up a storm without fear of contracting or spreading any illnesses. Do you see that woman in your mind, Yul?” Yul nodded.

“I want you to make me that woman, Yul.” I expected to see a bit more shock on his face than I received. He looked as if he worked at McDonalds and I’d just ordered a number five. “Do you wish this, Master?” Yul asked.

“Hold on, Yul. I don’t want you to just go poof, and I’m a bimbo. There is a very special fantasy that I want you to help me enact. When I go home tonight, I want to find two young women there who are waiting for me to come home so that they can fuck me. They are very dominant women who, down deep, wish they could become men, huge bodybuilders. When I present you to them and offer to let them have a wish, they will ask for the following. They will ask for a magic potion which when ingested by them will cause them to grow the sexual organs of a man. The magic contained in the potion will then be transferred to them and will cause any man who sucks their cocks to change into a female of their design, which of course would be my design, the design that I outlined earlier.

The changes will be extremely gradual, taking place over the course of a few days, say seven.”

“Seven,” said Yul.

“The genie convention is down the street, Yul. Now will you let me finish?” I said with some small annoyance.

“Now, as I change, so will they. By the end they would be positively huge bodybuilders with twelve-inch cocks, and balls as big as oranges which produce great amounts of sperm. Their hornyness will be second only to my own, and they will require servicing at least ten times a day. After this wish has run its course then I shall give you my last wish. When the transformations are complete, the minds of everyone who knows me will be altered to accept without question the fact that I have always been a very beautiful and horny girl, and have since the time that I was of job age, worked at High Class.

“Yul, I wish for you to execute the wish which I’ve just described to you.” “As you wish,” said Yul.

I sat back and pondered my wish. Where had it come from? This certainly hadn’t been my lifelong desire. I guess I was just bored. I wanted to find out how the other half lived. I figured that if it was a mistake, and I was uncomfortable with it then I could always use my last wish to negate it. No harm, no foul. We spent another couple of hours there, and I got the maximum enjoyment out of the stack of twenties that Yul had generously put into my pocked when he whipped up the suit. I couldn’t help wondering what it will be like when I’d be the one teetering around on the high heels.

We pulled into the garage and the door closed. I was nervous to say the least. Yul disappeared into his lamp, and I went in to greet, Mary and Jill as Yul had told me their names were.

“Where the fuck have you been?” said a very tall and lithe brunette at the door as I went inside. “I was out with a friend of mine,” I replied not sure of which one I was talking to. “Hey Mary, Shithead’s back,” yelled the one who I now knew to be Jill.

She put her arm around me and gave me a deep tongue-in-mouth kiss. She must have smelled perfume, in addition to the other nightclub smells, which I’m sure, permeated my clothing and hair. “You son of a bitch. Two of us isn’t enough for you?” she complained. “You are absolute shit, you know that,” she added.

Man, I’d asked for dominant, but I didn’t think that Yul would take that to mean queen bitch.

“Get in here. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” Jill said. “Look at our little man, Mary. He’s all perfumed up, lipstick on his collar.”

“Just great. How much did you blow on the sluts this time Alex?” asked Mary who was a very pretty, but how shall I say it, fat, blonde. She was so fat that the features of her face were somewhat distorted into a very round visage. It was difficult to tell with her sitting spread out all over the couch but she must have been at least 250 pounds or more.

“Yul, you suck I though to myself. We just spent the better part of three hours with me showing you the kind of bitches I like and you set me up with these two. I turned around to Jill and saw that while she was cute, she was thin as a rail. I couldn’t detect any tits at all under her blouse.

“Sit down, lover boy,” said Mary with lust in her eye. “I guess I’d better get this over with,” I thought. I plopped down on the couch and she put her arms around me. She planted a blubbery kiss on my lips, and started massaging my cock that had become somewhat limp at the sight of these two.

“Hey,” said Jill. “Is that all? This son of a bitch blows his entire paycheck on those whores and all you can think of to do is fuck him? I wish I could put him in his place.” With that statement, I remembered whose script we were running. “Wish, yeah wish,” I though to myself. “My dears, I have a surprise for you, something that I think you will like and will somewhat make up for my thoughtlessness.”

I ran out of the room and retrieved the lamp. I unwrapped the velvet cloth and set it on the coffee table next to the Mary’s fat feet. “What’s that supposed to be some kind of stupid antique?” asked Mary. “Get over here and lick my pussy.”

I winced at that last statement. I proceeded to describe the lamp’s power and told them the story of how it came to be in my possession. They were still somewhat incredulous and I had to rub it to prove the story to them. True to form Yul popped out, and I gave him a dirty look for having set me up this way. “I’d like to give you a wish to make up for the way that I’ve acted,” I said. They sat back, stunned by the appearance of the Genie. “Wow, he really went for realism in this fantasy,” I thought.

“Go upstairs,” said Jill

“What?” I asked. Somewhat surprised.

“Go upstairs, now,” she repeated. I didn’t remember specifying any secret doings when I made the wish, but I guess that I didn’t preclude them either. Yul was just doing a bit more improvising. “Ok,” I replied. Trying not to sound too nervous, and I trudged upstairs.

When they called me down twenty minutes later, Yul was gone and there was a pizza on the table. Could this be the magic potion? Again I wondered about the subtle diversion from my wish. I suppose that I didn’t specify that they would ask for a small vial of magic liquid. Pizza would seem to be an appropriate wish coming from these two.

“Thank you, Alex for that wonderful gift,” said Mary. Now come over here and suck on my toes while we eat our pizza.

“Wow, now we’re really getting off into the weeds,” I thought to myself.

“You’d better do as she says, Alex,” said Jill. “The genie told us all about your little fantasy, how you wanted to be turned into a little stripper pig. If you don’t start sucking maybe we’ll have him turn you into a real pig, sow actually.”

Holy shit, Yul told them. I definitely didn’t tell him to do that. But then again, I didn’t tell him not to either. And that bit about turning me into a pig. Had I really left enough room for interpretation for him to let them do that? As I was pondering that last question, Jill reached for the lamp.

“I only offered you one wish,” I said. “You’ve used it up.”

“Your exact words were. I’d like to offer YOU a wish. ‘You’, in this case is plural, Alex. There are two of us and that adds up to two wishes,” said Jill. I gave her a look that said, ‘bullshit’. “If you make me call him out to settle this, you’re headed for pork chop hill, Shithead,” Jill said confidently.

Mary giggled. “Pig Pig, make him a pig. I can’t remember the last time I had pork chops.”

“Our pizza is getting cold,” said Jill while holding the lamp.

I knelt down and pulled the bunny slipper from Mary’s foot. I was immediately greeted by a rather strong odor. She’d apparently not washed today. I started to massage it. “I said suck my toes, Alex, not massage my feet. You can do that later if you like, but right now my toes are cold and I want you to warm them up in your mouth.”

I’d of course been aware of her request. I was just trying to bide time in hopes that the odor would dissipate somewhat first. I opened my mouth and began to suck. It wasn’t too bad and after a while all that I could taste was my own spit. She giggled and grabbed greedily for a slice of pizza. It really smelled pretty tasty, but I’m sure that they wouldn’t have given me a slice. I’m not sure what it would have done to me anyway. Mary went through her half really quickly and reached tentatively for another slice.

“Hey Fatso, you’ve had your half. Go get something else to eat,” said Jill

“I’m too stuffed to move. Go get me some chips Alex…burp” I trudged to the kitchen to get food for Mary. I was glad to get up as my back was starting to hurt anyway. When I had returned Jill was only on her second slice. I handed Mary the chips.

“You’re supposed to put them in a bowl. Some hostess you’re going to make,” she said. I of course noticed the gender specific noun that she’d used. At least part of this little fantasy was on track.

“Do you feel anything, Mary?” asked Jill.

“Not yet,” she replied.

“Hey Fuckhead, you haven’t licked my feet yet,” Jill said pointing to the lamp which sat in her lap.

Hers were even worse than Mary’s. Not only were they sweaty, they were dirty, as she’d been walking around barefoot. I dutifully licked them clean and then sucked on her toes, one by one. No sooner had I finished than Mary began to whine.

“It’s happening. It’s happening” She began to rub her crotch feverishly. Oh god it’s so hot, and it itches like crazy. She began ripping at her loose fitting dress trying to pull it up over her head. “Get over here and help me,” she barked.

“Well, you heard her,” commanded Jill who was finishing her last slice of the pizza.

