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So I am going to break in here for a few minutes and say something that is on my heart.  I have been coming to the Boutique for a very long time and I am normally the pair of hands that is fixing a lot of the things for the site here.  I never thought that this fetish would have brought me something so unique and special, the friends that I have made here.  There is one person that stands out, the woman I would come to love and adore.  We were just first a couple of horny lonely people.  Many cover stories made and shared.  Many stories over time faded away and truth replaced them.  I became a point of stability for her and she became my heart and a focus for emotions.  I never thought it would grow like it did but it did.  We met to briefly and life pulled us apart again.  But life couldn’t pull away the love that formed for this woman in me.  I truly believe she feels similar.

But one thing did wear us down, fear.  She feared being alone.  I couldn’t fill an immediate need to calm this fear.  Someone else did for a time.  But we continued to share our lives in so many ways.  The love never left my heart for this woman.

Recently, she had to cut ties, me or someone.  Now I know she may truly choose him but I am not going to at least make sure she knows how I feel.  I knows she still visits here from time to time and she will see this at some point.  So I want her to know my heart is here.  My love is here.  I adore her completely.

But I will not make a fool of myself in the grand scheme.  I will not call her phone and make it blow up.  I will not swamp her messages nor emails.  That would just make me crazy and honestly stupid.  I know today that I am good enough for her and I will be here when she wants me.  But I will continue to live life I will make myself and life better.

So Elizabeth, I know you will see this.  I love you.  I adore you.

My heart is yours,


BTW, go here.  http://ericadoreselizabeth.com

Password is our favorite literary character from the books you shared with me, cigars and coffee….all one word, lowercase.


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