A Matched Set

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Forced Mind Control

The Sinner
Part One
“Hi, honey,” Paige gushed as she opened the door. She
planted a quick kiss on Bill’s cheek as he stepped
inside. He looked tense. “Hard day at work?” she asked

J. William Sinclair sighed as he set his briefcase down

on the small table in the apartment’s foyer. “They’re
all hard, Paige,” he said, sliding one arm behind her
back. The slender blonde smiled as he pulled her close,
his eyes locked on hers. He may be over twice my age,
she thought, but he still has charm by the boatload.

Paige allowed him to kiss her briefly before sliding
free and removing his heavy coat. “Go sit down and I’ll
make you a drink,” she said, hanging the coat up neatly
in the small closet. After a quick peek at her cleavage,
Bill went to the living room and sat on the leather
sofa. Paige smiled. The dress she was wearing had been a
gift from Bill; it was no surprise that he enjoyed the
way it showed off her boobs.
Her high heels clicking on the polished floor, Paige
strode into the living room and walked over to the wet
bar. She began mixing an Old Fashioned. There was no
need to ask what he wanted to drink; after several
months of weekly appointments, she knew Bill’s needs by
heart. All his needs. She glanced at him as she tapped
the sugar into the glass. He was eyeing her body, his
gaze sliding up her legs to rest on her ass. She knew
the look on his face.
Paige had first seen that look on his face at their
third appointment. She hadn’t realized what it meant,
though, until the next week when he’d shown up at the
“trick pad” with a fancy silver bracelet for her. The
bracelet, which she always wore for him, had probably
cost him at least five hundred dollars — well over
twice the fee for the one-hour trysts. It was at that
point that she’d realized he was smitten.
Paige had found the realization rather exciting. The
idea that she was so attractive that a married bank
president in his mid-fifties could develop a schoolboy
crush on her left her feeling almost giddy. She’d been
an escort for two years and never had she experienced
anything like it. She didn’t love Bill, and she never
pretended to, but Paige nevertheless found herself
looking forward to their weekly meetings. It had been a
long time since she’d had to use any artificial
lubricant when Bill made love to her — the idea that he
had a crush on her got her wet every time.
After the bracelet, the gifts had come regularly — a
dress one week, a pair of shoes the next. Bill’s
presents were far more expensive than the things Paige
bought for herself. She was, after all, barely
twenty-one years old, struggling to make ends meet while
paying tuition and attending college full-time. But it
wasn’t the value of the gifts that she found so touching
— after all, to a man of Bill’s considerable wealth, a
silver bracelet was something to be bought with pocket
change. What Paige found so appealing was the thought
that went into them. The gifts were tangible evidence of
this powerful man’s feelings for her, the physical proof
of his infatuation.
There had also been little favors. After they’d been
seeing each other for two months, Bill had offered to
start paying her utility bills. She had tried to
politely decline, but Bill had been persistent, and
Paige had agreed, realizing afterwards that she enjoyed
having him take care of her. Paige had never really
encouraged Bill in his obsession, but neither had she
discouraged him, because at the core she realized she
liked it.
Paige finished the Old Fashioned, making a mental note
to tell Nicole to get more sugar. Paige and Nicole split
the rent on the apartment, using it for “entertaining”
their johns. Paige used it in the afternoon and Nicole
in the evening. After fixing herself a club soda, Paige
placed the drinks on the glass coffee table and sat down
on the couch next to Bill.
Bill loosened his well-tailored business suit as he
sipped his drink. “You look beautiful, Paige,” he
“Thanks,” she replied. “I really like the necklace,” she
added, fingering the diamond-studded pendant that hung
just above the swell of her breasts. The necklace had
been Bill’s gift the previous week. Like most of his
gifts, it had cost several times her weekly fee.
Paige still felt odd getting all dolled up in the
expensive dresses and jewelry Bill gave her. The
glamorous look wasn’t really her style. Not that she
didn’t have the looks to pull it off; Paige knew she had
been gifted with a lot of natural beauty. But she
preferred to dress like a professional for these
Her preferred attire for turning tricks was a business
suit. A long-sleeved jacket with shoulder pads and a
plain white skirt gave her the look of a serious young
businesswoman, while the plunging neckline, short skirt,
and high heels enhanced her sex appeal. She kept her
hair short — long enough to frame her face, but short
enough to contribute to her professional appearance.
Paige knew that her johns, being wealthy businessmen,
spent their days in the company of professionals; most
of them saw plenty of attractive young women at work.
Men being men, this would get them excited, and the
possibility of a sexual harassment suit ruled out
flirting as a means of relieving the tension. Thus, when
they finished work and came to see Paige, she provided
them with the chance to live out their fantasies of
banging one of their female coworkers. Judging by her
johns’ passion, that was what they wanted.
But Bill was different. Granted, he’d enjoyed her in the
beginning when she’d dressed for him just like she did
for any other john. But then the gifts had started, and
Paige had realized that he preferred a softer look —
dresses and jewelry rather than business suits. So she’d
started dressing up for him — wearing the softer, more
feminine things she gave him and brushing out her short
Bill had reached over and begun to stroke her hair.
“God, Paige, there are days when the only thing that
keeps me from just exploding is knowing that I’m going
to see you when I get done.”
Paige smiled. There was really nothing she could say.
Telling him that she felt the same way would be
irresponsible. She didn’t have feelings for him, and it
wasn’t right to make him think she did. But still, she
felt a little rush as she thought again about how much
power she had over Bill. Part of her was tempted to lead
him on.
Best just to kill the conversation entirely. Paige
leaned forward and kissed him, her hands massaging his
still-firm shoulders. For a man in late middle age, Bill
did an excellent job of keeping himself in shape. He
returned her kiss passionately, running one hand down
her flank as the other cupped her breast through the
thin dress.
After a minute, their lips parted. Paige had just opened
her mouth to suggest they move to the bedroom when Bill
spoke first. “Meet me tomorrow.”
Paige worked her mouth a couple of times before
regaining her composure. She was starting to feel sorry
for him. Maybe she’d let his infatuation go too far.
“Honey, I… I can’t. I’ve got class all day.”
“Skip it. Meet me downtown tomorrow. Please.” There was
an insistence in his eyes.
Paige was puzzled. He wanted to meet in public? The man
was married, for Christ’s sake. It wasn’t smart for him
to be seen in public with a young woman. Besides, he’d
never asked her to meet him before. “Wh-why?”
“I want to buy you a coat.”
“Oh my God!” Nicole exclaimed. “Did he really?”
“Yeah, he really did,” Paige nodded. “He wants to buy me
a coat.”
“Oh my God!” Nicole squealed. She jumped up and down in
excitement, causing her long, deep-brown tresses to
bounce on her shoulders. For a veteran prostitute,
Nicole displayed some surprisingly girlish behavior
sometimes. Maybe that was part of her appeal. Not that
she needed it. Her finely-chiseled Italian features,
flowing hair, and trim body were no doubt more than
enough to keep her johns interested. “That’s so great,
Paige!” she gushed.
“I guess,” Paige replied.
“What do you mean, you guess?” the brunette asked
incredulously. “You’ve found your sugar daddy! Play it
right and he’ll pay for the rest of your education. You
won’t have to spend your afternoons humping ugly old
men. Any working girl would jump at that!”
Paige knew it was true. “Coat” in this case meant “fur
coat.” A fur was a sign of commitment from a john. It
made him more than just a customer; it made him a lover,
a paramour. By accepting a fur from a sugar daddy, a
working girl like Paige was agreeing to be his mistress.
There were requirements to it — a mistress had to stop
seeing other johns and spend more time with her
benefactor. But in exchange, she would be taken care of,
if not outright pampered. And a fur coat was the symbol
of the new relationship, a sort of engagement ring for
illicit affairs.
“You took him up on it, didn’t you?” Nicole pressed.
“I told him I’d think about it,” Paige said. And she had
thought about it, while she’d fucked Bill and after he’d
left. Normally she would have gone home after finishing
with Bill, but today she’d hung around the apartment
until Nicole showed up to get ready for her evening
tricks. Aside from her johns, Nicole was the only person
who knew Paige was a prostitute. In a sense, Nicole was
the only real friend she had, and Paige had stayed late
because she desperately needed to talk to someone about
this. Meetings like this were rare; Paige worked
afternoons and was generally long gone before Nicole
showed up. The two girls usually communicated by leaving
scrawled notes for each other.
In fact, the last time they’d seen each other face to
face had been at the party where Paige had met Bill. One
of Nicole’s old johns had invited them, promising plenty
of potential clients. They had just arrived and had been
chatting with each other when Paige had noticed a pair
of distinguished-looking older men eyeing them from
across the room. The girls had smiled invitingly, and
the men had smiled back, but hadn’t approached. Rather,
they’d started conversing furtively with each other,
occasionally glancing at the girls.