I removed Jill’s toes from my mouth and went to Mary who had the dress stuck on her fat head. I helped her remove it. With her dress removed she grasped frantically at the folds of her tummy to pull them out of the way. She gasped. There was no mistaking it. Mary was now the proud owner of a cock and balls.

“Jesus,” she exclaimed, “It worked.” Jill jumped from her seat to have a look. It wasn’t huge by any means, in fact it was probably just a bit below average, but it looked mighty strange hanging there nonetheless.

“It’s time for your dinner, Fagboy,” said Mary. I’d never done this before, and the situation wasn’t exactly as erotic as I’d planned on. She began to stroke her cock and it very quickly sprang to life. “Oh god, I am so horny,” she cried. I looked over at Jill who again pointed to the lamp. I pushed back the coffee table and squeezed in-between her fat legs. She lifted her tummy and I got my face close to her tool. I opened my mouth and lowered myself over her cock. It wasn’t that huge and as such I was able to take it completely in my man-size mouth. It was and interesting texture. The tip was a bit spongy, just a bit, and the shaft rock hard. The flesh was silky smooth and it felt really nice running over my lips as it went in and out. My lips became full and aroused and very sensitive to the sensations, which I was enjoying for the first time. Mary meanwhile was groaning in pleasure.

“Picture what you want to change, Mary. Just like we planned,” said Jill. “And you’d better swallow every drop, Sissy boy, or you’ll be turning on a spit.

Having not had to control a male orgasm before and being as horny as she was, it wasn’t long before Mary climaxed. Her cock became very hot and ultra stiff as she shot huge amounts of thick, gooey salty cum in my mouth, and down my throat. I coughed a bit. It felt as if my tonsils were coated with the stuff.

“That was fantastic Jill. Just wait till you have one. It was everything that I’d imagined,” said Mary with a sigh of contentment. “And as for you, Mr. Cocksucker. That was a very nice blowjob. Are you sure that you’ve never done this before?”

I swallowed hard trying to get the cum from the back of my throat. “No, Mary,” I squeaked. Oh my god is that my voice. I coughed again to try to clear it. Even the coughs sounded high pitched. “It works,” giggled Mary. “Say something else, Sissy boy,” she commanded.

“What shall I say?” My voice was definitely female. Something in a medium Soprano I would guess not being very musical.

At this point Jill’s changes kick in and she began to rub herself furiously. I hope your still hungry, Cocksucker. Dinner’s up,” she said. She removed her jeans and panties, and walked over to where I was still kneeling. She handed the lamp off to Mary in the process. Her equipment was a bit bigger than Mary’s, at least average if not above. “Suck it, Baby,” she commanded, and she pulled my head toward her new man meat. She was still soft when I started although it didn’t last long. It was an interesting feeling to have that throbbing muscle expand within my throat. She was quite a bit more active than Mary had been, mainly because she didn’t weigh half a ton. She bucked her hips and pulled me forward to meet her with each thrust. When she erupted it seemed like a half a cup of cum shot into my throat.

I started to pull away. “Lick me clean,” she gasped. “Yeah lick her clean, Slut,” chimed in Mary. Grrr I wanted to tell that fat bitch where she could go. I stuck out my tongue and cleaned her softening tool. “What did you wish for, Jill?” asked Mary impatient to find out. I started coughing again, and Jill taking pity on me handed me her bottle of beer. “I know the feeling, Sissy,” she said. “Here wash it down with this.” I took a few deep swigs and swished it around a bit.

“Thank you,” I said my voice even higher now. Jill and Mary both laughed. “Jill!” I squeaked. My voice was impossibly high. I don’t think I’d ever heard a voice this high. Is there such a thing as an ultra Mezo-Soprano? My voicebox felt so tight it almost hurt.

“Say something else,” ordered Jill. “Say, I’m a little cocksucker.”

I hesitated, and she pointed to the lamp. “I’m a little cocksucker,” I blurted out. “Say it again,” she said. “I’m a little cocksucker.” I tried to force my voice to go down a bit but it simply wasn’t possible. The two of them broke out into peels of laughter at my expense.

“What should we do now?” asked Mary. Jill was clearly the brains of the operation. “Get undressed, sissy,” Jill ordered. I was grateful that they weren’t going to make me keep showing off my silly new voice. I started to do as she said. “What was that?” Jill asked me.

“I didn’t say anything,” I said. Jill stifled a laugh, and said, “That’s the problem. From now on when Mary or I give you and order you are to answer, Yes Master. Is that understood?” she said with a stern tone to her voice.

“Yes, Master.” I hoped there weren’t too many dogs within earshot. This voice would drive them insane.

I stood before them naked. “Now clean the house, Bitch. We’ll call you when we need you,” Jill said. “And you’d better do a good job, or else,” chimed in Mary pointing to the lamp, and doing a mime of turning a spit over a fire. They began to make out on the couch. Nothing too heavy just kissing and petting and exploring their new equipment. I’d no sooner finished the dishes than Jill bellowed from the living room, “Hey Bitch, get in here.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, knowing full well what they wanted. “On your knees. Suck my chubby,” said Mary

“You’re not going to make my voice higher are you?” I whimpered. This was a bad move. Both of them had very angry looks on their faces. I lowered myself to my knees and quickly inserted Mary’s cock in my mouth. Jill meanwhile ran to the bathroom only to return a moment later with a bottle of baby lotion and a condom. When she moved behind me, I could only hear rather than see what she was doing. I heard her rip open the condom package. I then assume that she put it on. She then spurted some of the lotion on her hand and stroked it over her already hard cock. She then grabbed me by the waist.

“Alright Cocksucker, get ready to lose your virginity. Be glad that I’m in a good mood and I’m using lubricant on your little ass. For that crack you made, I should fuck you raw. She inserted the tip of her cock in my hole and shoved hard. I almost choked on Mary’s cock as Jill entered from behind. The two of them began to pant and groan loudly. I found myself becoming aroused for the first time since this all had begun. Then I became very aware of a new sensation in my ass, it was starting to get very hot, burning hot.

“How’s that feel Sissy boy, kind of warm? Ben-Gay will do that you know. You can thank me now, Sissy”

Oh, god it was really starting to hurt now. I began to whimper in my new little girl voice, “Thank you, Master. Thank you for using lubrication.” Mary began to take deep throaty breaths and I knew it wouldn’t be long. The two of them came simultaneously. When Mary was finished I pulled off and licked her clean as I knew would be expected. My ass was thankfully starting to go numb from the Ben-Gay and that helped to lesson the irritation a bit. Jill pulled off the shit stained condom and held it up to my face. I opened my mouth and she dumped the contents in. What would come next? I couldn’t possibly guess. Suddenly my feet started cramping I looked down in time to see them shrink. It was a very strange sight to see them compacting like that. What were size ten and a half, men’s now looked to be…

“Size six, woman’s,” said Jill, “And that’s not all.” I was suddenly struck by a new sensation of pain as I felt my arches begin to shift. The bones and tendons seemed to rearrange themselves within my feet, which caused them to inexorably begin to redirect themselves until they were pointed almost straight down.

“I can’t wait to see you in your new heels, Alex,” said Jill.

“Did you wish for four inch heel feet?” asked Mary. “Five,” replied Jill. “I would’ve liked to go higher but I don’t think that would be possible in a size six”

“Go to your closet and put on a pair of shoes to model for us, Bitch,” said Jill

I tried to stand up but winced when I felt the stabbing pain in my Achilles tendon. “You’d better crawl, Sweety,” said Jill. “Yeah crawl,” guffawed Mary. I started to crawl away. “Aren’t you forgetting something, Bitch?” Jill yelled after me. I then remembered the standing orders. “Yes, Masters,” I replied. “Good, girl. Now thank us for your pretty new feet,” she said. “Thank you for my pretty new feet, Masters.” The two laughed, and started making out again. I crawled out of the living room and headed for the stairs. My asshole was really uncomfortable. It had pushed out of my mind any sexual excitement that I’d been feeling. I crawled up the stairs and into my room. I opened the walk in closet, and actually managed to find a bit of humor in the moment. This was after all the first time that I’ve ever crawled into my walk in. I had great difficulty reaching the pull string to turn on the light. I had to pull myself up by supporting most of my weight with the closet rods.

