So the rumor mill has been leaking information that could be disappearing very soon.  There is no clear info how true this is but seeing that much of the admin staff of the IRC there is working to move we had  decided to follow suit.  The Boutique is moving servers to  Everything else is going to be the same.

Here is a basic run down of what you need to know.

There are 3 ways now to find the Bimbo Boutique.

1. Download a client for IRC.  We now recommend the use of KVirc.  Add the server of, connect and join the room of #Bimbo_Boutique.

On any of these, if you want to secure yourself a nick on, you need to use nickserv in the end.  Here are some of the basics.

2.  Simply click on the Web Chat Icon and you will be taken to Mibbit.  Enter a Nickname and click to join the chatroom.  Then just wait.  It has been known to take a minute to work.

If the direct link for the Web Chat is coming back with an error, you can try to log in this way also.

a)  Click here:

Click on the link for Server and add this into the server line.   Place a nickname in the Nick box.  In the Channel box, type #Bimbo_Boutique.  Then click Go.  This should bring you into the chat room.

3. Click on the Chatzilla Icon and you can use the IRC add-on for Firefox.  This will again directly take you to the Room. Chatzilla Add-on here.


I am totally adapting to bimbo lifestyle. Sort of.

Like most women that go from extreme intelligence to giving up their every whim and desire to that of a man’s (or the opposite, or any gender variation you wish, of course), it is extremely difficult! Heck, it is difficult for anyone to give up everything for anyone! Y’know what I mean. (Side note: I’ve found it way harder to explain what I’m thinking as I train in bimbo stuff, more).

So, hypnotism is a common thing in our community, but what does it really involve?

My Sir and I were interested in hypnotism, and we went to an erotic hypnotism workshop a few weeks ago,, which was very fun and interesting, but it only offered a brief overview of how to interact with the hypnotist and the hypnotee(?) and that left a lot of unanswered questions. So about a week later, Sir had me find a hypnosis script online for him to read to me and for us to try and see if I would even go under for him (as I have been hypnotised a few times before). I found a simple, non sexual one, and we tried it out. I would say overall it went really well, as it was very relaxing and I am very calmed by the sound of Sir’s voice, but the only thing was that I didn’t read the whole thing and it mentioned balloons! (I am terrified of balloons, so this totally pulled me out of the mini-trance I was in).

So now, I am determined to write my own script! I think the important parts to include will be… (highlighting)

  • Relaxation state
  • Creating a key word or phrase
  • Speaking of bimbo habits and personality traits
  • Reminding bimbo to serve their Sir
  • Remind of key word or phrase
  • Slowly bring them back up
  • Wake them up with reminder to be healthy, happy, calm and relaxed

I will definitely be posting the final script up here when it is complete, because I think a bimbo hypnosis script is something that is hard to find on the Internets!

Love y’all,

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For the first time since beginning my bimbo training, Sir asked me to spend a day edging before our date night together. We were all ready planning for our date night to stay in, watch porn, and be totally fun and naked together. Hehehe.

Edging… that was a big step for me! I’m all ready one of the horniest women on the planet. I could fuck two or three times a day, every day, without any resistance. Sir and I definitely don’t have that kind of time – so when we plan a whole night for sex, the whole day my body is thrumming with anticipation! Now he wanted me to edge, too? Eeee!

Sir required that I edge at least three times, which… I was sure I could do for him. I could control myself that much, right?

I had the regrettable idea to tell my Tumblr followers that if they sent me an ask, I would edge for each ask that I got. I was allowing anonymous questions and each person was welcome to ask as many questions as they wanted. Normally I get about four or five questions when I ask for attention on Tumblr… this time I got TWENTY FOUR! It was ridiculous! I had a few people asking ANYTHING so that they could get me to touch myself more. I finally had to cut it off at twenty four because I physically couldn’t take it any more.

I have to say…

The results had me on fire all night as he touched me!

In case you’re a good little bimbo, and you don’t know what edging is – it is the act of masturbating until just BEFORE you cum. You are not allowed any release during the exercise of edging. <3

Hope y’all try it out soon!

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The Boutique was created to make a relatively safe place for women to explore the bimbofication and similar fetishes. (ig Breast expansion) And to keep with this and since in the last year the chat has grown greatly, we are updated rules for the chat to keep everyone up on the expectations.  Our rules are not the same as the rest of the Bondage IRC server.

1. You must of legal age to be in the room.

You have to be most likely 18 or 21 to be here. It really depends on where you are from. If you don’t know if you are legal aged, then it would be best to ask and we will try to help. But if you are not of legal age, you will be asked to leave, and if need be, banned from the room.

2. We are here to roleplay our fantasies.

The changes and transformations are usually the fantasy, not cybersex. Sometime a cyber is worked into the play but it is not a requirement. We do not get off on the normal things around here.