It had been over an hour later, when Paige and Nicole
had separated, that one of the men had approached her
and struck up a conversation. Paige found Bill quite
charming, and within ten minutes found herself eagerly
agreeing to an appointment the following week.
“What’s there to think about?” Nicole asked, fluffing
the couch pillows and eyeing the coffee table
“I’m just… I feel sorry for the guy. He’s gaga over
me. I don’t know if I can lead him on like this.”
“You’re not leading him on, Paige. He knows damn well
that this is just a job to you. He doesn’t want your
love, he just wants a chance to shower you with
“I guess so,” Paige replied.
“Besides,” Nicole pressed, “just think how sexy that fur
coat is going to feel. Hell, give me a few more weeks
and I’ll get a coat of my own from my Jimmy. Then we can
walk around town together like a pair of rich bitches.”
After the party where she’d met Bill, Paige had ridden
home in a cab with Nicole. The two girls had compared
notes, and Paige had learned that Nicole had been
approached by the other man, who’d identified himself as
James. Paige had ever seen James after that first
exchange of smiles at the party (nor had Nicole seen
Bill), but she’d been vaguely aware that James, or Jimmy
as Nicole called him, had become a steady source of
income for the brunette.
Paige giggled at the image of the two girls gallivanting
around the city in matching furs. “Okay, I’ll do it.”
“See?” Nicole grinned. “Look how easy it was to convince
you, you little bimbo,” she teased.
“Slut,” Paige replied, laughing.
“What do you think?” Paige asked, shifting her weight to
one leg as she stuck the other knee forward through the
front of the coat. The feel of the soft mink fur against
her skin was almost intoxicating. She’d never felt so
Bill came up behind her, placing his hands on her
shoulders as they looked into the mirror. He rubbed his
hands through the brown fur, caressing her shoulder
through the thick coat. Paige sighed, leaning back into
him as he studied her image in the mirror. “Something a
little lighter, I think.” He turned to the salesgirl.
“Let’s try the ermine.”
“Right away, sir,” the attractive redhead replied as she
waded into the crowded racks of fur coats. The place was
posh — an exclusive boutique in the middle of the
city’s ritziest shopping area. The street outside was
populated with rich shoppers — executives. socialites,
movers and shakers. Bill had brought her into his world.
Paige was still struggling to absorb all that had
happened. Bill had brought her here publicly, making no
effort whatsoever to keep from being seen with her.
Previously, their relationship had been a clandestine
thing, but now… it was like Bill wanted the whole
world to know.
The sales staff of the boutique had greeted Bill by name
when he brought her in. “Good afternoon, Mr. Sinclair,”
“Pleased to see you again, Mr. Sinclair,” and all of
that. This was a place where Bill was known and
recognized, he’d brought her in without a care in the
Paige was barely twenty-one years old, while Bill was in
his fifties. The fact that he was going to spend
thousands of dollars on a coat could mean only one
thing: He was making her his mistress. The sales staff
probably saw that sort of thing every day; they had to
know what was going on. And yet the salesgirls had been
faultlessly polite, showing Paige every courtesy and
referring to her as “ma’am,” even though most of them
were older than she was.
This was the fourth coat they’d tried. Bill had eyed her
critically in each of them, as though inspecting a work
of art. “You’re exquisitely beautiful, Paige,” he’d
explained, making her blush. “I want a fur that makes
you look perfect.” Paige had almost swooned at that,
enraptured once again by the power she had over the man.
The salesgirl returned, a bulky white coat over one arm.
“Here you are, ma’am,” she said, offering the coat to
Paige. “White ermine.” The coat was a pure white, the
color of snow. Paige hurried to shed the mink coat.
“Allow me,” Bill said, taking the white fur from the
salesgirl. The girl took the brown coat and passed it
off to another salesgirl, who took it back into the
racks. “Face the mirror,” Bill said. Paige complied,
biting her lip nervously. She sighed with pleasure as
Bill slipped the soft coat over her shoulders, brushing
her hair out over the thickly furred collar. Paige
slipped her arms into the sleeves before straightening
up and looking in the mirror.
Her thick blonde hair flowed almost seamlessly into the
fine white fur of the coat. She closed her eyes,
enjoying the luxurious feel. There was something about a
fur coat that made her feel… powerful. Bill seemed
enraptured, and Paige had to admit she looked gorgeous
in the coat. After half a minute of silence, Bill leaned
over and planted a light kiss on her lip. “It’s
“Mr. Sinclair! What a pleasure to see you again, sir!”
Paige turned to find that the voice had come from a
portly, middle-aged man coming down a staircase in the
back of the store.
“The pleasure is mine, Alexander,” Bill replied. The
owner of the boutique, then.
Alexander rushed over to shake Bill’s hand, glancing
over at Paige. “I must say, your new friend is
exquisitely beautiful. But then,” he said, turning back
to Bill, “you always did have excellent taste.” Paige
frowned, a bit put out at being discussed like this.
“Now, now, Alexander,” Bill chided, moving to put an arm
around Paige’s fur-clad shoulders. “Paige is a wonderful
woman, and she’s made me happier than I’ve been in a
long time.” That, Paige thought, was a little more like
“I see,” replied the owner, bowing his head
apologetically. “The usual arrangements, then?”
Bill grinned. “Quite satisfactory. I’ll pick it up first
thing in the morning.” He turned to Paige. “I’m afraid
you can’t wear it out of the store today, honey. They
need to keep it overnight for some final adjustments.
Weather-treating, that sort of thing. I’ll bring it to
you tomorrow.”
“Okay,” Paige sighed, a bit disappointed at having to
leave the soft, comfortable coat behind. But she took it
off, handing it to Alexander, who thanked her, said
goodbye to Bill, and hurried into the back of the store.
Bill took Paige’s arm and escorted her outside where, to
her considerable surprise, a limo was waiting for them.
The driver sprung out and opened the rear door.
“Honey, I’m afraid I’m needed at work, so I can’t escort
you home. But Ralph will take you home.” The driver
nodded and smiled at her. Somewhat stunned by all of
this, Paige let Bill help her into the back of the limo.
“Meet me at the apartment tomorrow. Five o’clock. I’ll
bring the coat.”
Paige opened her mouth to decline. That was Bill’s usual
time, but not his usual day, and she had another
appointment scheduled. But then she closed it. Bill had
just bought her a coat. She would have to cancel the
appointment tomorrow. As a matter of fact, she would
have to cancel all her appointments with all her other
clients. That was the unspoken agreement she had entered
into by accepting the coat. She was a kept woman now.
Of course, Bill had agreed to more than she had. She was
the one with the upper hand, she reminded herself. “See
you then,” she said, smiling.
Part Two
“Oh, Bill, it’s beautiful,” Paige gushed as she pulled
the snowy white coat out of the box. She felt silly
saying that, because she’d already seen the coat just
the day before at the store. But her excitement was
Paige lifted the coat to her face, rubbing the soft fur
against her cheek and inhaling the musky smell. The odor
seemed more intense than it had at the store. Maybe that
was an effect of whatever treatment had been made to it.
Whatever the cause, Paige found the aroma delicious.
“Can I put it on?” she asked Bill.
Bill smiled. “Of course, honey. It’s yours; you can wear
it whenever you like.”
Paige grinned with delight as she stood up and unfolded
the coat. She reveled in its luxurious softness as she
slipped it on over her thin black dress. Bill leaned
back on the couch, watching her with a twinkle in his
eye. Paige smiled lustily at him, knowing she had him
captivated. She felt like a goddess.
Slowly, she climbed onto the couch, coming to her hands
and knees, her face next to his. “Thank you, Bill. It’s
wonderful.” She kissed him hungrily, and he responded,
reaching under the coat to pull her down on top of him.
She pressed her body against his, the open coat covering
them both.
She groaned as she felt his hands playing with her
nipples through the dress. Another dress he’d given her.
Paige felt incredibly aroused. Partly it was Bill’s
hands on her body, partly it was the intoxicating smell
of the fur. But mostly it was the fact that every single
thing she was wearing at that moment, including the
wonderful coat, had been paid for by Bill. She held the
emotional control in the relationship. He’d spent all
that money, but he didn’t own her; rather, she owned
him. Her pussy, she realized, was already wet.
She broke the kiss. “I want to do it now. Right here.”
Bill arched an eyebrow in surprise, but gamely pushed
the fur down off her shoulders, unstrapping her dress
and freeing her breasts. Paige had never done this with
Bill before. Sex with Bill, though passionate, had
always been a civilized affair, conducted in a bed. But
this time, well, she just wanted it now.
Bill paused in his undressing of her body, stroking her
hair. “Your hair is so beautiful, Paige. So soft and
thick.” Paige was a bit taken aback. Damnit, didn’t he
want to screw? “Have you ever thought about letting it
grow out a bit?” Bill continued.
Jesus, of all the times for him to get interested in her
hairstyle. Still, it was important to keep him happy.
“Would you like that, darling?” she asked. “I’ll do it
if you want me to.”