When the light came on I stared in amazement at all of the shoes that were in my closet. Every pair of men’s was gone only to be replaced with dozen’s of pair of heels, pumps, platforms, thigh highs, you name it, and each with five inch heels. I held them up one at a time. I actually had a hard time deciding. I chose a pair of open toes with little crisscross supports that held my feet in place. I tried to stand up. It actually wasn’t hard and they felt remarkably comfortable. I guess I can thank Jill’s handiwork for that. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I looked pretty silly. A full grown hairy 35 year old man with a slight pot belly, standing with his cute little feet tucked into those sexy heels.

“Alex, what have you gotten yourself into?” I squeaked out in my little bimbo voice. Talk about incongruous! That voice coming from that reflection. It seemed even sillier that the shoes. “Then again, this voice will sound foolish even when I’m a girl,” I thought.

“Hey Bitch. Get down here and model your new heels for us!” yelled Jill.

I walked in and they both broke out laughing. “Woohoo sexy,” said Mary sarcastically. “Do you like your new shoe collection, Bitch?” asked Jill sounding genuine. I knew what was expected. “Yes, thank you. They are very pretty, Master,” I replied. Jill was thrilled with my answer and invited me to come over and sit next to her.

“I’m very proud of you. You’re learning your place so quickly. Give me a kiss,” she said. I did as I was told and was greeted by a strong odor that I was pretty sure was cock breath. At first I assumed that it was Jill’s but then realized that it was my own. I suppose I should have expected that, given my recent activities. As the kiss continued to heat up I felt my cock stir to attention. Jill broke from the kiss, and said, “Don’t expect any sexual service from us until that nasty little cock is gone, buster. If you are a good little sissy, we will allow you to relieve yourself occasionally.”

I reached down to massage my cock, but was stopped abruptly by Jill’s hand. “I said occasionally and only with permission. You’d better start learning to listen to the things that we say a whole lot more carefully if you expect to make it through this little fantasy of yours in one piece.” “Yeah, listen,” parroted Mary.

“I know it’s late, but I think that you owe us one last blow job before you go to sleep,” said Jill as she massaged her cock. I couldn’t see that I had much choice if I was going to get any sleep at all tonight. I leaned down and did the deed. I figured that Mary was going to need attention as well so I turned to her. Fortunately she’d gotten so excited that she’d masturbated herself almost over the top. It took only the slightest effort from me to bring her off. I licked her clean, and she patted my head.

We all stood up. Mary said, “don’t bother getting up. We’ll be sleeping in the Master bedroom. You can take the couch.” I turned to Jill and she nodded in agreement. It was then that I noticed something. Hadn’t I been at least a few inches taller than Jill earlier? Now I was eye to eye and I was standing in five-inch heels.

They turned the lights out and went up stairs. Soon I heard the two of them in the throes of passion. Mary was particularly vocal. I guess that the two of them had yet to lose the taste for cock after all. My hard on quickly began to throb to attention again. At first I tried to ignore it I and did as I was told. “What am I doing?” I thought to myself. “That bitch isn’t going to set my masturbation schedule. That isn’t part of the deal. Besides she’ll never know. I reached down and began massaging my cock. My pace quickened as the moans that I was hearing got louder. I found myself fantasizing about fucking a gorgeous woman with really huge tits. After I came, I half congratulated myself on the fact that I was normal after all. I quickly fell asleep. It was a cold and fitful sleep, as they had not given me a blanket. I did not dream that night.

DAY TWO The Punishment Begins
“You disobedient little slut,” yelled Jill as she kicked my arm. I awoke with a start. “What did I tell you? And we were making such progress.”

“What do you mean, Master?” I said truly not understanding what she was so upset about.

“You jerked off last night, you little Jerk Off,” she replied.

Like the proverbial kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar I replied automatically, “No I didn’t,” while at the same time assuming that she was just trying to get me to admit to it. “Liar,” she said as she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into the bathroom. I’d not yet put on my heels so it was doubly painful. She thrust me in front of the sink and I used it to support myself. When I looked up into the mirror I was greeted with a new shock. My face was bright red. I don’t mean flushed. I mean red, fire engine red. I looked like a light bulb.

“My last wish for you was that if you were to ever jerk off without having been given permission by Mary or I that you would light up like a Christmas ornament for the next twenty four hours. Now, what have you got to say for yourself?”

I was astounded both by her wish and by the fact that it had obviously worked. These two almost seemed to have omnipotent control over me. I began to feel somewhat trapped.

“Well I’m waiting,” she asked impatiently.

I tried to think of something so say that would sound penitent. I let go of the sink and immediately the pain in my feet and calves caused me to have to lower myself to my knees. She grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me toward her crotch. I don’t think that I could have fought against her if I’d tried. She was definitely stronger than a girl her size should be. I could see that her cock was already straining at her silk panties and I knew what she wanted. I figured that I’d better not only comply but do my best to make it a memorable blow so that she’d let my disobedience slide. I used every trick in the book. I took her in my mouth with long and deep strokes while I stroked the base of her cock with short little tugs. As she began to moan I stroked her asshole until she finally launched. The sheer volume of her orgasm amazed me. It was far more than I’d ever cum.

I looked up at her with puppy dog eyes, and she looked down at me with an exhausted and satisfied grin that gradually turned into a wicked smile. I returned to her cock and began to lick her clean. I was a bit surprised that I was really beginning to like the taste of her. I stuck the tip of my tongue in her hole to get every last drop. “How very strange, I thought.”

Just then Mary came down the stairs, and the first thing that I thought of was that she would have more cum for me to swallow. I crawled over to her on all fours and reached for her cock. She smacked me across the face. “I didn’t tell you to suck me.” She yelled. I looked up at her and my face began to feel very hot. I felt my cheek. It was already beginning to swell up. I felt my eyes start to moisten. “What is going on? I thought. I looked up at her. Her body seemed to be quite a bit more trim that the previous night. While still a bit chunky, it looked as if she’d lost a third of her bulk since yesterday. My attention was again drawn to her crotch and my mouth started to water.

Jill came up behind me and patted my head. “Don’t be too hard on our little sissy, Mary. I’ve just given her an insatiable taste for cum. Right about now she’d probably give her soul for just a drop, wouldn’t you dear?” she said as she stuck her thumb in my mouth for me to suck on. I nodded in agreement. My mouth was really watering. It was as if I’d not eaten anything for a week and someone dangled a prime rib cooked to perfection in front of my face. Mary began to laugh. I again reach for her cock, and she smacked the other side my face.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?” she said. “Ask politely.”

“May I please suck your cock for you, Master?” I asked meekly.

“For me? It seems that right about now it’s for you, but alright, as you wish,” she replied as she pulled down her panties. I dove on her cock, and sucked hard as it grew in my mouth. I was astounded by the little whimpers of pleasure I heard escaping from my mouth in my little bimbo voice. It seemed an eternity before she finally came, although I’m certain that it was actually fairly quick. I kept licking and sucking until Mary finally pushed me away.

“Enough already,” she said with a bit of disgust.

I licked my lips and immediately began to crave more cum. “Oh god, how am I going to live like this?” I thought.

I turned to face Jill. I noticed that the muscles in her thighs were beginning to stand out. I reached up for her cock and she pushed my hand away. “Not yet,” she said. “Go make breakfast and then I’ll think about letting you suck me again.” I crawled over to the couch to put on my heels so that I could at least walk. As I stood I realized that I was now definitely shorter. I walked past Mary who was grinning a stupid grin. I was easily two inches shorter than she was even in my heels.

“Look Jill, I made the sissy into a little sissy,” Mary gloated.

“I see, Mary. Don’t shrink him too much. “I’d say five-two or so at the shortest.”

“With or without heels?” asked Mary.

“Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one,” Jill responded.

I cringed a bit when I heard that. I began to make breakfast. I cooked a real morning feast. For some reason I found myself wanting to please them, and they were pleased. Between the two of them they managed to consume a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, a number of large potatoes and a loaf of bread. I meanwhile just poked at my food. It all seemed so incredibly bland. Jill leaned back in her chair with a very sated look on her face. She began to stroke herself. “Go into the living room,” she barked. I complied despite the fact that my craving was coming back. I heard her moan loudly, and I knew that she’d gotten off. The first thing that popped into my mind was that it was such a tremendous waste of cum. I was hurt that Jill would do that to me after I made her such a nice breakfast.

“Come here, Sissy,” she commanded.