3. Be respectful.

a) Understand that not everyone will enjoy your certain kinks. Also, respect that if others are playing do not force yourself into the play, ask permission first.

b) Roleplaying or scening in the main room is encouraged, but remember that if your scene is taking up the whole room, maybe you should consider moving to one of the side rooms or taking it to private. The main Boutique is considered a lounge for all to chat and meet.

c) Do not flood the room with pictures or other media. Posting a link for a picture is common in the Boutique, but repeatedly posting in a short time frame can be very annoying. You will be kicked if you flood the room. Understand that most here use an IRC client that will post thumbnails of your pictures and are not a similar text link.

d) Do not post the same pictures or media repeatedly, unless if it is key to a story/roleplay/character. Guess what, we have probably seen the picture before. With the new bot in the room, you will receive a notice if the picture has been posted before. If you are seeing this notice often, find a new source of pictures.

4. Keep the main Boutique Lounge generally Rated-R.

a) Most of what you see on the Boutique is what you could say is Rated-R. Topless, simple nudes and similar. Once you go beyond the Rated-R level, you will enter an area that fetishes greatly vary. Repeatedly posting pictures or media that of more porn-like (ig, PIV sex, Facials, Graphic up-close genital shots) are not everyone’s tastes. Again these are best for side rooms or private messages, but a few in the main lounge is going to happen I understand this. This is more about repeated postings.

b) Lewd/Crude/Just plain shitty usernames can and will be banned from the room.  Be respectful to our users.  Lewd names will be kicked first, banned second.

5. Do not troll.

This includes trying to find a video feed without asking for permission.  Do not offer up pictures of your dick without permission.  Yes, our users can ignore you, but we are taking the stance that it will get you banned.

6. Idling.

Long term idling in the room is frowned on.  Do not be surprised if you are kicked from the room for it.  Though, it will not be a bannable offense. (General rule, more than 2 hours may see the kicks)

7. Being Abusive.

If you are being abusive without permission to anyone in the room, you will be kicked and banned.  If you are roleplaying with someone that desires the abusive yet consensual play, take it to private or a side room.

8. Do not reveal someone’s character and/or typist.

Many around here may have one or few screennames. As example, some girls like to have a normal character and a bimbo one on the side. If you know someone’s other side do not tell anyone else, unless if it has clearly been roleplayed in the main channel. Breaking this rule will lead to a banning. I do not care about excuses to this rule. I doubt if I will even ask many questions.

9. Is this place female domimant?

This is somewhat true. This place was started by a group of women that enjoy both sides of the bimbo transformation fetish. Since most of the bimbo transformation scene is filled with male Doms and female subs, we wanted a place where we didn’t need to be the subs all the time. So if you are a male Dom type that cannot handle the idea of a woman standing next to you as an equal, please do not come. Also if you are the type that thinks a woman should just give in easily in a transformation all the time, please do not come.


I’ve been horribly sick with a very bad cold for almost three full weeks now. It’s been making me roll around on the couch, whining and complaining in pain and every time I take anything to dull my cold medicine, it’s been making me sick to my stomach. So… needless to say, I haven’t been doing very well with my bimbo training lately.

So one of the things that I was assigned to do while I was sick was keep track of the ways that getting sick affects my training (something I was able to do on my tablet while I was curled up on the couch). It was my Sir’s way of making me think of the things that I could and should be doing, though I wasn’t feeling well enough to do so. I also took it upon myself to try and think of alternate ways I could have done some of these things, despite being sick.

I thought this list was pretty good, so I thought I’d share it with y’all, if you’re having trouble dealing with sickness and still need to have some normalcy in your life, like I like to have.

  • Unable to Dress to the 9′s – For this I say… when you’re sick, you have to dress comfortably. There’s no way around it – buuuuut…. I did my best to still show off in small ways. Wearing low cut tank tops, rolling down my comfy sweatpants to show off my hips, wearing fitted sweaters that show off my big breasts… These little things helped keep me feeling a little sexy, despite my sickness.
  • Can’t Service Your Man… Sexually ;D - So, I don’t know about the rest of y’all out there, but when I’m sick – really sick – I just can’t find the energy to pleasure my man. Thankfully, my Sir is very understanding of this, and we had lots of light touches while we cuddled and there was no pressure. What I chose to do in this situation was think of all of the things that I wanted to do – and once I was feeling up to it, I gave him a mind blowing night in bed (which, admittedly, may have sent me back into being sick from exhausting myself, but oh well).
  • Unable to Workout - This one … sucks. Really, honestly. If you work out, you’ll feel even worse than you all ready do, and it’ll be harder for you to get better. The best thing you can do for your body while you’re sick is simple stretches (light yoga, for example) and resting. Sorry, there’s no way around this!
  • Can’t Go Out and Have Fun - This holds true also when we’re broke, ha ha. But, when you’re sick, you’ll only make yourself sicker by going out. The limit of me going out while I’ve been sick is things that are low key, just because Sir and I’s lives are so socially packed that I can’t just take multiple weeks off of not doing anything… but I have been avoiding the big things. I turned down a great club event because I just couldn’t do it, not even for a few hours. Ultimately, I ended up feeling a little better, which is good.