He smiled. “I think it would look beautiful if you did.”
“Then I’ll do it,” she whispered playfully. “I’ll do
anything for you, honey.”
“I know,” he replied, smiling.
Good, let him think he’s in control, she thought. After
all, a goddess occasionally had to do favors for her
worshipers. “But now I need you do something for me,
baby,” she cooed, rubbing his swollen crotch with one
Fifteen minutes later, Paige was on her back on the
couch, legs spread as she experienced her third orgasm
of the afternoon. For a man his age, Bill’s stamina was
amazing; he continued to pump away at her pussy, driving
her to new heights of pleasure. Her mind foggy, Paige
turned her head to the crumpled coat lying next to her.
She pulled it to her face, inhaling the musky scent
deeply as she came. If this is what being a goddess is
like, she thought, I could get used to it.
“… so I told Bernie we were going to go ahead with or
without him, and he was going to have to explain to his
shareholders how he missed the boat on the biggest
acquisition of the year,” Bill said, cutting off another
piece of his prime rib.
Paige raised one eyebrow in between forkfulls of salad,
doing her best to appear interested in his story. “And
what did he do?”
Bill wore a grin of satisfaction. “He took a second to
think about it, and then he agreed to our terms. He
practically fell over himself thanking us for giving him
a measly ten percent!” He skewered the chunk of meat and
popped it into his mouth triumphantly.
“Well, congratulations, honey,” Paige replied, sipping
her wine.
“Is everything to your satisfaction, ma’am?”
Paige started as she realized the waiter had come up
behind her. “Why… why, yes, everything’s wonderful.
Thank you.” The waiter executed a smart bow before
fading away into the crowded restaurant.
Paige looked around, still not believing what was going
on. Bill was treating her to lunch at the Chesterfield
Hotel, one of the fanciest spots in town. The Caesar
salad she was eating had cost more than she usually
spent on food in a week, and it tasted like it. What
amazed her, though, was how cavalier Bill had been about
bringing her here. There had been no attempt to hide
what was going on. Bill, a married man very much in the
public eye, had escorted a fur-clad young woman into one
of the city’s finest restaurants.
Paige turned her head to one side, inhaling the musky
aroma of the coat sitting on the back of her chair. The
maitre d’ had offered to take her coat, but Bill had
interceded, telling her he’d prefer she keep it with
him. “It complements you so well,” he’d said. Paige had
feigned indifference, but secretly she’d been relieved.
She didn’t like the idea of being separated from the
Paige had come to love the coat. The soft, snowy fur had
a sensual appeal for her. She kept it with her whenever
possible, stroking its fine white hair and inhaling its
rich odor. She slept with it on the bed next to her. The
only time she left it behind was when she went to
classes. She was afraid some of the animal-rights
activists at school would try to damage it, and she
couldn’t bear the thought of harm coming to her coat.
And so she’d brought the coat into the restaurant with
her, folding it over one arm while the clung to Bill
with the other. She’d been conscious of the stares
they’d gotten as they walked through the crowded dining
area. He’s showing me off, she realized. He’s showing
off his sexy young mistress and the fur coat he bought
her. She knew she ought to be angry about being shown
off like some sort of trophy, but she was strangely calm
about it, even a bit pleased to be the focus of so much
Paige brushed her hair away from her face as she ate
another forkfull of salad. She had begun letting it grow
out, as Bill had requested, and the ends of it now
brushed her shoulders. Oddly, Paige found that she liked
it that way. It was more effort to take care of,
certainly, but she got more looks from men this way. And
Bill liked it longer. That was important.
“Bill! How are you, you old bastard?”
Paige turned to see a balding middle-aged man
approaching. He rushed up to shake hands with Bill, who
responded warmly. “Fred! I haven’t seen you in almost a
year. I think it was that Christmas party Doris and I
threw last year.”
“Right. It has been a long time! Say,” he looked at
Paige, “who’s your new friend? She’s gorgeous!”
“Yes, Paige really is a work of art, isn’t she?” Bill
replied, smiling as he looked at her. Paige smiled back
coldly, feeling her anger rise. Being shown off was one
thing, but being discussed like she was just a painting
or something was entirely different! Paige reached down
with her right hand to grip the sleeve of the coat, her
fingers kneading the thick fur in frustration.
But… the soft feel of the fur soothed her. She inhaled
deeply, breathing its sweet aroma. Her smile softened,
growing genuinely warm. “Not just her face, either,”
Fred commented. “She’s got a nice little body on her,
too.” Paige felt herself blushing at the compliment, and
purred softly as she shifted her weight to show off her
trim figure. She spent an hour a day exercising to
maintain her body; she decided she had a right to be
proud of it.
“Well, if you’ll excuse us, we’re a bit busy here at the
moment, Fred, but we should get together and catch up.
I’ll give you a call next week,” Bill said politely.
“Oh, please do. I look forward to hearing from you.”
Fred nodded and smiled at Paige, and found herself
responding in kind as he walked away.
“I’m terribly sorry about that, darling,” Bill said when
Fred was out of earshot. “Frederick is a good friend,
but he can be a bit… crass at times.”
“Oh, that’s all right, honey,” Paige replied. “Actually,
I kind of liked it.”
“Good,” Bill murmured, barely loud enough to hear.
Before Paige had time to wonder what he meant, he
barreled on. “You know, Paige, you do look exquisitely
gorgeous when you’re all dressed up like this. You could
easily pass for a fashion model, you know.”
Paige blushed again. Normally she wore little or no
makeup, even when working. It was part of the
business-woman look she liked to project. But she’d made
her face up more fully for this meeting. “Do you really
think so?” she asked quietly.
“Absolutely,” Bill replied. “That’s why I want you to
have this.” He passed her a small envelope. Paige took
it from him and opened it nervously. A silver-colored
credit card fell out. The name read PAIGE L SCOTT.
“The charges all come to me,” Bill said.
“B-Bill, I can’t…”
Bill shushed her, placing a finger on her lips. “Please.
You’re a gorgeous woman, and I don’t want you worrying
about money. I want you to buy whatever you need to make
yourself pretty. Beauty like yours should be displayed
for the world to enjoy.”
Paige sighed. She knew she shouldn’t take it, but…
Well, it was so thrilling to be the center of attention.
And if Bill wanted her to make herself pretty, then she
should do it. After all, he’d bought her the fur. Her
free hand stroked the soft sleeve of the coat. “Thank
you, Bill.”
Bill smiled. “You’re welcome. Now let’s finish our meal.
I’m needed back at the office before too long.”
“Honey,” Paige said, a wicked gleam in her eye, “I
really ought to thank you properly for this wonderful
gift. Perhaps after we finish here you could give me,
say, a fifteen-minute tour of your office?”
They didn’t even bother to finish lunch.
“Oh my God, this is amazing!” Paige gushed as Bill
escorted her through the door. And it was. Bill’s
penthouse apartment was lavishly decorated. The floor of
the foyer was tiled in marble, and expensive-looking
paintings hung on the walls. Paige could only gape as
Bill closed the door behind them and hung up his coat.
She felt Bill’s hands resting on her fur-covered
shoulders. “Do you like it?” he asked.
“It’s wonderful,” she replied as she took in her opulent
surroundings. Bill was so rich. So powerful. She
realized how lucky she was to have him. How lucky that
of all the girls in the city, he had chosen her to be
his mistress. She pulled the fur coat tightly around
herself as Bill massaged her shoulders.
They had spent the evening at a charity fund-raising
dinner. Bill had made the keynote speech, and they had
sat at the raised table next to the podium. All through
the evening, Paige had felt the eyes of the other
attendees on her. She had felt the jealousy of the
women, who coveted her youth and beauty.
But the men… the men were jealous of Bill. They had
been looking at her, lusting after her, wondering what
it would be like to sleep with her. They all knew that
Bill was going to take her home and fuck her, and not
one of them wouldn’t have killed for a chance at that.
The feeling had been deliciously erotic. She had wet her
panties within ten minutes of sitting down, and the
smell of her own sex, mingled with the heady aroma of
the fur, had gotten her even more aroused. Bill was the
luckiest man in the city this evening, and Paige adored
the fact that everyone knew it.
“Let’s go to the living room and you can fix me a
drink,” Bill said into her ear. Paige allowed herself to
be guided into the spacious living room. She’d been
feeling so… agreeable recently. It felt good to do
things for Bill. She rubbed her hands over the soft
white fur as she followed him into the spacious,
glass-walled living room. She quickly found the bar and
began mixing Bill an Old Fashioned.
“You looked beautiful this evening, Paige” Bill told
her. Paige blushed a bit, but she knew it was true.
She’d spent a small fortune on cosmetics in the last few
weeks, all on the credit card Bill had given her. She’d
even taken a three-hour seminar on makeup techniques at
an upscale boutique in the city. It had cost a small
fortune and she’d had to miss several classes, but it
had been worth it.