As I stepped into the kitchen she held up my plate of food to my nose. What had before seemed terribly unappetizing now smelled absolutely heavenly. She pulled it away from me and set it on the floor. Without even thinking I got down on the floor and began to consume the food. No utensils, no hands, I just shoved my face into it. I’d never tasted anything so delicious. Wait a minute…yes I had, just a short time earlier. She’d sprayed her cum all over my eggs. Suddenly I felt very thankful. She really did care about me after all, I thought as I half inhaled my jism-coated eggs.

“How are your eggs, Sissy? Do you like my special ingredient?” she asked.

“Mmmmm. Yes thank you, Master.” I chirped while licking the plate clean.

I was delirious with pleasure as I did the dishes. I peeled off the bright yellow gloves and was shocked to see that my fingernails now extended almost an inch past the tips of my now slender fingers. Jill came up behind me and put her strong arms around me. I touched her bicep which although far from huge was now rock hard.

“What lovely long nails, Sissy. You know the best part? They’re magic. If you ever break one or try to cut them off, they’ll grow back in just a few minutes. There’s another little catch though. Not only will the broken one grow back. They’ll all grow half an inch longer than they were before. I would advise you to take very good care of your new nails Sissy.”

All I could think about was that it would be difficult to grasp her cock when next I sucked her off.

The day continued pretty much in this vein. The girls sat around watching soaps and eating. Every half hour or so they would get horny and either invite me to blow them, or they would get it on together and then order me to come over and lick them both clean. Actually to say they ordered me wouldn’t be quite accurate. Better to say they allowed me. Occasionally one of them would feel motivated enough to want to fuck me in the ass. I felt incredibly horny myself but only touched myself when given explicit permission from one of the two of them. I didn’t want to risk having them get angry and cut off my supply of cum.

The evening had come around and I found myself looking in the bathroom mirror. My beat red face had subsided except for the bruising where Mary had hit me earlier. I looked at my hair, which had grown about eight inches from its usual conservative cut. It was normally almost black, but now it was streaked with platinum blonde. I looked like the bride of Frankenstein. I giggled inside when I realized that for the first time in my life I’d just referred to myself as the “bride” of anyone. They kept me virtually naked through the whole day. At one point Jill sent me upstairs and told me to put on a pair of underwear to cover up my “nasty little cock”. As I opened my underwear drawer, I was shocked to see that it was full of girl’s underthings. All of my other drawers were still intact, but this one was full of panties. I selected the least overtly feminine of them. I then went to the closet and for some inexplicable reason decided to change into another pair of shoes. I selected a really cute and comfy looking pair of mules, again with 5-inch heels.

As I now looked down over my naked chest I noticed that my nipples had grown quite large. It was a huge difference because they’d always been extremely small. Now they were at least half an inch long with areolas the size of old style silver dollars. I lightly touched one and felt a charge of electricity course through my body. It was an awkward movement. Just about everything that I did with my hands now required extra thought as my fingernails were now an inch and a half long. Out of curiosity I did try cutting one off and true to Jill’s word it grew back within a few minutes. I decided that I’d better not play with my new nipples anymore. I wasn’t sure whether that would count as masturbation and hence make me fall victim to Jill’s earlier wish again.

Other than those changes I looked pretty much like myself, albeit a five foot two, dragon clawed, longhaired, high heeled, big nippled, sperm obsessed version of myself. Mary pounded on the door to the bathroom, and my mouth started to water again, in hopes of a meal. She just wanted to piss. I opened the door and looked up at her. She was easily eight inches taller than I was now as a combined result of my shrinking and her growth. I quickly scanned her body. She was wearing a house robe, which was untied, and I could see through the front that she was now looking quite trim. You could actually see the muscles of her abdomen starting to become defined.

“Well get out of the way, I gotta piss.” She strode over to the John and relieved herself. I just stood and watched in amazement.

“Well, what are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a girl piss standing up before?” She shook herself off and then came over to me. She came up close and looked down at me. I moved forward and put my cheek against her hardening chest. Her breasts had been reduced considerably, but her nipples were still large and inviting. I began to suck on them, and she began to moan lightly. I felt her cock spring to life and poke me in the stomach. I looked up at her and begged her with my eyes to let me satisfy us both. She reveled in the control she had for a moment and then pushed my shoulders down firmly but gently. I lowered myself to my knees, kissing and licking the whole way down. She was already rock hard. The pressures of my addiction were compelling me to consume her with abandon but I tried to restrain myself. I put just the head of her cock in my mouth. I let my tongue trace the outline of it all the way around the rim. She moaned with pleasure. I gingerly grasped her so as not to scratch her with my long talons. I slid her cock out of my mouth and began to lick her scrotum. I cupped it my palm, and massaged her balls as if to coax them into giving up their delicious and much needed seed. She began to get really turned on. She grabbed my head and thrust her cock in and out of my mouth. I no longer had any control over the situation. She pulled my head down over her cock just as deep or as fast as she wanted and I had no say in it.

She began to moan deeply and I could tell that she was fantasizing. “What should I do to you this time?” she panted. “Maybe I’ll give you a craving to be have something really big shoved up your asshole all of the time. Maybe just a craving to eat my shit, or drink my piss. How would you like it if I gave you an ass as big as a Volkswagon?” I suddenly became rather panic stricken as I realized that she could indeed do any of these things or much worse. She came soon and all thoughts of fear were gone as I swallowed her sperm with delight. It was only after she’d gone and left me sitting there on the floor that I began to worry again.

I looked at the toilet and thought to myself that she’d forgotten to flush and she’d left the toilet seat up. I looked into the toilet and was somewhat relieved that the smell of her urine turned my stomach adequately. Evidently she’d not followed through with that particular fantasy. I again looked at myself in the mirror and was somewhat relieved to find that nothing else had changed. What had she done then? I began to unconsciously rub my nipples again. I wondered what it would be like to have really big tits. Not just the kind that made you say “wow” but the kind that the more infamous strippers had. Huge, round, fake, tits. Yeah, that’s the ticket, not just big, but huge and obviously fake, like giant round beachballs. Tits so huge that people would assume that a person was connected to them just to allow the tits to move from one place to another.

“That’s what I want,” I thought to myself. “That’s what I need.” It didn’t even occur to me that this was yet another implanted idea from Mary’s twisted fantasy, which in the end of course was my twisted fantasy. It was all becoming so confusing.

I went out to the living room and saw Mary and Jill admiring each other’s new physique. Mary was still about fifty pounds heavier than Jill, but there was very little fat left on her. It was obvious that she was going to be a real heavyweight. Jill on the other hand was already becoming extremely cut. Every major muscle group was standing out with great definition. I’d say that she was probably about one hundred and sixty pounds at this point, with muscles the size of a fitness model’s. Jill saw me looking and held out her hand to me. I eagerly went over figuring that it was time for a meal. She told me to take off my heels, which I did. The pain immediately began and I sank to my knees in response. She tossed them across the room. It was as if to demonstrate to me just how dependent I was on having high heel shoes. Without them I was a virtual cripple. She sat on the couch and I took her already firm cock into my mouth as I was becoming so accustomed to already. Mary moved around in back and was about to enter from the rear.

“Mary, stop it! Go get some lubricant. You have to know when to punish and when to be nice to your slave.” Mary, ever the subservient to Jill, dutifully went into the bathroom.

“Thank you, Master,” I said feeling genuinely grateful. She smiled down at me, and lightly stroked my cheek as I resumed my task. I was extra careful to temper my desire for her juices so that I could make her experience the most pleasurable one that I could offer, even if just to repay her for the act of kindness she just bestowed upon me. I looked her deep in the eyes as her I paid homage to her wonderful tool. I dare say I may have even looked at her lovingly.

Mary returned shortly and squirted liberal amounts of lubricant on her cock. She was careful to make sure it was positioned correctly and then pushed hard. From then on caution was thrown to the wind I’m afraid, as she pounded into me with abandon. She was larger than Jill now. I’d say a good eight inches when hard, and it was difficult to concentrate on my oral endeavors. What was at first quite painful eventually became extremely stimulating. I found myself getting hard as well.

Jill looked down at me in the throes of her passion and said, “What do you wish for Alex? What would you like to change?” Without even thinking about it I said, “Boobs. Big, Big, boobs.” She smiled and I heard Mary laughing between her moans. “As you wish,” said Jill, and she came. I didn’t miss a drop. Not only was it the best tasting orgasm yet, it was now the vehicle to my deepest desires…breasts.

It wasn’t long before Mary came as well. He thrusts became fast and hard. As she let her beast slide out. I turned around hoping to be greeted with another treat filled condom, but instead saw that Mary was of course not that thoughtful. Her organ was coated with shit and lubricant and of course my beloved sperm.