So yeah… those are the main things that get affected by being sick while doing your bimbo training! I’m still trying to find ways to maintain myself while I am still recovering, but I am hoping that for those of you out there that are also sick… <3 Try to keep your chin up, let your man take care of you (if you are blessed enough to have one), and promise him the romp of a lifetime when you recover. It sure has encouraged my man! ;D



Ahhhh! I’m totally an idiot ditzy girl, and while lots of you I’m sure are cheering and supporting me totally losing my brain…. I wasted $6 on an idiot mistake, and it’s killing me! Ha ha

True to bimbo training fashion, however, Daddy (my dominant, trainer, and primary partner) was all over this opportunity for me to publicly admit my mistake and to have to admit somewhere besides the Internet that I am a total ditz machine, and to have to ask for help because of it. So here’s the story…

I just moved to California from the East Coast about three months ago, and there are so many cool things here that you can’t get back home, so occasionally I like to send my BFF back home packages with neato, weirdo things – or sometimes just little things to remind her that I’m thinking of her.

So, with a package all bundled and her address written down in the corner so I wouldn’t forget what it was, I bounced into the UPS store, excited to be sending it out. I was even more excited that after scribbling down the addresses necessary on the package that it was only going to cost me a handful of dollars! This was good news, because it meant I could go spend the rest on nail polishes. Yay!

The clerk was very nice and helped me get everything all in shape and then I hopped into the car and went home, feeling accomplished because I had all of my errands done for the day.

The next day, having stayed home to do a bunch of chores around the house, I go out to get the mail, and I see a package waiting by the mailbox. I got very excited – and since Daddy and I both order so MANY things from the Internet (think like 3-10 packages a week), it wasn’t a terribly surprising sight, but it did mean a present was here!

I sent the package meant for my BFF to MYSELF!

Ugggh, I was so embarrassed even though no one knew but me that I ran back into the house with the mail and just stared at the box for a long time. Eventually, Daddy came home and I – still blushing – admitted what had happened.

Once he finally was able to breathe again from laughing so hard, he decided that I now have to go back to the store and not only admit that I made a ditzy mistake (eeee!) but I also have to ask them if they will help me send it again, but this time to the correct address!

He said this will be good bimbo training for me because it means I have to publicly admit to my ditzy nature and embrace the fact that I’m just getting a little dumber, bit by bit.

So, now y’all know my first public admission, though I haven’t skipped down the street to do this yet. I’m putting it off til later today. At first I found the idea really embarrassing, but now I’m kind of accepting it. This is what I want – to become Daddy’s ditzy little slut.

Embrace your ditz today, ladies!


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An absolute delicious find this morning.



So, I have been going through my bimbo training for 10 months now, and I was wrists deep into dying my hair this afternoon when I finally stared at myself in the mirror with a cocked head and said – does hair color really matter when it comes to identifying a bimbo? If so, what color(s) make a bimbo recognizable?

There are many different kinds and breeds of bimbos… punk bimbos, alternative bimbos, hipster bimbos, 50′s bimbos, Barbie bimbos… and everything else you can imagine. But everyone wants the perfect hair – that’s universal. Doing some research for this post, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the color of the hair (as it ranged from beautiful natural colors of blondes and reds and brunettes and blacks to WILD neon and everything else), but the fact that it is DYED.

Gianna Patton

The common factor for bimbo hair seems to be that it must not be your natural shade – that you are clearly putting in an effort to look a little faker. Even girls with beautiful blonde hair that want to be Barbie will still put high and low lights in their hair so that it is multi-dimensional just like a good fake head of doll hair. Even girls with the wildest hair colors can be identified for what they are (like below).

Colorful (2)

So of course, every bimbo out there is like… DUH! I looove my dyed hair! ;D Which, of course you do! As I came to this conclusion while I was checking out my freshly washed and dried hair (freshly blow dried, with my brand new blow dryer, woo!), I was staring at the blaringly bright red I picked out and just thought to myself… this is information I have to share!

I’m currently going through a phase where I am *rocking* a more natural look on top with the underside being a wild color (like below), but I know there are lots of bimbos out there that are much more traditional with their hair colors!

I’d say, as long as you love the look – rock it, just make sure it’s dyed to perfection! Because all things in fashion go through trends, even with the sub culture of the bimbos! While I think neon and bright colors are very popular right now with the Barbies, and always with the punk bimbos… you can always dye it back!