She looked up at the mirror at the back of the bar,
smiling as she examined herself. Her blonde hair, styled
that afternoon at a salon downtown, cascaded gently over
her shoulders and down her back, flowing serenely over
the snowy fur. The makeup she wore softened her face,
enhancing her femininity. Her blue eyes sparkled in the
dim light. Blue eyes… well, Bill liked them that way,
and it really hadn’t been much effort to get colored
contact lenses.
She finished Bill’s drink and took it to where he sat on
the couch. “Thanks, darling,” he said as she handed it
to him. Paige sat next to him on the plush leather
couch, allowing her coat to fall open so Bill could see
the slinky black dress she wore underneath. He gazed at
her, his eyes roaming up and down her body. He reached
out to caress her breast idly as he sipped his drink.
Something had been nagging her. “Bill?”
“Yes, darling?” he asked, only a touch of exasperation
in his voice.
“What… what about your wife?”
He withdrew his hand. “I told you, she’s out of town
until Sunday.”
“No… I mean… what about your wife and… and us?”
“Ah.” He paused, scratching his chin. “Well, she and
I… she and I have an arrangement. I’d really rather
not talk about it.”
“Okay,” Paige replied. “I’m sorry.” She really was. She
felt bad for having made Bill uncomfortable. A mistress
wasn’t supposed to do that.
Bill leaned forward, smiling. “I’m sure you can make it
up to me,” he said. He kissed her, his hands stroking
her erect nipples. Paige groaned, feeling her pussy grow
damp. She inhaled deeply, the musky odor of the fur
filling her nose. She needed it so badly…
“Do me right here,” she moaned. “Please…” She reached
for his belt, swiftly unbuckling it. “I want you to to
fuck me in the coat.” She looked at him, desperate.
He smiled, seemingly on the verge of laughter. “Okay,”
he chuckled. Paige cooed in delight, leaning back on the
couch and spreading her legs, causing the dress to ride
up and bunch around her waist. The cool air of the
apartment tingled on the warm lips of her pussy. She
giggled as she looked down at her clean-shaven crotch.
Bill had casually mentioned to her one evening last week
that he liked a bare pussy, and she’d shaved herself the
next morning. Paige had to admit that she liked it
better that way. It was easier to keep clean, for one
thing. But there was more to it than that. It made her
more… accessible. She liked the idea of keeping her
pussy bare for Bill. She liked it so much that she had
almost stopped wearing panties. But she got wet every
time she saw Bill, and it wouldn’t do to have her juices
running down her legs when they were out in public.
Paige let out a soft moan as Bill’s slacks fell to his
knees, revealing his rock-hard cock. He leaned forward,
kissing her neck hungrily. Paige turned her head to one
side, burying her nose in the soft, white fur of the
coat and inhaling deeply. Her body tense, she thrust her
crotch forward, anticipating his entry.
“Oh, honey, I forgot to tell you…” Bill said, his
attention apparently distracted from her body.
“Wh-what? What?” Paige asked, almost panicking. She
needed him so badly!
“I have to fly to Europe in a few days on business. I’m
going to be gone for three weeks.”
Paige was aware of feeling vaguely sad at this news, but
the bulk of her conscious thought was centered around
the need she was feeling, the need for Bill’s cock to
feel the aching void in her pussy. “Just fuck me…” she
But Bill was unresponsive to her desires. “Listen,
honey, there’s something I need you to do while I’m
gone. A couple of gifts I want you to have. Will you
take them?”
“Okay, okaaaaay,” she whined, her body writhing with
“Promise?” he asked, apparently oblivious to her needs.
“Yes! Yes, I promise! Just fuck me!”
“Thanks, honey,” he replied, kissing her briefly.
“You’re a real sweetheart. We’ll get everything set up
tomorrow.” With that, he sank his cock into her steaming
pussy, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. Paige
orgasmed almost immediately, her back arching as her
pussy spasmed around his cock.
It was only hours later, after hours of nonstop sex and
countless orgasms on Bill’s tool, that Paige began to
wonder exactly what sort of gifts she was going to
Part Three
Paige paced nervously back and forth across the living
room of the apartment. Bill was late. It had been nearly
a month since she’d last seen him — he’d called to tell
her that his business trip had been extended by a week
— and Paige found herself nearly insane with
anticipation. She pulled the ermine coat tightly closed,
savoring the feel of the soft fur against her skin. A
whole month without sex, she thought. That’s more than
any girl should ever have to endure.
She jumped when the doorbell rang. Fighting to keep her
composure, she walked quickly to the door, her high
heels clicking rhythmically on the tile floor of the
foyer. After a deep breath, she reached out with one
manicured hand and opened the door.
It was Bill. “Hi, honey,” he said, stepping confidently
into the apartment and kissing her on the lips.
Paige swooned at his touch. Gripping him tightly, she
gnawed hungrily at his lips. “Oh, Bill… I’ve missed
“I know, honey, I know,” he said soothingly, gently
pushing her away. “First things, first, though. I want
to see how they look.”
He was referring, of course, to the gifts he had
arranged for her to receive just before going on his
trip. Paige bit her lip nervously as she took one step
away from him. Throwing the front of her coat wide open,
she thrust her chest forward. “D-do you like them?” she
stammered. Bill leaned forward, craning his neck this
way and that as he examined her chest. Paige brought her
hands up to cup her newly-augmented tits, drawing her
fingers along their curved undersides. Please, she
thought, tell me you like them.
She’d been nervous about the procedure all along, ever
since that day four weeks ago when Bill had taken her to
see a plastic surgeon. The surgeon was an old friend of
Bill’s, and they’d chatted and joked for a full fifteen
minutes, during which Paige had sat quietly, calmly
caressing the fur of her coat.
Finally, the doctor had turned his attention to Paige,
asking exactly what sort of bust she was after.
Truthfully, of course, she was perfectly happy with the
bust she had. But Bill was giving her a present, and…
well, she’d already accepted so many gifts from Bill
that it would be rude to turn this one down, wouldn’t
it? So she’d resolved to accept Bill’s largesse. She
could always get them removed later on.
She’d started off looking for something small and perky,
determined to avoid looking top-heavy. She and the
doctor had looked at some photos, discussing the
possibilities of different shapes. But then Bill had
casually suggested looking at something larger.
Something more… “attention-getting” was the phrase
he’d used. Paige had almost swooned at that. She was,
she knew, a glutton for attention. The thought of men
staring at her as she clung to Bill’s arm drove her
And so, somehow, after nearly an hour of looking at
progressively larger implants, they’d settled on one of
the more “attention-getting” models. Paige had left the
office with misgivings, but Bill had soothed her that
night at his apartment. In fact, he’d spent almost all
his free time with her for the next couple days, until
he finally left for Europe an hour after checking her
into the hospital for surgery.
The next month had been stressful for Paige. Despite
Bill’s frequent reassuring phone calls, she’d gone
nearly insane at being cooped up alone in her apartment.
The doctor had given strict instructions that she was to
get as much rest as possible for the next four weeks. He
had forbidden her to drink or engage in any sort of
athletic activity, including sex. He hadn’t told her not
to go to her classes, but Paige had stayed away anyway.
She couldn’t bear the thought of showing up in class
with her chest all swollen up. Everyone would know. So
she’d called up the school registrar and withdrawn from
her classes this semester. She could get back to
studying in the spring, when she’d be less distracted.
And she knew Bill would pay for it.
In the last week, she’d gone shopping nearly every day.
She needed new clothes to fit her new figure. Besides,
she just had to get out of her apartment. So she’d used
the credit card Bill had given her to purchase an
assortment of dresses, tops, and lingerie. Getting out
had relieved some of the stress of being cooped up, but
it hadn’t done anything for the insatiable itch in her
groin. In fact, merely knowing that she was going to be
wearing these clothes for Bill only made her hornier.
“D-do you like them?” she asked timidly. She realized
now that they were big. Anyone who saw them would know.
They’d know that she belonged to Bill, and that he’d
bought her tits for her. And she didn’t mind. She loved
the idea that her augmented boobs somehow marked her as
Bill’s property.
Bill finished his inspection and straightened up,
apparently satisfied. “They’re beautiful. Absolutely
beautiful. A perfect match.” The last remark had Paige
somewhat puzzled, but she forgot about it a moment later
as Bill kissed her, his hands pawing at her chest.
Minutes later, the first orgasm of the evening surged
through her body as Bill sucked eagerly on her new tits.
“Can you believe the balls of those guys?” Bill asked as
he cut his veal. “They agree to a contract, drag me all
the way to Europe, and then start complaining about our
service plan. Jesus.” He popped another chunk of meat
into his mouth, still grimacing in disgust.