“What’s the matter, Slut? You don’t like shit?” Mary asked sarcastically. I turned to Jill who had been my benefactor before and she just shrugged. “Nobody’s telling you that you have to lick it, Sissy,” she said.

She was right of course. No one had commanded me to do it, but I felt so incredibly torn. On the one hand, it was positively disgusting, but on the other hand it could make me grow boobs. Without even another thought I found myself lunging for her shit covered tool. At first I tried to selectively lick off the tiny droplets of cum that I found there, but that wasn’t working so I just popped the whole thing in my mouth. I felt as if I was going to be sick. I stuck my fingers into my ass crack, being careful not to scratch myself with my long nails, in hopes of finding a few drops of precious sperm. I then licked my fingers clean.

They both broke out in peels of laughter when they saw me sitting there licking my shit stained lips. “God, now I’ve seen everything,” said Jill. “That was really fucking gross, Sissy. Get in the bathroom and brush your teeth. Do it twice. I don’t want to smell any shit on your breath when you come back.”

“Yeah, shit breath,” said Mary, always the phrasemaker.

“May I put on my shoes, Master,” I asked Jill pleadingly. It was as if we were playing good cop, bad cop.

“Later,” said Jill. I crawled to the bathroom, and pulled myself agonizingly up to the sink. In one motion I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and then turned to let myself fall back onto the toilet. Mary had of course left the seat up earlier, and now I found myself with my ass dangling in the pissy water. “God damn her,” I said to myself in my little bimbo voice.

“What was that?” Mary yelled from the living room.

“Nothing, Master,” I replied.

I pulled myself out of the toilet and sat on the cold tile floor. As I was brushing I noticed a tingling in my chest which quickly became an extremely hot burning sensation. I looked down in time to see mounds sprout out from underneath my already enlarged nipples. I was exuberant as I watched them grow. I whimpered my encouragement to them to keep getting bigger. I tried not to be too disappointed when they stopped growing at about a C cup, but it was hard not to be.

“What are you doing in there, Sissy?” Jill yelled.

“Growing boobs, Master,” I squeaked out excitedly. I don’t even recall feeling silly for having said it.

“That’s nice, Sissy. Did you brush your teeth?” she asked.

“I am now, Master,” I said and I quickly returned to the task at hand. The whole while though, I swayed my body gently from side enjoying immensely the sensation of my new boobs moving gently from side to side.

I crawled out to the living room and was greeted by applause from Jill. I couldn’t help blushing. Mary laughed and Jill punched her in the arm. “Knock it off,” she said. “Put your heels on so that you can stand up and show off your new breasts, Alex”. I did as Jill told me, and I stood in front of them with my chest thrust out and my shoulders back. “Cup them with your hands, Alex so we can see what they look like when they’re standing out.” I did as she asked surreptitiously stroking one of my nipples with my long nailed thumb in the process. It sent a charge of electricity through me.

“Oh, they are lovely, aren’t they Mary?” Jill said.

“Yeah, nice tits Bitch,” replied Mary.

“Are you happy with them?” asked Jill.

“Yes, Master,” I said. “They are so beautiful and they feel so wonderful. I just wish they were bigger.” Mary chuckled.

“Well maybe in time we can make them bigger for you,” added Jill. “Have you played with them yet?” she asked.

“No I was afraid to. Wouldn’t that make me light up?” I asked genuinely concerned.

“Nonsense she said. I want you to play with your new tits just as much as you want,” she said. “In fact I encourage you to. I just made that wish to keep you away from your nasty little cock.” This was all I needed to hear. I began to fondle them and mash them together. I tugged and kneaded my nipples until they became big and erect. They stuck out almost an inch. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the feeling was. It made my whole body light up with passion. My cock immediately sprang to life and began to throb with excitement. It was as if electricians had come by and wired up a direct connection between my nipples and my crotch.

“What do you think, Mary. Should we let him relieve himself?” asked Jill

“Only if he asks real nice,” Mary grunted.

I’m sure my face lit up with excitement. “Please Masters may I please rub my little cock?” They nodded their consent, and I reached down to stroke myself with my right hand while I continued to roll my nipples between my fingers with the other. It wasn’t long at all before I felt my orgasm building. I looked down at my petite long nailed hand stroking my cock just in time to see my built up juices begin to spurt. I listened to my already high voice become a bit higher as the passion grew. When I came, I must have squirted five feet. I raised my hand to my face to wipe a stray hair away and caught a whiff of my spunk on my fingers. I immediately recognized the scent and let my finger slide to my mouth.

“Oh my God,” I thought. I’m even more delicious than Jill, and Mary. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me sooner. I guess that I’d assumed that they’d only made me addicted to their seed. Did that mean that I would be equally compelled to suck every cock that I came into contact with?

Jill could tell what I was thinking and said, “Go on Sissy, lick it up. Lick it all up like a good little cocksucker.” I did just exactly that. I got down on my hands and knees without a second thought and licked up every delicious drop from the polished hardwood floors. “Boy I’m glad that I don’t have carpeting,” I thought to myself. “Make your wish,” said Jill. As if there could be any doubt what I would wish for.

We sat back and watched TV for a bit with the two of them on the couch and me on the floor at their feet. My breasts were now at least a DD cup and I sat there fondling them, totally engrossed in their size and the powerful new sensations that they created within me. When they finally went to bed and left me alone on the couch to sleep, I played with my tits well into the night. It took great discipline to keep from milking my cock, especially in light of my knowledge that the seed contained within was now the fuel to power my breast driven fantasy. I knew however that I’d be found out, and I was afraid enough of the repercussions that I limited myself to playing with my big tits.

I awoke to the sounds of Jill and Mary doing it upstairs. I tried to imagine what it was they were doing. “Sissy, Sissy, wake up and get up here,” yelled Mary. I quickly slid on my heels and went up the stairs.

I opened the door and stood aghast at the two hard chiseled bodies which lay prone on what used to be my bed. Jill had easily gained twenty pounds of muscle mostly on her upper body. Her shoulders were like big round softballs, and her triceps jutted out from the back of her arms. Most noticeable of all was the complete absence of any breast tissue at all. This is not to say that she had nothing on her chest, it just wasn’t tits. Mary was equally cut, with no fat at all left on her. Her development had been quite evenly spread out over her powerful body. Her thighs had long striations of muscle fiber showing beneath her tightly stretched skin. Most impressive of all was her back and lats which were beginning to take on a very distinctive V-shape. As I approached I picked up a strong aroma of sex. Both of their chests were covered with cum and they silently gave me permission to clean it off. Kneeling over Mary as I licked, my unencumbered breasts were dangling down and brushed her quiescent cock, it immediately sprung to life. Unless I was mistaken it too had grown a bit larger, as had her balls.

“May I suck on your big cock, Master?” I asked.

“Go ahead, Bitch,” she replied. Mary seemed so difficult to please. It really was becoming a challenge just to do something that would endear her to me. I don’t know why I felt so compelled. I just seemed to be so eager to please nowadays. While I sucked Mary, Jill played with my big tits. I was in heaven when finally Mary came.

By the time we came down from the bedroom I had swallowed fifteen loads of cum including one of my own. My bright platinum blonde hair now hung to below my ass, my big round women’s ass that is. After I cooked them breakfast, both Jill and Mary jerked off on a bowl of Shredded Wheat for me. I’d always hated Shredded Wheat but this was the best bowl of cereal that I’d ever eaten. I mused that they should have glistening drops of cum on the bowl of cereal depicted on the box rather than bananas and blueberries. It would sell like hotcakes, even if I was the only one who bought it.

I kept adjusting myself in my seat as I ate. It was so strange having this big soft ass. I noticed that the table was actually a bit lower now. I’d gained about two inches of height from the new flesh on my butt, and by the time I’d finished my cereal with its cum frosting, it was bigger still. After Mary and Jill had taken a shower they told me to take a bath as I was getting smelly. Jill put in some bath oil and bubbles for me. As I luxuriated in the warm water I marveled at the softness of my skin. I supposed that it was one of the minor changes that had slipped by me. I felt as soft and smooth as an eighteen-year-old girl. All of the hair on my chest, and most of what was on my legs had disappeared at some point as well. I ran my hand down my leg and for some reason felt dismay at the slight roughness which was caused by the remaining hair. I reached for my pink razor and gently scraped it off. There was so little there it didn’t take much of an effort at all.