“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” Paige said soothingly. It really
bothered her to see Bill so upset. She’d always known
that Bill was a very powerful man, but only recently had
she come to realize that with that power came a great
deal of responsibility. Paige tried to do whatever she
could to relieve the stress Bill felt. When they were
alone together, that meant giving him a nice blowjob, or
spreading her legs to accommodate his cock. But at times
like these, when they were out in public, she could only
soothe him with words. “Everything came out for the
best, didn’t it?” Paige stirred her salad while her free
hand idly rubbed the fur hanging on the back of her
“Yes, I suppose so,” Bill sighed. “Still, I’m worried
they might try something like this again…” He trailed
off, looking distractedly over her shoulder. Smiling, he
waved at someone behind Paige. She turned to see a tall,
thin man approaching. She straightened up, brushing her
lush blond hair back behind her shoulders. It was
important to look her best for Bill’s friends.
“Bill! How are you?” the man asked, shaking Bill’s hand
vigorously. His voice had the slightest trace of a
French accent.
“Excellent, Pierre. So nice to see you again. And how
are you? How is the venture-capital business?”
“It’s doing well. My superiors in Paris are most
pleased. And you seem to be doing very well, non?” he
asked, looking meaningfully at Paige.
Bill chuckled. “Pierre, this is Paige,” he said,
gesturing at her. Paige put on her best smile. I’m
gorgeous, she thought. “Yes,” Bill continued, “I am
rather pleased with her.” Paige shivered with delight.
It made her so happy that she could bring pleasure to
Bill’s otherwise stressful life.
“And why not?” Pierre responded. “She is gorgeous! You
are a lucky man, Bill, to have such a beauty at your
“Well, it’s not all luck. She needed a bit of upgrading.
You should have seen her when I met her. She had one of
those ugly short haircuts. And she didn’t know a thing
about wearing makeup!” Paige bristled a bit at his
words. Just because Bill didn’t go for the professional
look didn’t mean…
“But look at her now! I’m really proud of what I’ve done
with her,” Bill continued, and Paige forgot what she had
been thinking. Bill was proud of her. It made her so
happy that Bill could be proud of her. “But here’s the
best part,” Bill went on. “Paige, honey, stand up so
Pierre can get a good look at your tits.”
Paige only hesitated a moment before rising. Somewhere
inside her, a tiny voice screamed in protest at being
put on display like this, but it was washed away by the
pleasure she felt at being shown off by Bill. She thrust
her chest forward eagerly, smiling serenely as she
cupped her massive boobs through the thin dress.
Pierre gasped. “Mon dieu, they are truly magnificent!”
He peered at her chest in fascination. Paige beamed.
“Go on, touch ’em,” Bill prodded. Pierre reached
forward, gingerly brushing the round globes of her
cleavage with his thin fingers. “They’re fantastic
aren’t they? I had Gerald do them. The man is a real
artist.” Paige groaned in pleasure. She felt so
valuable, like a prized possession. A work of art.
“They are truly wonderful,” Pierre said, sending another
surge of pleasure up Paige’s spine. She shuddered, a
ragged moan escaping her mouth. Pierre stepped back,
Bill chuckled again. “Yeah, she’s horny as a minx. A
real firecracker in the sack. Fortunately, I’ve still
got what it takes to keep her satisfied.” Paige felt her
knees buckling. It was true, all of it. Ever since Bill
had returned from Europe, she’d been in a near-constant
state of arousal. Only Bill’s wonderful cock provided
her any release. And she wanted the whole world to know
it. She wanted to be a living, breathing testimony to
Bill’s virility.
“Well,” Pierre replied, “I can see you’ve got your work
cut out for you, mon ami. I shall bid you adieu and hope
to see you next month at the banquet, non?”
“I’ll be there, Pierre,” Bill promised, waving goodbye
to the departing Pierre. “Sit down, honey,” he told
Paige, his attention turning back to his dinner.
Her knees still shaking, she complied. Her breathing was
quick and shallow, and she could feel her pussy growing
wet. “Bill,” she mewled plaintively, “let’s go…”
“What, already?” Bill replied, looking up from his
Paige was bouncing in her seat. “I need it…” she
whined softly.
Bill sighed. “Oh, all right. I guess it’s not fair to
get you all worked up like that and then make you wait.
I was just about done with my meal anyway. Let’s go back
to the car.”
Paige squealed in delight, hurrying into her coat and
almost dragging Bill out of the restaurant, ignoring the
stares of the other diners. Five minutes later, he was
sitting in the back of the limousine while she
rhythmically impaled herself on his cock. Her beautiful
new tits bounced energetically as she humped him,
savoring the feeling of his manhood inside her. There
was no doubt that Bill knew exactly how to keep her
“Here you go, darling,” Paige said, handing Bill his Old
Fashioned as she sat down on the couch next to him. She
settled herself gently, arranging her coat so it was
open in front, allowing Bill a good look at her body.
She sat far enough away to not be intrusive; there were
times when Bill just wanted to sit and think, and it was
important not to make his life any more stressful than
it already was by demanding his attention. Bill was a
powerful, important man, and had many obligations
besides her.
But at the same time she wanted to be accessible, in
case Bill needed her attention. So she made sure the
coat lay open in front, exposing her voluptuous body,
its curves barely contained by the sleek silver dress
she wore. Paige inhaled deeply, drawing the musky scent
of the fur into her nose. She hoped Bill wanted her
attention tonight.
She was in luck. After a sip of his drink, Bill turned
to her. “Thanks, honey. You know, I could really use a
blowjob right about now.”
“Of course,” Paige replied, her face breaking into a
grin. Smoothly but quickly, she slid off the couch,
settling herself on her knees between Bill’s spread
legs. She deftly unzipped his slacks and pulled out his
rapidly-stiffening cock. It was, as always, gorgeous.
She paused, staring at it in wonder for a moment, before
leaning forward to take its meaty length into her mouth.
Bill let out a long, low groan as she began to suck.
“Oh, that’s wonderful, honey,” he moaned. “You’re a real
treasure.” Paige beamed at his words. A treasure! She
felt her pussy spasm as she thought about how wonderful
it was to be so valuable. She tickled the underside of
his shaft with her tongue as she pumped her head up and
down his shaft, while her hands gripped the base of his
Paige groaned as she felt Bill’s hands come to rest on
her head. “That’s it,” he groaned. Paige whined softly
as as he guided her up and down his manhood. She loved
to suck Bill off — it was a joy to do anything that
pleased him — but tonight she desperately needed him
inside her. Still sucking his cock, she reached one hand
down to stroke the white bandage covering her pussy.
Bill had picked her up in the limo at lunchtime. Paige
hadn’t bothered to ask where they were going. If it was
important for her to know, Bill would tell her.
Otherwise, there was no reason to ask, and certainly no
need to bother Bill. So she’d sat back, making herself
comfortable in her white fur coat, and listening as Bill
talked about his day, making occasional sympathetic
She’d been surprised when the limo had stopped in the
middle of one of the city’s seedier neighborhoods, and
even more surprised when Bill had ushered her into a
run-down store boasting a wide array of garish,
multicolored drawings in the front window. The man
behind the desk inside was dressed in a sleeveless
T-shirt and faded jeans and sported a large silver ring
in his left ear, but he greeted Bill familiarly. “Nice
to see you again, Mr. Sinclair. What can I do for you
this time?”
“The same,” Bill replied before Paige could wonder what
was being discussed. With a quick nod, the man walked
through a door in the back wall, and Bill gently but
firmly guided Paige through the door after him.
The room beyond was just big enough to hold a dentist’s
chair, a stool, and a small table. Arrayed on the table
were an assortment of needles, bottles, and implements
whose function Paige could only guess at. The walls were
covered with photographs of artwork. “Take off your coat
and have a seat,” the man said, gesturing to the
dentist’s chair.
Nervously, Paige took off her coat. Though she was
wearing a rather nice red dress, she felt almost naked
without the coat’s protective warmth. Bill took the coat
from her as she sat down in the chair, leaning back and
wondering what was going on. She took a closer look at
one of the photos on the wall, and realized the drawing
had been done on a person’s skin. In fact, all the
photos were of tattoos. This was a tattoo parlor!
“Bill…” she said, her voice rising in panic.
Bill leaned close. “Shhh,” he admonished, placing a
finger across her lips. He pulled her head and shoulders
up with one hand while using the other to tuck the coat
in behind her. Paige felt herself relax a little as she
fell back into the soft fur of the coat. “Now, then,”
Bill said softly, “Do you trust me?”
Her lips tight, Paige nodded affirmatively.
“Will you do what I say?”
“Y-yes,” she stammered as the sweet aroma of the fur
penetrated her consciousness. It was important to do
what Bill said. She wanted Bill to be happy, and she’d
do whatever she could to make him happy.
“Good girl,” Bill replied, kissing her lightly. “Now
pull up your skirt and spread your legs. Paige complied
wordlessly, exposing her bare pussy to this stranger. Do
what Bill says. Bill smiled and kissed her again before
moving away to take to the man.
They spent several minutes discussing design and
placement, Bill pointing to her crotch and describing
what he wanted. When they’d come to an agreement, the
artist turned to Paige. “Is that okay with you, miss?”