I looked down at the beautiful mounds of my breasts, which poked up so proudly through the suds. I gently stroked them and before I knew it was fondling them in earnest. The warm electricity coursed through my entire body. My cock sprang up and demanded my attention. I of course didn’t dare touch it. I wasn’t about to endanger a good situation. Or at the very least I wasn’t going to make a bad one any worse.

Suddenly without warning as I was pinching a nipple with one hand and squeezing a tit with the other, my cum began to spurt. Although the feeling was incredible and I let out an audible gasp of pleasure, I quickly began to shake with fear. “Oh what have I done?” I said to myself. I quickly got out of the tub. I was so scared I didn’t even think about trying to salvage any of the cum for my needs. Jill and Mary were both so big now, and I was so tiny and helpless. “What if they took away all of my heels?” I thought. I’d be a cripple. I’d have to spend the day crawling around with my beautiful new tits dragging on the ground. What if they gave me a compulsion to have sex with animals?” They could do anything they pleased.

Sure enough my worst fears were manifest as I looked in the mirror. My face was like a cherry. It was as if I were a thermometer and all of the mercury had risen to the top. “Oh no,” I cried. “What am I going to do?”

“Sissy come on. God you’re like a girl already. You’re taking forever in there,” said Jill knocking on the door.

“I’m coming, Master,” I said. In a fit, I looked through the drawers and found a big tub of cold cream amongst the makeup and lipsticks and nail polish. It didn’t even strike me as odd at the time that all of those things were in my bathroom I just smeared the cold cream all over my face. I wrapped a towel into a turban around my head in such a way that my neck and ears were covered. I was in such a mad rush I broke a nail. “Oh Shit,” I cried as my nails grew out to their new lenth of two inches.

I opened the door to find Jill standing there with an erection. “It’s about time,” she said. I tried to squeeze past her to get into the bedroom. I don’t know what manner of salvation I expected to find there.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going, Alex?” I have a big hard problem that needs your attention, Now,” she said. She grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to my knees. The scary thing was that it really didn’t seem to take much exertion on her part. I parted my lips and began to suck, fast and furious. Within a few moments she began to moan and buck her hips. She cupped my face in her big hands and pulled me deeper onto her shaft. Her cum began to squirt onto the back of my throat. She looked down at me and the look of pleasure on her face quickly turned to a look of outrage. I knew what had happened. In her excitement she’d rubbed off enough of the cold cream to see my secret.

“Please don’t make me crave animals, Master,” I said stupidly.

“You little whore!!” she yelled. I was just starting to warm up to you. You couldn’t even keep that one little promise could you?”

“I swear, I didn’t. I didn’t. I was just rubbing my big tits,” I cried. “Please don’t hurt me.” The tears began to flow in earnest.

“No, you little cunt, I won’t hurt you. I’m going to let Mary do it.”

She picked me up like a little rag doll and threw me over her shoulder. For the first time I realized that my fabulously sensitive breasts were a double-edged sword as I felt them horribly pinched against her rock hard shoulder. The pain was severe. She dropped me on the floor, and ripped my heels off.

“Welly, Welly, Well,” said Mary, sounding much like Dim from A Clockwork Orange. Little Alex, you’ve been a bad boy.” She reveled in the sheer terror that she was creating in me. Jill went over to her and whispered something in her ear. Mary began to laugh nastily. Mary went down to the basement and returned shortly with a hammer and a couple of long spikes and strips of cloth. She approached menacingly and I was terrified that she was going to beat me with the hammer.

“No…Please Master, don’t hurt me. I swear to you, I didn’t do it. I didn’t,” I cried as I’d not cried since I was just a wee child. She reached up with the hammer and then quickly let it fall to her side deliberately making me think that she was going to hit me in the process.

I shrieked in my little bimbo voice and sobbed so hard that the tears were pouring down my face. Mary went over to the wall and began to pound the spikes in at a height of about five and a half feet, and three feet apart. She tightly tied the fabric strips to the spikes and then pounded them over to form a U shape. Jill picked me up at the waist and carried me over to wall. She put my feet on the ground and grasped one wrist. The pain in my feet and calves was so unbearable that I could offer little or no resistance. It’s probably better that I didn’t as they were both angry enough to do me real harm.

Jill held me while Mary tied my wrists to the spikes right up close to the wall. She snickered the whole time. The end result of all of this was that I was spread out and held against the wall, with all of my weight on my altered feet. The pain was acute as I stood there on my tiptoes. I tried pulling against my bindings, not in an effort to break free but to try to absorb some of my body’s weight with my arms. I found that my upper body strength had been completely sapped though. The muscles of my arms had shriveled away to leave me with two tiny and helpless twigs. I was terrified at what might come next.

After the television clicked on and I heard them settle onto the couch, it began to dawn on me that this was the punishment. I’d not spent very much time at all on my feet without the aid of heels since the alteration. As the burning sensation began to settle in I realized what the meaning of torture really was. No matter how I stood I was in pain, and the longer I stood there the worse it got. Occasionally Mary would come by and lay her powerful hands on my protruding ass, gradually increasing the downward pressure until tears would come to my eyes.

“Please, Master Mary. I didn’t do it.” Each time I said it she would press harder.

“Well?” said Jill after about five hours of this torture.

I knew what they wanted. It was like the Spanish Inquisition. They didn’t care what I’d done. They just wanted me to bend to their superiority and confess. “I’m very sorry for touching my cock, Master. I’ll never do it again without permission. Thank you for punishing me. I know now how wrong it was.”

“What did you wish for, when you ate your cum, Bitch?” she demanded. I started to say that I hadn’t, but then though wiser of it. “I wished to have big tits, Master”

She held up a brandy snifter with a large quantity of cum in it. Evidently both she and Mary had been ejaculating into it for the last five hours. She put it to my lips and tipped the glass. I swallowed it all without pausing once for a breath. “Sorry it’s not warm,” she said. “I was going to put in the microwave for a few seconds but I figured that would kill all of the sperm.” Mary came up behind her and said, “What are you wishing for? Make her a big fat tub of lard like I used to be. That’ll teach her. Make her teeth fall out so she can give us really nice blow jobs.” She went on with her nasty suggestions until Jill told her to shut up so she could concentrate. After a few moments the pain in my feet was joined by a new sensation in my crotch. I tried to look down past my breasts to see what was happening but they were just too large. I felt as if my balls were being squeezed in a steel vise.

When finally they took me down from the wall some hours later I was almost in shock. I was terribly dehydrated from all of the crying and everything below my waist was almost numb with pain. They threw me on the couch and I passed out almost immediately.

I awoke stiff and sore. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, poking myself in the process with my long fingernails. “Oh shit”. Now they’re even longer. I must have broken one during my punishment or maybe while I slept because they were definately longer now and very curved. I wouldn’t be able to do anything with my hands now. As I came to full consciousness I remembered where the true damage had been done yesterday, and I parted my breasts so that I could look down in-between the deep channel that they formed. I didn’t see anything at all down there except a small clump of bright blonde pubic hair. I tentatively touched the smooth surface of my crotch with the tip of my index finger. There was nothing there at all, no texture, and no sensation to speak of. It was like the crotch of a Barbie doll. “I guess that solves my little masturbation problem,” I thought to myself.

I lay there for a bit and pondered the events of the last few days. Was this really what I had wished for? I wondered where the lamp that had started all of this was now. They’d evidently hidden it somewhere. It wasn’t long at all before my cum craving kicked in, along with the other new feelings which I seem to have adopted in the last few days.

I reached up with both hands and began to massage my big tits. I squeezed them together and began to dream of the day when Jill and Mary would allow me to make them even bigger, or better yet take me to a plastic surgeon who could make them into the gigantic silicone mountains that I really desired. “If I was any kind of man, I’d go up there right now and demand that they make my tits bigger,” I thought.

I thought about what it was that had made me wish to become a woman in the first place. It had always seemed to me that the beautiful women of the world had so much power and control. That we men were just like stupid animals that could be led around by the nose ring by any woman who chose to do so. I’d watched the strippers drain so many men of all of their cash. It seemed like they could own the world if they so chose.

As I looked down at my petite woman’s hands with their grossly exaggerated nails, longer in fact than the fingers they were on, massaging the fabulous tits which hung so heavily from my woman’s chest, I realized that I was soon to join those stripper’s ranks. However, I didn’t feel powerful at all, quite the opposite, in fact. I had been changed into a completely helpless slave. I could no longer stand without the aid of high heel shoes. I was completely addicted to the taste of sperm, and would do anything to get it. I was afraid all of the time. More and more it seemed as if my only reason for being was to please the men in my life. It caught me just then that I’d just referred to them as men. That is what they were after all, men, and I was well on my way to being a woman.

The events that were transpiring were definitely not the ones that I had wished for. I resolved to find the lamp and use my third and final spell to reverse the last one.

“Alex, get your big butt up here,” yelled Mary. “Just like a guy,” I thought. “Wakes up with a hard on every morning.” I put on my heels and went upstairs. “Good morning, Masters,” I said just as cheerfully as possible.

“Good morning, little Sissy,” said Jill. “I’m glad to see that your little problem is finally gone. Do you feel better without it?”

“Yes I do. Thank you for helping me with it,” I responded wearing my best little girl grin.

“You’re welcome, Sissy. If you’re a really good girl we’ll finish the job and give you a pretty little pussy,” said Jill. “Would you like that?”

“Oh please do, that would be so nice.” I knew that I had to play along if I was going to find the lamp and end this charade. I went over and crawled into bed with them. Mary was the first to demand her morning blow. While I was sucking I ran my palms over his muscular frame. “His weight must be back up over 250 now,” I thought. This time it’s all muscle. There wasn’t a part of his frame that didn’t have a thick cord of muscle stretched over it. His skin was incredibly dark, with veins that stuck out like stovepipes. His cock was now a full ten inches erect, and I could only fit a bit more than half of it in my mouth. I concentrated on loosening the muscles of my neck and throat, so that I could tolerate the huge rod which slid in and out of me. I was careful to pull most of the way out just before he finally lost it, mainly because I wanted to be able to taste his juice rather than have it shoot straight into my stomach. After he’d cum in my mouth I moved onto Jill.

Jill had staggering growth as well. He was definitely over 200 pounds and with his smaller bone structure the massive muscles were really emphasized. I spent rather a long time with him. I licked his whole body before finally working my way to his shaft. Jill was now twelve inches long and as I kissed and caressed his large balls I looked up at the towering monument which his cock had become. I spent the next fifteen seconds slowly licking him from bottom to top. I parted my lips and slid down over him just as slowly.

I spent so long on Jill that Mary got excited again and started jerking off to my side. He shot his load all over my face. I looked deep into Jill’s eyes as Mary’s cum dribbled down my cheek, and I slid his tool deep into my throat. When finally he came, I pulled off and watched his cum shoot up in the air like a fountain. Over and over again my clawed hands pumped him until there was a sea of cum all over his body for me to spend the next five minutes licking up.

As we all lay back and snuggled, Jill put his hands in between my legs. I quickly began to feel a new and incredibly wonderful sensation. I could tell that things were arranged differently down there than they had been when I’d awoken that morning. Jill slid a finger within what was fast becoming my new vagina.

We spent the majority of the morning in bed and after swallowing another ten loads of their sperm my new love box was complete. Jill went to the bathroom and returned with a hand mirror so that I could see my magnificent snatch. I had to admit it was perfect. Not to be a critic, but not all pussies were created equal. Some were far prettier than others, and mine was positively cute. The two of them arm wrestled to see who would pop my cherry. Mary of course won. Jill lay on the bed and I began to suck him with my ass up in the air welcoming Mary’s cock. He began to stroke me and I felt myself moisten and then become truly wet for the first time. I could feel the organ become engorged with blood. The feeling was not that far removed from having an erection except that instead of urgency I felt an over whelming sense of emptiness and the need to be filled.

Mary slid his huge meat into me. He seemed to be surprisingly sensitive to my sensations and fears. I supposed that I was now treading on familiar territory for them and they both wanted to make it easier for me.

After making it past the initial obstruction of my hymen, Mary began to plunge deeper and deeper on every stroke. I was absolutely in shock at the sexual energy coursing through my entire body. I began to hear the plaintive moaning and then the out and out wailing of my mousy little bimbo voice. The sounds coming from me were so involuntary that they seemed to be coming from someone else. By now we were all close to the edge and as Mary began to increase the pace of his thrusts, I began to increase the desperation of my sucking. Jill was the first to blow. As Jill filled my mouth with his cum, I felt warm sensation as Mary began filling my pussy with his. It was too much for me to bear and I came over and over and over again. I was in such deep throes of ecstasy that I actually failed to swallow all of Jill’s cum and some of it poured out from the edges of my lips.

As I began to come down from the orgasmic high, I cleaned up the mess I’d made on Jill’s cock, and then turned around to lick off Mary who actually looked visibly weakened by the experience. I put his entire softening cock in my mouth and licked off every bit of his cum and my own very tasty new juices. I settled into Jill’s arms and we drifted off to sleep together while Mary took a shower. As I dozed, I marveled at the feelings I was now experiencing. It was a shame that they along with my two “Masters” would have to disappear as soon as I found the lamp.

After I’d had my morning bath, during which I got myself off about a dozen times, I was instructed to go into the room and get dressed in one of my new outfits. Those two meanwhile went downstairs and watched TV. I went into the room and went through a number of my dresser drawers. All of them were filled with pretty panties and hosiery, and of course huge FFF cup bras. I went into my closet to find that it was lined floor to ceiling with dresses and gowns, most of which looked quite loud and slutty, although there were a couple which looked almost conservative enough to wear to a formal event. That is to say they weren’t made of pink plastic, spandex, or rabbit fur. I dressed in a very nice lace push up bra and matching hose and garters. A pair of crotchless panties seemed appropriate. I selected a sexy sheer wrap around pink satin gown and lay it on the bed. Five-inch white patent leather platform heels would top it off. While in the closet, I happened to look up to see a hatbox on the top shelf. I wondered what kind of hat Yul possibly could have picked for me to wear. I looked down at my long and unpolished nails and a new feeling came over me. I suddenly felt ashamed that I’d been neglecting my beautiful long nails and found myself drawn to the makeup drawer, and rummaged through to find a very cute shade of bright pink. A voice from deep within said, “Oh goody. My favorite color.”

Wait a minute another voice, considerably fainter than the first said, “Isn’t blue my favorite color?” Evidently not any more. It was terribly awkward at first trying to do a delicate task such as this with my long nails, but with just a bit of practice, I found that I was able to do quite a nice job. After puttingon three coats to give them some added strength, I held them up to the light and began to get a bit excited by their appearance. I looked at myself in the mirror and was quite taken aback at the very feminine face which looked back at me. My formerly green eyes were now bright blue, and my nose was small, pert and ever so slightly upturned. My chin, which used to be cleft like Kirk Douglas’, was now slender and rounded, with a very tiny jaw. My cheekbones were high and very prominent, my lips full and kiss-able.

I began the arduous task of blow-drying the mountain of hair that flowed from my head. It took quite a long time. I had to be careful not to break a nail. I knew that it would grow back, I didn’t want to have to polish it again. Besides, I was running low on pink. It took almost a whole bottle to do my long nails. My face was so pretty with such perfect skin that I really didn’t need much makeup at all. I settled on just a light base, a bit of mascara, eyeliner to bring out my big doe eyes, and pink lipstick to match my nails.

As I looked at the final result in the full-length mirror I had to admit that the woman reflected there was pretty impressive. The gown was a perfect match with my lips and nails. I had so much pink on I looked like a sexy piece of bubblegum. I was glad that I got to see it all together at least once before I found the lamp and ended this farce. Suddenly it struck me, the hatbox. That had to be it. I racked my brains to think of the rooms that Jill had gone into that first night. Hadn’t she carried the lamp upstairs with her? Wasn’t that the last time that I’d seen her with it?

Even with my five-inch heels on there was no way that I could reach the top shelf of the closet. I looked around for something to stand on. The only thing that I could think of was one of the drawers from my dresser. I hurried knowing that with all the time that I’d spent on my nails, it wouldn’t be long before my presence was demanded. I quietly slid my panty drawer out, and dumped the contents on the bed.

It wasn’t going to be high enough if I just turned it upside down and stood on it. I had to stand it on end. I don’t know how I was able to pull it off, but I was actually able to balance well enough on my heels while standing on top of this tiny perch to be able to reach the hatbox. I had my hands on it and was proceeding to pull it down, when the bedroom door opened.