Paige swallowed nervously. “Whatever Bill wants,” she
said, trembling. The man nodded once and turned to the
table, where he started working with the instruments. It
was as though he hadn’t really expected her to say
anything different.
Bill stood next to her and held her hand as the artist
began to work, running an electric razor over her pussy
(even though she’d shaved it only four hours earlier. He
spent perhaps half an hour drawing with some sort of pen
on her pussy, while Paige struggled to remain still.
Bill stroked her hair gently as he watched.
And then the needles started. Paige yelped at the first
stab of pain. Bill knelt beside her and began whispering
into her ear. “Be calm, honey. There’s a good girl. I’m
so proud of you for being so brave. You’re making me
very happy, honey.” Paige swallowed and tried to lie
back as far as she could while the artist kept poking
needles into her crotch. She gripped Bill’s hand tightly
while trying to burrow her upper body into the soft
white fur of the coat.
It lasted an hour. Paige found herself panting in relief
as the artist put the needles and ink away and placed a
bandage between her legs. “Same rules as before,” the
man told Bill as Bill thrust a large wad of bills into
his hand. Bill helped Paige to her feet and escorted her
back to the limo.
“I’m so proud of you, honey,” he said once the car had
started again. “You were very brave, but you did what
you were told. And you deserve a reward.”
With that, Bill had unzipped his pants and pulled out
his cock. Paige had eagerly clambered to the floor of
the car and taken him into her mouth. The residual pain
of the needles in her crotch had been drowned out by the
sheer joy of pleasuring Bill.
A pleasure she was experiencing again this evening. It
felt indescribably good to have Bill’s tool in her
mouth, to run her tongue along its veined underside, to
suck at its swollen purple bulb. But she wanted more.
She began rubbing the bandage, feeling her erect
clitoris through the soft cotton.
“So,” Bill remarked, looking down at her. “you’re
getting tired of that thing?” There was a big grin on
his face. His cock still in her mouth, Paige looked up
at him, pleading with her eyes. Bill chuckled. “Well,
the man said it had to stay on for twelve hours, but I
guess it wouldn’t hurt to take it off now. Get up here
and spread your legs for me.”
Paige squealed with delight, letting Bill’s cock slide
out of her mouth and clambering eagerly up onto the
couch. She sat down facing Bill and spread her sleek
legs as wide as she could, exposing her bandaged crotch.
Delicately, Bill reached down and pulled at the surgical
tape, lifting the white cloth away and exposing her
moist pussy.
Paige looked down in wonder, seeing the tattoo for the
first time. It was exquisitely done, with letters in a
soft, flowing script, and it was amazingly legible
considering what a small space the artist had had to
work with. The tattoo covered her mons, with a single
word appearing vertically on each side of her pussy.
Paige read them aloud in a voice filled with reverent
awe. “Bill’s Bimbo.”
“Oh, I love it!” she shrieked with glee. She felt
wonderful. To think that a powerful, important man like
Bill liked her so much that he would have his name
permanently marked on her — it was simply overwhelming.
She felt so treasured, like a work of art. Like a silver
trophy engraved with the name of its owner. It felt so
wonderful to belong to Bill. She looked up at him, tears
of joy in her eyes. “Thank you so much…”
Bill silenced her with a kiss, and she pressed her body
into his, wrapping her fur-clad arms around him. “Do
me…” she moaned when their lips parted. “Please…”
Bill shifted his body and entered her, his wonderful
wand sliding into her dripping snatch. Paige had her
first orgasm at his mere entry.
Fifteen minutes later he came, spurting powerfully into
her. Paige shrieked through another in a seemingly
endless series of orgasms, wordlessly thanking Bill for
choosing her to be his bimbo.
Paige sighed in contentment as Bill played idly with her
breast. The shimmering white strapless evening dress had
been pulled down off her chest, exposing her round, firm
tits to his hands. She snuggled against him, rubbing the
soft white fur of the coat against her face, letting its
aroma drift into her nostrils.
It was so pleasant to be here with Bill, just relaxing
while he rubbed her boobs. She loved the sex, of course,
whether Bill’s cock was filling her pussy or her mouth.
But there was something magical about moments like this,
when she sat still and let Bill idly fondle her body.
She loved the idea of just being there as a plaything
for Bill, a toy for him to play with while he thought
his important thoughts.
She felt his free hand stroking her hair, and purred
happily. The limo had come for her this afternoon,
picking her up at her apartment and whisking her to the
downtown salon that Bill always had her use. An
appointment had been made for her, and the stylists had
apparently already been instructed as to exactly what
sort of treatment she was supposed to receive. So she’d
sat quietly back and let them do their job. Afterward,
she’d looked in the mirror and been amazed. Her hair had
been bleached, and the honey-blond color had been
replaced by a bright platinum shade. It had also been
elegantly styled — a pile of lustrous tresses cascaded
down her back, stopping below her shoulder blades.
The limo had driven her home, where she’d changed into
the thin white dress, and then taken her downtown to
meet Bill at a five-star restaurant. There they’d
enjoyed a long dinner. As usual, Paige had gotten the
lion’s share of the attention from the men in the
restaurant, and she’d reveled in it. She’d made it very
clear, though, that she had eyes only for Bill. It was
important to look like a goddess, but she had to let
everyone know that she belonged to Bill.
“I’ve got a surprise for you, honey,” Bill said as the
limo came to a stop. Paige sat up and looked around,
pulling the dress back up over her boobs as Bill got
out. She had just gotten her bountiful cleavage fixed
when Bill helped her out of the car, guiding her up onto
the sidewalk. Only after the limo had sped away did she
realize that they weren’t at Bill’s apartment.
“B-but… this is my place,” she stammered. “We can’t
stay here.” It wasn’t her real apartment, of course; it
was the trick pad, the elegant downtown place that she
and Nicole used to entertain johns.
“That’s the surprise, honey,” Bill said, kissing her on
the cheek. “I’ve decided that you’re going to live here
from now on.”
“B-but…” Paige began.
“Shush, Paige. You’re a gorgeous woman. A work of art.”
Paige felt a tiny tremor run through her body. Yes, she
was. “And a classy babe like you doesn’t belong in a
tiny student apartment uptown. You belong here, where
the whole city can see you. I want my treasure to be on
display for everyone.”
Paige moaned, her knees buckling as they always did when
Bill talked about her as an art object. “But
Bill smiled. “Don’t worry about Nicole. Now come on.”
Paige allowed him to lead her through the front door and
past the doorman, who smiled at him and nodded. She
remained silent but fearful in the elevator. Nicole had
an appointment tonight. She’d likely be here with her
john right now. Paige couldn’t let Bill do this.
The elevator stopped and opened, and Bill led her to the
door of the apartment. “Bill…” Paige pleaded,
marshaling all her strength for one last try. “Nicole is
in there…”
“I know, honey,” Bill replied, smiling as he opened the
unlocked door. Stunned, Paige allowed him to pull her
“Jimmy!” The shriek came from Nicole, who race out of
the living room and across the foyer to throw herself at
Bill. “Oh, Jimmy!” she gushed, kissing him passionately.
Paige’s jaw dropped as she took in the scene. “J-Jimmy?”
Part Four
Bill gently pushed Nicole away, looking at Paige. “Yes,
that’s my name. James. James William Sinclair. Most
people call me Bill. Nicole here,” he looked down at the
girl who was holding him tightly, “she calls me Jimmy.”
Nicole looked up at Paige, seeming to notice her for the
first time. “Paige?” she asked, looking at Bill.
“You mean… But I thought…” Paige tried to sort it
all out. “So you’ve b-been seeing b-both of us?” she
asked. Nicole was looking at Bill with a suspicious
expression, one that Paige was sure was mirrored on her
own face.
Bill sighed. “Oh, what was I supposed to do? You’re both
so absolutely gorgeous. What man wouldn’t want to have
you both? I mean, look at each other.”
Paige looked at Nicole. Her deep brown hair had been
dyed a jet black and worked into a style almost
identical to Paige’s own. Her voluptuous body was barely
covered by a sheer strapless evening dress not unlike
the one Paige wore, except that Nicole’s was black while
Paige’s was white. And just to top it all off, Nicole
had a fur of her own, a deep black sable coat that hung
loosely over her exquisite frame. Nicole was gorgeous.
Almost like a work of art.
Bill took the two girls by the shoulders, turning them
to face the full-length mirror that hung on one wall of
the foyer. “Just look at yourselves,” he said, standing
behind them. “You belong together.” Paige realized it
was true. Nicole had a darker complexion than she did,
but in so many other ways they were nearly identical.
“You’re both beautiful separately, but together you’re
priceless.” Paige knew it was right. She and Nicole
belonged together.
Paige turned to face the brunette, only to realize that
Nicole was already looking at her, her brown eyes hooded
with passion. Nicole was her other half. Paige wanted —
no, she needed — to be with Nicole. She leaned forward,
catching the scent of Nicole’s coat. It was different,
and yet so much like her own. Their lips met cautiously
at first, and then passionately, the two girls kissing
each other hungrily. Their tongues danced as the two
furs slid over each other.