“What are you doing?” asked Jill. “What are your panties doing all over the bed?” I froze in fear and I lost my balance. As I fell, I slid down the edge of the drawer putting a nasty run in my stocking. The hatbox dropped from my hands and rolled out the closet door, only to fall open at Jill’s feet. He reached down and picked up the lamp. He turned it over in his hands looking at it, an expression of disappointment building in his face.

I quickly tried to cover up my actions. “Damn it I put a run in my hose. I wanted to look pretty for you both, and I was trying to reach that hat but it was too high, so I stood on the drawer and now just look at my stockings…” I was stammering at this point. Jill wasn’t buying it. I had to give him credit. He was a hell of a lot smarter than the other one. I knew I was fucked. “Go ahead. Turn me into a pig. Eat me if you want. See if I fucking care you dumb muscle bound freak.” Even when I was trying to sound insolent I still just ended up sounding like a stupid bimbo with this voice.

“Let’s go,” he said.

I got to my feet and walked down stairs. Jill followed me. When we were in the living room he pointed to the wall, and I knew what was going to happen. I began to cry and looked up at him with my hurt little girl face. I decided to go for broke. “I’m so very sorry, Master,” I whimpered. “Please let me make it up to you. All that I want is to make my Masters happy.” Jill didn’t buy it.

Mary, who’d been lounging on the couch, piped up, “What did the little bitch do this time?” She came over and picked me up by the waist. My gown was torn in the process and one of my big tits fell out of the safe confinement of my bra. He carried me over to the wall, and I pounded upon his arm, not even stopping to think about the fact that I could break a nail that way. Jill set the lamp down and came over to us. She told me to take off my heels, and I refused. Mary pulled back his fist to slug me, and I shrank away. I quickly took off my heels and assumed the position as I’d heard the cops say in so many TV dramas.

The pain in my feet began almost immediately. It was amazing to me that it could be so damned uncomfortable, and that I could never get used to it. I was left there for the rest of the day, and all of the next. Occasionally one of them would come over and shove something really big up my ass. It wasn’t even sexual. It seemed like it was just to keep me on my toes so to speak.

When they finally let me down I was thoroughly exhausted and quite frankly beaten. They carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed. As I dozed I heard the sounds of work being done on the door. At one point curiosity got the better of me and I went over to find that they’d installed a lock on the outside of the door, and a small square hole had been cut in the bottom of it. They left me alone for that entire day which is when I found the time to write the latest chapters of this tale on the laptop that I had by my bed.

It’s now just after sundown on the third day of my punishment. Three days with no food and most importantly none of my precious cum, how could they be so cruel? I feel so week and delirious.

Well, well what a surprise, just a few minutes ago I got my first food in days. Jill, at least I think that it was Jill stuck a small shot glass full of cum through the hole in the bottom of the door. At first I yelled and pounded on the door, and threatened to dump the contents out on the carpet. Sanity of course kicked in and I pounded the whole shot in one big gulp. I’m not sure what if anything it did to me. As far as I can tell I’m already a very complete woman. My nails aren’t any longer, my ass isn’t any bigger, and unfortunately my tits aren’t any bigger. Damn it, after all of this I’m still wishing that my tits were bigger.

Well it’s more than to hours later and I’ve been served another bunch of cum shots. I don’t know how many. I’ve lost count. I still can’t see any real difference in my body. I seem to be getting a little fuzzy though. In my head I mean not like a peach or anything. I’m making a lot more spelling mistakes. It must be the tiredness catching up with me. Good think for spell check though.

Mary and Jill must be really horny. They bring me cum constantly now. I wish they’d let me out so I could suck them. I really miss that. There cum is really tasty though. I tried to figure out how much of there cum I’ve drunk in the past day, and its the strangest thing. I seem to have forgotten how to count. I can do it ok if I use my fingers but then when I get to seven I get lost, and I start thinking about my big boobs.

God I’m so horny. I really need to get fucked. I’ve been knocking on the door for a real long time trying to get them to come and fuck me. I promised to be a good girl. I axed them really nice but they just don’t care. All they do is shove more cum under the door. Oh well bottoms up. I think Ill spend the rest of the day masterbating.

I hope I’m using this computer thingy write. These things really confuze me. It keeps telling me that I’m spelling things bad but I don’t remember how to fix them. O, I here someome coming up the stairs, it must be feeding time.

Hooray punishments over. Jill finally opened the door. He told me that its time to go back to work. He said that vacashun was over and it was time to start dancing again. He promised me that when I saved enuff money I could get my boobs done. He also told me that his name is now Jim, and Marys is Mike. I asked him what my name is and he said Alexis. Isnt that a pretty name? I really like my name. Its so sexy. Its really nice to have to huge bodybuilders for boyfriends. There so big and I feel so safe when Im with them. Got to get reddy to go to the club now.

What a night. I must have given about twenty table dances at least I think it was twenty, that sounds like a good number. Almost every guy I danced for axed me to suck his cock. I must have spent an hour after closing sucking guys off in the parking lot. I axed them each for fifty dollars, cause that was what Jim said I should axe for, and most of them gave it to me. I did it for a couple of them for less cause they said they didnt have fifty. I sucked one for nothing cause he was really cute.

Deer Diery
Sorry Ive been not writing a lot lately, but its relly hard to typ with my long nails. I’ve saved up a lot of money and I’m going in for my boob job tomorrow. The doctor is really nice and he has a really nice cock. Hes having my implants make specially for me. He said there the biggest that the company has ever made, and since Im already so big, these will make me positively huge. It so nice to be alive and be a girl. Everyone is so nice to me. Especially when I give them blow jobs.
Talk to you tomoro
Love Alexis

Deer Diery
Well its not tomoro at least not the tomoro after the last day that I wrote in hear. Ive been really achy. I cant believe how huge my boobs are. There big and round and so full of implant stuff that I can barely press in on them. There the biggest boobs Ive even seen. It takes two hands just to lift one of them. Oh and the doctor made my lips real big and puffy to. He said it would make me a better cocksucker. I can’t wait till I’m better enuf to go back to work. Im gonna be the biggest titty dancer in the world. I think Im gonna be famus.

Dear Diery
I just had to tell you the wonderful thing that Jim and Mike did for me this morning. They brought me breakfast in bed. It was really good. They made me a big stack of pan cakes smotherd with there cum, and of course some big old sausage. MMmmm good. While I ate my cumcakes Jim ate my pussy, and then we all fucked like bunnys the whole entire day. It’s after dark and I havent got out of bed yet. Mike really likes shoving his huge cock inbetween my big boobs. I do to. I think I love them. I mean it, I really love them both. Jim and Mike that is not my boobs. I love them to but in a different way. I cant wait till we can get married.

PS Im going back to work tomoro. I cant wait until everyone sees my new boobs. The other girls are going to be really jelous. A first I was worried that Id never be able to find clothes to fit my new shape but guess what, when I went into my closet I found that all of my clothes had changed to fit me. The size of my new bras is 54MMM. Ive never even heard of a size that big.

Deer Diery
I cant believe it. I lost my job at High Class. The manager said my boobs looked to rediculus to work there any more. And he said that all of the girls in the club complained that I was trying to get them into bed, which isnt true at all. Some of them I dont even want to fuck. I even sucked his cock, and let him fuck me but he told me to go still. He said that the cops found out that I was sucking cocks in the parking lot and they were going to arrest us both if I kept working there. I told him that I’d suck the cops cocks for free if they wanted but he didn’t care. What am I going to do now?
Sadly yours

Deer Diery
Jim saw how sad I was about lossing my job and he brought me the geeny lamp. He told me I could have my last wish now. Finally, I thought, Now this nitemare will be over. I rubbed it and it got real hot, and it burned my hand. Owwee. When the geeny popped out I remembered how important it is to think real hard and come up with a real good wish. I know now that I have to be smart and chose my words good. I’ve decided to wish that I had a new job were I could suck cocks all day and be famus for it, and get payed lots of money, and men all over would want to jerk off when they saw me.

“As you wish,” said Yul. Alexis disappeared from the room and the image on the TV changed to that of a steamy porno video. Mike and Jim, sat watching it, and jerked off together. On the screen was the image of the fabulously beautiful and unbelievably stupid Alexis Storm, the biggest breasted porno star in the world getting gang banged by an entire basketball team. “God, can you believe this bimbo?” asked Jim.

“What an idiot. Did you get a load of that voice?” answered Mike. “Someone told me that after she gets finished shooting a scene she sucks off the entire crew and anyone else who happens to be nearby. Nice tits though. I wish you had tits like that,” Mike joked.

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