They broke at last, still gazing into each other’s eyes.
“Splendid!” Bill exclaimed, placing one arm across each
pair of fur-clad shoulders. “Now then, girls, why don’t
we go to bed? We’ve got a lot of fun waiting for us.”
Two hours later, Paige lay serenely on the large bed,
resting on top of the two coats, inhaling their odor.
She and Nicole lay curled together, their skins shining
with sweat, idly caressing each others’ bodies.
They’d done everything. Nicole had ridden Bill’s cock
for half an hour until they both came while Paige had
made energetic use of her tongue on their entwined
genitalia, after which the girls had reversed roles,
with Paige furiously humping up and down until Bill shot
a second creamy load into her snatch.
After that, the girls had treated Bill to a double
blowjob, sucking and licking his cock together, their
lips and tongues dueling over every inch of his body. It
had taken awhile, but they had gotten him to come a
third time. Paige and Nicole had been eager to go at it
again, but Bill had pleaded exhaustion.
The girls had snuggled for awhile, enjoying each other’s
bodies. Paige stretched out one hand to caress Nicole’s
exposed breast, stroking the smooth globe with her
fingers. That was another way in which the girls were
alike; they had identical boob jobs. “Matching tits,”
Paige giggled, eliciting a similar response from Nicole.
She was dimly aware of Bill picking up the phone and
dialing. Of course, Bill was an important man; it was
only natural that he should be calling his business
associates. Paige turned her attention back to Nicole’s
wonderful body, letting Bill’s words pass her by. Surely
it was nothing that a bimbo like her needed to hear
“Rick? Hi, it’s Bill… Yes, fine, fine. I’m doing very
well, thank you… Well, remember that bet we made?…
No, not that one, the one at Anderson’s party… Yes,
the girls… Yes, well, I did it…”
Paige moaned as she felt Nicole beginning to lap at her
pussy. Two can play at that game, she thought, pulling
the brunette’s legs open and shoving her face into the
smooth-shaven snatch. She flicked her tongue across
Nicole’s clit, noting with pleasure that it was fully
“No, I’m serious… I just had them both… Yes,
together! They’re right here in bed with me… Both of
them, and then they sucked me off…. Well, okay, yes,
it’s none of your business but I do take Viagra.””
Paige pulled back for a second, examining the tattoo on
Nicole’s mons. She’d seen it already, but in the heat of
their fuck-session with Bill she hadn’t had a chance to
examine it closely. As with her own tattoo, it was
exquisitely artful, with the two words elegantly
rendered in the small space available around her slit.
Paige smiled as she read the words: Bill’s Slut.
“Slut,” Paige called out in mock derision.
“Bimbo,” came the equally playful reply. The two girls
shared a laugh before returning their attention to each
other’s pussies.
“Well, it surprised me, but the blonde actually took
more work. The brunette was a real airhead and it was
easy to get her where I wanted, but I had to keep her on
hold while I finished… er, training… the blonde. I
don’t know, really. Maybe the brunette just took better
to the coat.”
Her passion flaring, Paige rolled Nicole onto her back,
positioning herself on top and resuming her oral assault
on the brunette’s shaven cunt. She was rewarded by a new
energy from Nicole’s mouth between her own legs. The two
girls raced toward climax, almost competing with each
other to see which could bring the other off first.
“Oh, right now they’re just getting each other off on
the bed. What’s that?… Oh, no, you can keep the money.
Really. Consider it a token of my gratitude for what
you’ve helped me discover. You really should see them,
my friend. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and with the
work I’ve done they complement each other nicely…. You
might call them a matched set.”
Paige had been paying almost no attention to Bill’s
conversation, but the last three words hit her like a
freight train. She screamed in orgasm, her body
shuddering. A matched set. She clung tightly to Nicole,
dimly aware that her twin was coming as well. She was so
pleased that Bill had collected them both, and she
thought of all the wonderful times she and Nicole were
going to have bringing him pleasure. Her orgasm
finished, she collapsed on top of Nicole, her face
falling into the soft white fur of her coat. She inhaled
“Let there be light!” Bill cried as he threw the large
metal switch. The forty-foot-tall Christmas tree came
alive with multicolored brilliance. Paige gasped in
wonder, aware that the hundreds of onlookers around them
were doing likewise. “Merry Christmas!” Bill yelled as
the crowd erupted into applause. Paige clung tightly to
Bill as he waved to the spectators.
The cool night air blew against her exposed upper chest.
Paige had left her snow-white fur coat unbuttoned at the
top, exposing a generous amount of cleavage to the eyes
of anyone who cared to look. Even on a cold December
evening, it was important to show off her body and make
sure everyone knew just how virile Bill must be to have
To have them. Paige looked over to where Nicole clung to
his other arm, resplendent in her black sable coat. The
raven-haired girl was using her free hand to adjust her
matching black fur hat as she smiled at the onlookers.
Paige sighed as she drank in Nicole’s elegant beauty.
But there would be time to stare at Nicole later, Paige
reminded herself. Adjusting her ermine hat — a perfect
match for her own coat, naturally — Paige waved to the
crowd, smiling and being sure to turn her body so
everyone got a tantalizing look at the round tops of her
tits. The cold air on her skin had stiffened her
nipples. Her clitoris was also erect, but that was
another matter. The tree-lighting signified the end of
the bank’s annual holiday festival, which meant that
Bill would be taking them back to the car soon, which
meant… Her pussy clenched in anticipation.
Sure enough, after a few more moments spent waving to
the crowd, Bill turned to walk off the makeshift stage,
saying goodbye to the bank’s senior officers as he did
so. Paige and Nicole followed, one on either side of
him, bracketing him like decorative ornaments. Paige
felt warm inside as she thought of how pretty she and
Nicole must have looked flanking Bill.
They had just reached the ground level and were turning
toward the street and the waiting limo when a
smartly-dressed young woman holding a microphone stepped
in front of them. “Mr. Sinclair! Joyce Seaver, Channel
Eight News. Would you mind answering a few questions,
sir?” A man with a TV camera had materialized behind
her. Paige found herself growing angry. Bill was a
powerful, important man who had better things to do than
answer some silly girl’s questions.
Bill stopped. “Well, it’s late and normally I’d really
just want to get home. But in the spirit of the season,
why not?” Paige grinned, looking at Bill. He was such a
wonderful man. Always so generous.
After the first time the three of them had had sex, Bill
had taken over paying the rent and utilities on Paige
and Nicole’s apartment, insisting that the girls move in
permanently. He’d even bought them a new bed, a huge
round model large enough to accommodate the three of
them in comfort. Best of all, the bed was covered in
fur. Paige and Nicole had spent countless hours just
lying in the bed, wrapping themselves in the soft, musky
During the day, the girls frequently went shopping
together, looking for new clothes they thought Bill
might like. Bill, being the generous man he was, always
paid their credit-card bills. Of course, Paige and
Nicole made sure to always co-ordinate their purchases.
They were a matched set, after all.
When they weren’t shopping, they were most often
exercising. They went jogging together in the park quite
often; the girls had found that it took quite a bit of
stamina to keep up with Bill in bed. And they spent a
good deal of time at the local gym, keeping their bodies
fit and trim. It was important to look good next to
Bill. Speaking of which… Paige put on her most
dazzling smile, turning to face the camera as she clung
tightly to Bill’s arm.
“Mr. Sinclair,” the reporter began, “do you really think
it’s appropriate for a man of your age and position in
the community to be running around with multiple young
women?” Paige bristled again. How dare this bitch talk
to Bill like that!
But Bill responded quickly and smoothly. “Miss Seaver,
it’s true that I’m an old man. All the more reason for
me to sample life’s pleasures before it’s too late. And
I happen to enjoy beautiful things,” he said, placing
one arm around each girl’s shoulders. Paige sighed and
beamed at him. She was so happy bringing pleasure to
Bill. The newsgirl seemed visibly perturbed at Paige’s
display of pleasure, which made Paige even happier.
“And just what does your wife think of all this?” the
reporter fired back. “Is it true that she filed for a
Bill smiled. “She did, but we’ve since reconciled. My
wife and I understand each other perfectly. And before
you ask, we’re still very much in love. You should see
the mink coat I got her last month for her birthday. She
absolutely adores it.” Paige sighed again. So generous.
“And you, miss,” the girl said, turning her attention to
Paige. “Do you really enjoy being nothing more than a
toy for this man?”
“I’m not a toy!” Paige snapped. “I’m… I’m…” She
looked at Bill. “I’m a bimbo. Bill’s bimbo.”
Bill smiled at her, and Paige felt her anger fading.
“That’s right, honey. You’re my bimbo.” Paige turned
back to face the newsgirl, glowing triumphantly. “And
now,” Bill continued, “if you’ll excuse us, Miss Seaver,
I believe we’ve given you enough of our time.”
His arms around the girls’ shoulders, Bill walked past
the young reporter to the waiting limo. The driver held
the door open as Bill helped first Nicole, then Paige
inside. There were still people watching, so Paige made
sure to position herself so that her long, sleek legs
were exposed to view as she stepped into the limo. She
wanted all the men to see her legs and fantasize about
what lay between them. They’d know that Bill was going
to get to have his way with her pussy, as well as
Nicole’s, and they’d be just insanely jealous. Paige
grinned as she took a seat next to Nicole.
The door closed behind them, affording the girls a brief
moment alone while Bill walked around to the other side
of the car. The two gazed rapturously into each other’s
eyes. Paige admired Nicole’s beauty and grace, knowing
how well it complemented her own. Like two matching
trophies, Paige thought, leaning forward to kiss her
In the evenings, after long days of shopping or
exercising, Paige and Nicole fucked. Bill couldn’t spend
every night with them, of course. He was a powerful,
important man, with other responsibilities — a large
bank to run, a wife, and even another mistress or two.
When he was away, it was up to Paige and Nicole to amuse
And amuse themselves they did. The girls never got tired
of exploring the curves of each other’s bodies, each
knowing that the other’s beauty was a reflection of her
own. The girls would stand together in front of the
bedroom mirror, trying on different outfits and striking
sexy poses, trying to figure out what Bill would like
best. Eventually, they’d yield to their own passion and
fall onto the bed, their perfectly matched bodies
intertwining as they sought out each others’ sensitive
But their passion for each other paled by comparison to
their love for Bill. The girls broke their kiss as Bill
climbed into the limo, settling himself on the leather
seat at the opposite end of the compartment from Paige
and Nicole, his cel phone pressed to one ear.
“Channel Eight… Jackson still owns it, right?… Yes,
I thought so. Well, call him up and remind him exactly
how much it cost to buy that station, and remind him
where the financing came from. Remind him how difficult
it’ll be for him to refinance if we decide to pull the
carpet out from under him. Then suggest to him that
perhaps it’s not a good policy to allow young reporters
to do ambush interviews at a Christmas photo op. Suggest
to him that it might be a good idea to make an example
of Miss Seaver by bouncing her out to Idaho and letting
her interview potatoes.”
Paige felt her pussy clench again at his words. The
bitch was going to get what she deserved. It was so
wonderful to belong to a rich, powerful man like Bill
who would take care of you like that. “Understand?
Good.” He folded up the phone and put it in his suit
pocket. “Now then, girls, let’s get comfortable. I’d
like to inspect my art.”
Smiling, Paige and Nicole reached out to remove each
other’s coats. They’d spent hours trying to decide what
to wear, and in fact hadn’t come to a decision until the
limo had arrived to pick them up and bring them downtown
to meet Bill at the festival. Giggling, they opened
their coats and turned to face Bill. His eyebrows shot
up, eliciting another round of titters from the girls.
“You naughty, naughty girls,” he said, shaking his head
and smiling.
Paige looked up and down Nicole’s nubile body, naked
except for the black high heels and the fur hat. The
idea had been born of desperation — they’d been unable
to settle on outfits, and they knew Bill wouldn’t
approve of them being late. So they’d worn nothing but
their fur coats. Nicole had apparently felt the cold
just as much as Paige had, judging from the posture of
her nipples. Paige idly rubbed one of the brunette’s
erect buds with her thumb and forefinger, drawing a gasp
from her roommate.
But there would be enough time for that later. The girls
laid their coats out on the floor of the limo and knelt
on them, their knees spread to show off their tattoos.
Bill grinned and began issuing instructions. “Turn a
little toward each other, girls… Move a little
closer… Yes, that’s it…” Paige and Nicole obeyed
each instruction eagerly, positioning themselves as Bill
commanded. Paige felt her pussy grow moist as she posed
with Nicole.
And finally, Bill stopped. The girls were still kneeling
on the furs, their knees spread to expose their tattoos
to Bill. Their bodies were turned slightly toward each
other, the arms away from Bill resting on each other’s
flanks. Paige’s free hand was caressing the underside of
Nicole’s tit while Nicole reached across to cup Paige’s
crotch. Eyes closed, the girls faced each other, their
tongues extended and barely touching.
Nude except for their fur hats and high heels, the girls
held their position. Paige’s chest heaved as she fought
to control herself. Even though her eyes were closed,
she could practically feel Bill admiring their gorgeous
bodies. She loved it when Bill did this. “Exquisite,” he
said at last. “Still life in black and white.” Paige
swooned at his words. Art. She was a work of art.
“All right, girls,” Bill said at last, “You’ve earned
your reward. Time for some fun.” Paige and Nicole
squealed in delight, scrambling forward to position
themselves between Bill’s spread legs. They scrambled to
unzip his pants, allowing his magnificent, rock-hard
cock to spring free. By unspoken agreement, Paige held
back and let Nicole take Bill’s manhood into her mouth.
Paige had gotten to suck Bill off last time, and the
girls were scrupulously fair about such things.
Paige watched in fascination as Nicole began taking
long, slow strokes on Bill’s cock, her shiny red lips
sliding smoothly up and down the swollen phallus. Paige
brushed her roommate’s thick, jet-black hair out of the
way so that Bill could have an unobstructed view of her
blowjob, gently combing the shiny black strands with her
fingers. Once she was confident Nicole had a good rhythm
going, Paige leaned forward and began licking the base
of Bill’s shaft, occasionally pausing to suck his
deliciously sweaty balls.
The girls took turns on Bill’s cock, alternately taking
his manhood into their mouths and stroking it with their
skilled tongues. Hours of practice with various dildoes
had honed their techniques to perfection. Using their
talented mouths, Paige and Nicole were capable of
bringing hours of pleasure to Bill, keeping his
magnificent cock rock-hard without pushing him over the
edge into orgasm.
In this case, however, only half an hour was required
before Bill climbed down off the leather seat. Paige and
Nicole embraced him, three mouths meeting in a
deliciously wet kiss as the nubile bodies of the two
oversexed young women pressed against the bank
president’s still-muscular frame. Purring and groaning,
the two beauties smoothly but swiftly removed his
remaining clothes. Paige felt Bill’s hand stroking her
flank, sliding up to caress one firm tit. She groaned as
he pinched her erect nipple.
Paige felt Bill’s hands applying gentle pressure, and
instinctively fell to her hands and knees, presenting
her ass to him. She knew what he wanted, and looked back
over her shoulder to see him positioning himself behind
her while Nicole continued to kiss and caress his body,
one hand stroking Bill’s erect cock. Paige held her
breath as Bill moved forward, Nicole’s hand guiding his
Paige shrieked as she felt him enter her, an orgasm
crashing through her tingling body. She was so happy it
was her turn to go first. This, too, was a rule the
girls enforced strictly between themselves; Nicole had
gotten first crack at blowing Bill, so Paige was the
first to get her pussy filled.
Her sex-hungry body took over almost automatically, the
muscles of her pussy squeezing Bill’s cock as he began
to take long strokes in and out of her dripping wet
snatch. The first fuck was the best. Sure, the second
one lasted longer, and was usually more sensuous. But
Bill always came harder the first time, and the feel of
his jism in her pussy meant more to Paige than any
amount of “sensuality.” Bill’s spunk was the reward she
craved, the tangible evidence of just how sexy this
powerful man found her, the physical proof of her value
to him. Fuck sensuality. Paige wanted Bill’s come in her
She felt Nicole’s tongue on the lips of her pussy,
tickling her clit and stroking her sensitive labia,
reminding her of the tattoo she wore. “Bimbo,” she
gasped, working her hips back against Bill’s thrusts.
“I’m a bimbo.”
Bill chuckled behind her. “That’s right, honey,” he
said, one hand stroking her ass as he continued to fuck
her. “You’re my little bimbo.” Paige shuddered with her
second orgasm of the night.
Half an hour and countless orgasms later, Paige finally
received the reward she craved. By this time, her
shoulders had fallen to the fur-covered floor, her ass
pointing firmly upward as Bill’s cock pounded down into
her, each thrust pressing her face against the soft,
rich fur. Paige screamed in ecstasy as she felt Bill
shudder inside her, his cock spasming inside her tight
pussy. Her body shook as he shot his load, sending wad
after wad of thick, juicy man-cream spurting into her
trembling pussy.
She felt Bill withdraw and slumped to the ground,
exhausted but ecstatic. Bill’s cock was quickly replaced
by Nicole’s tongue, lapping up the jism dripping from
Paige’s pussy. Soon, Bill would want to fuck Nicole,
after which Paige would do the cleaning. Returning
favors came with being part of a matched set.
For now though, Page lay on the floor, shaking with
pleasure as Nicole tongued her snatch clean. She buried
her head in the soft fur coat underneath her, breathing
in its musky odor, sighing happily.
It was so wonderful to belong.

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